Portland Aut-Right Retard Incriminates Himself on Jewbook


jew book.com/russell.schultz.35/videos/2817514634931074/

Local "Patriot Prayer" retard gets drunk, posts incoherent rant on Facebook about staging simultaneous protests in downtown Portland in order to "distract Portland Police" so that they can confront and attack Antifa in front of local commie bar "Cider Riot".

These retards are responsible for the low turnout that happened on July 29th which saw 2 conservative protestors nearly beaten to death by Antifa, in addition to the attack on Andy Ngo. No one wants to be seen with these imbeciles, they intentionally say the dumbest Fox-News shit they can think of in order to get boomer-clicks on goybook, and they are both actively harming white nationalism while embracing civic nationalism.

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meh. post when the violence happens

based beard man causes gay asian journalist to get beat up by antifa?

Retards like him who call to spread out protestors even thinner than they already are so that antifa can surround and attack individuals with impunity are part of the reason he was attacked, yes.

I mean, a faggot non-white was beaten and antifa is getting the blame so I can't really be that angry at him but it's still not helping anyone.

wtf, right winger does shit leftscum does every day, only without state backing?
Doesn't the retard know to be a traitor shill?
Thanks op for being on the ball and totally not a tranny kike.

One day I want to promote a gay war so gooks can buy cheap crap. HE WEARS A SUIT.

What a homo. And why do they keep calling these things protests? Just call it what it is: prowling for street fights so you can feel like you’re a freedom fighter who totally isn’t wasting his life.

Notice his use of language
What a bunch of faggots. Boomer tier bullshittery.

Bump for drunk guy stirring the lefty shills into a queer frothy frenzy.

You don’t belong here Pedro.

Cia plant nigger

Go suck a cock for meth, aunt queefa.

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Your bot is fukt m8.

As always, you need to two to tango. Antifa by themselves looking the way they do does them no benefit, in fact the worst. Antifa battling the group du jour that receives MSM narrative brushing– makes it look like a counter protest with a few bad apples spoiling the bunch. I would not doubt for a second that those sterotypes setting out to faced down the limp wrists of Antifa are no doubt being paid to do so, likely from the same faction that pays Antifa to cause a ruckus cuckus. The dance of marionettes summoning a symphony of destruction.

every antifa attack helps. war doesnt just break out, it has to build momentum and snowball. every little bit helps. but yes, this fucking proud boy is a douche.


There's a reason these idiots don't get banned from facebook while any halfway intelligent white nationalist is immediately deplatformed as soon as they make their first video.


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I was instantly disgusted by his mannerisms and the first word this moron said is "So." People who begin sentences with "so" all the time need to shut the fuck up.

This guy is an idiot. He blatantly states his goal towards the end is to let provoke an antifa attack so they can sue the investors of the Cider Riot bar where the queers hang out? How the fuck is that going to hold up in court? This is an idiotic money grab and the plan is moronic. Let's hope it's not for real and just one fucking idiot drunkenly ranting his fantasy. Shit, if it was a real plan hopefully this nigger just derailed and prevented it.

nice coke nose, this will be your future if keep it up

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Probably a jew like BASED weev.


Good news guys, in the future everyone will get along. Governor Kate Brown signed into law making Holocaust course mandatory in middle and high school. Thanks Jews :)
Also teaches them about embracing diversity.


Be sure to read the bullshit story of how this happened. White people just can't wrap their head around all those supposedly Holocaust survivors are fucking liars. Operatives dispatched to make easier prey of the gentiles.

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I want to fire this bitch into the fucking sun. There are all of 2,000 jews in Oregon and they somehow have taken control of both houses of state congress and all our federal representation. Portland's leadership for the past two decades have all been Democrats, communists and pedophiles (and that's not an 'or' statement). Big ag has turned multiple counties into majority hispanic populations in just the past generation. And to top it all off, Oregon has some of the last truly "whites only" towns left in the country - with several national white supremacist groups calling the state home. When (not if) shit kicks off here, there won't be dams high enough to hold back the rivers of blood.

Unfortunately all those policies would be implemented under a Republican. I wouldn't get all steamed, it's bad for the soul and alienates others. I think if students ask the tough questions during said classes this can be a win.

fuck off kike.

you simultaneously hate on the civnats who are going out in the street while crying about what normies think of NS.

fuck normies and their idiot thoughts and feelings they will follow whoever is stronger no matter what.

that said this guys only crimes are having no opsec, and getting drunk.

I got the feeling Oregon was going to be ground zero for the culture war back in 2006 and I moved away as soon as I could afford it. The crazy homeless people and their snide "have a nice day" when you told them no spare change was really disturbing to me. Even the homeless are entitled in liberal lala land. Portland seemed great to me as a kid and I really loved that place for a long time, but I am finally over it. All I miss is the bike riding in pdx.

This and school are the only things holding me here

Portland is one big (((modern))) college campus. Utter shithole. Lived there for years, and couldn't understand what was wrong with people. Finally returned back to my home state and realized everyone there is just brainwashed and full of bad ideas cultivated in them from birth. Of course the infection is everywhere, just more pronounced there.

Yeah well there is a hundred and one different reasons
Anew each and everyday
The strong urge to run amuck

Nothing but jews and do nothing faggots itt.

fuggin baste

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I've realized that even if I don't end up staying in Portland, I prefer the company of brainwashed whites to BASED spics or niggers.

What's "cider riot"? and wealthy investors?


What the notes said

At the top, handwritten:


Some people


This is greatest country in the world

In the case of Ohmar – we saved her from a dangerous situation in Somalia.

She came here at 10 years old and is now a Congresswoman. That could ONLY happen in America.

It’s so SAD that these women have a record of saying anti-Semitic and anti-American things all the time.

It’s actually DANGEROUS – because it seems like they hate America.

My point was if you are not happy here, you can leave. Handwritten: HOLLYWOOD [?]

They want America to be SOCIALIST and th[?][?] happen.

EVERY time we talk about low unemployment [?] people – they say Racism.

Now the even call Nancy Pelosi a [?]

The notes, explained:
Trump’s notes begin with those handwritten words, “Alcaida” and “some people”. They appear to be written in Trump’s own handwriting.
These appear to be references to two comments by Ilhan Omar that gained traction in the conservative media.
“Alcaida” is likely a phonetic spelling of “al-Qaeda”, referring to comments Omar made about how a college professor said the name of the terror group with a certain added emphasis in order, she argued, to make it seem more menacing.

Thanks for the news flash.

Minecraft era problems lead to Minecraft era solutions.

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"cider riot" is an antifa bar, owner has appeared (masked) in portland antifa documentaries as an "anarchist leader". Apparently funded by some rich kids from Reed college and other commies from the West Hills (jewy neighborhood in Portland)

It looks like Gavin McInnis and Colin MacGregor had a butt baby. At least unlike most hair-lips, he had the courtesy to cover it with hair.

Check your numbers, there is over 60000000000000 now. Most live in the Hillsdale neighborhood FYI.

Oh you. Have some pizza flavored autism.

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Its physically impossible for me to care about this less.

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haley adams = jttf

Obviously. The elections are around the corner.

tbh, most people take holocaust class optionally because it's usually a 45 min class and it's worth a full credit. They gotta put easy b8 out there for students to further brainwash them.

Russell Schultz is the boomer. Fucking yid.

Whatever jew, we know you got bills pending to make it mandatory nationwide.
I wouldn't downplay it's impact, I'm sure it's longer in other places. Holocaust pedagogy is among the most researched and most effective.

you sound like a fucking boomer….Hmmmmmmmmmmm