Where will the west be in 30 years

What will the west be like in 30 years? Are you worried?

In order for a society to develope it must change. Other wise it will stagnate and become something like North Korea. But the way things are going are bizarre. The table of morality is completely turning into pure faggotry. Anyone who was raised in a good home, raised to do the right thing feels the same as I do about this change. What's troubling is now our basic prinicples our parents taught us can be considered fascist or racist, thats how fucked things have become. Does it only get worse? In or for real change to happen something has to be destroyed and re-built.

I'm worried what the agenda is and what they want to rebuild. Its clear. We're now in the stage our leaders are legalizing and giving freedoms to things that will corrupt and crumble any society, creating division among classes. If I could personify it better for you, it's as of our government is handing out candy to distract us from…something. I disagree with my prime minister he is a total fag boy. Weak leader and drug addict, whom I have no respect and no admiration of his sjw behavior. I have no choice but only believe in myself and better who I am.

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Its Natural.

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This is how it must be.

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interesting. number 3 is already happening.


Damn that weeb cartoon is based. What is it called?

To the left of the east.

Nevermind I found it. It's called Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. It's on Netflix for anyone interested.

For us to predict that would be to deny human will. If we are pure of intent, we will win. There is no doubt OP. I have none. What I worry about is my own heart, for that is where the real battleground is and always has been. Stop worrying about everything that doesn't fuel your action. OP, you gotta make MOVES. Worrying is an action against the cause. You are sinning by even asking the question. Purify your intent.

Jews will be served as god under one world religion & Noahide law. Rebels will be beheaded (they are very clear about this).

One world currency is Cryptocurrency. You can only pay through chip that is either on your right hand or in forehead,

But before all this, agenda 21 has to be executed. Now within five generations humans cant have babies anymore. It will be solved when population is as desired by them.

Jews are served as gods and rest of humanity like animals.

i'm glad i made this thread, otherwise i never would have watched this. epic.


It's funny because you're retarded theory you just made up will make you not breed. Whether or not it's even true what you say, your belief in it is enough to make you lose. Which is good of course. WE don't need anymore faggot ass negative people around. Just eat yourself to death user that's all your good for.


Its not my theory. You just need to watch this video. youtube.com/watch?v=LDY6Eosh990

i will not bring any soul to this shithole

Everything will be fire.

Solar storm knocking out electrical grids could de-rail shit quit massively at any given time so it's hard to say.

I am aware of Adam Green, and even he never said this is a guarantee. OP asked where will we be in 30 years, not "what do the jews want for us". YOur answer implies you think we will lose. Only queers go into a game playing to lose.

How did I know you were a pussy?

we will be within 30 years where jews want us to be. We are lost already, those who dont agree, just dont know how bad things really are.

more like sensible. Would you bring any soul here if you would really know what i told you?

No user. Stfu. You don't know what you're talking about. How could you look into your potential child's eyes and tell him his life isn't worth the suffering? You're scum.

I want the 5 1s

I have choice because i haven't bring any child to this world yet, and I've choose not to because they couldn't never be fullfilled humans here in future.

>>still holding onto muh Western values.
It'll be Whites Internationally fighting for Survival.Of course not all in an explicit manner but White communities will spring up in the most remote and strangest places to be rid of the White Traitors who were the greatest of enemies and drove the White Race to near extinction.

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That is the enemy in your mind talking. He wnats you dead. He wants your children and grandchildren dead. And you are a fucking coward for listening to it. Pain is there to test our conviction. If your life isn't worth the pain then so be it. I've known pain in my life, and I know all the pain in the world will not make my future child's life not worth living. I will die to see their faces user. Get a hold of yourself man…

That's not how this works.
They could be more fulfilled as a human than any man who lived before them. Or they could not.
Unless they exist, they'll never know. And neither will you.

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We disagree on that then.

And I know that we are lost 100%. There is nothing we can do anymore.

We are here to grow as humans and that is not possibility in the future.

Getting more PILGRIMS from Latin America (where Hitler's descendants live).

You are hurting user. This coming from a place of pain. Even if what you say is true, it matters not. If we are here to grow, overcoming this challenge will inspire insane growth. You can't possibly know we will lose. Because I know with certainty, with the conviction of a fucking navy seal that I will not let that happen.

Not if we don't exist. You can survive a thousand trials, and grow stronger from them, if you exist.

If you're going to go full assholes and elbows, get on with it and kill yourself.

30 years we will have our ethnoglobe.

Trump set the globalist agenda back massively. In fact it will be basically impossible for them to covertly fuck with the US at this point as they did in Europe, Australia and Canada since the American people are not just on the look out for the shit but are seriously expecting it around every corner. So he set back that agenda in a serious way unless they go balls in and overtly try to do it which would lead to an immediate conflict.

The future is ever changing and depending on the recent push to a more conservative decision making leadership in Europe along with Britain leaving the EU (if it happens..) it sets the globalist agenda back decades, perhaps even a century if they plan to covert it again through "education" and indoctrination.

I expect a peaceful next 20-50 years BUT 2024 is going to be the real eye test to see what will happen. Once Trump leaves office I have no doubt that they are going to press HARD into controlling the US. He no doubt knows this so he is on a bit of a timer as well to get rid of them before then.

Don't deceive yourself, Trump is same boat with (((them))) it's all act what they show us.


Rule of law, law which is Noahide law.

imagine saying that after 8 years of obama

Army people would love it in the future because they have chosen authority to rule their lives like npc's.

I don't think so. I think he placates and plays the game when necessary and gives concessions if he thinks it will benefit him for the time but I do not see him as their puppet. I legitimately believe he loves America, doesn't mind Israel but at the end of the day will do what is best for his country even if that means throwing a bone now and again. I see no problem with that, it's good politics.

That's why I reference their conviction and not their intent.


Then you rob them of the opportunity to be a hero. There's nothing wrong with bringing good people into a corrupt world, because that's how it is fixed.

It'll be a giant 7-11 full of trans brown people shopping for salted roach chips while streaming Marvel movies on their iPhone69. All the smart white people will have teleported themselves to inner earth to await the Holy War, while the soyboys and "woke" whites will work as wagies and prostitutes to sate the neverending cravings of the dedicated consumerbase.

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I don’t plan on being alive 30 years from now, not if the world carries on the way it is today and only gets worse.

When the older ten day wait until I’m they’re age, I’d rally rather not. I’m sick and tired of it all by 26,, the idea of enduring another 30 years of this is horrifying. If things are screwed now then I don’t want to see how it’ll be in 10 years let alone 30.

Older gens say*

I’ve had a few drinks sorry

Don't leave just when things are getting good. Your ancestors were explorers who threw themselves into the dark tunnels of the future without a thought for comfort or safety. We're the same although the caverns we enter aren't literal.

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Either we somehow have a North Korean-eque ethnostate or we're basically done

Hypothetically on roblox, you know what some anons will be doing

Spain was ruled by Muslims for 800 years. It's not over as long as we live.

Settle down with a nice roblox girl and have lots of little roblox kids.

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And look at the state it’s in today demographically. I’d rather have died fighting than survive a lifetime of any of that 800 years.

Some roblox pvping. Besides, there’s better men out there for a woman than a guy like me. I’m expendable.
Well. That comes across as woe is me when reading that back to myself but that’s not how I felt when typing it

ugly tranny

I’m feeling pretty blackpilled today.
kikes have the general population under control thanks to their control of (((mass media))) and institutions, with the population believing that anyone who stands up is a racist and whatever else
I understand that we recovered Spain after 800 years of mudslime occupation, but back then glowniggers weren’t a thing, we had safe spots to retreat to and every government wasn’t kike occupied. Nowadays that is the case and they are continuing to escalate, with no response.
Considering all of this, I don’t see the future being very bright, unless something happens and changes everything. In 30 years, everything will likely be much worse than it is right now, and resistance seems minimal.

What followed that 800 years was a triumphant expansion the likes of which is rarely seen in history. The Spanish empire was a force to be reckoned with for hundreds of years on, and still shapes the world today. No one stays on top forever, but even when at the bottom you can preserve your people for the next ascent.

That’s something the brothers and sisters of my race will be doing.
I can’t live like this for a lifetime. Not like this.

Our (((enemy))) is not that powerful. We're still relatively close to their strongest propaganda piece, the hall of cost, but it becomes less relevant every day, with fewer and fewer people giving a damn about "muh poor wittle jews", especially as whites are replaced. The current dominant empire is perhaps more unstable than any in history, and I don't foresee it lasting 800 years.

The degeneration that jews use to put themselves on top also weakens them. This is a disposable empire just like everything the kikes sell us. There is no longevity to this oppression.

The jewish debt usury racket was designed to first devalue the nation, then drive it into unpayable debt, and finally end the monetary system and create 100% fiat, which makes mankind enslaved to a jewish economy. We are at the end of that usury cycle, and the jews systematically destabilized all the 3rd world countries as well as bred Africans in their world wide poverty scheme for a global migration warfare invasion of the west, so that the jewish criminals who stole, corrupted and destroyed everything, can't be reached by the oblivious populace who are unknowingly walking towards the biggest wars in human history. It's poor against rich, black against white, Islam against Christianity, and the whites against each other, while communist China and Communist Russia are waiting to call dips on the remains of the west. Read the protocols if you want to know what's planned for their endgame.

Sure you can, faggot. I know you can do it.

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The Jews have set the tone for the future. In 30 years, the West will still be grappling with the 'unfairness' of racial differences.

America will either still be in a protracted civil racewar, or recovering from it. The government will not be the "United States" anymore, and which population/ideology it will represent is anybody's guess. At this point, the racemixing anti-White Jews have a better than 50% chance of coming out on top, in which case America ceases to be white at all.

Europe will be coming to grips with the reality of its situation: either the Blacks/Semites and attendant Islamic converts are quarantined in Europe, or Europe itself will cease to exist. To a lesser degree, it will be civil racewar. The anti-White Jews will of course be severely butt-hurt about that. Specifically, France and Sweden will cease to exist as functioning Nations. Germany and the UK will be in open civil racewar. At this point, Islam has a better than 50% chance of coming out on top, in which case Europe ceases to be white at all.

South Africa will either be in its own civil racewar, or recovering from it. That government will not be "South Africa" anymore, and which population/idealogy it will represent is anybody's guess. At this point, the Jewish-backed blacks could very well come out on top, in which case South Africa cease to be White at all.

Australia will be dealing with a huge influx of Chinese, African, and Muslim immigrants. Rather than fighting for it's existence, I suspect that Australia will roll over and die, because that's the most (((moral))) thing to do. This is thanks to the strength of Australia's Masonic community.

As for the purveyors of all of this racial conflict, the most moral Jews, Israel will not expand much beyond it's present boundaries as it dreams. There will not be an Ersatz Israel. It will either still be fighting its neighbors for more space, or it will be destroyed… unless it forges an even more open alliance with the Saudis and Turks. In any case, Islam is the clear winner here, mostly because it's immoral to fight back against Semitic expansion. Unless there is severe (- SEVERE -) violent geopolitical pushback, the (Judeo-…) Islamic power will go on to dominate the globe for the next many centuries, with no theoretical end to their position on the horizon.

Without Western Civilization in the lead, the progress of mankind will be markedly diminished. The Chinese will take on the role of driving global engineering and technical innovation, and we all know what kind of overbearing (Communist) government they have. The cultural openness of the West will not even be remembered.

In the longer term, White Nations may all cease to exist entirely, or they may just fracture and shrink to the size of micronations. To be certain, the Jews will not allow ANY White Nations to hold any power. They will play us off against each other, as they have done again and again throughout history. This because of 'muh racism'. Eventually, in several centuries, racial differences will lose their importance. Without an enemy to fight, the Jewish race will also fade away into non-existence.

that. was very inspirational , thanks for mirroring user.

There won't be a west, at least not in the way that we define it.

Reminder that all the doom pussies aren't going to be allowed in the ethnostate. Kys retard I mean it.

REMINDER: These worthless niggers are here everyday, all day, in every thread, repeating these same retarded mantras, attempting to meme them into reality.
Tag, point and laugh, report, and filter (not that the kike mods will do anything about it)
This board is now nothing more than a constant battle against an unending stream of PAID shills trying to BlackPill you into rolling over, and accepting the nigger ass rape for the rest of eternity.
Don't play the game.
Win it.

The rest of you useless whiney faggots…
Kill yourselves before we get to you.

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I am with you based user

si vis pacem, para bellum.

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What can we do about it? I'm tired of dealing with these fucking pussies shitting on the one site we have.

You shit has GRIDS, user. Replace it with this Valknut.

Looks like it's time to go IRL. Print out the dank may mays, and put them up at the local SJW coffee shop, library, village pin boards, power poles, stencil some Sonnenrads, etc., on the sidewalk on every corner. Artfag? put on an orange vest, drop a cone, and paint some graffiti in broad daylight (this shit works better than you would think. Done it! "Appeal to Authority").
Whatever you can think of before this all goes violent. Put the info in the face of every dipshit too afraid to look past their propaganda brainwashing bubble.

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I'm an artfag so I'll draw some signs. I meant more for communication purposes though. Besides the memes I come here for the commonalities we share to shoot shit. Maybe it's time to go IRL with that too I guess. I redpilled one of my buddies maybe I'll talk to him today about making a club.

We need to form brotherhoods IRL and connect.

Organize around "Man" interests. Especially practices ancient to our Culture.
Start a Mechanics/Welding Club.
Bike/HotRod Club, NOT revolving around gang shit.
Nature/Hunting/Primitive Skills/Kid's Scout.
Beehive/Mead Brewing.
BlackSmith/Knife Making.
Volunteer Community Service.
Community /SIG/ at the park.
Even local Security/Neighborhood Watch/Walk the little old lady across the street Club.
Anything that makes you and your group valuable to the cohesion, and integrity of your immediate community, WHILE portraying the benefits, and positive aspects of "Masculinity", and Western/Euro History and Culture. Once you're organized, have attracted Aryan Men, and eliminated any usurpers, or blackpills, begin the propaganda/information campaign.

tl;dr Be Aryan Man. Do Aryan Man shit. Attract Aryan Men. Do Aryan Man shit for Aryans in Community. Be insulated by community to outside attacks. (look around) Ooops! WE WON!

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Anything you choose to do, as long as it aligns with your/our History, Heritage, Culture, and Future Existence, can easily be turned into a lucrative business with the Men you meet.
Volunteer Community Service, for instance, can be turned into a high end Landscaping business, with water features, and focus on local Historical landmarks, and infrastructure (may come in handy if SHTF), which will ALSO undercut the local spic leaf blowing contingency.
4-5 birds with one stone.
Use your Superior Aryan Intellect.
All of our problems really can be remedied by shaking off the demoralizing kike programming, and constant 'Law' Spectre of Fear of Authority. Start using your SUPERIOR Aryan cognition, and creative adaptability, and simply step up, and out of the confines of an enslaved mind. The ONE THING that can be taken from the Third World Invasion is their ability to do whatever it takes to bring in resources, and claim "space". They will build a cart out of gutter garbage, slap on a coat of found paint, and start rolling around selling ANYTHING that gets them to the next level. That, and the in-group nepotism they silently mandate.
The goal of "Reconquista" keeps them focused.
These simple aspects of "the fire of need" is what will compel our forward momentum. Unless you're already in a position of posterity and wealth, stop dreaming of being the CEO of 'Bros. Inc' for now, and take the baby steps. We have to start acting like "minorities", because WE ARE!

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Down the shitter.

how to connect?

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More jewish sarcasm retardation,

Lol you are all going to be brown niggers that slave for Jews.

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Thanks for reminding me how ugly nigger dna is fucking retard lmao

Thanks for reminding me how ugly nigger genetics are fucking retard lmao

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Technically true.

Ignore the shills/ugly fucking niggers

because of my stockphoto meme?

No because your a doom cuck you retard.

kek no

What are you saying no to you fucking idiot?

wtf you trying to tell me?

Great job with the worthless thread. Lurk the fuck more.

My bad thought you were this loser for some reason. Forget all that.

Only when you've lost everything will you be free to do anything.

I'm sure America will be destroyed in either a civil war or a world war. Good riddance I say. This country has completely abandoned it's principles.

better ask next 2-5 yrs.

not worried, im not from there ;)

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You're not wrong, but you're also kind of late. Its like they say, the invention of hentai was spawned because Archduke Ferdinand was killed

Don't want to blackpill people but things look down in the shitter as they are. The kikes managed to oust us from all social media, exploit the drumpf-spamming fracture point among us, rig Golden Dawn out the Greek parliament and generally halt our constantly gaining momentum with demoralizing spamposting and chodemonkey is (((their))) accomplish.

We had our chance to save out people, and consequently the whole future of mankind, and we fucking blew it over bickering for innane shit like exactly how zogged the orange man was. Now all we are left with is a century of two of chink global tyranny and then full regression of humanity to shitskinned hunter gatherer level and thanks to kikes and their boomer pets there will not be enough genetic purity or easily exploitable resources to start all over.

The Western civilization will soon collapse, Whitekind will be raped and mongrelized to extinction, without European peoples' wit, wisdom and adventurous spirit humanity dies on this wrong.

                                                   == BAD END ==

We fucked up.

What will happen to Poland and Hungary?

fuck kikes, fucking fuck those wretched faggots

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Is it wrong that I've grown fond of Gal Gadot? Shes qt

Yeah I would drill her so hard I'd need a new matress, but stay vigilant against international jewry please…

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Poland will hold out for a bit and then simply be crushed between EU commies and Russian ZOG-lite and be hunted down to the last child by forced immigration and (((occupation forces))). Hungary does not even have a notable military.

The only issue on question is whether Poland or Japan will be the last stronghold of human civilization before they are militarily subjugated by their respective commie neighbours.