Science of Anti-Gingerism

Anti-redhead sentiment is directed mainly at redheaded males. Redheaded females are very sexually desired. This indicates that verbal abuse of redheaded males is likely mate competition for redheaded females.

For example, Blacks call White men losers, this is done because Black males wish to compete for White females. So they reduce the value of White men by insulting them to try to get White females.

Similarly Whites men who don't have red hair have been insulting red headed white men in order to compete against them for red headed women. There may be something similar going on with the way blond males have been treated considering how desired blond females are.

Just look at how common anti-Ginger bigotry is in Britain. White men would naturally direct this at red headed men to compete for the natural mate of the red headed man: the red headed woman. If red headed women do suffer verbal abuse it would likely be from women to compete against them for men.

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Wow, another diversion thread. Surely, something productive will happen ITT

I've been wondering if its more than this though. Lilith is often portrayed as being red headed. She was seen as many things, a demon, a witch, succubus, Adam's first wife. There are also lots of jewish red heads. I don't find red headed women attrractive at all, but jews clearly do. They use red heads so often in movies. So not sure what to make of it. Red heads are probably part demon. I'd say it would be best to just gas them all to be safe.



I have never seen a redhead man+woman couple and likely never will.

Literal faggots sexualize redhead men (for some reason).

Also a ton of jews have red hair whatever that's worth.

That's not science at all.

The only ones who will be gassed are your kind, kike.

why wouldn't you use a HQ version of that sexy ginge, faggot?

More to the point, it's a vestigial anti Scot sentiment by the Anglo Saxon invaders who have always hated them going back to the collapse of the Roman Empire. On a broader scale this animosity puts the lie to the solidarity of the white race. Celts are historically earth fertility mother god worshippers at perpetual war with Germanic male warrior sky god worshippers. The Scots are not naturally allied to the English (Angles). They're allies of the French. There's much to be said about that too. But the Scots have been historically ill treated by the British. Death to the Duke of Northumberland and death to the treasonous Campbell clan.

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You know as well as I do that this thread is nothing more than a thinly veiled request for pics of redhead qts. Which I endorse

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They don't have souls. That's a scientific fact.

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Way to drink the anti-white kool-aid, brainlet.

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No,that's jooz.
Eric Cartman said so.

This thread definitely needs moar beautiful young redheads with freckles.

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Jim Morrison's girlfriend Pamela Courson was a red head with freckles…UNNNGH

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No one is interested in narrative anymore. Kill someone or stop posting.

Said the fed who hasn't killed anyone.

t. british ginger

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