Nationalism is unnatural. Nationalism is unachievable without propaganda

As a white nationalist I always thought that all people would be nationalist if they weren't brainwashed by jews. But in the past people were not white nationalists. They lived in traditional communities and only cared about their families and 150 people that they knew personally. Nationalism is relatively modern thing and it is only sustainable with constant propaganda in the media (just like globalism). Unlike jews, we don't have control over media, so it is almost impossible to convince people to be white nationalist while they're being brainwashed to be globalist. We can and we will raise our children to be white nationalist but it is just a drop in the bucket. In my opinion it is more urgent to meme about the birth rates, because unlike white nationalism, making children is a natural desire which everyone has.

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What matters is to be the majority of White or Pro-White when the civil war finally comes. Black and Arabs are mostly living in low-budget neighborhoods (at least half of them in Europe) so they will be outnumbered as we're still the majority and surrounding them demographically speaking and if they attack any white person, most blind leftits will rally the White cause.

As for the "nationalism" problem, peace create weak liberals and if you don't feed them with some propaganda, they'll need a war again to butcher the poor people and remind them that the only thing they got is their country.

As for the traitors, usually they don't last : guillotine.

Nations were a natural step in the development of humanity. However, the ideals behind nationalistic romanticism are eternal. But they have always been a thing of the nobility. You need to remember that things of a socio-political nature are always a question of the societal elite, not of the masses. The masses always do what they're told. As National Socialists, we support the use of propaganda to spur every man, woman, and child to chase these noble ideals.

Nationalism is a defense mechanism activated when the nation (the tribe) is in danger. Tribalism is still very noticeable even in kiked groups.

I used to hold out hope for the birthrate dream, but everything is stacked against it:

Birth may be viable for some European countries, and I envy them, but for my country not even closing the borders would be enough anymore.

Civil war, balkanization, or outright civilizational collapse are all viable paths, we just have to be better prepared for them than our adversary. Bloodier, but more effective, and if they somehow manage to prop shit up I'm sure I won't be the only one who gets old and decides to go out with a bang.

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I agree. But I assume that jews will do anything to avoid the civil war. Why do you think they still didn't come to take our guns?
Civil war would be the best thing that can happen. Unfortunately nobody really wants a war. Time is working against us.

another shill thread

A breeding war is a loosing prospect. Not only will you not out-breed the niggers and chinks, but such a thing will only lead to more overpopulation.

Humanity is already centered in overpopulated cities - an unhealthy environment, physically and mentally - and resources are already stretched thing with GMO and pollution and unhealthy mass-produced food.

The world right now needs LESS people (preferably of the non-white type) and return to more eco-friendly and sustainable living practices (mass recycling, smaller towns)

I agree with you. This is the right goal. In my opinion we can't achieve it as long as jews are in positions of power.

Nationalism is LITERALLY putting your family first. It just extends outwards. Today it is difficult for a lot of people to remember who their family is and where they came from, this is by the design of our enemy. Historically it was simply understood that everyone in Athens was distantly related, everyone in Sparta was distantly related, and so on. Germanic 'tribes' were literally extended families. The Patricians of the Italians were literally families that began life as farmers, and then as their family grew in size with children, and then those those children having children; they would build more and more accommodation and this is how communes and villages started up, which eventually became cities; and eventually nations.

Nationalism is the most natural thing imaginable, and has existed in one form or another since the dawn of time. This also highlights a common concern for many here; the destruction and rewriting of history allows for people to think that the unnatural is natural, the untrue is true, and eventually that evil is good. Your jewish professors go out of their way to distort what actually happened, and that false foundation leads to many false conclusions. They even admit to doing this; 'Post Modernism' is all about viewing history through the lens of modernity. Think about what that means for a second; it means that we are applying the issues of today to a period where they had other issues. In practice it might be that; in the modern world we might be having population issues leading to a lack of food, so humanity has to start eating cockroaches; it is seen as an extreme luxury to eat bread or meat or anything real - so when reading about history, and hearing about how a peasant would eat bread/meat/vegetables; the post-modernist would conclude that the peasant was an 'elite' because they are projecting the issues of today onto other time periods. It doesn't matter that they did not have food issues back then; we do today, and we are viewing history through the lens of modernity; so if a person who eats real food today is a pretentious elite, so too must be the peasant of history who ate such things when there was no food shortage. Hopefully even a leftist can see how idiotic that is; and hopefully that will go some way to explaining how idiotic it is to perceive everything in history as 'sexist, racist, homophobic, etc'.

Do not let the enemy take away your history, or you will be as a cow being led to the slaughterhouse.

/thread. Kin selection is perfectly natural, it's only the sheer unnatural conditions we exist in that makes it weaker.

Nations are more then just families. Any retard can pop out 50 kids. What matters is honor and power. Scientific exploration and inventions, the prestige of a country is more important then your retarded kids because there's 20 billion chinks and go look at them

Plus nigger, there's already way too many fucking people here and without war and disease and famine we're in for a bad future as space dwindles. People came to America for land and money. And for awhile we achieved that but now that space is running out you really want to keep overpopulating the fucking place? Where are your kids going to live once all the land is taken. This is the mentality of a virus

Blood is protected by the family unit, which is protected by race. A healthy family unit, creates clean blood, which has the chance for individual traits to emerge (intelligence, creativity, strength). These traits are used to boost the race, which will create culture. A race with culture is called a nation.

Nationalism is just the human attempt to bring politics into the natural order. This has a good and a bad effect. On one hand it shows the importance of the natural order, on the other it makes it vulnerable to political attacks. If you accept nationalism in politics, you accept that the natural order is up for debate…which it isn't. Any deviation from the natural order means fatal consequences, which is why jews attack nationalism, so that they can commit crimes against the natural order without anyone looking.

You're not a Nationalist if you do not seek serve the collective good of your family and extended family. Your family and extended family IS the Nation. It is not a geographical landmass; it is blood.

If you have no concern for your children, and can disregard your extended family because there are "20 billion" of them; and instead only care about transient things like inventions and space exploration; then you are a jew. You need to realise that the ability for nations like Britain to have such a vast technological impact was because of the 'nationalist' policies put in place that gave opportunities to the first born men, because of the leaders doing their utmost to protect the people, because of the landowners being relatively generous in allowing those who worked the land to have plenty to eat so that they could grow up healthy. They set it up so that the Nation over time would become healthier, stronger and more intelligent. Break throughs in technology permitted people to be educated, the kindness of benefactors paid for it. The policies were all about allowing the people to prosper; we do not necessarily consider it 'nationalism' because it is perfectly natural, but it comes from that love of family. There are countless proverbs in every culture attesting to the important of leaving the world in a better state for your children; of providing for the future generations; "Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in".

Your desire to instantly have results is the same jewish mindset today that sees company after company go bankrupt and fail. The need for IMMEDIATE results; working people to the bone, using up all the resources, over-working the skilled and not having them pass on what they have learned. It is why NASA can no longer go to the Moon. It is why jews jump from company to company, milking them of everything they have and then jumping ship before it all comes crashing down. There is no preservation; no care, no desire to make better.

You can if you want to be conquered. You are aware of what happened to all the multicultural empires of history, right? A nepotistic tribe took over. Every time. You are aware of what is happening in the West today, right? Of what happened in Rhodesia, and what is coming to its conclusion right now in South Africa? That's what happens when you build up a people who are not your own; they take the aid, then they kill you and then replace you.

Oera Linda Book. Nationalism is as old as the Aryan race. The Jew only managed to make us forget for thousands of years.


In other words; they were white nationalists.

Only if you're talking about Civic Nationalism like what came out of France. If you're talking about Nationalism like the German type, as in Johann Gottlieb Fichte that is completely natural.

Literally just get rid of media by banning televisions and instituting mass homeschooling and people will go back to being nationalist.

There's fuckloads of anti-natalists everywhere these days that can't be convinced to have children and it's because they are sick and defective.

Nationalism is a natural breeding. I like a artificial breeding — postnationalism — race/ethnotranshumanism.

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You're really obvious rabbi, at least make an effort.

Had to stop reading when you wrote propaganda. The best propaganda is the truth.


Rubbish. Nationalism and tribalism are the same thing.Tribalism is just ethnic nationalisms little brother. Problem is without a "racial religion" or general doctrine passed down from generation to generation (like Judaism), the white race has lost its way on the sea like a ship without a rudder. A belief or religion gives you a rudder. That's all whites need again.

Possible kike thread I agree. But its subtle enough to bite.

I always point people to the definition of a nation (still found on joogle believe it or not).

Learn to pronounce
a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.

You are trying to foster pride in people that can't even get past their own apathy.
Get them angry.

I've coupled this message:

American White Nationalist - A love story

Arabs and jews have been fighting as far back as history has documented it. Now they fight here in the US.
Both need to go.
They get us to take one side or the other, using fear and money to control voices of the young.
They infest our campuses and infect our youth with their ages old ideologies.
While we give and give, they continue to want more and more. They don't want equal opportunity. They don't want fair competition. They want everything we can give.

Well, all I have left to give is my hatred.
I have plenty to offer. I have one demand.
Leave this country. Now.

With this video: give it a while to load if you haven't seen it it's the BDS documentary. Should wake people up to the amount of jewbucks infecting our political structure.

People are depressed and without option. They're in no state to feel pride. You feel pride because you got angry. Don't forget that! Too many were too stupid to read my post about levels of consciousness and that's fine, just lets me know what I'm working with.

Focus on getting people ANGRY. Trust me. Nobody can go from apathy to pride without first getting mad as hell.

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Man, how true is that. I think that's what draws most people to white nationalism/race realism. Its what drew me in, the raw truth, no sugar coating, natural law etc. Its brutally honest realism and can be a tough pill swallow for some.


its loading
it's an 1hr+ video at 1080p upload so it may take a bit. Bitchute is a bit slow at times.
It's the BDS documentary that shows how jewbucks have flooded into congrees, senate and schools and kikes control everythign in the US.
The point to the video that is missed is that none of it belongs here. Not the jew, not the arab, not the reporter. None.
America is for Americans. We don't want that infestation of depreciated ideology here. It's cancer and the nations it has built are mud and stone.
It needs to stay in the middle east and anyone wearing a little hat or squatting 5 times a day to praise a disney character in the sky needs to get the fuck out of America.

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In case you can't tell, my tolerance tank is so far past empty there's dust in the bottom.

Is that why we have two words?
Jews accept mutts as full Jews as a matter of course. They accept converts. It has nothing to do with blood. That's a lie to hide the fact they are a criminal organization where any degenerate can find shelter as long as he submits to the Rabbi.

OP is a nigger.

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just like any other crime ring, there are levels.
top level of the jewish mafia is bloodline

More effort, nigger.

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The goal is very easily achievable, all you have to do is prevent immigration and cease foreign aid. If they can't spread into other countries, nature will take its course and millions of niggers and arabs will literally starve to death because their shithole countries can't sustain it. The population will decrease until it once again reaches a natural, stable, sustainable level. Artificially propping up third-world economies with aid will subvert this. Allowing them all the lebensraum in the world to spread out will subvert this.

True, when "nationalism" is about nations, in the sense of arbitrary borders on a map, a state and some gubmint.
False, when "nationalism" is about the people; your kin; your family; your blood. It is literally what even the most cucked of our people still hold on to.
I think a lot of you goofballs simply don't understand the difference and are fighting for the wrong kind of "nationalism."

Most modern men have no family and no kin. Jew culture have destroyed the connections.

In other words: it wasn't an issue in the past.

That is a lie. And a pretty stupid one at that.
You have a people, thus you have kin. The kike can fool you, but it can not destroy this connection without first destroying the blood. Which allows me to remind everyone that miscegenation is the highest form of treason to blood.

America is a bloodless nation. Nobody has roots here because they're all mixed mutts. You just don't want to accept it because a mutt of German/British/French/Italian/Spanish doesn't seem as bad as a mix of German/Arab, but it's the same thing.


not for long

Murrica isn't the whole world, you spastic boob. Nor are you right, the muttdom isn't as bad as you might think, though it certainly is worse than elsewhere.
Okay Ben "ladder to reach the top fridge-shelf" Shapiro

People started understanding what Nations are around the 18th century, but you can clearly tell knowledge of it is older. How so? Just look at the religious divisions. About 80% of the, a new religion/dogma represents a National barrier. This is as true for European Nations as it is for Arabs.
Pretty much the whole history of modern revolutions are based on understanding what a Nation is, something your reply proves you still don't know what it is.

This, anarchism and small ethnically homogeneous communities is the way to go.

I think you are mixing up tribalism with nationalism. By "nationalism" one is already implying a state superstructure, this is the point here, the idea of organizing the state alongside ethnic lines. During antiquity and the middle ages it wasn't really like so, the kingdoms of medieval Europe had an "imperial" and hierarchical nature to them, in that the states were based on their vertical allegiance to some king, mediated by all sorts of lesser local nobles in an upwards direction. Your neighbor region could be under another king and your ethnic feelings towards them would be no different.
As far as the local peasant was concerned, his allegiance was to the local lord, that's it. For a Provenzal under the King of France, what was going on in Brittany was pretty much unknown and didn't really concern him that much. He'd probably be more concerned about his neighbors in the kingdom of Italy, another state.
Nationalism did bring lots of damage by breaking up this structure and continuing the centralizing tendencies that had already begun. For one, the horizontal and monolithic view of ethnic belonging meant that one east German would need to feel completely different from a western Pole, and create an artificial ethnic animosity between people that aren't really different. Same thing in western Germany for instance and east France. Second, this centralization process destroyed a lot of the local diversity that existed in Europe, think of all of the monolinguistic policies enforced by various states throughout Europe killing ancient dialects/languages or bringing them almost to extinction.
And let's not even mention the fact that nationalism brought about some of the most devastating fratricides in the history of Europe.

Obviously, that isn't to say that globalism is any better, quite the opposite, as globalism would essentially progress the destruction of local differences began by nationalistic movements, which were leftist movements at their origin. So being anti-nationalism doesn't really mean being pro-globalism in this sense. I for one support nationalism nowadays because it's one of the last lines of defense against something much worse, and in fact, many so call independentist movements are dangerous right now.

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Family > Community > Nation.

Build your family in a good community and come together to protect the greater nation. People were explicitly nationalist being white was not even an issue until 50 years ago. OP is a giant faggot.

Nationalism is natural. Nationalism is achievable by killing all jews and all other non-whites, along with all the brainwashed. Hate and kill the brainwashed as much as the brainwashers.

You aren't controlling the narrative yid.

great post


Yeah, nationalism is soooo unnatural that you have to constantly suppress it, all the time, in every aspect of life.

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Paid shilling thread. Left up.

I completely agree.

We are vastly outnumbered by the brainwashed. So we need nationalism in order to kill all the jews. But to achieve nationalism we need to kill all the jews.

Utterly false. The U.S. was a white nationalist nation. All of Europe consisted of European-specific nations. It obviously comes natural to humans to exclude people too unlike themselves.

This is why ecofascism is the real path for the future well-being of the West and is a terribly underrated issue even on Zig Forums.

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Yes, I agree.
Open borders for israel, don't you agree OP?
No such thing as a 'nation', or even 'race'. They are silly concepts made up in the last few years.
What really matters is the workers and the bourgoueseiiseie and the reactionaries.
Hang on, just realised, I'm not on /trannypol/.
Kill yourself.

It's quite simple, common sense, instinctual and biological.
The famous phrase, "Birds of a feather don't flock together, they all just stay in their nest the whole year and just wait for whatever turns up to turn up."


Why doesn't he know burgers? He's a burger salesman!

Checked and heiled!
THIS is the conclusion I've come to after decades of searching.
This is the only solution.

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Its not. We dont need to take over the world, just become an independent country

I will personally rape you to death with a bayonet if I meet you.

All history is faked. Central Europe/Germany is the origin. Nationalism and the modern nation states are only possible through the spreading of propaganda which requires the printing press and railways.


This is where you go off the rails. Nationalism as such is just a recognition that the oikeiôsis, or belonging and familiarity a person shares with their immediate family extends to a substantial degree to all members of a nation.
This recognition is natural, what was previously unnatural were the multi-ethnic societies led by dynastic rule that for centuries defined most european nations.

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how mundane of you

Me must secure the existence of our forests and a future for Northern saplings!!!

Why is this blog spam bullshit that's not even true allowed here?

God I wish more people here understood this. Our job needs to be creating a neo-nobility elite class to replace the degenerate noose beggars who we call the rich today. The best part is we can fire them out of a cannon into the sun when we replace them, and said masses will love us even more.

Nationalism is quite literally natural.
Do animals intermingle? Do insects intermingle? No. No they do not.

Says who?

Stop sniffing glue, OP. Your post is so idiotic am not even going to tackle it as you don't deserve enlightenment.

The real question you have to ask the idiots that reside here is what will happen to nationalism once you get everything you ask for. Zig Forums doesn't like talking about the logical conclusion of their ideals after the dust settles.

You can be assured that the WW3 some so desperately want will conclude with a world governing structure far more miserable than the situation currently experienced.

When does the population reach critical mass? I forget.

You are incredibly stupid. Nationalism is the natural state.
The expansion of knowledge and awareness allows expansion of basic principles of existence.
If you can't effectively meme Whites to exhibit solidarity along tribal grounds, as basically every single other group does, then you will never be able to make any use of any increase/decrease in birth rates.

At least now you're not just spamming red-text everywhere.
Go back to lurking.

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Like you?
Off-world expansion and associated philosophic development.
Yes it does. Now whether or not it can agree…
How/why can we 'rest assured' of that? Considering we're currently facing global extinction, I don't see how that claim can possibly be expected to be accurate, nor how you would intend to prove such a claim.
When infinity niggers is allowed to progress unabated.

You're just another base demoralization shill, probably the same faggot from the OP. Consider self-elimination.

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You'd have to be to post here fren.

BS. Even if we strip mine the galaxy and explore the universe, you haven't solved any of the real problems concerning evolution of the human race, among other things.

Feel free to discuss anytime

You mean besides analyzing Protocols?

I'll wait for a real answer.

How can you be demoralized if you live in a clown world? But really, make some intellectually honest arguments that any 3rd party observer who knows nothing can agree with. Call it an exercise in shitposting if you must.

And here you are champ.

Nope, well within reason.
There are no problems therein to be solved. Duty is to group as self-interest is to individual. Our current society lacks such reasoning, and so it will not endure. What comes after it, will, and will endure.

To what end? I wouldn't be inclined towards such discussions with you, you are not an ally.

Yeah, besides that surprisingly-accurate fan-fiction.

That is the real answer. Populational 'critical mass' is all a matter of perspective; and in the present paradigm, as per your question (when does the population hit critical mass), the answer is, when infinity niggers is allowed to progress unabated. Which isn't going to happen. Physically cannot and will not happen. Its an impossibility, a projection of a non-existent reality, which you have chosen to internalize as fact. Because you're stupid…

… Which is what I would say if I took anything you have to say as in good faith. Instead, I'll repeat my previous sentiments: You're just another base demoralization shill, probably the same faggot from the OP. Consider self-elimination.

The very fact that you think you live in a 'clown world' – perhaps the one thing in your commentary which reeks of authenticity – as opposed to a 'dying civilization' is a sure sign of demoralization.
I bet you're all DADA'd up (demoralized, alienated, deracinated, atomized) in general, and full of NDD (Naturalistic Dissociative Disorder).

Fact is, you're all fucked up. You are in no position to make any sort of claims as to what is 'natural' or otherwise, because you're so fucked up. And deep down, you know you're fucked up, which acts to further fuck you up.
But in time, maybe, you won't be so fucked up.

A lot can change in a very short period of time, under the right conditions, my dood. And you're likely going to see some serious shit.

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Lurk for two years before posting.

Oy Vey, Shitler again!

Yup. A while ago I dreamed about a world where the entire planet was one forest, and the only people lived in tiny towns in clearings surrounded by the sea of primeval green. They lived completely normal lives with modern technology and everything, the only difference was there was probably less than a million people on the entire planet. It was a good dream.


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grotesquely underrated post

Great idea. We've been doing that since 1945. Each day brings us closer and closer to non-existence. We're already a tiny minority if you don't count the dying and decrepid boomers.

You can't win a breeding war with an open border.

Yeah that's pretty much my take on the whole thing too, one day I'll be old and jaded enough that a prison cell like saint Tarrent has would be preferable to rotting away in an old folks home staffed entirely by niggers, and I will have nothing to lose. I hope it doesn't come to that but I'd rather be in the news for a week then go out like a whimpering little bitch.

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Why did you change the title you fucking retard.
I thought this was some new documentary I hadn't seen. Its just an abridged version of The Lobby

Go back faggot
>>>Zig Forums

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retarded take

History and (white) humankinds natural inclination towards technological progression mixed with humans tribal inclinations.

We can distinguish between propaganda that upholds the natural "traditional" culture which evolved in tandem with our biology and environment, and then there is propaganda that fights against our natural culture. The former stabilizes society while the latter destabilizes it. Thus for practical reasons, I wouldn't consider the stabilizing variety propaganda at all. So e.g. Islamaphilic messages would be propaganda in the US but not in a country like Iran that has had Islam for over a thousand years. e.g. I would consider to feminist messages to be propaganda while pro-patriarchy messages are not. The reality is that men are physically stronger than women, and a form of society that inverts or even equalizes this hierarchy is misaligned with the biological reality.

Fuck off Mossad

who is we?

Nationalism is Natural. Nationalism is achievable without constant propaganda against it.
ftfy nigger

Nice exclamation marks you effeminate boomer retard