Mobilization Indicators (Feds)

Glowniggers released a manual on spotting potential violent extremists.
They break things out in terms of short term and long term threats.
Eg guy makes a "will" video - imminent threat. Guy asks for permission for jihad, less imminent threat.
I expect all ~2000 of you reading this to be categorized as long term threats for being on this site because you check the "propagandizing, encouraging, thinking about etc." box.
If you've said, "St Tarrant", shared a Chad Kebab removalist meme or laughed at "help me, help meeeee" you're on their list.

So let's have fun and write how to spot the next Zig Forums IRL poster.

As a smart guy said - all my posts on this account are satire, always follow Jewish made laws and be a shabbos goy.

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…and don't forget to subscribe to pewdiepie

Let me see what category I am in.

I was never invited to parties as a kid so I really wanted to get myself on a list to not feel left out anymore.

Your just incels goys.

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My quality posts outside this shithole have undoubtedly listed me.
Even though they state verifiable truth.

1+1=2, glowniggers.
Continuing to suppress the revolutionary spirit of the nation you were created to protect will only result in The Hard Way©®™

seems this document is more focused on islam. let's keep it that way.
for the conceivable future, it's better to support Trump, even if only as a way to provoke liberals and muzzies into being the ones who engage in violent outbursts, which will force the feds to take their eyes off their preferred "right wing white male" targets and actually protect the country.
it's better for us if muslims and antifa are the ones commiting violence for the time being.

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and rehearsal video

ddn't trumpstein just approve like 50 million dollars to combat "White Nationalists?" (read: Displaced Americans that voted him in)

What's a good place to get burner phones? Twitter suspended my shitposting account for "automated behavior".

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>smart guy said - all my posts on this account are satire
Looks inadequate. I think he needs psychiatric treatment. Lobotomiya and chem sterilization, for a start.
t. old good punitive psychiatrist

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That was really fucking gay

doesn't matter. His value is as a meme. We always knew he was a Kosher Patriot. But being a Kosher Patriot from decades past, he's still too politically incorrect for soycuck comfort

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Walgreens target walmart etc

Nazbol gang rise up?

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Praise the saints.

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That's why I put it up. All 2k of us fit that profile.

It's time to accelerate. Antifa is rising up on one side and we can't have that. It's time for action.

Nope. You’re the only one that fits any of them

Just use old trac phones and other prepaid services. Buy used. Sometimes you can get multiple old used Nokia's and the like from dopeheads and super poorfags on faceberg or Craigslist. Ditch it on a schedule or after any spicy actions or contacts. Buy phone cards at a store not in your area. Just use your common sense.

“Saint” Tarrant was a muslim. It’s a great way to spot gullibles, who are also, alas, likely to be violent.

If I was FBI, I'd figure that any Zig Forumsack was basically ideologically aligned (motive) and be looking for stuff that indicated an ability to do crimes (guns or other weapons). If I saw a goy who also doing training of some sort (eg livestreaming airsoft) or IRL activities (groups) I'd figure his opportunity/motivation had increased and allocate more surveillance resources.

This is your brain on mkultra.

So, was he a jew or a muslim? You fucking shills just can't decide which bullshit to push here.

It's always surreal to be matched up so close with some of these indicators put out by the feds.

They don't know which way to shill. It just shows how increasingly nervous they are.

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This Kawaian downwind SUP foil board is a board of peace

If I was a glow in the dark I'd surveil the guy banging my wife while I'm chasing shadows on the walls for my kike masters and having fits of anxiety when I see frog memes. I'd probably prep him for round 2 too. That's just the life of a useful idiot, an endless series of cuckolding incidents preceding the end of my usefulness and disposal by my own boss.

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I'd feel better thinking that memes can get r/T_d types fitting the profile so that rather than it being 2k Zig Forums niggers who wont do anything its 50k or 1M "long term" threats to track.
Chucke2009, with his 500k subs is great for this - all his redneck viewers are very dangerous (multiple gun owners, welders, machinists, farmers = ANFO) so the more he redpills ppl, the less heat there'll be on FRENs like you, because they are way more dangerous.

Are you fags smart enough to script kitty a toot if I teach yas how to clone imsi's?

Speak for yourself, faggot. The fact that you don't own minecraft doesn't mean others are the same. Besides you type like a faggot.

Daily reminder that this retard is either completely fucking retarded or shill.

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checked & keked

FBI slaughtered white Christians at Waco.

FBI let Muslims attack on 9/11.

FBI is a terrorist organization.

equipment, or survivalist gear to people or groups

It's surreal, but not unexpected. ZOG has been trying to equate pro white individuals with Muslim terrorists for a long time. (((They))) are even starting to make movies about it.

This is what I am talking about.

>Deleting or manipulating social media
Why don't you want a telescreen in your bedroom? Do you have something to hide?

>Promoting violent extremist narratives (e.g., the West is waging war with Islam, it’s “us” versus “them,” violence is required to defend the identity group)
What part of nineteen Muslims flew airplanes into American buildings on 9/11 does not constitute Islam waging war against the West?

This is a ridiculous statement. Islam is incompatible with Western values. We create. Muslims steal. Islam has not produced anything of value since the 11th century. Islam and civilization do not mix.

Conclusion: FBI is the enemy of the people just as much as CNN or NYT is.


I'm going to skull fuck you kike
when I do that, I will be sure to some asprin to ease my discomfort.
ticktock ticktock ticktock

Step 1: demonize all straight, white males
Step 2: encourage thottery
Step 3: muuuuuuuh ur incellllllllls!!!!!!!!111111111

A complete failure by the way. We are stronger, fitter and better trained than ever before, and there are hundreds of millions of us.

Project much?

I think it'd be hilarious if those two (the paki & the brit) decide to cooperate to remove all the (((globalists))) and then sort things out later.

no no user
listen to the little skinny jewfag
you aren't actually seeing what you're seeing and you are weak and meager.
You have to listen to the jew
they're gods chosen they are!
please listen!

A muslim and a christian get into a fight.
Who wins?
the jew

Come back jew
I was just playing around
Please come back and tell me how to think!
Please tell me what I'm allowed to see!

Come on jew! I'm lost without you!

Not an argument you braindead moron. Walking breathing advertisement for eugenics, neck yourself already.

Hey, fedhomos reading this, any acts in furtherance of some sort of violent insurrection are not only unnecessary but also counterproductive, so anyone you see here advocating those, or something similar, is a false flagging fuck.

Bonus tip-

Next time you see one of those sold-out, grandstanding retards in Congress, from either side of the aisle, flapping their gums about this or that, ask yourself: can I really trust this idiot not to pile even more snow on the U.S. Treasury's already Everest-sized mountain of debt? That's no exaggeration (as it is, by far, the largest on the face of the Earth). Not to pile it so high the cornice breaks and a flesh-and-bone-pulverizing avalanche ensues? No matter what party's in power, all the debt problem does is get worse and worse, so ask yourself, "is this really sustainable?" And, "do they show any sign of stopping?"

These attention-seeking fools and their predecessors were all asleep during their World History classes. As a result (and sooner rather than later), rivers of blood will flow from sea to shining sea under the sheer, natural force of gravity. Not from anything Zig Forums has done or will do, so please don't mess with the messengers. This will purely be the result of the compounded actions of those retards and their paymasters, after decades upon decades of shortsighted, self-serving lawmaking.

It's all coming to a head, dear fedfags. We may be only one Great Recession or other, cathartic event away, so when you see this happen in your lifetimes, remember you read it here first.

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Nice post but really the Fed glow in the dark niggers are too busy counting their jewbucks from the lucrative cocaine/child sex slave/scolpolamine trade to be bothered reading your abstruse reasonings. In all likelihood the scum surveying this board for their masters are either anglo jews or low grade moron Dispensationalists crying out for the rapture to take them away from this veil of tears, where they've gone bald and their wives have gotten fat and won't even give them a birthday blowjob.

1000% pure THIS

*ahem*…"vail of tears" not "veil of tears".

you are a disgusting jew
you will never be white
stop pretending to be me
stop trying to take our place
the best thing you can do, the only selfless deed of your miserable existence is to drown yourself in the bathtub tonight. No fuck that, your dirty corpse will be someones burden. Kill yourself in a trash can so we can just throw you out with the garbage you disgusting jew.

Fairly basic bitch tier paper the content of which can be tied to almost anything including but not limited to extremism of any kind, a radical coffee enthusiasts ticks as many boxes as any battle hardened jihadi, only thing that reeks of soy is 35

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Are glowniggers panicking over a single white man gunning down their precious muzzie pets?
Are they really this desperate to come and shill their "books" while kvetching "STOP MEMEING GOYIM REEEEEEEEEE"

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Just end it already.

don't you worry about it jew, we will!

You and the dumb & dumber voices in your head, you fucking moron?

and you have no fucking argument other than


fucking degenerate filth.


Take that to the bank JEW!

10/10, the mental illness grow so thick even non-english speaker can see it.
also part of the whole narrative "if you kill your ennemy they win"
inb4 some retard try to pretend only 1 group is the ennemy as a form of retort

the funniest bit is about their obsession with socmed shit.
like, wtf?
it's like it was written by a millenial retard straight out of a subhumanity course or someone advised by one.
you can smell that it got its fee-fee hurt by muh ebil natzhees over being called a little faggot.
if anything it should be seen the other way around if the guy is still normie-ish enough to use these.

Muslims are legally killing Jews in occupied France dumbfuck.

You seem to be very mad. Is that because you have no argument whatsoever and all what is remaining for you is to screech like an injured turbo-cretin?

I suspect they'd say this thread fits point 45.

"45 Researching or discussing ways to evade law enforcement
Observable by family, peers, online contacts
Long-Term Concern"
I think of it as knowing what's going on and talking about it truthfully. There's a decent chance Zig Forumsacks are all on their list. Behave appropriately. Follow all jew-made laws, be a good shabbos goy.

Fwiw, if I get v&, I won't talk without my lawyer present unless I get a special agent who is a black female and a MTF tranny (hopefully a jew).

The fbi has been too white for too long. It is time for diversiticity to shine. I'm not going to help white guys to get ahead at FBI. And FBI agrees:

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You dummy.
You can make endless twitter accounts through third-party apps with a throwaway email.

Don't worry jew, I have Christ at my side.

I tried to make a twitter account using a email and one of those bullshit "receive SMS online" phone numbers but after a day, they suspended my account, requiring another form of verification…Ideas?

Go away juden.

Only thing on your side is severe mental retardation and IQ of an lobotomized dog, you absolute moron.

uses a jew owned media to prove jew oppression

it all gets so tiresome

The votes arent even counted bud. Trump was slotted in because he placated the right and got everyone back involved in the sham that is democracy.

You mad God loves me and hated you since birth?

probably more that the jew was guilty, but it's turned into a "poor jew too is victim of the system, now see goy, you shouldn't complain either"
dunecoons and yids are exactly the same breed of vermins.

very nice photo edit of earnest

Look at this bluepilled boomer.

Don't make a twitter account. They will get bored with no bantz and come to Zig Forums. And then we will slaughter them. Slaughter them metaphorically I mean, Mr Nice FBI Man. The FBI is the gayest organization in the whole country, and by gay I mean it in the nice way, and by nice I mean like how the people on twitter are nice.

Muslims attacking Jews benefits us more than Muslims attacking Christians.

They always were. Together against the Europeans, that is the most common theme with semites.

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What is the role of women in society?
(a) beautiful, pristine and wonderful
(b) horrible thots but jews made them do it
(c) property
(d) did you just assume my gender?

that, we agree.


So what would you think counted as a noteworthy event in mobilizing of a chan guy? Other than weapons training, I can't think of much. I would discount memeing entirely.

Registry expiry date: 2020-11-10T17:59:18Z
owner: Watson, Paul J.

"everyone's a jewwwww"

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Answer the question bitch.

Think about it, there's two possibilities with this manual, it's either:
a) Shitty, and not worth our time
This is good because it means the feds, our enemies, are incompetent
b) Not shitty, and worth reading
This is also good because the movement has always had a hard time finding worthy recruits. If this book is good, then we could use it to find redpillable people.

he already did: that the question was basic bitch narrative, ie, accept the options on the table as the only options.
now go spazz elsewhere by pretending that jew media using itself as "proof" of its own narrative is totally not linked to yids.

b) court of justice/tribunal.
people defenetely hold no grudge after getting JUST'ed.

You dense fucking retard. That you still think the left and sandniggers being violent will make the feds go after them is a sign your IQ is atrociously low. They've been violent for a very long time. Leftists are actually the biggest group of domestic terrorists in the US. Weather Underground was a huge leftist terror organization. Members of it got into the government and faced no consequence even when it was made public they were a part of it. Antifa faces no consequence for assaulting and killing people while chubby guys who get assaulted and run away in their car get 400 years because a 400 pound whale had a heart attack nearby.

.gov manuals are often pure and utter crap
they do show us what to be focusing on
see: ANGR - a platform-agnostic binary analysis framework

hey fed, long time since we last talked.
How's your wife doing?

Where did he answer you fucking retard?



Not to get off topic, but does anyone remember the name a movie like this one? Accept it's about a white Southerner and a Muslim becoming friends. It was trash and an example of Jewish propaganda.




You didn’t debunk anything

Savage post with digits to match, keep an eye on this one

this is what a corned jew looks like

You don't belong here kike.


It's hilarious. They're all in a sense of malaise and anxiety waiting to see how far the Epstein case goes.

Your obvious redditordom is hurting my head. You need to go back.

Kikes really hate this thread. the spam is nonsense.

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You are a fucking retard who doesn’t understand video compression.