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(((Epstein))) denied bail.

(((Cohen))) documents unsealed.

(((Sackler))) name removed from Louvre.

Even the most brainwashed drones can't stop noticing.

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Literally zero acknowledgement that he is a jew, unfortunately.

At least post screencaps so I can laugh without going there you lazy nigger.

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Somehow I highly doubt it.

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Don't get to blame it on white men when it's a fucking jew.

there have been too many reddit threads lately.
mods need to crack down on this, or least shove them into a reddit raiding general.

I wanna know who got the trips

The Jewish Goyim - 80% of the Whites - won't know they are Jews, if we don't point it out to them. It's time to stop gloating our lost Brothers and Sisters and instead help them back to the Path of Light. If we don't, the Jews will mindlessly continue their Programming and the future of White Society will be lost.

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The only defense to reddit raids is to raid reddit with inconvenient cohencidences.
same reason this thread >>13512350 is full of "no don't redbill conservative boomers" shills
right wing outreach squads

Maximum fucking Doubt

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It's hard to be wrong when you're Right.

That was not a genuine purple thread. He only posted once and did not provide (You) proof from his last known thread, only a recycled image from one of his first threads that anyone could have.

Do you even believe in meme magic?

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If I wanted to hear about Reddit every fucking day, I would just go there.

probably 'spicspam'. That
nigger. that bot has gamed the dubs and trips somehow. It's highly annoying.

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Yea because they think Trump's implicated
"Mega Thread: Unsealed Michael Cohen documents reportedly implicate Trump, Hicks, others in 'hush-money' payments"
t. /r/politics

because they think it implicates Trump
"Jeffrey Epstein denied bail, will remain jailed pending trial on sex trafficking charges"
>In each of these separate and otherwise unrelated stories, Trump's name pops up. It's almost as if he has been involved in shady stuff for a long long time with a lot of prominent people…
t. /r/news
"It's almost as if" Trump shined the spotlight on himself only to bring attention to other people.
btw fuck OP for making me go there

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You mean this one? That was supposed to be Purple user?

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Nah I was definitely me. He's still working on his deal. They will definitely be giving him jail time but word on the street is he is seeking a clause in his deal that allows him to "get his affairs in order" before he is incarcerated meaning for a brief period he will be released during which he intends to abscond. The SDNY is not in on this and may override his deal with main justice. The "pretext" for making a deal with him is that the prosecution will cost millions of dollars and take years; he will give up a few token names. If the SDNY is smart they will not allow him out of custody before his sentence begins.

Isn't it great too that it's now all over the press Epstein tried to corrupt Elon Musk just like I said they've been trying to do for years. They really hate Musk and his idealism. I think he's a bit of a sperg but in terms of potential billionaire backers for Global Starship Troopers not a bad match.

If you have any questions I'm down to answer a few right now as I'm waiting on an amazon delivery this afternoon for some soundproofing foam for studio to put final touches on.

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Concerning idealism, what do you know about Bezos? I always found him hard to gauge.

Bezos is a mixed bag. A high functioning autistic with no empathy whatsoever but at the same time someone with their own distinct personal ethos. A lot like Steve Jobs in that respect. He is single minded in regard to business and doesn't see himself as a Bill Gates or Warren Buffet type. To be frank he pissed a lot of old money people off and no longer gets invited to the big globohomo shindigs like Davos, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg etc… This was 5 or so years ago they stopped inviting him to networking events.

Bezos wants to do eugenics and colonize space and both have been his ambitions since childhood. He got his funding for his business because he joined the right secret society at Princeton where he was initiated into the lower echelons of the elite.

Fun ritual JK; I think they still slaughter a live stag above you while the blood drains onto you; but it may be a horse because the ivy league is lazy AF. Pretty sure the jews still use kids for their own little version of it. All those weird alter table rooms people have been posting pictures of are also used for that initiation ritual which dates back to the 1700's. It's meant to signify rebirth. That's about the extent of Jeff's membership in the "elite" because he didn't respect the old money the way the old money demands it be respected.

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*aside from Davos like
Was what I meant to type and he only still gets invited to Davos because of the enormous economic interests he represents. No one listens to him just like Musk because he wants to take humanity to the next stage of evolution instead of monetizing subhumans like livestock to create a international plantation of mass consumerism. He really just sees Amazon as a giant vehicle to fund his dreams of space exploration like Gates used microsoft to create infinity africans.

Touche. Can you give me more info user? I always thought they got it from somewhere else but thought is was too refined to be Aztecs n sheeit. Those drawings appear to be Minoan though is that what they are user? My knowledge of particular initiation ritual only dates back to founding of the club in the 18th century.


Unlike Musk who may dream of a Global Starship Troopers space exploration Bezos is more of an Elysium kind of guy because he views the planet already as a net loss and only hopes to save those worthy enough to leave it before it destroys itself. One can only hope his plans run the same course as the villain's from Moonraker.

yea I meant to post the link

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Then the books you read were shit. What they want is to achieve neo feudalism not Cyberpunk 2077. They have no ambition to colonize space or even explore it further as the effort required is insurmountable for all but whites and asians meaning it's a complete impossibility in the mudmanoid 85 avg IQ race they hope to achieve. The colonization/exploration of space would expose the fact that half the human population serves no further purpose in human evolution other than to consume resources and drag rest of us down. This would expose their schemes of equality and globalism along with uniting advanced societies against lesser ones. In short it would destroy the entire power structure of using the 3rd world against the 1st that they have created and thrived on. They do not want AI at all as AI not only would be capable of exposing them but also because their actions are the antithesis of forward progress. Sure they intend to use severely constrained AI to help keep you in line and spy on you but to think that they worship AI as a future god is patently retarded. They worship themselves and see themselves as gods on earth ruling over inferior beings.

whats up with the bezos divorce?

Epstein is in the ottisville prison that is like a holiday resort.

It shows how corrupt the legal system is in the west.

Thanks user will look into that; their version of the blood ritual goes all the way back to Adam Weishaupt and Bavaria. Was always fascinated as to what the original origins were as it seemed like an old pagan entry of rite ritual that had been coopted to me. Different groups have different traditions/rituals but all the ones at the top share some form of the rebirth through blood concept as part of initiation. The more advanced rituals are much more specific to each individual group and I've really only heard unconfirmed rumors about them which I don't want to mislead anyone potentially by being wrong about.

Normal divorce. Dude stepped out on his wife with someone who wasn't a prostitute but a friend of his wife's. They are still amicable my guess is because Jeff's 1st love has always been work so his wife was always used to compromising from beginning of their relationship. A lot of powerful people have arrangements with their wife that they can sleep with other people as long as they are professionals (i.e. whores) but the woman who Jeff fucked that caused the divorce was a family friend or something so I assume the divorce was just typical people life shit nothing hidden or sneaky.

I mean in the sense that having half his assets given to her would hinder him. Maybe they might get to the judge and really screw him. Most judges being masons and all.

any insight into Iran?

All federal prisons are like resorts. Even ADX Florence is a joke with the only bad thing about it really being the isolation and 24 hour lockdown. Ottisville aka Jew Jail is such a fucking joke it has tennis courts for prisoners but Epstein isn't in Jew Jail yet. He is presently in the MCC in NYC which is worse than any federal prison by far because it has no amenities and is just a giant holding cell for pending cases.

Lol I have several threads about that already you're gonna have to be more specific? Insight about what in particular?

I don't have any real questions for anyone other than I want to see the entire Israel Lobby eradicated.
If you have any info on the effect that it has on the Israel Lobby, then please elaborate.

No with most rich people who specifically have the majority of their assets in stock if they get divorced the spouse usually puts the stock in either a blind trust with, or directly under the control of their former spouse. Bezos's wife left him with voting control for all the shares she got as part of the settlement so he didn't lose any power within the company at all.

>(((Sackler))) name removed from Louvre.
Who's (((Sackler))) and how are they related to Louvre?

>Who's (((Sackler)))
user have you lurked? The Sackler Family are only this century's Sassoons who made their entire fortune poisoning the white man instead of the yellow man with opiates. Moreover they then sold "cures" for the opiate addictions they created back to the white man taking the jewing a notch up from the tried and true tactics the Sassoons pioneered.

Also, I would like to see Sheldon Adelson tied up into this more solidly.

Just wait Sheldon Adelson is the guy responsible for most of the money used to bribe evangelical mega pastors. Adelson's hand is so far up John Hagee's when John kisses his wife she tastes Sheldon's cocoa butter.

I just hate jews so much

then you were tricked because the elites are well aware they cannot leave the Dome

Why does this sound familiar?

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Alright I'll bite this b8 m8
Nah bruh, the books you read were shit! see I can do that to, how bout attacking my opinion with a cite to an elite book for us to be pedantic to each other about?
Those are not mutually exclusive concepts.
Class based society, just like in Brave New World. (((They))) can have the 90% be mud men, but a highly genetically engineered, and in your words "white asain mix", in Huxleys words "Alpha Class", and still have plenty of brainpower to get to the stars.
Which is way plan A, as always in elite circles, is kill off redundant livestock, which besides the myriad of ways they have to accomplish this both old and new, seems like they are going with sterilization of the masses…either chemically or spiritually.
HMM, its almost like this is a DESIRED OUTCOME. Hegelian Dialect in action.
Trump 2020 BRUH, lets own dem LIBS. If jews lead a faction, they will win in the end, like always.
Please expand on this
They have accomplished this and more then even I can dream already without "AI", to think they are pushing forwards just for this motive is looking at the past, rather then the future.
Once again, these are not mutually exclusive concepts. The reason I say "Jew Machine God" is because its literally them implanting their own "creation" inside them making them physical manifestations of their god, aka themselves incarnate.

Anyone who believes in flat earth deserves to be sterilized more than any sub 85 IQ nignog does. There will be no flat earthers in a Global Starship Troopers World. The kind of bootlicking stupidity required to believe in a concept like the "dome" is so asininely retarded were God a sentient being he would smote you himself for ascribing such constrained inferiority to his creation. The Bible is one of the absolute last source documents anyone should base any part of their life on considering the amount of times throughout history it has been deliberately edited and adapted to suit the needs of those in power at the time.

This is actually a potentially good conversation to have. I generally think they certainly want to keep humanity locked down and enslaves, not exploring space. But they also want to enslave humanity to AI because in their warped minds, AI is essentially the "savior mechanism" of their belief set. Much in the way religion sees you ascending to heaven or whatever, these technocrats have the equivalent belief that their AI will essentially create heaven on earth, because this AI they will create, which is a reflection of themselves of course, will be so perfect and brilliant that it will solve everything and everything will always work perfectly. They intend to create and enshrine this AINand essentially worship it, as it's also supposed to be an expression of their own selves and how they see themselves in relation to the rest of humanity.

All the leading transhumanists are jews…what a cohencidence.

Epstein is next door to el chapo
el chapo just kvetched about how rough it is
what am i to believe?

Lol I don't read conspiracy books I am the conspiracy these people were my employers and friends for over a decade. My statements aren't opinions but facts from first hand knowledge. Whoever you read who thinks these people want to explore space and worship AI are fucking retarded what they want is what all their ancestors had until you took it away from them with mobs in the streets, to rule over you like you're livestock with no complaints and admiration instead.

You need to get through your head these people have no intention of evolving the human race or exploring new frontiers. These are the same people who still perpetuate the use of the internal combustion engine, which has been outdated technology for decades, because they want to monetize every last drop of oil that they own the mineral rights to. They do no want to evolve humanity but commoditize it and monetize it over a timeline to ensure the maximum exploitation of the resources they control.

Furthermore any off world colony presents an extreme risk to their power as the further from earth one would be the further from central influence. You really have no concept of how humans work if you think space exploration would be a legitimate possibility under a world that races to the lowest common denominator.

Also anyone I've ever seen use the phrase hegelian dialect on an imageboard is a retard who doesn't understand that it means nothing beyond one dead retard's system for making logical proofs. It isn't an argument for or against anything beyond a style of making arguments. This would explain the remaining babbling about worshiping computers and AI that can see into the future like some crystal gypsy. Your brain needs a good scrub from whatever shitty books put these half cocked ideas in your head. If you actually understood what a truly unconstrained AI was you'd know there is literally no way you have of controlling it so to worship it or use it as a tool if your goal is subversion is not just a self defeating concept but a retarded one.

El Chapo is going to ADX Florence not Ottisville and Epstein is still at MCS in New York City. Also it would be rough for El Chapo since in Mexico he basically owned whatever prison he was at to the point he had a catered chef who cooked his meals and the guards brought whores in for him. Mexican prison when you're a billionaire is always going to be easier than anything in the US where there is much less corruption in the jail system on an individual level.

Also it's not "transhumanism" they are following but an evolution of the cult of Thelema which incorporates some aspects of trans humanism. To say they are trans humanists would be like calling Christians cannibals over one single symbolic ritual.

Hey mate, since the plebs in here don't appreciate your generous offer.

Can you name 3 of the top 4 controlling families of the global economic and political powers?

no because you cant remove jewish influence in america without knowing what (((they))).

At least we agree on this, flat earth is a good psyop because it differentiates those willing to do due diligence to prove a concept from those that wont.

Exactly, they are the rulers of earth, this is unmistakeable to any with even a half an eye open. They no longer are content with this, they through AI wish to become GODS to the entire earth. The (((chosen))) few of course.

Shut it down da goy know

Intermarriage means they basically all are 1 family now. Depends what your definition of family is and whether it's political or economic. The political families and the banking families are largely separate. Political power is also something that loses power over each generation typically while economic power cloaks itself among multiple descendants. Without knowing what you want exactly I'd pick these 3.

Del Banco aka Warburg

LARP harder you faggot.
Share something you didn't get from a Eustace Mullins book.
Are you doing this for the attention, or the slide?

So why do you hang out on 8ch dropping the odd bit of knowledge?

Imagine being initiated into some secret cult only to find out the blood they bathed you in was from a kid one of them had previously given HIV