Mandatory service (IE: The draft) as a requirement for citizenship

So Zig Forums, I've had a thought for a while now - what if there were a system that required each and every citizen to have had around 4 years (or at least 4 years' worth of credit) of some form of mandatory service? Every nation that has been successful has had a draft, and they usually begin to crumble when the number of drafted go down, or is removed completely. While I don't think military service is the only form of good service out there, it says something about the strength of such a mandate when every country that removes it goes down the shitter.

I'd go so far as to say you could easily expand what constitutes as "service" and get a similar (if not the same) result of national unification. These would ideally all revolve around helping and servicing your communities, your cities, and your country. Services such as

Incidentally, all of these services are treated like absolute bottom-of-the-barrel garbage and pay like shit. Contrast this with shit like retail management, anything sports related, insurance, sales, etc - all of them are extremely fucking easy jobs that contribute very little to society, yet are often considered middle class and "the norm".

Basically, if you require people to serve in some form of community service (and no, I don't mean "pick up trash on the side of the road" community service) in order to be citizens, you'd have a great way to filter out bottom-feeding peasants right off the bat.

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Fuck no. The elderly are the greatest welfare nigger drain on society after literal niggers. All elderly that don't support themselves on their own income (no (((social security)))) should be euthanized to remove the tumors that take without giving and have no future value to provide in return for taking tax dollars.

Are you a national socialist?

So cunt, not your blog, kill yourself. K? Thanks bai!

Better dead than red.

I highly approve of this suggestion. Robert Heinlein also did a cute novel on this idea, "Starship Troopers". Excellent novel, the movie simply stole the title and a few details.
The Swiss had excellent Citizenship Laws up until the 1970's.

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I agree, men should be slaves of the state. It's not enough to steal their wealth.


Okay, so your position of "Fuck the elderly" isn't based on national socialism. Makes more sense, then - however, the virtue of caring for the elderly, the strain of dealing with the constant loss of life, and the generally horrific conditions of caring for the mentally diseased is pretty harrowing stuff and takes some pretty good dedication to commit to. Besides, there's something to be said about the virtue of caring for your elderly - wouldn't you like to be taken care of well into your twilight years, rather than immediately euthanized on the first sight of potentially poor health?

I've been meaning to read it. I loved the movie, but I've heard it's radically different from the book, as it more or less satirizes the notion of a hyper-militarized state rather than giving actual credence to the idea of mandatory service acting as a unifying element.

Slaves are non-citizens. This is an idea on how to more reasonably gate citizenship - to keep useless NEET's out.

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Know what? This ain't half bad.
But physical training and exercise should start before a person is old enough to serve. That's a problem for America today.

I have an idea in a similar vein: Mandatory firearm ownership and training for all Citizens.
You agree?

Not immediately euthanized. If you can support yourself and be independent with income you saved up, not other people's tax dollars, do whatever you want since you're not affecting anyone. The moment you become a net drain with nothing to give back, day of the pillow can't come soon enough. The spartans had it right. Sickly infants with birth defects should be thrown off cliffs and mental retards should be shot or used as human test subjects instead of wasting tax dollars to keep them alive when they will never do anything other than take resources from others.

They wouldn't be NEETs if the economy wasn't jewed to death and all the jobs weren't shipped overseas, dumbass. NeoCon shitstains always drone on about the few thousand whites on guvmintbux while completely ignoring the millions of spic and nigger leeches getting trillions to pay for their worthless crotchfruit

Also, I caught your not so subtle appeal to emotion here,
What I would rather prefer is to embody personal responsibility and being able to live out my elderly years with pride knowing that I am not impeding the lives of younger people around me who have enough shit to deal with and don't need to add more to their plate to throw away their taxes so my dementia ridden ass can be wiped. I would rather live with the full capacity to support myself without robbing you of your tax dollars for more valuable endeavors, and I would MUCH rather die than continue to live if I lose the ability to live by myself as a burden to nobody.

mandatory military jobs leads to warmongering

working for the military as a path to citizenship leads to spics and niggers being citizens and you being a serf

good luck on your 20s, make sure you read lots of books

Your brain is ZOG'd to death, and your thoughts are caught in a (((Capitalist)))/(((Liberal))) false dichotomy

The ACTUAL solution for the elderly is to restore extended-family households - where the youngins help their elders.

I thought we got de-listed from jewgle. How are these boomers still finding this place?

Personal responsibility. If your family wants to support your decaying ass on their own time and resources, that's fine. It stops being fine when you start expecting your neighbor to support your decaying ass, and the sign that you need to be immediately euthanized so you stop being a drain on society.

Absolutely. The mandatory firearm ownership and training aspect of Switzerland (mainly stemming from mandatory military service) is a huge factor in them being one of the last terrorism free bastions in Europe. That, and it being majority European still.

That's more of a strict fascist ideal, then, I suppose. I disagree, but I understand your point. I do believe some form of eugenics should be in place, at least something like legal, medically assisted suicide. Sodium pentobarbital is a much better alternative than a bullet to the brain.

I think you have too much faith in a lot of genetic dead ends. Some people will find any excuse to be worthless cunts. This would act as a hard filter, though, and would certainly make a lot of blackpilled faggots much more likely to become something worthwhile.

Yeah, I understand your point, but the point of a virtuous society is to care for those that cannot care for themselves - animals, children, and the elderly being chief among them. I suppose that's the difference in a utilitarian society versus a virtuous one, though.

Did you even read the OP, you fallacious nigger? The point is to be able to have more than just mandatory military jobs. Also, fuck you, Rome was better than Current Year United States.

Definitely helps. The Chinese go overboard with it and it turns into a parasitic relationship, but most of Europe traditionally does it right.

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You wouldn't last a day in Hitler's Germany. Your brain is (((programmed))) for an atomized libshit society full of racial enemies for you to fellate if it gets you ahead in your career.

A real Community will have families involved to help each other and to look out for their collective needs as ONE people.

This user gets it.

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When I see dysgenic programs like special olympics and elderly homes, the last thing I think is that it is virtuous. I see nothing but needlessly prolonging the life of a defective creature for no reason but to get social brownie points that you keep retards and cripples alive, like pets. It is repulsive and sad to see these poor creatures forcefully kept on life support, all the while holding back civilization while they shit their pants and drool in the corner. There is nothing virtuous about this. Put them out of their misery.

As long as that's your personal responsibility to decide and nobody is enforcing it, otherwise you're a commie bastard that will get nothing but a bullet through the skull.

I think you have a glimpse of how shit the world is, but don't quite realize the true twisted nature of it, user.
Is backwards-tier shit, in the same vein as "awards for everyone! even the losers!" in sports. It's an attempt to vainly pretend that the disabled are not to be pitied, but are to be "celebrated" - often to the point of borderline worship.
Are absolute dogshit, acting as dumping grounds for the unwanted elderly, fueled by a lack of familial care whose flames are stoked by hyper consumerism. That is most certainly not virtuous.

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Threats from impotent Lolbertarians is always hilarious.

Fuck of ZOGniggers.

The point of a community is that the members who wish to stay do so, and those who want to leave are free to do so. Anything else is retarded.

You must be new here :)
Stay a while fren, we're always happy to spread awareness of the greater good!

Socialism is socialism is socialism. Can't wait to gun down commies openly in 2020.

On this note, the nabbing of words and forcing them into a specific, unshakeable definition is a centuries old tactic of public manipulation. It's the kind of optics half of us could only dream of.

Socialism, as defined by Adolf Hitler, is vastly different than the socialism as defined by Karl Marx.

Words do not always mean what you think they mean.

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Better dead than red.

Fuck off shlomo.

I agree. If elderly had no social security, the birth rates would increase. Think about it. If nobody is going to look after you then you're old, you have no choice but to have more children.

Hitler is wrong on his view of Marxian Socialism as well. Hitler just didn't want to be associated with the faggy (((Weimarist Socialists, Communists, and Anarchists.)))

Militarism shatters people into broken trustless hateful people who must have enemies always. It makes previously worthwhile people into civilization’s rejects. Why would we do something so absurdly primitive as to privilege such people with sole citizenship? They shouldn’t even vote. By all means buy them into pacifism with honors, pensions, cultural services, and ubiquitous discounts; the military has already made them corrupt and obedient, and we’d best keep them that way. But by the same token, the military destroys the capability of actually serving a nation. It is a dumping ground for the poor and unwanted who were psychologically unfit for the civilian economy. We ought gradually over time to marginalize it, not submit ourselves and our whole pride to expanding it.

People shouldn't be living longer, there's 0 benefit to society from people living longer lives

>"The unlimited democracies were unstable because their citizens were not responsible for the fashion in which they exerted their sovereign authority … other than through the tragic logic of history… No attempt was made to determine whether a voter was socially responsible to the extent of his literally unlimited authority. If he voted the impossible, the disastrous possible happened instead - and responsibility was then forced on him willy-nilly and destroyed both him and his foundationless temple.”

1st generation immigrants are subject to a higher tax until they marry and produce children; divorce is grounds for deportation & seizure of all assets.

Political franchise must be deferred for 3 generations, and only granted to the first if they have a combat deployment on a non-transferable basis (to children.)

The children of women who marry a naturalized citizen will not have political franchise until they themselves have completed military service or its equivalent.

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Fuck off jew. This is the most retarded idea ever.

Marx was focused on production and equality. Hitler was focused on blood and people.

Pays well. Brother makes over 100k/year
Same fucking thing in most cities. Also pays well. Father is a multimillionaire and was a career firefighter.
Pays near 100k/year.
You're correct here.
You're correct here.
You're correct here.
Pays exceptionally well in the right neighborhoods.

Primitive weakling! Has society no capacity to learn, or are you just bizarrely retrograde? Have you no pride in the power to provide for others, no faith in the general worth of life and community? You are defective, broken, and you humiliate yourself at maximum volume declaring it of others.

We are on the threshold of biological immortality. If we rejuvenate people, we will have use of them. We will soon make the blood in their bodies young, and we will make their organs young. When we have done this their muscles and bones will grow stronger. Yet to achieve this we must be willing to devote resources to them - you in your obsessive hatred of economy and utter failure as a salient being would deny us this! Impotent scum that you are, it is good that your ideas hold no sway in power!

Compassion is the truer strength. All may be remade. The armaments of the civilian economy will assure it in America at the least, and all the world will follow again in our wake. As the world has done before, so shall it continue doing, and the world’s wealthiest economy will not submit to defective scumbags who would throw down the resources medical progress shall soon make available.

You've said that twice already. We get it, you hate commies - as should anyone who's reasonable. Equating commies to national socialists is pretty dumb, though, considering Germany's acceptance of the NSDAP was fueled largely by their hatred of the reds to begin with. Do your fucking history, you nonce.

You first, chaim.

Only if your culture encourages the young to take care of the elderly.

Sure, there's a lot more to it than how he lays it out, but it's pretty clear he had his own views on what the word "socialism" meant, and it certainly differs from Marx's view.

Again, the point is to even the playing field by having more paths than just that - so only people who are actually fit for military service are serving, rather than being force fed into a grinder of endless pain and suffering. Keep in mind, most of your view of this comes from Current Year United States' treatment of the military - as expendable objects for NeoCons and Israel.

nigger what? I get people shouldn't be artificially extended when they're unconscious and suffering, but I've seen healthy and conscious 90 year olds who are better off than some fucking 35+ year olds. The difference lies in how healthy you are, not merely how long you live.

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Israel is a worthy society, as proven by their advancements in biotechnology. They are, for wholly secular reasons (and I say this with reservations about some policies of their government), the second greatest nation on Earth.

They have been stealing credit for awhile now. What makes you think that they are actually that inventive?

Didn't you just say that militarism is harmful to society? Israel's one of the most militarized states in the fucking world, and no, it has some of the worst treatment of its citizens. It's generally a shithole, propped up by shitloads of PR, secret police, counter-intelligence, and again, military. Almost all their advancements are made in the US or other countries (or at the very least using their resources), and pretty much get stolen or credited to Israel. Same shit the Chinese have been doing for the last 70 or so years, just without any media attention because gee, I wonder fucking why

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shut up
shut up
shut up ill fuck you


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manatory jew servitude for leeching off Whites, thus serving jews twice.


It'd have to be a system tied to many other systems, of course. This is assuming you have already formed a separate country, or cleaned your existing country of counter-productive cancerous parasites altogether.

rectally ravaged

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I think the citizenships need three or more levels based on education, volunteering services, military service and race. The people will have to complete to level up and have more accesses to the privileges. Niggers can't into math so they would be likely stay on the bottom level permanently.

See this is Marxian Socialism.

Military service as a prerequisite to voting rights? Well, who says anyone should get to vote in the first place? But seriously, people don't know what's best for their country. They can't have the full picture, they have widely varying levels of education, and even if they were well educated by a benevolent government, they would always be vulnerable to hostile propaganda. I see no problem with requiring statesmen to have served in the military, but voting? I'd rather leave the really tough decisions to a leader who can do what must be done, and accept responsibility if he fails. Modern countries are kiked beyond repair, and if you think the first governments to rise from the ashes of our modern world will bother giving their people even the slightest say in politics after watching how easily democracy was subverted and weaponized, you're fooling yourself.

Yeah, that'd be ideal. There would need to be a lot of work done to keep the distinction sensible and based on a set of values, rather than arbitrary or easily corruptible. I believe in outright rejecting citizenship for people who don't qualify (thus deporting or rejecting entry). This includes children of people who did qualify. This keeps successive generations on their toes, and negates any concerns about potentially shitty parenting or shitty genes.


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How the fuck is anyone this new still here? No, being a selfish faggot spiritual kike isn't a political ideology, now gas yourself immediately.

I think the solution to democracy's innate faults lie in balancing it with non-democratic elements. A sort of non-hereditary nobility, where only men who achieve great deeds are allowed, for one thing. The founding fathers of America had the right idea with a balance of powers, but their implementation was too short-sighted and not very finely tuned. It took time to control the masses enough to manipulate democracy with the way it did, but boy has it become an unstoppable, constant trainwreck now.

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I was lucky enough not to be drafted into the army as conscription was abolished only a couple of years prior. From what I gathered, your time in the army was basically wasted. You weren't tought anything important. Drills with live ammunition were scarce. You were basically a source of cheap labour for the high ranking officers in your unit. It's a giant waste of tax payers' money which does not produce good soldiers. It's especially pointless now when armies are getting smaller, more mobile, more tech-oriented and more specialized. Conscription was a great idea in the XIX and XX century. Now it's just an relic of a bygone era.
t. Eastern Euro

True, there's shitloads of faults post-WW2, but that's why I think the idea of mandatory service should be expanded rather than abolished altogether.

generally lurking 2 years is a good idea, otherwise you might make a fool of yourself.

Media kikes keep naming 8ch and the first jewgle result is a wikipedia article with a direct link

Don't you realize that's exactly how our ancestors survived winter and built civilization in the first place? Are you actually an idiot, or are you just pretending? If you're not going to help your own people, what value do you even have?

The elderly have been widely respected throughout history for their wisdom, and at this time when all the young engineers and architects are soyboys and shitskins, now of all times, you say living longer has no benefits? Imagine a world in which adults have nobody to turn to for advice, and grandparents are a thing of the past. They're more helpful than you realize.

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the idea of a strong American military and strong American men fighting for their country has been PERVERTED by Israeli influence. quite sad, I would love to join the military if it wasn't for the gay fucking wars we fight for the jews.

Forgot to point this out earlier, but funny you should mention Sparta - they had a VERY high respect for the elderly, because it generally meant you survived the years of hell Spartans went through as adults. So much so that the elderly held a position that more or less filled the role of what the current supreme court does in the US.

Vid related.


What an absolutely terrible and dangerous idea.

Make it 25 years of service, just like in the Roman Republic.

No thanks. I support things like conscription and community service, but our race isn't bound together by those things. We are bound by blood. We can still give special honors to those who perform service to the community, and in fact we should certainly do that; but I want every White baby to feel like a valued member of our community.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler talks about cutting a lot of the education in schools for younger children and replacing it with sports, physical education, and playing. I really like this idea. I don't think we need mandatory firearm ownership, but we should definitely be teaching kids to shoot in schools.

I've always presumed the active duty component of conscription should either be nil or two years, and the rest should be spent in the reserves. I'm pretty sure the National Socialists did that too.

The fine line of making people do certain jobs verses qualified people then not doing them, or taking away real jobs is tough, and close to Socialism/Communism.
Example; Welfare Moms must run free Day Cares for Welfare recipients in order to stay on Welfare, takes away Illegal Daycares, but would also cut into legal Daycare business, Gov Run Daycare, and jobs?
I thought the least would be mandatory National Guard. Lower maximum age of immigrants to 45, which I think is the max military age in time of war.
My other thought would be to create a Humanitarian Corps, run like the National Guard or Community Service.

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Hello new faggot.

I would love to grab those piercings, rip them off her face and ask "Where is your edginess now, bitch?"

How long are women useful after menopause?

Kek at the idea of "Tribal Privilege"

He's a troll.

Mandatory military service/training for young men would be a good start, for actual national defense though not sending our young men to die for Israel or neo-cohen interests.

the more democracy and the less republicanism the republic has gained, the more shitty it has become, so I'm for anything that restricts citizenship and therefor, voting

… And you are implying the draft caused that? Holy fuck you are a retard.


The net effect would be a positive one if it resulted in fewer women voting, but odds are they would find token positions for them to fill as they already do with minimal risk/work and men covering for them, so the impact would likely be minimal. I'm sure they'd find some way to twist it like firing white men from these jobs for 'racism' or 'sexism' to actually reduce male voting power, having the reverse intent that we desire.

There are other choices, like investing wisely so you can use the money (preferably interest only, the balance should go to white children, preferably your own) to pay a nurse.

If you are relying on your kids' kidness however, it would also help decrease child abuse since you wouldn't want to alienate your kids, you would want to be kind to them, have them love you, respect you, so they would WANT to take care of you. Since it should always be 100% their option and no bullshit like mandating kids take care of their parents. If a kid is too "rotten" to take care of their parent, it's the parent's fault for being a shitty parent and they deserve to be abandoned.

This kind of thing would only work if we weren't living under ZOG.

yep I want Pablo being my EMT reviving me when I have a cardiac arrest. Great plan

I'm doing my part!


Let's see… if I start my clone farm next year the earliest I can get myself elected by them would be 2038…

You can see how (((democracy))) will not be a thing soon.

Alaska or Canada?

anywhere that isn't a rural environment faggot government workers get paid very well.

How so, Señor Uno-y-Hecho?

That's pretty excessive, tbh. The point is to act as both a filter and a way to instill national unity.

I'm not convinced that being white is enough for someone to not be a piece of shit.

Yeah, definitely. I like the idea of "core sector jobs" and then more specialized versions of those fields, which would be given special incentives. IE: You have "regular emergency rooms" which would take care of any and all medical needs, but you'd also have something like premium ones which are effectively "free market" emergency rooms, with more luxury and care (otherwise, who'd bother fucking paying for it).

Tribal privilege is a very real thing, and it's always subverted into the larger pool of "muh hwite privilege". Look at cunts like Epstein, Weinstein, and Polanski. They didn't get away with their shit for so long solely on their own wits.

Again, I don't think military training should be the only thing. There should be other options and fields to go into.

Democracy is an inherently flawed system. It needs other factors to balance its flaws out, while retaining the strength of allowing a people to have power over its governing body.

Name 5 nations that succeeded for more than 100 years without some kind of mandatory military service.

read the OP, faggot

I'm fine with women voting. I get it, "muh women should have no rights", but the main issue is how fucking coddled women have been for centuries while expecting the same rights without putting in the same effort. A true nation of value gives rights to all its citizens, and women should be expected to serve their country befitting their abilities. If they can't perform in the military (which, y'know, most probably wouldn't), they can surely take up other positions. If they don't want to actually be useful, then they're not fucking citizens.

The rise in child abuse can be attributed almost entirely onto PTSD due to excessively traumatic wars starting with WW1. Yes, wars have happened for centuries, but WW1 changed the playing field with how sudden and traumatic everything became. In prior wars, you had the ability to mentally process shit easier. It's why there weren't massive amounts of "shell shock" victims until then - because it really wasn't a thing.

Of course. Any Current Year™ country would only utilize such a system for the gain of its most elite class, not for the good of the nation itself. It's best to utilize this in tandem with another system of governance. It alone is not enough.

I'm not asking for mandatory diversity hires, you stupid fuck.

In a city, sure. The thing is, 50k-100k don't even get you much in the overpriced shitholes that allege to pay that much.

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Yeah dude I also watched Starship Troopers once now go back to the real world and figure out for yourself why that means more bad than good, you complete fuckhead retarded nigger redditor.

Read the OP

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under-fucking-rated post
theres a reason older generations taught their children skills/values in the past - it was to ensure they were looked after in their dying years

I agree. People shouldn't have a say in how society is run unless they've been conditioned to follow orders without thinking.

Underrated trips.
Yeah, also because it's good virtue to ensure that your lineage lives on prosperously. Boomers started relying on public education to do that for them so they could have zero responsibility in their early adulthood, even if they had kids. This is the definitive point in which America started to take a massive nosedive (although it's sparked by the greater infiltration by marxist agents)

Do you really think there's less herds of sheep than before the end of the draft?