The absolute state of California

The absolute state of California
Even if you believe in the CO2 hoax, this makes no sense whatsoever. There has to be some kind of kickbacks involved with this faggot mayor from licensed builders.

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Seriously someone needs burn this fucking state to the fucking ground. Dear God how I come to hate California and all its fucking problems

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California, 2055.
I was told we had made the desert bloom. That we had saved the race from the male menace. That we had saved the planet from cow farts.
We were the bold ones. We acted when everyone else dithered. The misogynists. The capitalists. The theists. All scourges which had ruled for Millenia; finally toppled by the virtuous ones.
I start my day with my unheated cold press fair trade coffee then head to the bathroom to take my waterless shower. The scrubbing brushes seem less harsh today. Perhaps my skin will stop bleeding during my two hour commute.
I masturbate furiously while the CA DOT driverless vehicle transports me to my vocational activities center. I didn't get a sitting version and had to stand the entire way. Only dust comes out.
My activity of the day is to check the privileges of pale younglings. They aren't white of course—none of them survived the purge although rumors of subterranean racists continue to circulate. While they have the legal requisite of melanin and low IQ, they're not brown enough for three meals a day, however. Hopefully this will correct the natural order within 5 more generations…

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I take a lunch break after hours of owning people online. The smell of piss, shit, and BO hits my nostrils as I walk to the soy dispensary. Ahh, home.
The percentage of hemp seems low even though state law mandates 10%. My nightly colonoscopy will sort this out. I feel pensive for the rest of the day knowing I'm required to snitch on malfunctioning robots. I really liked #256432434-38475. He's an older model which still has an uncanny valley
On my way back I spot someone selling contraband plastic straws on a street corner. I hit the panic button on my smarty-phone made from bamboo. The DEW ray vaporizes the criminal over the course of 2 hours. The smell of cooking meat made me salivate and I had to file reports against myself at the Dept. of Veganism.

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The problem with commiefornia is it has hollywood, so every stupid shit they do they get to produce free kike publicity to push it into every American small town and city

I finish my mandatory volunteerism and retire for the day. I didn't pwn enough wrong-thinkers to fill my quota and had to take my nutrients intravenously instead of the preferred method of a colonic. Hopefully this doesn't interfere with my career goals of getting gay certified.
I'm wheeled out into the street along with the others. The daily affirmation from Emperor Pelosi (the only plastic object allowed in California) is piped into our headphones while we're stood upright for our REM period. I try to control my dreams as not to end up in the opinion reassignment chamber. Thankfully a homeless man urinates on my leg. It feels warm
I wake up momentarily due to a nightmare. I was dreaming of marrying a woman and having a family. Thankfully, it didn't trigger the alarms. I shove a larger dildo up my colon in an attempt to suppress my deviant thoughts and turn the REM machine back on. The homeless man's urine is now cold. This will be a longer night than usual

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TBH Natural gas infrastructure is fucking stupid, especially in an area prone to earthquakes like commiefornia. Why pump volatile gas all over the country underground when it could be converted to electricity at the source and then transmitted safely through the grid.
That said, i'm still for people making their own choices on the matter.

Not all of Commiefornia is prone to Earthquakes


Ridgecrest gets hit by two major quakes. All houses there have gas and only one went up in flames (probably due to some other dumbass reason like drugs). Fear monger somewhere else.

Did they ban these too? Gas heating/cooking is far better and cheaper.

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Not all of commiefornia is banning it.

He banned Carbon you Gaia-murdering CO2-exhaling scum

All this and Peter Fonda too.

But…isn't it racist to complain about rats and typhus and tuberculosis?

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If he gave a shit about the environment of California he'd stop trying to boost its population by taking in more people all the time. That alone would be the only thing that would help the environment. However he'll ban this (and the ban will be enforced on whites only) while he floods his state with spics and other garbage that will ruin the environment.

That won't fix the evironment issues. If they want to be green then make everything green and stop inporting more people into city. The cities cannot handle more than 500,000 people.

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Yes, use the most expensive electricity west of the Mississippi River, 33% of which is imported from neighbors, and enjoy the largest number of Blackouts in the Nation!
"…Gas is more reliable, more affordable, more flexible, and highly abundant, a peak demand or base-load fuel that generates electricity around-the-clock. Gas continues to gain market share in California even with the focus on renewables because it's average availability hovers around 90%, versus just 30% even on good days for wind and solar…"
(Forbes 2016)

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What the fuck is wrong with these animals?

Cheaper until you take into account their fees for being hooked up.

Keep posting or write a novel, I wanna read it. Thanks user.

I think switching to all electric is fine
Along with mandating solar panels and house batteries for new houses

Modern civilization is hate speech.

Gas is also far cheaper to transport long distances (pipes vs electric lines)

It costs a lot more to heat your house with electricity.

do something about it

Isn't Jesse Arreguin that anti white communist spic?

Nature keeps trying.


Friend of AntiFa and BAMN, and faggot, yes

Not California, Berkeley. Austin, TX is just as bad. Portland, OR is worse. The people wishing mass death upon all of California are fucking stupid.

I've been to Austin. Plenty of idiots but not nearly as bad as Berkeley.
Also, let's not pretend that California as a whole isn't fucked. Everywhere in CA that has people. That means SacTown, Bay Area, all the way down to San Diego then east through San Bernardino. It's all fucked.
The problem isn't even left vs right. The problem with Californians is they're atomic assholes. Don't give a shit about anything unless it affects them individually and by then it's too late to fix so they flee like a locust bringing their atomic lifestyle with them.

Frankly everyone need to fight the jewy system by becoming as off grid agorists.

=L M F A O=

Thanks for this, user.

user, I have a bug-out vehicle with solar and batteries and you have no idea what you're proposing


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no one cares where the fuck you came from, faggot. hurr keep oregon weird! fuck off.

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Thank you, angel.

There are, it's pretty much the same in every field involving construction, 20%-30% in a fat envelope per project.

fellow caifornanon?
you can literally feel the despair in the air here. the disparity between have and have not is an abyss. bums litter every corner even in what would have previously been considered nice areas. I saw bums in Laguna Beach a while back. Venice, yes. Laguna? Never.
California will be the epicenter of the coming revolt.

How so? I see no evidence of this.

Homeless slaves make few bricks. They also don’t revolt.

the worst thing you can do to a starving man is parade around with food in his face. inside of a block you will see millionaires and bums all over california.
that's the shit that leads to revolt

tell that to the niggers who riot over weevs

I don't doubt that millionaires living in the hills don't give a fuck about the piss & shit downtown, but I still see no sign of revolt.
Historically revolts don't happen when things get worse. They happen when things get better but not quickly enough and the system is seen as an impediment to positive change.

All of the cancerous bullshit that Commiefornia is known for originated from Oregon. The whole hippie movement and insufferable white liberalism is native to Oregon. Commiefornia outside of the metropolitan areas, like most states, is right wing.
The result of constant tourism and constant influx of outsiders. Keep in mind, the average age of death of homos is 42. San Francisco is kept alive by the rest of the country sending its rejects there.
Not only does California deal with the rest of the country's dreamers and faggots and wannabe stars, but we have a massive influx of chinks, spics, pajeets, and sandniggers. Yes of course, the actual Americans who live here are unfriendly to outsiders. Most of us are leaving to other states. And when we arrive, we don't want to hear them bitching about us bringing California's problems with us, seeing as how they've been treating our state like an outhouse for their rejects for several generations.


California revolting against the leftist governor.

Please make a brown dystopia novel

LOL! Most communes started in California. In the 60s Oregon barely had roads. There wasn't even a way to cross the cascades. Until recently there was a billboard on the 101 for visiting Californians depicting a lynching.
Yeah, 1849ers and the Jews that followed. Holy shit the projection!

One more thing. I don't know what you mean by 'right wing' but there aren't any conservatives in California to speak of. I know the Republican Party idolizes Reagan, but only because he was electorally successful. He epitomizes the California so-called "Conservative" as his major accomplishments are:
No-fault divorce
Massive deficit spending
He was an LBJ Democrat who claimed "I didn't leave the Democratic Party; the party left me." The only reason anyone claims he's right wing (along with any other Californian) is due to his anti-Communism.
Meanwhile there are many organizations in OR which are labeled "hate groups" by your usual big-noses. Imagine any organization in California withstanding such accusations. They would melt like chocolate in the sun.
Stop embarrassing yourself with this pointless deflection. California is the source of ALL it's problems and now they're exporting them to every other state in the West.


So are they saying diversity of power sources is a weakeness?

LOL, listen to this bitch talking about gas being unsafe and "helping" residents get ready for energy poverty

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So they ramping up the nuke plants? There ain't much in the way of hydro and the wind farms in southern california are shit.
Natural gas is the cleanest way they can cook and heat homes but the faggots with more money than sense don't give a fuck because they can't see how dirty their power is.

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They are systematically driving every native out of California to get the replacement invaders in, and they will do the same tactic in every other state until the ethnic cleansing is complete or until you wipe the jews out of your nation. They are literally baiting you to respond violently with any insanity in the book, and don't be too surprised if they start taxing air.

Exact opposite of reality. They don't want race war.

They are dumping nigger all across the western civilization, while using media indoctrination to teach them that they are better than whites, while giving nigger street gangs free range over entire cities, putting literal shitskin stooges into every public political position to piss the whites off, and are deliberately attacking anything of value the white identity relates…and somehow you interpret this as them not wanting a race war? And I didn't even bring up the whole Islam vs Christianity holy war that is been designed as well, or the Russia+China communist takeover of the west, or whatever fucking false flag terror attacks will emerge when the 3rd temple is ready.

Scary adjustments!!!

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Cringe. Just say flatulence, no need to be all boomer about it.

Electric heaters are less energy efficient than gas and also there are systemic losses in every chain of the electricity generation and distribution system. Pumping gas to someone's house actually saves a lot of energy compared to using it to boil water and run the steam through a turbine.

They don't make smart meters and IoT gas appliances. Having the home all electric means the all knowing government can monitor and control everything.

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*smart GAS meters

There are 'smart' gas meters, but stopping natural gas use achieves:
- easier to sell climate change scam to tax air
- makes it harder for people innawoods and off the control grid
- anyone still innawoods using solar is visible from satellite or drone

And then….?

I was really enjoying that….

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tbf, gas lines + catastrophic quakes + suicidal brush maintenance laws in fire zones makes this not totally gay

Every house in Ridgecrest has gas and recently had to major quakes and dozens of aftershocks. Only one house caught fire and was probably due to some bullshit reason unrelated to gas.

How does this make sense. They still use the gas to delivery, transport and power these electrical pieces of trash.


there are states like minnesota with 5 month winters and high rainfall during summer trying to convert their electric needs to solar, its never about logic, its about politicians being able to pretend they have accomplished something

They can't turn gas on and off easily like they can electricity. Normally in the USA if gas service is shut off they wont turn it back on again with out dispatching a technician to enter the home and check for extinguished pilot lights and leaks.

Also the power companies built out a (((smart grid))) that can communicate with (((smart meters))) and when power becomes limited they can turn the power off to goys as needed.
And on peak/off peak pricing has been a thing for a long time with electric smart meters.
That infrastructure doesn't exist with gas systems.

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At this point, they should just demolish everything and replace their infrastructure with something similar to the village in Star Trek: Insurrection.

California is the modern living personification of Sodom and Gommorah

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Interesting angle. I hadn't considered how they want to use smartmeters to control all human activity by controlling carbon

This is the height of stupid. If they don't use natural gas the need to use electric. The largest source of electricity in California is…wait for it… NATURAL GAS.

We're talking about California here, what did you expect?

Electric stoves are fucking garbage for cooking anything but eggs or soup on.
And I rarely eat soup.
Absolute shit.

Incorrect. Smart gas meters have been in use where I live for more than a decade.

What kind of retard designed that piece of garbage?
Why would you split the activation knobs 3:3 instead of 2:4?
Centering shit is so kiked uber brutalist shit.

I hope they ban all non-green electricity next year.
We should be ridden of Californians within the week.

I hope they ban all electricity in the next decade if you don't show a cultural necessity being a nigger.

Or, at least, it would if you couldn't go off grid, buying your own solar panels and setting up your own battery bank.
Just wait until that's banned under federal law because there's nothing you can't do that (((they))) can do better.

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But user, one white person has the carbon footprint of ten beaners. They will figure out a way to justify replacement to the plebs.

IIRC the last referendum about dividing Commifornia had a (((new option))) that split it into three.

Kinda like I heard on the radio AGAIN yesterday that STEM is now being turned into STEAM by adding (((arts))).

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this: if it was cheaper to convert it to electricity right away they would just do that, gas is obviously cheaper to ship intact or it would be more expensive

He got vaporized after reporting himself to the Dept. of Veganism.

Fucking shill! Kike! Shill!

Our climate who art in statitics
Hallowed be thy name
Thy funding come
Thy will be done
On Earth as it is in models
Give us this day our daily temp
And forgive us for our footprints
As we condemn those whose footprints came before us
And lead us not into emission
But deliver us from ourselves