Nip 2ch poster burns down KyoAni anime studio, many feared dead dead

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honestly kill yourself for this dogshit OP

It's all over the news. Here are some other links

Anime created chan culture. This is why this is especially tragic for all of us.

Weebs get the rope too.

I feel like I should be upset, but this seems kind of funny. Did nip user leave a manifesto?

Based, fuck weebs

Were not sure who did this. Lets see how the events play out. If Abe suddenly bans anime and replaces it with kosher (((studios))). Then we already know who did this.

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This sounds exactly like the failed psyops (((tarrant))). ARE THEY TRYING TO GET IMAGE BOARDS BANNED STARTING WITH 2ch?


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So who burned it down? Some incel anime dork who didn't like the latest comic? Or the extremely rare Japano-muslim?

Fucking how?
That's higher score than most mass shootings with the "scary assault weapons" get.


anime created lqbt culture and traps. weebs get the rope too.

should I feel bad about it?

First day on the job, faggot?

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Haruhi season 3 never ever.

Guns are extremely inefficient at killing people. Firing a gun is a sequential process. Burning people to death using fire is a parallel process. It's not fucking rocket science.

There's a rumor that the motive was that the arsonist sent them an LN for a contest, was rejected, and then they butchered it and passed it off as original content. The alleged show in question is Free!, a kind of faggoty sports anime about swimming competitions.

Nichijou Season 2 Never-Ever-Ever

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It's not surprising. Asian bugs have an affinity for densely packed areas. Burn down any bug building, you're going to burn a lot of them.

20 of them tried to escape to the roof, but couldn't get the door open. The spiral staircase acted as a chimney and the smoke got them. All the fire escapes were chained shut and the main body of the fire was downstairs in the main entrance. There was nowhere for anyone to go, and the building was old, out of code, and filled with accelerants like bamboo wall dividers, a shitton of art supplies, etc.

they were dumb. They could've jumped out from 2nd and 3rd floor. Bet most of them are women.

Weebs truly are retarded.
Also who the fuck gives a shit about shut-in gooks killing gooks in gookland. Less anime in the head of our peoples is only a good thing.

Could anyone actually explain what the 2ch post says?

Good to know.

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I've seen some posts branding the arsonist as a zainichi, so whats going on? A gook got butthurt over 2D?

The only two speculative rumors I've heard thus far is that either the guy was a butthurt /u/fag or he sent in a light novel that got rejected but then got stolen from and passed off as an original work.

Don't forget to save some rope for yourself

Just so you know that I reported you for being a low-effort weeb faggot that:
>all of us

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yea, i cant find a translation anywhere. it could be a stock screencap from 2ch for all i know.

the motives are still unknown at this point and its really the only thing i care about in regards to this story.

Densely packed areas=nowhere to run
Fire also spreads everywhere and ignites everything

Is this you?

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Really sad, desu. RiP, cakes and salarymen.

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Only took 8 posts to use that goon/ weird twitter word for not wanting to stick your dick in cray cray.

Nips are honorary.

33 dead has been confirmed. Most died in the staircase at the door to the roof. They couldn't get it open.

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Imagine watching cartoons as an adult

Imagine hating drawings just because they move


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the fact that you singled out animation; which is a white invention as much as filmmaking leads me to believe that youre fine with movies and TV.
i guarantee that every movie/tv show you consume was created and coopted by a jew. and they used whites and rape white girls as part of the production that you pay for.

yea, watching cartoons made in japan is the problem.

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Who cares? Nips are nice people.

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They can be okay, but they have their share of problems. Remember, 3DPD as a term originated among Japan for a reason.

And here I was about to say that the arsonist had shown some real foresight by locking/breaking potential exits beforehand in order to maximize effect, but nope. Turns out bugmen just gotta bugman, and they'd rather all die than let someone else escape first.

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look at the top right of the picture. its showing 2 types of nips. theyre not the same race.

Japan needs to nip this problem in the bud.

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Will be interesting to see the fall out of this. Otakus and weebs are creepy losers with nothing else in life so they get this obsessive and lash out when denied their cummies.

Scream goon all you want. Try looking up who does all the fan translation projects or joins official translators. It's Goons who are more into anime than any other group

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goons took over sci-fi so they can sell marxism as the future. they couldnt successfully poz japan anime production the way they wanted to so they took over localization and translation.

why arent you still posting on faceberg or reddit? why come to a laotian anime basket weaving forum if otakus are so bad?
why did otakus create a home that your normalfag brethren failed to create, then complain?
then you wonder why people call you a refugee?

How is he supposed to block the door to the roof, dude? That part of the building wouldn't be open to visitors, and he didn't get that far when he set the place on fire. The arsonist handled his evil scheme well. He got lucky with the door, as well.
Nips are smarter than whites, on average.

IS this a false flag? The studio isn't suddenly being held up as some paragon of LGBTQ+ content among the media for some sort of forced pro-diversity martyr message.
Then why do those "translators" feel the need to change everything about it to whatever they want it to be? Also,
Tits or GTFO. Yes, even if you actually are a male, if you're saying that then it's assured you have enough estrogen in you to have developed gynocomastia.

Whatsamatter, schlomo, still offended we're not consuming your poisoned media anymore?

Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon never, then?
That really bums me out.

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Whoops, forgot to link to

-Japan needs to nip this problem in the bug.

Asian pencil arms not strong.

20 people in a narrow staircase, all panicking and smoke everywhere. I can see why they weren't able to open it.

Wrong. Wiemar Germany had a thriving LGBT culture long before, you gutless goon nigger.

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This is a huge loss for the industry. These are the same people that made K-On!! and Tamako Market. And now they're gone. Their quality will probably never be the same.

Fuck you, 2ch user. You fucked everything up. I liked KyoAni.

Yeah, at best, it'll be a few years until the studio has recovered.

I think these people are dead:

Ishihara Tatsuya - Director

Ishidate Taichi - Director

Takemoto Yasuhiro - Director

Kawanami Eisaku - Director

Nishiya Futoshi - Animation director

Kadowaki Miku - Animation director

Why? I liked FMP.

Never happens. Still occupied by israel.

Anime like Ghost in the Shell and Death Note are better than anything Hollywood has made in decades.

The English dub was literal feminism propaganda, user.

Does this really say something related to the arsonist being a pissed off train autist who got mad a show "dirtied his trains"?

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Nothing to see here, just weird Japanese unstructured violence, the Jew would much rather have their perfected rape spawn the whites populate Japan and not inscrutable asians.

I hope that people start doing this with all companies in the west. Every single company in the world is jewish, and removing the enablers (company's employees and owners) helps in eliminating the cancer.
Also, good anime will keep being made. This studio only produced garbage aimed at women, faggots and dykes.


This is what anime does to your brain if you don't grow up. You think you own a forum type because you turned up 10 years after the oldfags did who outgrew anime and introduced other topics to discuss. They don't even know how popular 2ch's train board was long before 4chan.

Try learning about Japanese culture and the utter disgust they have for anime fans. You're losers there, you're losers here and everyone knows you're eternal manchildren.

Nothing of value is lost. Hopefully more otakus go postal and kill these studios.

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this is not a falseflag. just a mad otaku about hibiki dirtying his train from this

Most companies have a mix of different ethnicities in them.

But why? What does the moonspeak in his post say?

Full Metal Panic?

you literally stumbled to a board where anime was its roots, and is still a main component of it. and its also the only place that isnt pozzed, so much so that you have moved here from wherever you came from.

why is that?

It's you're own fault. German dubs are just as shit but back in the day they were really good with German opening song and everything you expect.
It has nothing to do with society going downhill, riiight?


Kek, 33 japs died because of a show about gay swimmers

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Watching a few animes as a teenager is different to being an utter failer of a human being. You're worse than niggers. Oh wait niggers LOVE anime.

Anime is poz. Why don't you get that? Asians aren't White. They aren't European. They're Asians. They're invaders are much as jews and niggers are. Jews never conquered white nationalism yet gooks have with anime. Why do you fail to understand you ARE poz and you ARE subversive like the jews are.

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Original thread archive

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Who is Hibiki? And what's this about trains?

I see, guess that explains why they didn't jump from 2nd and 3rd floor.

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Archive, faggot.

Not an argument.

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so again, why did you come here? why dont you go back? why was this anime place the best place you could migrate to? what kept it so cool that you just couldnt resist?

Kikes hate anime.

Do not respond to Hebraic screeching shills.
=> only 1 person got away
We should send this guy into parliament!

yup, thats why they always try to subvert any messages in it through localization. they have seized every localization company in the united states.

i do it for anyone lurking. just drive the same point home and they never answer. they just keep saying the same argument just as hitler described in mein kampf.

does anyone have the no no no no yup picture of a normalfag looking for a new home?

Get out of 2016, you loser.

you will hang from a branch, Moishe.

End your life on your own terms, or wait for us to do it for you.

yes, it happened in Weimar. But you can't deny anime's influence on lgbt and especially traps. These traps created perception on weak young men that they can be cute little girl wearing dress.

Tweetsave still exists



japan markets allow for tons of small creators, unlike ours which only allow a few jewish creators.
jews in america control anime distribution and affect what gets publicized and shown in mainstream areas. hence why niggers get anime that niggers like, and fags get anime pandered to them.
but the vast majority of anime that is actually popular with people, and not just publicized is sci-fi, slice of life, or comedy.

just look at what netflix has done to the anime fanbase perception. but good thing their pozzed shit wont catch on to the core fans.
youre argument could be used to make the case that gamers are mostly pozzed because pozzed games exist and get all the positive reviews and publicity.

This thread is an odd mix of immaturity and old age.

Lad. I don't think so. Everyone knows that only works in 2d. They're a comedic element, never a protagonist.
Compare it to the loli debate. The source of it lies in the degeneration of western societies perpetuated by the jews and their media.
Like netflix shit etc. Remember netflix trying to copy anime to insert niggers?

I really enjoyed the carefree goofiness of Fumoffu.

Holy shit faggot, that's the same argument leftards use for gun control. "If these people didn't have access to anime/guns they wouldn't cut off their dicks/shoot those other people." Anime wasn't big in the 60's when a ton of fags stormed a psychiatry convention to get fagginess removed as a mental illness. Anime didn't influence (((John Money))).

The jew-controlled localization companies are bad enough but don't forget about the fucking feminist-controlled sub groups that are essentially kike-owned too.

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Why do you fail to understand people grow up and leave childish things behind like cartoons? Why should I leave a place I helped create because you refuse to grow up and don't like a white man telling you to stop being a race traitor?

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2016 was a dogshit year for Zig Forums and it ruined this board for the next 2 years straight.
Fuck off.

You need to go back >>>/cuckchan/

Can't wait until they find out it was a wannabe tranny trying to stick it to the man because they didn't want any of it's degenerate shit around.

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Kill yourself yid, you'll never be white or welcome here.