Solving the MIGA Question

We all know about the Qboomers, but I haven't seen any major interactions between Qboomers and /ourguys/, outside of that one guy at a Trump rally.
We need dialog because it exposes people to new ideas and dramatic debate energizes the viewer. Without it, we stagnate and devolve into a circle-jerking echo chamber.
Any ideas on how to get one of /ourguys/ on their show or vice versa? I think Nick Fuentes or Molymeme would be a good candidate.

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I imagine a not-insignificant amount of new posters on here came to 8ch for Q but stayed for the redpills on jews.

There are zero new ideas or energized debate coming from anything Q-related. If you've consumed any postwar British agitprop about Germany – which applies to everyone on this site – you've already heard everything they're bringing to the table.

We need more reddit immigrants

Bringing in diversity of thoughts from reddit will help us to get rid of our circle jerk and "Muh Joo" hate

8ch has not learned yet how to accept other people's opinions.

Otherwise 8ch will fall into the hands of racist/violent extremists who advocate for white nationalism, you would not want that fellow goys, am I rite?

Also nazis are a social construct, which must be abolished in order to bring equality to conservatives/liberals,

Let the brown hordes in.

Here's an unexpected whitepill: cuckservatives are overwhelmingly "America first," which is by definition an "anti-semitic dogwhistle." Even if they plug their ears and chant "Not all jews," they're forcing them into an indefensible position.

Most of the Epstein research is happening at >>>/qresearch/. Even if they uncover jewpedos while denying any vast jew conspiracy, they're converting (if just in small numbers) people who are capable of being aware and not dissuading literally anyone.

You failed on so many levels.
Pretending to be ironic isn't ironic—it's just doubly retarded. You should be ashamed and docked a day's pay.

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Which is why we stand to gain if they are exposed to our ideas, which is why lefties don't debate us.
The right has also been fractured for a while, and keeping things that way only quarantines our ideas. Imagine if instead of q banners on TV and meatspace, we got "Remember the USS liberty" and other Zig Forums stuff out there. Q is bad enough, but unfiltered Zig Forums would cause (((they))) would flip their shit into overdrive.
Remember internet bloodsports with Sargon trying to debate Anglin and Spencer? BTFO'ing their patriotard Civnat messiah worldview will demoralize their audience and cause them to start asking questions.

Fuck off, commie

Anyone who can even entertain the Q LARP is a lost cause, and can never be anything but a liability. The only dialogue we should have with Qcumbers is to convince them to sterilize themselves.

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Wrong. They are easily converted just by being exposed to Zig Forums memes and infographics.

Good work, Ira.

/qresearch/ has a large /cuckchan/ contingent who are naturally jew-wise. It can't possibly hurt.

Just went there and they're clamoring over the Epstein temple/Syrian bath connection.

I don't see how this can be a bad thing.

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We've tried with the Qtards who despite being proven wrong countless times and shown that its a troll turned psyop ignore everyone who isn't them. We've tried with T_D and instead of computing the information they receive no matter how its presented continue to essentially worship the Neo-Cons and their kike puppeteers.

You can only do so much before the best course is to sit back and watch them unravel as predicted and then poke fun at them. Then you can try again when they reach that level of depression where they want to truly seek answers to the reality of the world around them. As depressing as the truth is sometimes at least you have a fucking clue whats happening that makes sense. It's almost sad watching these people who run around frantically like a scared, old, blind cat hitting walls, falling, and stumbling about. I take no pleasure in watching people in that state personally.

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Q user is real.

>Most of the Epstein research is happening at >>>/qresearch/
Most of everything being put together on Epstein was out YEARS ago. It's not a new case. They also continually try to paint it as a GERMAN conspiracy that leads to National Socialism/Operation Paperclip.

The only people who push Qresearch are people pushing an anti-German and ultimately anti-White agenda.

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His name is Jason Bourne.

Yeah and now Qtards acting like they got a win and predicted all of this lmao, it's all old news. Keep grasping at straws you fucking trogoldytes.

This spam is now allowed here.

my ex is a qtard, I'm not proud of it. She had a nice slice and my only regret is not beating her.

I know who Q is
I trust him. Srs
I would bet my life he is going to go after the kikes.

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jews ALWAYS play both sides
NatSoc is in my blood but to think the kikes weren't playing both sides and positioned to win no matter what is foolish.
Hitler got co-opted. They used him.
jews are the most disgusting creatures on earth and they will be dealt with.

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I still don't know what Q is and I don't care.