What are your thoughts on unions?

I'm gonna be blunt, if you are against unions, you are a nigger jew and you deserve to be burned alive. Unions are as American as a fat lady eating McDonald's and crushing her skinny boyfriend. Right to work states people are starving and robbing each other like in Haiti and Somalia because they don't have unions so everyone in right to work states practically are living worse than niggers in Haiti.

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We need to start a white citizen union and strike the government, then burn it down and kill all the darkies.


Go Kill Yourself Rabbi

No one fucking here likes Trade Unions. Have you read Mein Kampf?

Trade Unions are run by fucking kike bastards and are used to divide the classes of Aryan society.

That being said, there should be safety laws and child labor laws. But those should be written and imposed by Aryan man, NOT THE FUCKING JEW MAFIA!!!

What about White Unions?

Unions in that thing called "America" are bought and paid for. They are essentially nothing more than outsourced Human Resources Departments.
The ZOG's Labor Apparatus is one of the primary venues for forcing integration with niggers on the White Nation. The leaders of the 'unions' are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, to essentially screw over the white working class, and force them to be unable to organize in their own interests.
What is needed is a White Nation Worker's Party, with a strategy to the destroy the union s of the ZOG, and replace them with unions explicitly controlled by revolutionary White Nationalists.

They are all controlled by the Jew mafia.

Read Mein Kampf. Hitler explains everything.



Pretty sure OP is talking about the concept of trade unions, not jewish run ones.

There is actually nothing wrong with unions in the abstract. It's always about who controls them.
If you are a student of history, OP, there is a book you should read. It was written by Daniel De Leon, and it is titled Two Pages from Roman History. Before the Bolsheviks, it was this guy (admittedly, he seems to have been a Kike) who first noticed the unions are controlled by the capitalists themselves.
He was the first to document this process, by attacking the then leaders of the so-called labor unions. The first "party" to recognize this explicitly was the Republican "Party," and members of this "party" explicitly setup organizations with the leaders of the trade unions and the big Monopoly Finance capitalists, in order to negotiate and end conflict between them, which shitbags like Samuel Gompers was all too willing to do.
There is also another book out there, regarding the seemingly unique role of "American" labor unions as fronts for gangster activity. The author was some FBI person, but the book is pretty good. Of course, the author doesn't draw the clear connection: various ethnic groups that saw themselves as non-white, especially Italians, operated these unions.
The Kikes essentially stole the unions back from the Italian gangsters around the late 80s and 90s, so you don't see ethnic-gangsterism controlling most of the "American" unions anymore (there are some exceptions, like AFSCME).

Trade Unions are inherently a JEWISH concept.

Go read Mein Kampf.

There are other ways to enforce labor laws than organizing the mafia to do it. It's called pass a law in the fucking Reichstag and enforce it!

Workers should not have the right to unionize or organize, its a threat to capitalism, the West and unions are breeding grounds for Communists

Trade unionists and workers activists need to get the fuck out

"America" isn't Germany, and trying to get the ZOG to enforce labor laws is retarded nonsense.

The Italian mafia was always controlled by the Jew mafia.

America won't always be America.

The whole point of this goddamn place is to organize to REMOVE ZOG and take the fuck over.

I'm not a fan on unions. Greed isn't limited to employers. Employees can be just as greedy too.

Union greed in the public sector has caused terrible consequences. it has caused jobs to go overseas and never come back to the US. Who wants to deal with employees who are constantly striking and demanding more, more, and more? The US would have a lot more industry if it weren't for unions.

Public sector unions are the worst. They have already bankrupted several cities in the US. A large chunk of your local taxes goes to pay off the big fat pensions of local unions. These local pensioners live lavish lifestyles off of the property taxes of the local populace.

Unions see the goose that lays the golden egg and then kill it.

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qtddtot, nigger.

This is also a lie. The ZOG's Labor Apparatus has always been explicitly anti-communist. It was the ZOG that infiltrated the communist-controlled unions (the CIO) and kicked out the communists.
"Communists" have basically nowhere ever truly captured the labor bureaucracy of their country. Even in some countries where they do control a large section of it (Greece, France, etc), they are all clearly sellouts. "Communist" is just a label they use to attract people, because the old Social-Democrats have been to heavily exposed.
Contrary to the retarded shit people are saying here, the National Socialist German Workers' Party did win over workers and trade unions. There is no particularly reason they can't do so in that thing called "America."
In fact, it's common knowledge that the union rank and file are all anti-immigrant white guys, but the leadership of the unions are all Kike-cock sucking democrats. You have to have a certain ideology to be allowed into leadership positions of the ZOG's Labor Apparatus, but the actual white working class knows that immigration and outsourcing is a method capitalist policing them, policing which their union leaders go along with.
It could be possibly, as things get worse, to organize an explicitly White Nationalist trade union, but rest assured, the entire weight of the ZOG's security apparatus would come down on you for trying to do such a thing.

When a union exists
at an employer, you cannot be employed without ceding all your rights to that union. If you want to bring legal charges against your employer, if there is a union, you have to get the union to bring those charges on your behalf.
They wont.
You are the dumbest nigger in all of history, after the Italian that let Josephus live and join the Roman government.

What this guy is saying is true.
If you don't think the ZOG's "unions" are just outsourced Human Resources Departments, think again.
Many of the unions, especially SEIU (the most notorious one for this) literally just send their people into the boss's office, sell the boss on the 'benefits' of the workers being unionized, and they union is in. Without ever having to do anything at all.
ZOG "unions" are all a scam.

unions are criminal, should be outlawed, the leaders imprisoned.

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If you want to learn more about this, OP, I suggest you google the term "company union" and see how many unions all over the world are basically setup by the capitalists themselves, without the workers ever knowing it.
One particularly hilarious case of this in Uncircumcised (South) Korea, where the ZOG's military literally created the whole 'labor movement' out of thin air when they took over the country. The stupid gooks in the South didn't do anything about it for decades until the 1980s, when they finally started creating their own unions.
Then the ZOG had to start paying them "American" style wages. They call it the "Great Workers' Struggle." Google it for yourself.

Fuck unions. I joined one and found out I work too hard. I got fired because I got the project done too quickly for the rest of the crew who wanted to milk the job.
I started my own business instead and I'm still running it 25 years later
Fuck unions

Unions are products birthed by communism and become glorified gangs you have to pay protection fees to in order to secure a paycheck. Commies like you will die on DOTR.

Im dealing with a wrongful termination by my job. Posted a meme and someone didnt like the bantz and went to my store and got me fired. Union person told me what I did was unhumanly before even seeing what I posted. Still fighting with them for unemployment. Unions are worthless.

This, Most unions besides health care are all in the pocket to big business. They are whores to the company.

Captcha JQs
So an all white union will piss of the kikes? Thank you glownigger

Sorry, should read "Circumcised (South) Korea."