American kids would much rather be YouTubers than astronauts

On the eve of the Apollo 11 anniversary, LEGO asked The Harris Poll to survey a total of 3,000 children in the United States, China, and the United Kingdom about their attitudes toward and knowledge of space. The results reveal that, at least for Western countries, kids today are more interested in YouTube than spaceflight.

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Thanks, you fucking kikes.

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Who cares, 99% of fags out in the world are losers who don't give a shit about anything

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That's because we have too many brown and black kids now. They don't have the intellect to fathom space travel or contemplate physics.


Whilst this is a horrific statistic; it does show just how far humanity as a whole has fallen. It is more easy than ever before to rise above the masses and become a noble. Simply leaving your skin in its natural condition and not tearing it apart with piercings or desecrating it with tattoos already marks one out as superior to about 50% of the population. A healthy body again raises you above another 20% or so; and a sharp mind will see you appear as a mountain among weeds.

Many of us will be denied financial opportunities and a host of other things; but it will be plain as day to all with eyes that we exist as the superior breed, and as the masses continue to degenerate we shall easily rise to take our rightful place. It is sad to see our brothers lost to the incessant, maddening whispers of jewish media; but we must also see this as an opportunity for us to rise in a way that few could before.

But this cant be the only reason of this . Look there on current situation in Japan where there are not Jewish media or brown/ black minorities in society.

Even there most of young people are not interested in anything else than social media , Youtube and video games.

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Good, now just get them into Bitchute and Soph

It's retards like you that are part of the problem. Some retarded 14 year old kid isn't the one you're supposed to be listening to or taking advice from and if you do then you might be the dumbest faggot on planet earth. Little kids don't know shit about the world, the world is built by adults and putting kids on a pedastle and parading them around as if their some fucking grand scholar or some shit while you neglect men of honor is why we're dying out. Using children as a tool to push your shit propaganda is disgusting and goes against all human civilization

Unfortunately, I looked at this place in the Internet and I think it's an idiotic idea.

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I wouldn't want to risk my hide in outer space just to let a bunch of chinks and shitskins profit from my hard work either


Look honestly I can understand it, Youtubers do fuck all especially the big names with editing teams while Astronauts have to do constant training

Someday a youtuber will strike it big by being the first one to livestream in spaaaaace.

Too late . We already have space Youtuber.

Also there we few livestreams from International Space Station.

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did parents always encourage their children to pursue whatever they wanted? seems recent

Because the so called 'honorary Aryans' in chinkland are just an extension of the western world. The cultural hegemony imposed by the west reaches around the globe.
And it goes to show just because japan is racially homogenous, does not mean it is 'good'. If you removed the blacks, jews etc. from the West, you would still have that fundamental spiritual abyss which has polluted the white man's soul. The white man needs to look inwards first

It's for the best tbh. I wanted to be an astronaut exploring the reaches of space when I was young, and was promised space travel by 2020, but instead I got trannies, niggers and kikes. It's probably why I stopped reaching to be an aerospace engineer and went mechanical instead.

Yeah, and? This isn't a thread. What the fuck is the point of this shit.

Seems like a pretty good sign the US Empire already collapsed, we are just catching up to the vaccuum. Any society that values entertainment above exploration is one that is just about to die.

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Dont you think it's a bit frightening when people dont have any other interests than anything else than Internet, social media, Youtube , video games and watching TV ?

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Insulting one of the most brilliant people in human history without any serious reasons is pathetic behaviour.

Can't you say something smarter, some brilliant retort, a thoughtful counter-argument? Look at Graham's diagram and compare how pathetically low your level of argumentation is.

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Space is a jewish lie and they know it.

What will you do about it? Nothing. What will anyone here, or anywhere else, do about it? Nothing. We will never attack the electrical infrastructure of the Western world. We will never grab our guns and start killing these people. It will not be happening. There's no point to a spam thread with one sentence.

You don't belong here and never will. We don't support a kike.

I don't have to and don't even want to go to the USA. For your information, I'm not Jewish, I'm a Christian from Norway and I don't like such thoughtless Yankee hamburger eaters like you.

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To them, one is real, while the other is imagination.

Yeah, it mostly can be.
Oh, you mean those people who, less than a century ago, worshiped their national leader as a living God, who were brutally defeated in warfare by an opponent (the US) who forced their living God to admit the absence of divinity in himself, and who still being militarily occupied by that enemy, the US, which is itself 100% ruled by kikes who want to destroy both the White European folk and the Japanese?

Einstein was not such a person. He was a slimy kike thief. He is promoted to simpletons like you as a "brilliant person" because you are subject to a culture created and ruled by his co-tribalists.
He's a fraud propped up by a system of fraudulence, perpetrated and perpetuated by our racial enemy. That's reason enough in itself.

He wasn't talking about 'the US' you imbecile, he was talking about the website we're currently using.

Not really. But then, that's mostly derivative from my view that humanity as it exists presently will never get off this rock, and that that's a very good thing. We've hit the Great Filter.
The easier it was for life to evolve to our stage, the bleaker our future chances probably are, and I don't believe this stage of human evolution is demonstrable of something overtly difficult to reach; rather, we have reached the stage wherein our self-destruction has become extremely probable.
With any luck, it won't be total destruction, but a re-alignment to previous societal/technologic conditions – a bit of a restart, to some degree.

If modern humanity were to leave the planet as it they exists today – an improbability, mind you – you'd just wind up with some sort of transhumanist nightmare leading directly to self-destruction anyway.

In any case, why are modern children less inclined towards space travel and more inclined towards jewtubing?
Most of their countries don't even have a space program, while every country has jewtube.
In terms of accessibility and probability of success, peaks for itself.

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I want to fucking kill myself

As a Japanese myself, I have completely given up on my country. Degeneracy runs more rampant than ever and nothing will ever stop us from getting pozzed. Once our old culture dies, it will never come back ever again.
It's over. Sayonara, Zig Forums!

Can't, until the non-whites that are getting in the way of that are removed.

You are not welcomed here
Back to plebbit/twitter

Absolutrly true post
Anyone who tells you that we can do shit about our situation is a LARPer or a literal fedposter.
We already lost by default. Stop fighting back.


Stop jumping IPs LARPnigger.

Can't blame them really. I thought being an astronaut was gay when I was a kid and that was before the internet was really a thing. Only time people used it was in a derogatory or praising way with regards to someones intelligence being a rocket scientists.

With the space program largely dead by mid-70's and nothing really interesting since the so-called "Moon Landing" before it was seen as a hoax these days, they just weren't doing anything exciting. Bunch of nerds with robotics doing nerd shit like exploration was a simulation. Then with youtube you start to discover NASA's deliberate disinfo cover up campaign of space mysteries and UFO's and it just boils your blood. Flash back down to ground control and you're dealing with a world overrun with niggers, spics, and jews while NASA is essentially doing fuck all about fucking anything covering up some shit while the world is literally disintegrating outside their bubble. Eventually you stop caring about space when you're nihilistic hopeless real world perspective would rather us not safe humanity by fleeing to space and rather let another flood submerge humanity to start anew.

tl;dr NASA is doing nothing of importance

Shut the fuck up boomer.

Kill yourself kike.

lol this thread and several others like it are clever psyops designed to convince the last few remaining free thinkers to fall for the space meme.

Isn't it odd how often you see Space on a day to day basis? especially on Forums online. So odd…

I know its odd because every day I see Holocaust reminders in one form of another and I KNOW why they do that. So why would they genuinely for once give a shit about promoting something that would benefit all of humanity and not just them?

Space is a meme until further notice. (aka the old millenia old standard that only got subverted when a bunch of jews belonging to secret societies created the science fiction genre)

You think Asimov really had that many ideas and just coked out book after book? Nah he was given those ideas to specifically preemptively program the boomers

Here's the true redpill: we did go to the moon, but we shouldn't have bothered because it was a waste of time