Israel is racist towards black jews??

Blacks jews being persecuted by jews in israel, isreal NEEDS to import more blacks or else racist : ) Israel is racist anti semite and hates blacks : ).

Israel needs to have their guns taken away for shooting unarmed innocent black jews, israel needs to pay blacks jew reparations or else racist.

Israel is literally hitler and hates blacks : ) Israel needs to elect a black jewish women for president or racist nazi kkk : )

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The video may be funny, but please fuck off back to Reddit.

jews cant possibly win this fight, you cant call a black jew racist or anti semite leabing jews completely defenseless, so jews can say goodbye to their homeland as the karma police have come to arrest the entire country : ). I encourage all blakcs to go invade israel and my it their own as there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it.

If israel does ANYTHING to stop black jews american will then be allowed to do exactly the same with our immigrants so checkmate israel say goodbye forever : )

Yep, lurk more. No clickshekels for jew.

Let's just get this out of the way - nobody likes nagas.

you sound like you hate black jews in israel you racist anti semite : ) israel will be an all black country very soon so say goodbye jew : ). Diversity is your strength : )

The fact that black jews aren’t taken seriously is how I know this isn’t really a religion.

They have NOT learned to be multicultural.

israels president hates jews and blacks, he needs to be impeached asap. No justice no peace for black jews in israel : )

israel has a taste of their own medicine and cant do anything to stop it unless they want to go down as the biggest hypocrites to ever exist. The only option israel has is to hand over their country to blacks XD this is pure gold!

Diversity is Israel's strength. Israel has not yet learned how to be multicultural. Goyim are going to be an important part of that transformation. Israel is now going into a multicultural mode and goyim will be resented bcuz of their leading role.

exactly! cis-jews have too much power and need to be more gay and trans and their kids need to be taught gay trans studies and hang out with grown gay men at pride parades and strip at gay jew clubs, they also need to get rid of both their border walls and let blacks in and let black jews vote even if they aren't citizens : ) : )

Diversity is their strength : )

Preach brother. A black jew should be the next president of Israel.

Why would Israel not want to be overrun by useless monkey men? They sure love telling us to be.

Hangery, possibly obese female Black Jew Lesbian partial to Manischewitz wine grape drank, with a wooden Peg Leg disability, in the style of Long John Silver; but without the charm or feels.

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I support the right of black Israelite becoming Israeli citizens.
They're already in Israel, look what the Israeli govt is doing to them.

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:::not even once:::

I have a dream of hearing chants of "that's right" echoing in the Holy land.

I hope Bnai Brith starts allowing the BHI's to join in their trips.

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Lololol check out the fist bump at 1:40 hahahaha.
I'd love to send a hundred k more BHI's to Israel.

All Jews are black.

All asians are spics. All abbos are white. All whites are jews.

slaves think that they were once gods. Why do people take these fucks seriously ?
Although, shame on the white slave owners for priming them with European DNA therefore some thinking semblance.

hibiddy hap in God's land.

Check out this tune for all Jewish youth.