Transcendental Memory and Mental Health

Following trends in industrial farming and reported mental health in America (and I would assume worldwide) shows a remarkable correlation between deteriorating living conditions of animals and increse in reported mental illness, such as autism, hypertension, anxiety, borderline personality disorder as well as BiPolar disorder and others.

In 1933 only about one out of every ten American farms was powered by electricity. The Rural Electrification Authority addressed this pressing problem. The government embarked on a mission of getting electricity to the nation's farms. Faced with government competition, private utility companies sprang into action and by sending power lines to rural areas with a speed previously unknown. By 1950, nine out of every ten farms enjoyed the benefits of electric power. Why is this important?

Well before farms were powered by electricity, they had to be free range. You simply couldn't lock mass amounts of animals in tight spaces and get the yield out of the product as you can now with electricity, thus the living conditions and with it the mental state of the animals has plummeted since 1950.

Is it possible that memories live in the blood? I believe it very well may be the case.

In National Socialist Germany, under Hitler, a program was instilled for the ethical euthanization of animals and Hitler himself was a vegetarian. Is it possible that he understood something that has been overlooked to this day?

It seems reasoable to assume that if you take in the flesh of an animal that has lived a life of mistreatment, most likely suffered a lifetime of stress and anxiety and depression, that you may, in turn, yield some of the effects on brain chemistry that the animal experienced. If by nothing more than hormones effecting the blood, although I feel it may span beyond that.

Causation =/= correlation but it cannot be overlooked that the life experience of the animals we ingest may have an effect on the brain chemistry we experience.

We're often told that with modern medicine lifespans are increasing. Perhaps from the time of 100-300 years ago we can say that is true, but think about the fact that at the time Socrates drank the Hemloch, he was 73 years old. That was over 3,500years go. Remember Plato told us at that age he was running around and being a bit of a heretic, leading the youth in thought experiment. So, have lifespans really expanded?

Now, people talk abot the processing and chemicals that enter our foods, but nobody discusses the mental state of our food. Consider the remarkable increase in mental health deterioration of our society, it's definitely worth a closer look.

some notable considerations:

The first volume of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) was published in 1952 and included 106 cataloged mental disorders
Mental illness was defined in an extreme way, causing the public to reject mentally ill people
the public viewed both patients and doctors of mental illnesses in a negative way
One in three families would admit a family member to a mental institution
Surgeon General’s Report: “unscientific understanding of mental illness” by public
1950's mental illness treatment saw a rise in humane treatments
The number of institution patients reached its peak-560,000
The first ever anti psychotic–Thorazine–was introduced in 1954
decreased the amount of time patients stayed in institutions and the usage of inhumane treatments
Lobotomy and electroconvulsive shock treatment were leading treatment methods within asylums
Lithium was discovered as a treatment for bipolar disorder in 1949
Institutions began to provide outpatient care, day and night hospitalizations, diagnostic services, and more extensive diagnosis and treatment

It's truly been downhill since then. From 1953 to 2014 reported cases of mental disorder went from 1.7% of the population to over 24% of the US population suffering from some form of mental health disorder with 6.7% of American Adults having experienced at least one major depressive episode per year.

This was a really interesting topic for me to look into. I have the links to statistics with the original writeup I made on this but the numbers are very easy to find yourself with a simple search on something other than google.

"We are what we eat" but do we experience the mindset of what we eat as well? I think yes.

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Mistakes happen.

Discussion: Where might you have seen evidence of shitty treatment of animals effecting cultural mental health?>??

Why did mods delete this last time it was up? I wrote out a good reply to it and was interested to see where this would go. Leave it up, faggots.

Any, one can hardly conclude, with most of people's diets being comprised of industrially produced plants full of poisonous chemicals, that sick animals are the cause of mental illness. Though one should definitely never support industrial agriculture of plants or animals.

Practice natural farming, and stay connected to the land.

I genuinely have no idea why it would have been removed other than possibly by mistake.

I also agree there are too many other variables that come into play to definitively place the blame solely on the mental health of the animal, but I would be very curious to see an actual study on the matter carried out. I have a feeling there may be a direct correlation between a societies treatment of it's food/animals and that societies mental state.

You did good, OP.

the only possible reason I can even assume is (((they))) don't want the world to know we are animal rights advocates because that may attract females to our movement and that would be devestating to (((them)))

Just one example that I had thought of was how arabs violently kill their animals in the streets and jews do that beating the chicken rituals among others, and they are very war-like cultures.
Is it they are war-prone because of how they treat their food or inverse?
Chicken and egg argument.

There's that inane subset of screeching
Republicucks/Libertariantards who think that anything involving vegetarianism is emasculating. This is a very good instance of the D&C shit that permeates modern echo-chambers. You are asking the right questions and fighting the good fight, and that makes you a very good OP.

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I posted this in the deleted thread:

Even if memories don't somehow live on in food, the negative health effects can't be ignored. Organic meat from animals who were fed their natural diet tastes objectively better than jewish-chink tier factory farm meat. Better than that is that same kind of meat from animals that were treated humanely.

The condition of the meat reflects the kind of life lived by that animal because stress negatively affects the body. A stressed animal will of course taste worse than an animal that lived a good life - and the nutrition from that animal will reflect that life.

Semites. They torture the animals prior to butchering them and their method of slaying the animal is also equally vile to their torture. Kosher and Halal meat meand tortured animals.

Semites being a product of racemixing and inbreeding and shitty diet leads to their insanity.

As the population grows so does the number of reports of [x]
This is not fucking difficult.

nice find. I would like to raise my own rabbits and eat meat sparingly. I'm moving into the 2nd half of my life, so maintaining physical mass (muscle) isn't very important to me anymore.

I calculated as a percentage of the population, not by number

I had mentioned before that animals that suffer prior to consumption from hunting will express a "gamey" taste and changed texture.
I have noticed that violent cultures treat their farmstocks in violent manner. Even if you look within the arab nations, the free range goat farmers in Afghanistan that treat their food humanely are much better tempered than the city-dwelling arabs.

It is. It's dehumanizing as well. Animal nutrition has been the centerpiece of human health forever.

It should be more important to you than ever. Older people need more protein precisely because they are less able to grow or maintain muscle mass, and muscle mass is insurance against sickness. The larger you are the harder a virus will have to hit you in order to take you down.

Don't fall for the kike science that says meat is bad for you. None of it even says that, they just conclude that incorrectly based of low quality epidemiology (correlative) studies.

I think unlikely.
There are just so many confounding factors over that timeframe that reducing it to the mental state of the meat we eat seems implausible. Think about it: over the years 1953 to 2014 we have seen
- A drop in the White population from ~88% to ~60%
- Decades of soul-crushing jewish brainwashing
- Forced racial integration
- Destruction of proper male/female dynamic, disruption of home and family life
- A complete breakdown in personal relationships, upheaval in the way we interact with each other (strong local communities => online interaction)
- Increased secularization and loss of a common religion
- Introduction of various irradiation technologies: TV, Mobile networks, WiFi, etc.
- Introduction of chemical additives into food, chemical food processes, GM crops, etc.
- Widespread addiction to caffeine, pharmaceutical and illicit drugs
Plus too many more to list. I won't say that it's impossible for the mental state of the animals we eat to have some kind of effect on the mental state of the population, but there are a shitton of other factors that seem like more likely candidates.

Reminder: Zig Forums is a NatSoc board

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I have much more than necessary. It's unhealthy.

And Hitler ate meat his whole life. He was not vegan. Besides "muh hitler" is not an argument. National Socialism does not hinge on what Hitler did. The worldview is about nations forging their own paths.

You must be jacked as hell.


I'm not discounting any other arguments but it is odd to see such a widespread treatment of animals reflected in the mental state of cultures from China and their short-tempered personalities to Japan and their fish diets reflected in their passive personalities.
I simply feel it's something that is worth looking into further that is often if not always overlooked.

31" thighs

Entirety of human history > Hitler


Fair enough. I can agree with that.

keep in mind the Japanese have practically always eaten fish but haven't always been a passive people

They got a similar treatment to germany. Utterly devastated in WW2, and then occupied ever after. They haven't owned themselves since 1945.

If yids hadn't claimed this for third and fourth Holohoax compensation claims, I wouldn't think this is just another masonic hoodwink, or something metaphysical better suited for >>>/x/

Thanks OP. Good to know there are still some diamonds amidst a sea of shit and kikery. Interesting food pun intended for thought, I think that treatment of animals pre-process or whatever you want to call it, not only affects the taste of meat (because of muscle, what they're fed, etc) and in turn, naturally, that should affect us too. It's not just meat mind, but other animal products as well such as eggs and cheese. You wouldn't fuck with or mistreat plants if you wanted a decent crop, so why shouldn't the same apply to animals? I get that nowadays, you need a special breed of person to operate these semi-automated industrialized slaughter houses, but still.

Out of all the threads to delete.. Imkikefy was a faggot, but at least he was a blatant faggot. These mods are a problem because they enact their faggottry behind closed doors, not out in the open like that prancing faggot.

Lolwut that's not big

I have a list of over 200 such claims dating up to WWII

better to deal with the faggot we know than the faggot we do not know.

Same in (((allied))) nations too. As soon as le merchant's kike fratricide was over, they sharp elbowed their way in everywhere. Banking juntas, ethnic malice this way and that, labour devaluation immigration ploys, offshoring industry, shell companies, infiltration and hostile take-overs of Christian churches, of media, of academe, of government, of juridical and professional bodies. Just now, only seventy years later, there is triple the demographic concentration of Neanderthal Hiribu here than in Weimar Republic, Germany. We should plan.

Put down the bong, OP.




your observation is not only biblical, it's also accurate in generational curses, etc. e.g. the woman who gets beaten by her husband escapes only to get another one who beats her. Everything that breathes, knows their is a God. It's only the jews and fedoras who try to deny or outexplain themselves but it's all connected. Man (Adama) is the steward of animals, and we are called to be good stewards of them. Sadly, it's not the case in a fallen world.

I got 20 seconds in and lost my train of thought.
kidding. I just want to pay attention so I'm going to watch this in detail later. I definitely need it. Tnx!

This thread smells like more vegan bullshit.

epic based schizoposting my epic based demon summoning ghost hunting /x/ palerinos

I have no communicable evidence of this but i know its true by personal gnosis. Emotional memory lives on in food. When you raise healty plants and animals their love for you nourishes you. Perhaps its only true by some chemical ingestion. I dont know the mechanism. But i know its true.

Happy Cows are more Delicious!

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Hey OP!! :) You made the thread! Nice!

Special breed of person…I would bet you that this type of behavior happens more often than people would like to admit to themselves while they are chowing down on their hamberguesa.

Dont have anything to add to the topic but just thought id share this image cause its relevant.

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Kosher/Halal and Chinese slaughtered meat is inherently fucked up then because they all deliberately torture animals to death in the belief that this releases fear and pain chemicals into the meat that give an alchemical/medicinal property to the meat. If the OP is right then this explains why muslims, jews and chinks are such vile psychopathic people; they consume the meat of animals that died in a methodical, deliberately administered agony.

ive seen that before, you reading the gitas as well my friend?

I was skimming the kikepedia articles on animism and shamanism, and something interesting I saw was that shamans would regulate treatment of game. Apparently the idea was that animals wouldn't be as scared of humans, and would let themselves be captured.

They do the same to humans, mostly children.
They get adrenaline pumping into the body, then they kill them and drink the blood.

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Improved reasoning:


you're welcome user
ask and ye shall receive

only jews hate animals

Stress, noise, trauma, contaminated water, the joke that is the healthcare industry, nonsensical treatments, EMF and air pollution… all of them contribute to mental health problems.

If you eat healthy living organisms in balance with their function in/of nature you will likely get passed on the 'love' that is within it. You can almost eat yourself halfway to heaven.

It is no joke when you cook the most important thing you need to give it is affection and caring attendance. The intention behind your cooking is paramount to what it will become influenced with. Enjoying the meal makes it twice as healthy as just gulping it down without consideration as well. That's why advertising is so important for junk food. They sell you your 'good experience' even before you've tasted it.

Growing your own food is almost as inclusive as you can get with your food before cooking it. If you notice what you hunger for you can actually tell what you've experienced before is good for you to eat now.

People who only think in efficiencies are mentally ill. If you believe you need X and Y of Z and K and B vitamins to be healthy and thus able to be happy you aren't focused on thriving, but getting by.

Eat, drink and be happy. Don't eat meat from animals that have been living a depressing life and have been suffering or been fearful before death. That vibe is still in the meat. Plants on the other hand are on a totally another level. Almost every plant is good for humans to either be around with or eat.

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Bump for great post. I genuinely believe the global totalitarian slave state is nearly complete. There are many people who will resist, but when?

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If you actually knew what was going on. You'd know the majority of these disorders are being falsely diagnosed on children for a variety of agendas and goals. Mainly, white boys are the prime target so they can be emasculated and disabled from an early age. Notice how little brown boys never get diagnosed and drugged? Very rarely girls of all races are diagnosed. White boys are primarily targeted with asian boys being a next lesser target due to decent IQ but lower T levels.

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really good post

It has much more to do with general industrialization and artificial, forced kikery seeping in into every spore of society than treatment of animals. Also lower quality of food, since mass-farming produces meat of very low nutritional quality. More and more chemicals, animals not eating real food (for them), etc. It's a whole vicious cycle of kikery and them practically robbing us (by making us pay the same price for nutritionally deficient food) and poisoning us (by lacing it with health deteriorating chemicals)

Animals in nature would suffer much more painful deaths and much more stress while being hunted and eaten, yet that did not affect anything. Your theory doesn't hold any ground.

What your post did make me realize, is that psychiatry was pretty much the modern inquisition, it allowed kikes to brutally exploit and torture people, imprison political opponents etc., all under the guise of "exorcising demons" (which would be imaginary mental diseases and the hysteria about them pushed in media).

Wrong look up antinutrients.

Yes. But also shitty parenting is a big problem. When parents think it's OK to just sit their kids in front of TV & let the state do the child-rearing, can you really blame the state for doing what it does?

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Could be stress hormones in animals influencing us. You are what you eat

An animal living in a stressful environment will produce high levels of cortisol.

If killed with high levels of cortisol in their system, it will remain in their blood and muscle tissue and be passed into your body for you to deal with.

oh thank you Mr Kike. Now I filter your lack of a soul as well


There is no actual evidence any of those conditions actually exist.

You said people that think in efficiencies, yet the most efficient diet is being proven to be a diet of stress free sources of food.

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What would I know, I am just an ego.

Mixing eastern philosophy with European psychology doesn't work Freud.

Search on Jalikattu, kikes tried to ban it with animal rights and shit, that I guess is a bull breeding program where two bulls fight each other to death, seems like there was some significance to that shit.

That's pretty interesting. It would make sense that humans would actually evolve an instinct to be unrestful with your environment when your meat animals are distressed, except you can't move your McDonalds over to the field over the hill anymore.