Anglo Saxons Are Only Destructive

Anglo-Saxon Americans are White Jews. They destroyed European ethnic groups that are not Anglo-Saxon and forced people from those groups to assimilate into Anglo-Saxon identity. Now these same Anglo-Saxons are destroying Anglo-Saxon identity, this results in those White ethnic groups who assimilated into Anglo-Saxon identity being left with nothing.

The Italians, the Irish, the Swedes, the French, all these people who joined the American experiment and abandoned themselves to join Anglo-America, these people are now left with nothing because these Anglo-Saxons are now destroying their own identity too. Canada is a perfect example.

Anglo-Canada went to war with French-Canada in order to force French Canadians to assimilate into Anglo-Canada. Now these same Anglo-Saxons are destroying Anglo-Canadian identity after they forced the French Canadians to abandon French identity.

Anglo-Saxon identity was never anything. These people pretended to have a culture they were assimilating others into, but they never had a culture, these were just destructive White people who were going around destroying the cultures of other White ethnic groups and now that they have finished doing that they are just working on destroying their own culture.

It was stupid for any European to assimilate into Anglo-Saxon identity, it is a complete waste of time. It is a stupid thing to do. If there is a real Anglo-Saxon culture, I ask Anglo-Saxons to practice that culture rather than destroying everything. Please practice a culture.

Other Europeans should go back to just being themselves. This post is not a criticism of British people, this post is critical of the Anglo-Saxon ethnic group in The Americas.

These are descended of Puritan witch-hunters, this is why nowadays they are The White Left, because they are just doing the same thing their annoying ancestors did which was go around looking for non-conformists to persecute in order to steal their property which was what the witch persecutions were about.

These damn Middle Class Anglo-Saxon Puritans were too lazy to farm their own food so they just went around accusing people of witchcraft to steal their stuff which is what the White Left does today.

And these dumb ass puritans were descended of the English puritans who had executed their own King in the 1600's because they are just jealous envious losers.

These people are just literally wannabe Jews who practice a culture of critique going around bothering people and destroying everything just like Jews do, the only difference is Jews at least have managed to preserve a culture of their own they can fall back on after they have ruined every body elses stuff. These dumb ass Puritan descended Anglo Saxons are just destroying everything including themselves, these are the ultimate White Niggers. This obviously isn't directed at British people because these Anglo Saxons I am complaining about are the Puritans who British people chased out of England anyways.

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Look at what America has become, it is just a place that exports soldiers around the world destroying everyones culture in a name of a stupid ideology no one here even cares about.

America is a stupid white anglo saxon nigger(not all blacks are niggers)

you have every other website on earth to post on
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its not us jews goyim, look at how awful [Insert white nation]

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for the lurkers:
this is a shill post. anglo saxons have been run by jews for a very long time. the royal family has jewish ties. queen victoria was jewish.
theyre run by jews and they act based on their jewish masters. the anglo saxon people are white and working for jews. just like most white nations today especially america.

that is not a reason to hate anglos, it is just another reason to hate jews.
OP makes no mention of this because this is a shill post.

Obvious bait thread, but I'll do my daily duty to shut a kike up.
They were never welcome or wanted in the USA (with the Swedes and Huguenot French partially excepted). Once established the country was intended for Anglo-Saxons. It was welcoming of Protestants due to the Dutch having already been there. The Catholics were not wanted and the Jews had a hand in getting them in. The Jews were also not wanted, but infiltrated the nation as was typical of them.

And when Rome conquered nations they made them Roman. And when the Arabs conquered nations they made them Arab. And when the Anglos conquered nations they made them Anglo. This is common behaviour. Also French Canada still exists as a pretty detached region of Canada, still maintaining their old language and some customs. That's better than a lot of ACTUAL France.

Actually it was and is, it just became the standard. Your clothes, your language, your manners, your politics, and so on, and so on; all Anglo-Saxon. If there were no Anglo-Saxons, do you think the entire planet would practice common law? If there were no Anglo-Saxons, do you think the entire planet would wear English style clothes for business? Stop confusing the dominant culture as 'no culture'. Brainlet.

One of many extreme Protestant movements. They were not kike-friendly. They were not trying to be kikes, they thought the kikes were Christ-killers and failures. They WERE trying to uphold certain Old Testament ideas, but that's not something the Jews ever did; the Jews being characterised by the Talmud/ Oral Torah. You can call them HebrewLARPers or IsraelLARPers; but they weren't Jews. They also held to a lot of ideas that were founded by Roman and European Christians.

That whole event is such a crapshow that anyone can use it to push any angle. Suffice it to say there was a lot more going on than what many people here are willing to admit. The King was a retard beyond measure, though I'm not going to excuse any sides. It's way too complicated to get into here. But it wasn't 'envious losers'. It was more 'the King is trying to destroy OUR country by bringing in a FOREIGN ARMY and imposing a FOREIGN ruler over us (the Pope, and the Bishops who would be sent to extract taxes and tell people what to do)'. There, I made it sound like the King is 100% the bad guy; that's not the whole story either. It's a complicated issue. You're a nigger for trying to subvert it.

Literal jewish propaganda. You should be ashamed.

Even with a treasonous monarchy and a lot of kikes in high positions; the Anglos did enormous damage to the desires of international jewry. Look at how hard they have had to work to undermine ideas like common law and to bring back slavery. An awful lot of great things have been done by Anglo-Saxon scientists, explorers, historians, missionaries, admirals and generals. Not so much the not-actually-Anglo-Saxon monarchy, and certainly not the financial sector; but its wrong to say the Anglos do what the jews want. They continuously do not do what the jews want despite the jews having significant positions of authority; Brexit and Trump to name to very recent things that have forced kikes to go over-board on their controlled opposition and infiltration plays.

Norman Internet Defense force.
who beat who in 1066? Who stayed the noble class for a thousand years?

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Yeah ok fag

Daily reminder that without the British and Anglo Diaspora that's the most populous group of whites in the world gone

Canada went to war with Quebec to maintain contiguous land borders. The Quebeckers were never forced to assimilate, and never did. All their nigger-loving Francophonie shit that imports thousands upon thousands of West African French-speaking niggers is purely their own trait, inherited from France (which does the same thing).

There is no "Anglo-Canada" by the way because Canada is an Anglo-Saxon nation by default. Likewise there is no "French" to Canada so there is no "French-Canada", the inclusion of anything French in Canada is an abomination and you nigger-lovers should be tossed into Hudson's Bay along with the jews and every other form of non-white.

Anglo Saxon White Leftist

The idea of not criticizing white ethnic groups is bullshit, if people actually believed in not being critical of other whites, then people here would not be critical of white females.

But the only people that people here complain about as much as jews are white females.

So please spare me the whole bullshit about not criticizing other whites. If people here actually believed in that then white females wouldn't be criticized.

Last night JF had Tricky Dicky Spencer on TPS. He was spewing shit like:
Does this Metro-Anglow sleep with his head buried in his commie gf's barren snatch?

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We know you are not from here, so go back to reddit.

Anglos created Washington's America in such a fashion that it had the (obvious) potential to become Obama's America. Anglos destroyed the celtic nations, which could have helped hold the evil at bay, replacing the most spiritual culture on the planet with the most materialistic. Anglos destroyed gaelic, replacing it with an artificial mish-mash that half the world now uses.

Anything that has any soul to it is targeted by Anglos for destruction.

They all need to be exterminated first. They are worse than jews

The Anglo Saxons do have a cultureā€¦but it's a nasty one.

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Canada is a French invention. Jaques Cartier had a misunderstanding with his Huron guide in 1535 and asked him the name of the place they were in with a gesture of his hand. The guide though Cartier was gesturing at his birch bark shack and so he replied; "That's my shack over there" or "That's my place". Ca-na-ta.

Jaques went back to St. Malo and published his maps of his discoveries and named them Canada. Just like Amerigo Vespucci the Florentine mathematician published his maps from his voyages with Columbus and so got his name immortalized with North and South America. Yucatan of the Yucatan peninsula is Mayan for "I don't understand what you're saying".

The first French settlers in Canada were Les Habitants Du Canada. That's the Quebecers.

That's what the "H" in the Montreal Canadiens logo is for. Les Habitants.

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And just what have you Anglos done with your "English Canada" anyway? You don't like to work and you're not very creative so you sold it to the Chinks so you could drive around in nice cars wearing nice clothes play acting the English lord. And oh dear you sold all of BC to the chinks and the chinks no longer have a use for you. Any chink woman can be a realtor better than any limey ex pat pretentious loser like you. Sucks to have sold the land out from under your feet eh?

And really, now that England has more babies called "Mohammed" than any other name, lets stop and ask ourselves a serious question. Given the depravity of public drunkeness, particularly among the women, maybe, just maybe Islam might actually be an improvement on that. I know it's horrible to think but really, seeing brits on holiday in southern Europe running screaming like crazy cockroaches through the medieval streets elicits disgust in everyone that is compelled to witness it. Croatians in Istria and Italians of Venice are particularly sick and tired of you binge drinking retards. You're not funny charming or cute. You're ugly assholes.

Zionism is a Puritan invention that the Presbyterians authored so that they could trick the jews into going back to Jerusalem to erect their 3rd Temple, bring on the Mossiach and kick off the Tribulation so that the Puritains can go rocketing off to heaven in their blessed raptures. The Anglo Saxon Puritans are some of the biggest fellators of circumcized dick in all of human history. "Pastor McWhinney sez deh Jooze are de apple of God's eye".

Anglo-Saxon whites are in fact not Jews, but descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh. Anglo-Saxons = Angelic Isac Sons, the Sons of Isac. British (Brit = Covenant) (Ish = Man) = Man of the Covenant.

Repent. Pray to YHWE if you are of Caucasian descent, that means you are of the elect and a sheep of Israel.

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Anglo-Saxons are destructive because their language is not gendered. They are bodyless beings.

This. It's why God commanded the disciples to go west, not east, to spread the Gospel. Think of it, God knew there would be more heads east, but told them to go where his people were.