Netanyahu to Decide Whether Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Can Enter Israel, West Bank for Tour


>Israel's Foreign Ministry can recommend diplomatic exceptions for law denying entry to BDS supporters, but due to visit's sensitivity, the premier would have to make the call, Haaretz has learned

Democratic U.S. Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are planning a visit to Israel and the West Bank in the coming weeks, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have to decide whether they would be let in to the country, over the support they have voiced for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

Archive: Once again, unable to archive Haaretz webpages. If somone can, please post the archive here, but I do have a screen-shot.

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this might be a good redpilling for white european communists from the USA aka the 'Progressive Left'
the, "since Israel isn't letting Muslims in, why should we let beaners in," discussion, for example

I see why the kikes like this.

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Niggress Omar is a saint compared to Ethiopians in Is-real.

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Or go back to Africa.


Sage for being stupid.
Also learn how to hack the save script on and how to hide archives on their machine without detection and subsequent deletion.

No worries. Every list above two items put in sentence-form should have a comma for separation. No matter what a leftist argues.

No shit. AP Style is the written equivalent of the metric system.

Any enemy of Israel is an ally of mine. Are they, day I say it, /ourcongresswomen/?

The circumference of a one inch circle is pie.
I agree tens/tenths is a good divider but I prefer the King's system vs the Marxist metric system.

On topic.
Trump is talking about how he legitimizes Isnotreal in the Carolinas rn.
Fuck jewish trump tbh.
Fuck all jews really.

Progressives are mainly DSA Socialists user, not Communists.
And were all woke on Jewish Supremacy fyi. You should check out progressive Twitter. We call them on their shit far more than the Cuckservative GOP.

Just playing God's Advocate here. What happens if Tlaib or Omar gets wacked by (((secret forces))) while there?
What happens in USA? Riots? Revolution? WWIII starts? LOL, Archduke Ferdinand Moment.

Tell me this is a shitpost. Otherwise murder yourself.

Browns v. Jews deathmatch + popcorn.

Checked for hilarity.

Oh God stop I can only get so hard.

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Israel is getting scrutiny from the left, that's good. The right is so pro Israel it's insane.
I didn't realize there was a all day combating antisemitism with all Trump's top people.

The man in charge, a literal crypto Jew AG Barr.

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Look at the opportunity for Mossad to scapegoat a "Nazi" or "white supremacist'.

The only people who hate Omar are Jews, they're fuckin obsessed with her and she's far from antisemitic.

If anyone had told me a year ago that it would be the Left that grew the balls and brains to start seeing the Jewish Problem before the Alt-Kike, I would have laughed

Blame it on whites, they already are accusing white of death threats against her.

From what i've seen whites support her, the Jews otoh are freaking out.

In Israel they shoot and kill pro Palestinians as a sport. They have a shoot to injure program for kids. You know, they're the Bolsheviks and they never stopped killing. For these ladies to have any authority over them is gold because they're freaking out.


This will actually tell us a lot. Omar is on the foreign committee which would give her a ton of access to spying. Along with that she has made it clear of her opinion of Israel publicly. So if they do not let her in that means they do indeed see her as a threat but if they let her in that speaks to the potential of Mossad.

Either way it will tell us a lot.

The amount of stupid is baffling…

Problem: shitskinned religiotards who are trying to take over the world
Solution: make allies of shitskinned religiotards who are trying to take over the world.

Zig Forums = muslims LARPing as whites.

that would be the kikes

Also potential Mossad if she "postpones" with excuses.

These people are not Americans.

Ihlan sounds like a foreigner.

How come she was allowed to become a congresswoman?

Because the West was bought by the Saudis years ago and they're slowly creating a global muslim nation by subverting western governments.

Send parents to country X to have children. Covertly sponsor them financially and ensure their child is raised with strong muslim values, but to be immersed in local customs. This creates a naturalized citizen with foreign alligences. Then, ensure they are educated and socialised and rail roaded into a career in law or finance and rail road their career into public office where they then become an instrument of the foreign state.

Westerners think in terms of Graduation to Retirement…single generation.

non-Western cultures such as in India, China and Middle East tend toward multigenerational thinking and planning.

This is why the saudi royal families are so large and wealthy, because having many children and investing in them, is a good way to cement power across centuries.

You have a Muslim Mayor of London - and look how "multicultural" London has become. What happens when the UK has a Muslim PM and the US has their first Muslim President?

Western culture is fucked.

The thing I feel guiliiest about most in life is that I'll probably be dead before it becomes a real issue and it will be my children and grandchildren who have to face the wars to come.

TL;DR: Whitey fucked - Brown for the win…

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Does the rest of congress, which hold its allegiance to Israel seem like they're "Americans" to you? We've been occupied by a foreign power for a very, very long time.

Nigger, it isn't Muslims who took over, and they're not creating muslim nations, they're just using whichever flavor of shitskin is most convenient to blend out White people.

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Letting her in while keeping a close watch on her would be the best thing for Israel's public image.

Trust the plan, fellow pede. It's all 6 gorillion-D underwater backgammon. Barr is a patriot, and Randy Weaver was working for the deepstate cabal.

iham omar on israel from kikepedia

ilham on lqbt

Saudis are kikes you disingenuous yid.

Still better than the ZOG Emperor, who wants to wage war to promote global sodomy, in response to Iran executing a rapist who kidnapped two 15-year-old boys.

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Dönmeh Kikes

Lawl, so where is that war with Iran?

they're so tolerant those jews

Lawl, so where is the end to legal immigration?

Not ending under Omar, that's for sure.

They don't like people making fun of the squad. Which kikes you ask? The ones who are mods.

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Not ending under any politician in either political party, that's for sure.

So why shill for Omar or Trump for that matter?


Exactly? I just ask where is the war for Iran?

Classic magapede talking point.

How is that a "magapede" talking point?

Isn't a war with Iran desirable since it means Iran will nuke Israel?

If you're a neocon who wants Iran's oil and to protect Israel yes, if you're the average American who doesn't want innocent Americans to die for jews, no.

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Did we just get a JIDF contract renewal? It it like call center campaigns where they stagger them two weeks on, one week off to review results, revised three weeks on?

Just tell us, genuinely curious

t. not Mr. Brock

Iran has jack shit for oil, I want Iran to nuke Israel.





The public threat of a war in Iran while Trump deals privately with Iran's extensive library of pedophila and torture thanks to the Savak is what's going on. Iran always spergs, it's an arab trait.

It's because I actually took a typing class in high school, Schlomo.

What is this even about anymore?

Are you pro-Iran or anti-Israel?


I know you are a kike because you only offer those two pilpul points.

Leddit spacing is a jew psyop.

America does not need Iran's oil. America needs Iran to nuke Israel.

What is pilpul?

It's not about needs when it comes to neocons, it's about want.

Checked and chuckled

Again, who cares what neocon want.

What I want is Iran nuking Israel, which is what Iran says they will do if they are attacked.

This means war with Iran might be desirable.

People who shill for a war with Iran? lol

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So neocon want Israel to be nuked by Iran?

Let them.

That's how the Iraq war panned out, right?

Iraq did not say they will nuke Israel if they are attacked.


The jews aren't going to start World War III without doing a 9/11-level attack first.

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And? Iran will nuke Israel regardless of false flag attacks.

Such a bad goy who never followed up his threat.

Just like Iran won't. You stupid magapede.

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Oh so Iran is a good goy then? Good to know.

Incompetence isn't the same as being a good goyim, but arguing in bad faith is.

Rep Omar stands with America, respect.

Holy mackerel I bet the Jews are steamed, how dare her fight for our rights over Israel.;

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FUCK 'Nutty Yahoo'

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Politicians don't really fight, they just get pumped with money and talk a lot.

Stop trying to pretend not to be a mooselimb and snuggle up to us. Fuck Israel and fuck muzzies.


Really wished you had linked that -
here it is anyway -

Incompetence is saying something and NOT doing it?

Good goy.


Does pictured look like enemies to you?

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Does it never occur to frail women that when they call for making a stand against a group, the group they target should be a different one than the one they're making the stand against?

that came out all fucky

And you wish to watch Fox News??
Being INJECTED with Jewish Propaganda?
They are even worse than CNN
Going to the "jew-news-for-jews-sites" is a valuable intelligence source.
Not that you would know that though…
You are either a Trump-Tard via >>>/qresearch/ or straight from >>>/reddit/
either way because you outright call me a shill, not even paying attention to the fact that I am the OP.
kill yourself now faggot

I do not wish to be shilled, shill.

Archive or get the fuck out with your kike news. Some of you already admit Iran is incompetent some posts back.

You may want to think about lurking a bit more and phone-posting a bit less.

Another content-less post, disgusting.