This kills CNN

Last night an user suggested people go around and turn off CNN and other talmundvisions in public places, notably airports, using a tv-b-gone.

A tv-b-gone is a simple device that, when activated, quickly sends out as many infra-red codes as possible. They can turn off most TVs within a couple seconds.

What was more interesting was how many kikes flooded into the thread on 4chan to try and shit on the idea. They're scared of it. They're doing it right now, too.

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Probably shitting on it because ultimately all you're doing is spending money on some plastic piece of shit and wasting time turning off tvs. Do you think the airport can't recover from such an awful attack? About as retarded as the wetbacks taking the flag down from the ICE center. They'll never replace that flag now!

do you ever have nightmares of your relatives burning?

user that is oddly specific.

That'd be a neat device to have. Real easy way to decontaminate your environment, and nobody would suspect you were doing anything.

Symbolic little steps are needed for ANY movement or movement towards a desired reaction. Hell, where can I get one? Talmudvisions are annoying and if I have to be around one for more than 30 seconds I'd rather just turn the damn thing off and spare myself that faggotry and propaganda even for a second.

Exactly. Normalfags and shills can't comprehend why someone would do this and begin to spaz out.

call me anonstrodaumus

Years ago I wrote a short on Transcendental Memory Hypothesis. At that time I was inquisitive about the inhumane treatment of animals and how their blood may carry the horrific memories into the society they feed.

I was looking at the wrong test subjects.

it's literally built inside every smartphone you just need an app for it, boomer

I imagine if you de-talmud'd a public space like a hotel lobby or airport, people might resort to talking to each other.
how horrific!

check this out:
two-way communicator within the RF range of talmudvision.
You could put a small amplifier to it and turn on/off every tv in town.

user I hope you know that plants have feelings too and that anything you kill and consume becomes a part of you, thus Vegans aren't getting much less of the feeling that can be spiritually disharmonious. Fungus perhaps doesn't carry too many of those "memories", but it does have the ability to become more than just rudimentary in intelligence when you have giant hives of fungi under the soil for instance.

I'll look into it then.

I hate smartphones and I am not a boomer.

That or some nice peace and quiet without the drone of talking heads and clown world programming assaulting all of one's senses.

Yore smart phone can do it with an app apparently. cant confrm as i dont have one. may need higher wattage IR or r laser for shit pumps in open spaces

Oh shit lmao that's some powerful bullshit. I oughta look into it. Though, I think the problem with it is that these things are line of sight based, not radio, so this may fail.

McDonalds has switched to McDonald’s Channel content partners include Walt Disney Co’s ABC, BBC America and reality television producer Mark Burnett instead of regular TV, kind of like Gas Pump TV, quick snippets and commercials. Problem is Channels can pay for snippets to be shown, like ELLEN.
Many Dr. Offices and etc. have switched to DIY Network or HGTV, but those are run by Discovery, Inc. pic related

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yeah its 200amp at 50ohms monitor and transmit, so if I were to want to mess with it, I would find the most popular brand talmudvision and work off of that. I know the cable box itself can send a shutoff string, so worst case you could shut off the cable boxes by sending a command line prompt to each box from the antanna.
I'd be curious how many tv's are still relayed by way of RF and not solely coax cable?

fuck man I wouldn't be able to tell you.

either way it would make a fun weekend project

Live tv streams are not only in airports, but are now on fucking airplanes. Guess who is streaming uninterrupted garbage directly to a captive audience?
Yes iFags, iShit you not.

God fucking damnit

Just one of those fun little things. I spend money on goofy gadgets all the time, as do many, and most people like having a bit of mischievous fun, ergo, anyone telling people that they're stupid or wasting their money is almost certainly an establishment shill.

I live in a backwater, so I've only seen that Gaspump TV shit once. Naturally it was obnoxious obtrusive shite.

All the mental health (looney bins) facilities in The USA have talmudvisions that sometimes run 24/7. Really makes you think.

its just a small thing you put on your keychain, and wherever you are you turn off the talmudvision. this is a great idea, and would be easy to get away with. its certainly not even a crime.


its about $22 on ebay or amazon

Bump for kike media shut it down, shut down, melt down.

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can you give me a link?
I know people won't want to crack open their phones but i can see what it would take to extend the range on this thing.

You're too narrow. There is no such thing as good broadcast television programming. Don't just shut down CNN. Shut down EVERY fucking TV you come across.

I think this is a good idea, use it no matter what is on the screen.
Is it possible to construct this device at home, anyone have schematics/code? I'm not paying for some goofy shit just to prank.

Its a fucking IR blaster. There are a bajillion apps for phones with IR LEDS that you can use for free. >Sorry macfags, not you.

Not trying to blackpill shill

Changing TVs off / to a different channel isn't gonna do anything
The people in control of the TVs can shut down that option
Theres a diner I go to a lot, the management has shut closed the remotes & the box is stuffed in a hard to reach area
It is only 24/7 CNN on multiple TVs
Everyone wants it to go away
Management doesn't

The same shit can be done to any tech aware facility
Hide the box, lock away the remotes
Nothing can be done

If you REALLY want to do something
Put cut-off audio jacks in the TV, they got weird places to put them these days too, and if you're to put some glue on it you can't separate it
Now its mute forever

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Turn off every TV within half a mile!

All you have to do is get a 12v batter, like a car batter, and remove the coin-cell battery from the remote. Take 2 wires and connect the POSTIVE FIRST to the Positive then connect the negative to a weak ground to begin with and step it up, feeling the wires as you go. YOu don't want toburn out your remote right away and may need to upgrade the internal wiring.

Probably should say this might be illegal so don't do it.

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You short sighted fool
This is a great idea!! Bump
Bonus points if you can claim racism or bigotry from cnn if you’re confronted ever

it will if you keep doing it every 5 seconds for a month


This troll, fine as it do be, is six years ago. There are a lot of videos about it on j-tub. How could it be improved or escalated? Can CBD mega screens be reached?

See lines 5 - 9 within

Can't change the channel if you literally can't

nobody is changing channels
just turning it on/off every few seconds until the people just unplug it.

With modern smart-TVs, they can turn that option off

The only thing you can do is go to management & complain
Keep making emails about how seeing news is triggering you & making you get ptsd from anything involving trump
They can only e made to turn it off themselves

How did you manage to misspell battery twice in succession? What a nigger.

This looks wonderful. Short, simple, hard to detect, and will piss people off.

It's a fun little prank, and the overreactive nature of cnn will make it entertaining.

Yes, it is coming to Backwater, rapidly, the second the station changes out their pumps for "some" reason (like environmental sanctions), because the station gets paid for the ads, so…
FYI; the Black Square Buttons, Right Side, Second from the Top, Turn OFF the Sound. pic related

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Do not tease, user…post part of it, at least! Give us something to think about. Make OP?! Yes…

I like this.

Use their own stupid tactics against them.

I would pay money to be able to turn off those dumb kiosks and the gas pump infomercials.

Turn the tv off even if it isn’t CNN if you are in some waiting room. The commercials are even more grating than the content.

This is amazing idea, electronic media is a way into our subconscious.

Yeah I don't see why not.
The basic premise is simple enough, but at the time I had matched mass production on a timeline with reported mental illness and the parallels were stunning.

yeah, because my y key probably didn't stick, right?
are cocks salty?

Exactly, like at the Drs. Office or Dentist. I sit as far away as I can from that fucker but it is still horrifically grating and an invasion of my privacy/silence.

I would love to see that as an OP user.

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Don't know, faggot. But you certainly are.

I think most firms and stores just put up the tv without messing anything with it since most people are very tech illiterate so i dont think that many people would have activated that protection and what good is arguing about it even gonna do? You will see if the tv reacts or not if it doesnt work just go turn off some others instead

Fucking Holiday gas stations here all have that. I refuse to get gas there.

Not sure that makes logical sense. If he was a fag, why would he ask you if cocks were salty? He would already know if they were.

Long live the new flesh.

For maximum lefty REEing and sales make one that changes the channel to Tuckerporn.

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I don't think he's a literal faggot. Could be, but probably not.

Is this how South America got Despacito to 2 billion views? Playing the song each and every time Juan goes to pump some gas? Lmao

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Some hapas dancing and singing for your morning, coffeetime

Fucking shill! Kike! Shill!

That's not how any of this works, user.

OP is an OG and this thread is phreaky as phuck.
gg faggot

just a faggot in the same sense we're all faggots posting on an underground shrew hentai image board.

so, on the remote you can get a transmitter chip that will run a rolling code on the 430mhz integer so regardless of the tv, it will find the on/off relay.

That's enough fun on this for me, though. I'm off to my next brainventure

I lasted 55 seconds and killed myself.

Unfortunately, it will never leave your mind and you will find yourself humming it while shopping for groceries or hardware at bigbox stores.

Hah!, Jokes on you, I gave up shopping eons ago. And I'm well equipped with decades of catchier music than that running through my head.


what the fuck - gas pumps have built in tvs?!?!


So that they can scream at you while you pump gas…they put the volume to the max on those fucking things.

I will bet you that you find yourself singing it at least one point today.

Fuck the shills, this is a GREAT IDEA!
If tens of thousands of people bought these things and started using them regularly, that'd be great.

if you turned CNN off in airports, hostiptals and hotel lobbies that would cut cnn's ratings by about 70%.

Must be a burger innovation. In my part of the world Gas Pump TV would be considered obnoxious.


we must be brainwashed more than anyone since we are to do their fighting for them. the talmudvision propaganda is on a 24hr loop anywhere you go here.

Imagine going to a bar during a huge sportaball game and turning off the TVs at the most climactic moment…Riots would ensue.

If kikey frowns, shut it down. It's an iron rule.

They're making their tribal status more and more noticeable every day.

Where I live they charge too much for gas so these would be vandalized. They don't bother.

Because they are certified shockproof, unlike your cellphone, which will make the entire block explode, goy.

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You know something else you can do that's pretty simple? Change the channel (if the tv is accessible, of course).

Tucker isn't on until the evening when all the lefties are at home smoking weed, like you, lefty.

I usually start by lowering the volume little by little, and then - *poof* - its off without anyone noticing.

>Shell - I wonder if I 'tweet ' to them something negative about their TVs, how their (((followers))) would react

That's why you start tuning the volume down.

that's awesome

Go back to >>>/reddit/

It actually raises a question I have always been curious about - How did CNN land a contract for every airport?

Only smartphones that have an IR blaster can do it, which limits your selection to older flagship phones.

it's probably an old contract - way before the Trumpenkike took office - like during the Pre-FoxJews days

> mfw I keep old tech instead of 'trading it in' for (((newer))) tech.

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If you arent thinking about talmudvision hot topic for 14 hours straight its a failure on their part.

I could care less if this is effective, it sounds amusing in this dystopian nightmare reality that is life.

MFW CNN Runs hourly scare stories about misogynists turning off TVs but nobody sees them because the TVs are all off.

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I said absolutely nothing about anything being effective. Get some reading comprehension nigger.

Damn I need those for when I go to gym. inb4 kikes get laws passed that make turning off zog-boxes into a right-wing terrorist crime.

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He wasn't implying you did. Chill out.

Nothing. NOTHING. Must interfere with the propaganda stream.

It's shit like this that baffles me to think that anyone can take this shit seriously. This is the YouTube equlivant of claiming you have a two foot long cock and sticking a baseball bat in your pants.


You are absolutely wrong. The kikes know that if the goyim are not subjected to constant brainwashing that they will revert back to their natural nationalist and traditionalist tendencies. Even decreasing a typical normie's kike propaganda consumption by a few percent a day would cause instability in the kike consensus-generating mind-control machine.

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He's sort of right, if the tv is off for too long they will just turn to their phones instead

That's when you forcibly take people's phones away and destroy them, and then run away yelling "YOU GOT PUNK'D"

Yeah nature made us her apex predators and gave us control of global ecological balance but eating meat is bad