Marijuana is not the green jew

The Jews are against the legalization of marijuana because it hurts their profit making magic. The Jews own the pharmaceutical companies in America, if marijuana was legalized, people who are sick would turn to pot and this scares the Jews in the pharmaceutical industries. This is why the pharmaceutical industries lobby the republicans in state governments where it's already illegal and in Congress and Mitch McConnell to keep marijuana criminalized and enhance the harsh penalties of marijuana possession. If you don't believe me, look at the most Jewish state in America, New York, marijuana is as illegal there as CP, and the Jews want to keep it that way so they can continue earning their shekels.

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This is a plain lie. Jews have been so all over marijuana legalization and distribution efforts. Fuck off you fucking scheming lying and disgusting kike. Your days are numbered.

Okay if these powerful Jews are so pro pot, then why aren't they advocating for legalization? I have seen no kike advocate for marijuana, it's all goyim.

It probably has absolutely nothing to do with the pharmaceutical industry. I would imagine "synthetic cannabis" pills are super marginal [feel free to correct me if I am wrong] and marijuana exceedingly easy to get for someone who wants to get it. It probably has much more to do with skimming arrest/citation/court fees. Jews are also heavily represented in distribution chains for legalized marijuana, which is to be expected since they are the closest to the means of counterfeit [central banking/capital].

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Anywhere there’s money to be made hand rubbing will intensify but I don’t see marijuana legalization as being inherently jewish.

I am a degenerate pot head who hasn't NOT been high for more than 15 minutes in 15 years. And let me tell you, Pot is as much Jew nonsense as everything else. Some of us are just really fucked up. A society full of us would be a dream come true for kikes.

ok schlomo


Cannabis was by the ancient Aryans medicinally. The problem arises with its over-use, or abuse. Every medicine becomes a poison when used too much.

Nice try, puritan.

I have my weaknesses too, but I admit that they are weaknesses. I work to overcome them. Denying that a weakness of yours is a weakness is a sure way to never overcome it.


There is no reason to give it up. There is nothing wrong with a natural plant.

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Op, you bring no facts, no stats and no historical data to this debate. Just a lot of misdirection and feelz.

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Go eat some hemlock, then.

For everyone else, here is the start of a good series on Cannabis by a medical researcher.


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You have nothing.

You do realize the vast majority of weed smokers admit to just doing it recreationaly

lol that's what most people are smoking these days or at least Americans


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I mean it being natural is irrelevant either way. First of all, we haven't even agreed on what we mean by natural. Does it mean "found that way"? Then organic bread isn't natural. Does it mean "produced by an organism"? Then sand isn't natural. The list goes on.

There are plenty of things that are dangerous that are "natural", and plenty of safe things that are "unnatural". At any rate, weed is no more dangerous then alcohol, its less addictive, less degenerate, and popular amongst people that are actually smart like mathematicians, scientists, classical and jazz musicians, and financial professionals.

I'll finish it out with what it does to your lungs.

That changes nothing and doesn't "prove" any negative about the plant that only has a "bad reputation" because kike owned pharma companies says so.

Don't forget to take your opioids for your sore back, user.

Marijuana doesn't kill you, you schizophrenic puritan whose understanding of substances is only what kikes on tv tells him is real.

Textbook pilpul. Discarded.

10/10 bait desü

"There is no reason to give it up. There is nothing wrong with a natural plant."

There is nothing natural about today's pot!

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Obvious data miners are obvious.

t. off for his morning run

This is why you white power retards will always fail. You are so paranoid you think Jews are behind anything you disagree with and you spend your time calling each other Jews


There is in fact a small probability that smoking weed will kill you outright and directly due to its effects on your circulatory system.

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Anything can be harmful at high amounts.

No, the green jew is the banknotes issued by the Fed

It is genetically modified just as your INCEL brain is!

How is it bait user, all I did was make several points:
(1) That user's point is fallacious - the fact that weed is "natural" doesn't mean its "OK"
(2) Nevertheless I support weed legalization
(3) Weed has less negative sides affects and is less addictive than alcohol.
(4) (Somewhat irrelevant) but weed is popular with intelligent successful people. If you're not already a degenerate, weed wont turn you into one.

I don't see why this is "bait" or trollish in any way. (1) is simply true. (2) is my opinion - albeit an unpopular one perhaps. (3) Is simply true, and I'm even somewhat qualified to say so, since I have a degree in a biomedical field and specifically, I know a lot about the brain, and have a fairly good understanding of pharamacology, although that's not the field I work it. As for (4), you can refer back to my explanation for (3).

If you drink too much water, you'll die. Guess water in general is bad. If you eat too much, you'll get fat. Guess food is bad now.

Bad bait. Filtered.

I smoked this shit for years.

It's really fucking bad for your brain.

Stop doing it.


We call lead poisonous, although people can tolerate some exposure and even a tiny amount of consumption of it.

Weed is not like food or water, which are literally necessary to live. Weed is something that isn't needed to survive, and - when used by a healthy person - has exclusively negative health effects.

The downsides of marijuana consumption are well documented, and I've posted videos - with plenty of citations in the descriptions - backing up the fact that marijuana is bad for you.

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It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to come to Zig Forums and talk up the virtues of jazz and finance. Now I'll kindly ask you to fuckoff right back where you came from. Thanks.

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Okay (((user))).

Lead also isn't a plant that doesn't have negative side effects barring abuse. Your puritan kikery is well documented.


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Good knowledge user, ignore idiots who can't adapt worldview to fit reality and instead try to adapt reality around worldview. Can you drop itt the video he pitches at the end of heart one where he talks about all the effects on the brain? I've studied this issue (and been a pot smoker) for decades and even with all that still learning new info.

lurk moar faggot, no one here uses the cringe line white power.

Man I saw this happen to a buddy, caught the pots addiction real bad, a real habit. He injected 2 whole pots mixed with canned beer! And the same time! Fucking face looked like that after
I’ll never forget that. Just say no faggots

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Nice try.

You are, so far, the only person on the pro-legalization side who has made a point that's at least reasonable. So, you deserve a response.

Regarding point (3) - why should the direct consumption of alcohol be legal? I can understand arguing that "If consumption of alcohol should be legal, then so should the consumption of marijuana." However, I cannot agree that drinking alcohol should be legal.

Point (4) is utterly irrelevant, and I'm not convinced that weed is more popular with intelligent, successful people than it is with unintelligent, unsuccessful people. I grant that weed does not magically turn you into a huge degenerate, but it also helps move you into social circles where you are exposed primarily to degenerates.

The one he's talking about is actually the first video I linked, on psychosis. I linked them a bit out of order, this is the first video in that series.

The series order is this one, then lung, then heart, then psychosis.

Medical weed is Evil, Regular weed is ok

I was in ICU with a relative for a week.
My relative had to share a room with a fat fuck that was basically dying.
The nurse servicing the fat fuck asked him point blank if he smoked cannabis.
It turns out that cannabis is linked with thickening of the blood, and DVT.

That being said, the only drugs which should be illegal to obtain without the council of a doctor should be biologically critical medications including antibiotics and antivirals.

Thanks user, going to watch them all tonight.

Don't agree, a society with no vice made legal in any form is a society that turns its citizens into lawbreakers for the smallest of crimes, thereby incentivizing further and larger criminal activity. Knowledge should be available freely, and your own opinion should judge if participating in an activity is worth the cost or not.

Kratom is the real threat to Big Pharma's opiate epidemic, not weed or snake-oil cbd you fucking retard.

It forces low-grade spiritual experiences on the user, making them aware of their possibility with absolute certainty. Once that is done, there isn’t much to gain from using it.

I stopped smoking pot about a month ago and it gives me the edge i need over the docile masses. My dreams are also SUPER vivid and i highly reccommend any anons smoking reefer like a nigger to stop that immediately. You think pot makes you all powerful but it doesnt. Euphoria is one of its effects but also poor judgement. Im off to go plan public decapitations of jewish bankers (in minecraft.)

Do you anti-weed niggers even try thinking? Kikes use more logic trying to push their (((narrative))) than any of you, and that's saying something.

The closest any of you can get to an actual counter-argument is some bullshit story you've made up and emotional appeal. How does anyone fucking fall for this shit? How retarded is nu/pol/ to fall for emotional appeal?


What (((religion))) might that be?
People will attach themselves to whatever form of addiction or escapism they seek. Posting on Zig Forums for 3 hours a Day is no different in terms of production loss.
I personally don’t use or advocate the use of marijuana but I don’t see what’s jewish about making it legal especially as it means you can grow your own.
How about put the pharmaceutical peddlers and creators in jail with their synthetic heroin.

TRUTH IS: MARI_GAY_JUANA IS FUCKING ADDICTIVE. if u r a regular stoner, try quitting it for 3 months! The disossciation would be intolerable U FUCK!!!