I want to kill the Jews, these rotten nations, - not the local merchant, not the little one in the synagogue...

I want to kill the Jews, these rotten nations, - not the local merchant, not the little one in the synagogue, but these abject beings such as Soros, Junker Attali, Bernard-Henri Levy, etc.

Most of you live in the USA, on my side, from France, I can tell you that the situation is becoming increasingly unbearable, these bloodsuckers by nature are always going further in the repression of all white nationalism and the promotion of all sexual deviances.

We are increasingly suffering from mass black immigration.

I look forward to the arrival of a new, even harder Führer who will definitively decapitate the head of the Jewish hydra.

"I know that a man capable of providing a definitive solution to our problems must appear. And that is why I myself started doing the preparatory work (die Vorarbeit); only the most urgent preparatory work, because I know that I am not the one who should come. And I also know what I need (to be That One). But He stays away, and no one comes forward, and there is no time to lose."
— Adolf Hitler

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There are no good jews.

I know.

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Good for you. This thread has no purpose whatsoever.

BT had a few things to say about France as well. That place must be a dystopian hell by now.
Sadly, it seems to be the model for the future of all white nations.
Very black-pilling indeed.
Every white life is worth more than any amount of shitskins do don't throw it away stupidly or get yourself compromised . My best advice is to train for combat and prepare for the inevitable race war.


If you ignore 7,000 years of history and you squint one eye while listening to music really loud, you might find one.

you can substitute the word "communist" and get the same point across. we all know there are no good commies


As American Hispanics, we are tired of how all of these coward racist liberals that hate America like Obama, the shadow government bureaucrats, and their supporters are trying to turn this great country into a 3rd world one.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems we have right now is the media and entertainment that are always trying to tell us how to think. They have created enough imbeciles that would re-elect a failure like Obama.

Even more, we're supposed to bow down to anti-American Obama, love liberal policies no matter how destructive they are, love bigger enslaving government, and be in favor of illegal immigration because of the color of our skin… disgusting

That's why we support President Donald J. Trump. Fellow patriots, please invite all of your Facebook friends to like and share our great pro-America page "Chepo Team", the only true patriotic cartoon comic strip. And let's Make America Great Again!

Our ancestors failed for 2000 years to deal with kikes even as they enslaved, raped, tortured, murdered our people with the full cooperation of the church faggots, bloodsucking aristocrats, and monarch scum. Whites fundamentally do not understand the kike. We see them as humans when they're little more than parasites who look human. A fatal error; kikes have no humanity in them.

These factions were the only things keeping the jew at bay, and the only people who carried out pogroms and expulsions. The jews hated the clergy and the aristocracy. It was the low-breed middle class that the jews used as a vehicle for power. ZOG sprouted from the most parliamentary regimes. Don't talk shit if you know nothing of history. Low-breeds in cahoots with jews is why we're in this mess.

If you think ZOG is going to allow another Hitler to appear you're delusional.

Think about it. They control EVERYTHING as far as the media goes and you think they're going to allow a gifted orator to stand in front of us and organize us into a formidable opponent for them to have to fight with?

This this this!!

We are a nation of esoteric PILGRIMS.

Hitler chose to fight another day… in South America

This is why they want to (((deport))) the pilgrims coming from Latin America. Hispanics are naturally redpilled on the JQ.

How do you do fellow fbi poster?

I come from France myself, and yes i can confirm OP, France is in a really bad state.
But it's honestly whatever, the peaceful majority never matters, we will destroy theses niggers.

Pogroms were little more than riots where a few shop windows were broken, and they were carried out by enraged peasants that jews were exploiting, not aristocrats. The upper class was always willing to use jews as middlemen between themselves and the lower class.

Expulsions only happened when the crimes of the jews became so unbearable, like child murder and White Slavery, that the King had no other choice. The point is that Jews shouldn't have been allowed to live in Europe to begin with.

Yeah and that's why they destroyed the aristocracies by intermarrying with them. Just because kikes hate certain people doesn't mean that those people weren't instrumental in giving jews more power. Whites unfortunately have been historically oblivious as to what jews are.

You think Jews got power by intermarrying with the middle class? They sent their sons and daughters out to marry the nobles. Look at the Kushners and the Trumps.

ZOG has existed in Europe as long as Jews have been there. Hell even Roman writers condemned the power jews had over the Senate.

No, disloyalty and lack of racial awareness is why we're here. Those traits are found in all classes but it was the upper class that always sold out to the kike first.

I'm a visionary, you see. My ideas will save the world from an enemy, such a dark cruel enemy. They are extremely evil and disgusting.

Well, I'm going off on a tangent, allow me to explain:

They are monsters, with beady eyes, grasping claws and hooked noses. To the untrained eye, they seem so normal. But to me, I see them for what they truly are. Hideous monsters, slowly draining the world in a bid for domination. Waiting, watching, their greedy eyes set on all of us. Like rats, they are spreading a plague of horror and woe.

They invade - no, infiltrate our cities. And try to gain control over our people. It makes me sick. Everything about them, it makes me sick.

They perform dark rituals every week, planning and converting. They want to kill us. All of us. They have me trapped. I know it's them and that they are behind the world's problems. I will strike a blow at these demons and imprison them as they have imprisoned me. They will ALL die under my rule, every last one.

I'm a visionary, you see. I'll be out of this place soon, then the fight begins. I'll go down in history forever as the saviour of the world from these things.

My name is one that will be remembered.

A kitten grows into a tiger.
A bear cub grows into a murderous bear.
A puppy becomes a wolf that steals chickens.
A fox cub grows into a thief of eggs.

If you do not understand this, then there is no hope for you.

Such imaginary places no longer exist, user.
It is called 'Grand Est'.
It is the home of the jews.
It always has been.
Since the begining of time.

Also, the French are Francs are Germanics from Franconia are Scythians tbh.

I am a Northern Germanic Franc in burgerlund.
But I am only one, like Hitler 1.0.
Hitler 2.0 ist zahlreich.
He is me.
He is (you).
My brother.

You aren't going to do shit, you cringey little bitch.

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That lady is a turbojew.
Comment discarded.

You're a jew

The fact you let them make you think that "there media makes too many idiots" and the fact that you think that is all that matters or at least what is most important, this is why you accelerating the collapsing without realizing it.


(((You))) mad?

Stop waiting for someone to become a leader, and start forming white communities focused on learning to fight and kill, along with training for self sustaining themselves. This whole "let's wait and see" will only lead to defeat. victory is achieved by violently killing all who oppose one's will. Create a group, and focus all the attention of said group in hating and killing jews, leftists, niggers, faggots, and anything else that opposes white men. Teach your children to fight and kill. Not to play with toys. Never let your children consume western entertainment. Make them become entertained by killing non-whites and learning how to fight and how to use guns.
There is no great leader to come. all of us are the great warriors that must kill all jews and all other non-whites. Form a tight group that relentlessly reacts violently against anything jewish, while also expanding your influence and power, by means of killing everyone else. When other groups of the same kind show up, unite and expand even more. Don't wait for a hero. Kill your enemies.
Also, this

Stupid fuck delete this thread fucking delete it fucking right fucking now NEVER talk about what you are going to do or want to do user that is the first fucking rule of siege do not talk about the shit you want to do or are going to do fucking retard

AND just read everything you just said sorry for yelling at you but user this can not be solved politicly SIEGE the goverment and don't get fucked by cops user.Why don't you try to be a Führer not some fucking larpy ass skin head nigger fuhrer but a leader worth fighting for I know for a fact their is a awd in france also A big one in germany too well maybe not a big one in germany but still.It's not worth fighting with other people tho they might snich you out so if I was you I would go lone wolf don't be a retard and shoot tons of people attack the main targets and make a plan to escape with your life to make another attack (main targets are globolist faggots or people that are helping black immigration)don't be a retarded don't get caught

Thank (((Christianity))) for that.

^^^ worth noting they are putting BT posts on bot-mode.
as if the leaked videos of the rehearsal wasn't enough evidence…

seems relevant

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That's nice, didn't need yet another slide.

Sure you can.

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why even waste your time typing this? it's like you're not even trying

That's called the US Military, Moshe
The community you faggots lost control of because of your disgusting behavior.

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honestly anti-circumcision memes have a lot of potential

communism is just talmudism, lurk more

Force et honneur du Québec. C'est au Saint Royaume de France à montrer l'exemple aux autres. Tiens bon.

Are you White today Schlomo?

Correct. You can not beat whites rabbi. We will always win in the end.

Trophy Hunting won't resolve an infestation. There are no small, innocent, local or good kikes. (((Humanist))) expulsions do not work: of their 350 to 1030 expulsions in the last 3000 years, these Hiribu criminals always inveigle their way back into the Occident. There is no leadership based continence that can consistently prevent the parasite. Strategically, it may be preferable to begin with the Cohanim. If there are 20-40 Million kikes total, the Cohanim portion will represent a significant [33%?] quantity of perfecting Neanderdeath. In general, even at fantastic levels of absolute extermination, mortal consequence isn't even half of what was lost in WWII to kike instigation and machinations, let alone their unprosecuted culpability in the destruction of numerous Aryan Civilizations.

Engineer a virus that kills anyone with kike genes. Problem solved.

Do you want the Christian's to torture and burn your family goy?

Last I checked, Christianity is becoming increasingly irrelevant. I'm more worried about Islam. Besides, Christianity has been the dominant religion of the West for over 1000 years. I hardly think it's a threat to our race.

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Nevermind that Jesus is such a badass he literally allowed himself to be fillet'd by the kikes in order to wake up the masses to what a disgusting vermin they were.
Nevermind that not a single one of you would be willing to do that to wake up the masses.
Nevermind that jews hate his guts because he represents everything that anti-jew like love, purity and avoidance of sin.

just forget about all that and listen to me when i say that Jesus was definitely a jew, even though that word didn't exist when he lived and he died fighting the jews, nevermind all the obvious obstacles you have to leap, listen to me because it's a jew tactic to say something continually until it becomes accepted as true.

does that about sum it up, jew?

now THIS is something I can get on board with.

Dude I'm half mexican and I've tried for so long to convince my mexican side of the family Trump is the way to go. Even the well to do ones don't listen. Almost seems like a lost cause

so is this your end goal? to go on Zig Forums with zero solutions and absolutely no answers, but at least you're going to let all of us know that we're dumb for even trying. Nice.

Isaiah was sawed in half for his fellow Judeans by his fellow Judeans. The jews often kill their prophets and are rewarded for this action. You really think the jews killing another prophet, even if it was Yawheh himself would matter? Especially when the whole point of his birth was his sacrifice to "save" the Gowyim.
More like turn all eyes to only see worth in the jewish stories.

That is factually wrong by the Septuagint and also wrong by the Greek New Testament itself. That word very much existed, when Jesus speaks to the Samaritan woman (John 4:22) he says "jews" and when Peter calls out to his fellow jewish believers before speaking to "everyone else" he says "jews". Both the idea and word for jewishness was alive and well back then.

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Stop attacking people whom would be your ally if you'd quit hating them.

Not only Trump is the bitch of the kikes, a living clown and the worst President in the history of the US, but you're not even White so you shouldn't be here in the first place.

I have only met a few Jews that I probably couldn't beat up.. I have met a lot of Jews.

Yeah but what is the alternative? I only agree with western culture, suck it up, I'm breeding this bs out with my aryan girlfriend. Chill.

=Lol= you'll never be White nigger, even if you actually breed with a White women, you belong to a race of slaves, end of the story.

How is it my fault my dumb whore white mother fell in love with a beaner? As long as I pledge allegiance to western culture why is it fair that people like me will be slaughtered? You wanna kill me because some kikes got to my mom? Nice.

I'll literally always agree with you guys, so whatever, if it comes down to it, I'd die for the preservation of the west. Do what you must.

Plus it's about culture not race, are the principles of Christ and the free market embedded in your skin color? no. Ridiculous

Ignore that piece of shit. It really is culture, not race. Those fomenting race wars in America of white v. black v. hispanic are essential kosher. Divided we fall ain't no bullshit.

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Cool, now try beating up Christians without being raped and murdered.

You act like rape and murder are exclusive to Christians. How about not starting fights with people just because they believe in the same sky daddy as the Muslims and (((them)))

Surely enough the Pagan Scandinavian Kings killed the Jews when they appeared right? You got some evidence for this, right? Could you please post it?

They dont have to allow shit. The next Furher will TAKE power.

Where does culture stems from? From how you feel and act? Maybe those muslims in germany can become German by speaking german and dressing as Germans and eating German foods and drinking German beer? Oh wait, just in "Doctrine and Party" it is already stated that "No negroe or jew or asian can become German by being born in Germany". You stupid fuckwit. Go back to 4chan.

Well what does it really mean to be German? It's not just culture, it is very much a racial aspect of one's identity. Let's not pretend minority groups don't form their own subcultures within their host countries. A Muslim could grow up in Germany and speak German as a first language, and he will still naturally identify with other German Muslims before he identifies with a native German. Just like most black Americans to this day will identify with other blacks before they identify with whites. It's not hateful to point out that race mixing doesn't really work. Mostly because race mixing doesn't normally happen as people naturally stick to their race.

Me too

Yes, but Christianity has been specifically designed to rape and murder europeans. Youre a nigger to the Christian.

The jews already gave you your new Furer. His name is Sloppy Robinson..eh i mean Mossad Robinson..no no no it was Tommy Shekelberg

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Lmfao no it hasn't. You're spewing total nonsense. Fuck you for making me defend ancient fairy tales I've hated most of my life.

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Exactly, you hate it but cant fight it. Total dominance, you pagan nigger.

Lmao there's no need to fight it because hardly anyone under 50 takes it seriously anymore. When the boomers die out, so will Christianity. You're fighting what (((they))) want you to waste your energy fighting.

Honestly they've been so kiked for the passed 50 years, christians are brainwashed into wrecking themselves. They're litterally just liberals that fund Israel and fight orgs that profit from dead nigger babies.

If it wasn't the Christians helping their agenda along, it'd be someone else. There's plenty of other people who will do some favors for a few shekels. You gotta deal with the root of the problem.

Boomers are too weak to be Christians. Christianity only thrives when warriors adopt it, and then mangle the non-christians who kike-up the place with their faggotry. The history of Europe is essentially Christian warriors killing dick-sucking faggots like you and then conquering your fellow nigger faggots world-wide. If history is any indication, another nation of Christians will rise and put you niggers and jews to the fire again like the Protestants put the (((Catholics))) down.

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Yuri posts again! Nice try putin.

The vast majority of Christians are boomers, and for the majority of the existence of our race we believed in various pagan religions. Christianity is relatively new. Here's the thing that's been constant throughout the ages; there was no god and all of the religions were BS.

ok nigger go do something then

is this the neanderthal-as-super-predator meme?

Who would be our ally? I thought they already were our greatest ally. I'm just waiting for someone to tell me one thing they've ever done for us. I can give you a list of six million things "our greatest ally" has done against us.

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Please don't anger us next time.
Stop mutilating kids, lads.

Euro WNs still failing to understand the difference between colonial english countries and others.

There is no evil jewish plan that undermines humanity.

Stop feeding this troll that leads nowhere.

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this has gotta be bait.

The pendulum is already swinging. This is intergenerational though, we will never see the result of our efforts and that is ok.

Whites with predisposition for trust are being bred out. The whites left will be fucking assholes, just watch.

Have a good bite. It is proven that you are not a fish, landing on the dinner plate. Nor does