Israeli teenagers suspected of gang raping British tourist in Cyprus

"Police in Cyprus detained for questioning 12 male teenagers from Israel on suspicion that they gangraped a 19-year-old woman from the United Kingdom."

It's not the boys fault, they do this all the time to the white slaves forced in prostitution in Israel.

pol doesn't cover the white slave trade nearly enough, it's absolutely insane how they're bought sold used. Like cattle but worse.

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Strange how the teen girl they raped got promoted to "woman."

I guess it would have made them look bad if they raped a "teen girl."

Jews being beaten up and publicized by mainstream - this must be a first, no?


“According to the Israelis, what took place between the young woman and the Israelis happened “with consent and love.”
It was done with “consent and love” gentlemen.
Nothing to see here.


I wondered if a dozen Palestinians “consented and loved” one of their sisters

… then how many villages would they kill and burn down.

Jews never pay for any of their crimes user. They can just say it was agreed on and there are 12 witnesses against one. The fact that they planned it out and it was a premeditated crime against this woman (teen, as in nineTEEN) means nothing. They are allowed by their religion to rape her. They forgot to kill her afterwards like they do when they rape animals though. No worries White men will do nothing because this is what they are really good at.

The British tourists on the island have handed some of them a beating.
Never underestimate my fellow countrymen when provoked on holiday.

Jidf out in full force on those comments.


Your right that stinks.

were the male teenagers 18? prob

They are all still alive to rape again, aren't they?

This is pretty typical for semitic gang rapes in Europe as well. They plan it out and then send someone out to lure the victim into the trap.

It’s more than many would do but I agree with your sentiment.

Yeah I am not really sure what people are thinking, but OBVIOUSLY if you don't kill rapists they are going to keep raping and taking away the marriage material from your society via raping them and destroying them. It would seem pretty simple to me, but what do I know…men always have each others back when it comes to rape because they all WANT to rape women and so don't think of it as a 'serious crime'. Biblically, they were supposed to be killed so that society could be high trust and peaceful without worries like this.

I believe the general thinking about it is that if you kill (or lifetime sentence) a rapist then they are much more likely to kill the victim.
My head says jail them and shame them for life.
My heart says gut them and feed them to wildlife.

No scars, blood, or evidence of retaliation.
The false narrative of retaliation was comp - to make up for the train on your woman.

Yes, this is the reason we cannot have 'peaceful society' any longer. Because people will protect the guilty and they will not do what THEY KNOW to be correct.
Inside you know that these are worthless trash humans and are not fit for civilized society but you will not obey the GREATER LAW which is the law that bring peace to people and to societies.
I haven't been on Zig Forums for a while because I realized that WE were the problem…no one else, just Whites and I hate to do this to you but mostly White males since they were the ones who abdicated their authority (no offense user)…I guess it was 'worth it' for White males to allow their own race to be destroyed if they get to misbehave as well.

My mistake. The British tourists were randomly attacking Jews on the Island as soon as they heard the news. Show how just under the skin are tribal instincts are still there.

I noticed that as well since most of them have their shirt over their heads and there isn't a fucking bruise or scrathch on them. I can understand this for the rape because that is MORE THAN ENOUGH MEN to hold a limb while they are raping but not for a brawl afterwards…nothing at all happened to those men and nothing will happen in the FAKE FUCKING 'justice' system either.

You’ll have to spell what you mean by that out for me because I’m a bit slow on the uptake.

amazing down votes - worried by the total up ticks however.

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The best way to bring justice is to hurt the Islands tourist dollar. Would be terrible if
“Ayia Napa, where rapists can buy their way out of jail.”
Was top of the image search/ search engines.

Sometimes these Israeli youths will have a consent and love emergency

What does it say on the t-shirts?

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"The woman said she had been at a party with one of the men who she met three days earlier and had slept with on multiple occasions."

This story is nothing compared to the Israeli sex slave trade.

The shit they do to the white slaves in Israel is fucked up. Lure them to Israel and sell them to someone and they have to work off that debt. Or they act like they're going to pay them but have their police buddies seize it. They make the slaves call their friends to try to lure them to Israel.

It's so fucking disgusting seeing all these people feeling sorry for the poor inoffensive Jew.

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It’s amazing they never give fellow Jews mass “consent and love”.

This is the lugenpresse, faggot, not a court of law. You HAVE NO IDEA how much of this story is true, if any of it.

It is not 'legal' for them to gang rape their own…just the slaves.

Nope, Epstein rented a Rolls Royce to date a Jew.

It was afterwards, when she realized they were jewish, that it became rape

nose and mutilated dick was not a giveaway i take it.

Fuck you you fucking kike. Maybe it was after she was raped by all 12 of them and not that they were disgusting mongrel filth.

Amateur Epstein’s.

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Gang rape seems to be popular among semites.

The t-shirts say

What do you think they do to the Palestinian girls.
There's a quote out there from Sharon on what they do. The Rabbi's approve of raping their enemies (Arabs)

These are the Bolsheviks.


In any case why Columbia - i mean they have Europe, North America and Africa cornered - is Columbia such a great tourist destination, that you can pimp out a 3 year old baby which then affords you properties?

Look how they've adopted usaNigger fashion

Columbians are not jew wise.

ALSO, wasn't this the case where they were all 'extradited' back to Israel to face 'justice'?

Probably, don't want to be antisemitic ya know.

The Jew World Order

I went to check by doing a search on Israeli extradited…what a fucking cesspool of crime and degeneracy that search turned up. There is so many results (page after page of the most disgusting crime) that I haven't found the article about these sex slavers yet.

19 is too old for epstien

I am not defending, nor, am i condoning this - hear me out.
The Bong met a suave and debonair man three days prior.He is very persuasive and she falls deeply in love - this led to many consensual and tender fucks.
The gang rape is then hugely publicized by mainstream media highlighting the fact that these were indeed Israelis.
What if the ring leader set this up - lured both her and the other 11 - to film etc?
Does this not correlate with the recent exposure the Jews have been getting recently?
I mean this probably happens on a regular basis, which is never reported in the mainstream, therefore, maintaining the integrity of God's chosen clan.

When that ahmed tamimi girl got arrested one of the prominent leaders suggested they should exact a price aka rape.

These bolsheviks butchers having everyone feeling sorry for them while they do what they do. bastards

The whore deserved it for fucking one of them voluntarily to begin with. Hope she dies. Hope they all die.

I would advocate that her state of mind was questionable given the daily brainwashing she has had to endure, from the Jewish owned media and educational system.

The funny thing is that she received what is a common fantasy among women.

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Is this why your women cover up - pic related?

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You again? Go outside, faggot. Get laid at least once before you step into traffic.
Don't bother with any White women though. You don't deserve them, and they all know it.

God I hate reading stuff like this. I get overcome with rage, and want to kill. But I can't, and then end up sitting there thinking about how awful it all is. It's infinite times more infuriating when the victims are White though.

Hispanics are friendly to kikes. They might use an antisemitic phrase here or there, but they have no problem electing Jewish Presidents. Arabs and Whites are the only ones who ever try to keep schlomo in his place.

Expect more and more stories about these events which were previously hushed up due to (((threats))).

And filtered.
The niggers shouldn't be going to shitskin countries to begin with.

Le bump.