The Influencing Machine

Please find here materials pertaining to a controversial research study that explores the propagandistic role George Soros made for contemporary art in the mid-90s throughout Eastern Europe.

This is a very thorough anthropological research that analyzes patterns of influence occurring across the entire network of Soros Centers for Contemporary Art which existed in 20 cities across the Eastern bloc. This story has never been told. It fits neatly in a narrative between the CIA's interest in abstract expressionism and the culture of meme/trolling warfare. It's a celebration of the avantgarde as a place for weaponizing aesthetics.

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Money Laundering, Art Theft, Art Forgery, Counterfeit, Fed Reserve and Money Printing. Berg, Berg, Berg: Greenberg, Rosenberg, Steinberg.

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Interesting, but I'm not watching a video. If you had a book, I'd read it.

Surprisingly, "Exit through the Gift Shop" hints at how art is assigned value (presumably for insurance fraud/money laundering).

Believe it or not, Miles Mathis (of all disinfo shlls) has a well-sourced writeup on the CIA using modern art as a cultural weapon and cover.

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This is gonna be a rough 22 minutes (but I'll do it for you, Zig Forums),

I thought this was going to be an exposé on his subversive influence, but it genuinely fucking praises him.
H-he paid for this exhibit and the documentary, right?
9 minutes in and I literally can't even.

All art is political.
Everything is art.

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I saw this film in a college course. It redpilled me on (((art))).

Sorry, try this:$&%_Is_Jackson_Pollock?

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What a great way to introduce bugs into non-superpower diplomatic corners.

The shredder thing was pretty funny. Like when the K Foundation burned a million quid.


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This is an excellent documentary on a group of wealthy Philadelphia kikes who conspired to steal billions of dollars worth of art from an independent art collection which was perfectly solvent and functional by stacking the board of directors and using jewish influence to sway court decisions and cover the whole thing up.

Thank you OP. This is great.

I started going to galeries a lot in the late sixties. There was something about the entire atmosphere, the large high ceiling rooms that were silent and mostly empty. It was an atmosphere of peace and ease an wealth. Sometimes I'd actually get to see a good work of art there. With the seventies there were increasing numbers of exhibitions of conceptual art installations that were minimalistic and employed modern media. Invariably they were deeply influenced by Marshall McCluahan's writings. Later I learned that a lot of this, not just in the USA but in Canada and Europe was financed by the CIA. Later, starting around the late 2000's with the rise of social media, like Instagram etc I was struck by the way these media McCluhan installations predicted that social media 40 years later. The authorities already knew what they were creating in the internet around half a century in advance.

Probably the richest success story in today's art world is Jeff Coons. He doesn't draw, paint, sculpt or make prints. I don't think he knows how. Rather, he's an enterpreneur; he gets an idea, and hires photographers, sculptors and painters to do it all for him. He hired porn star Ilona Staller to pose with him for thousands of photos and had a giant photoreal painting of it made for him and sculptures by Italian stone cutters.

All he does now is cruises around the Mediterranean Sea in his yacht partying with the ultra rich yacht society and drumming up commissions worth $25 million or more.

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Whoa whoa whoa there, old timer—I hope you're not denigrating Marshall McLuhan. The man truly was a visionary. Influencing/influenced by the CIA…maybe; but to say conceptual modern art even approached his thought is a little generous.

Well user give us a tl;dr. I couldn't get halfway through.

The Jews latest Holyhoax swindle is trying to reclaim art work the Nazi's supposedly seized from them. I just know this will evolve into a massive swindle where they claim every shitty painting is a master piece worth millions.

Btw here's a reparation update, you guys should google Holocaust reparations every now and then. You will be stunned at the constant stream of new claims and the stupid whites who gush with guilt as they get shook down for the 50th time.
anyhow here's the latest.
"Forty-nine people who made it out of the Holocaust alive are receiving around $400,000 each, according to former Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat, the State Department's expert adviser on Holocaust-era issues, who helped negotiate the agreement. He said 32 spouses of deportees who died will get up to $100,000, depending on how long their spouse lived. Heirs and estates of deportees or their spouses are also getting paid.

The money is the second and last round of payments from $60 million France provided following a 2014 agreement in exchange for recipients relinquishing the right to sue."

In total there was 900 "survivors" who were in on this swindle.

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The conceptual art experiments around Marshall McCluhan were well known and approved of by Marshall himself.

San Francisco, Howard Gossage and Gerry Feigen, had just begun their ongoing
"McLuhan Festival." The original McLuhan Festival was a kind of "happening" or
"environment" in an armory at the University of British Columbia, put on by some
teachers there. They were part of what is sometimes called "The McLuhan Cult"-
esoteric groups of intellectuals who have . . . discovered McLuhan, in Canada and
in the United States, most of them over the past three years, since The Gutenberg
Galaxy came out. In the armory they suspended sheets of plastic from the ceiling,
forming a maze. Operators aimed light projections at the plastic sheets and at the
people walking through them, a movie projector showed a long, meaningless
movie of the interior of the empty armory, goofy noises poured out of the
loudspeakers, bells rang, somebody banged blocks of wood together up on a
podium, somebody else spewed perfume around, dancers flipped around through
the crowds, and behind a stretch fabric wall-a frame with a stretch fabric across itthere was a girl, pressed against the stretch fabric wall, like a whole wall made of
stretch pants, and undulating and humping around back there. Everybody was
supposed to come up and feel it-the girl up against the stretch fabric -to
understand this "tactile communication" McLuhan talks about.

McCluhan was really big with corporate America and forward thinkers in the government trying to figure out the future that technology would impose.

And it's not "generous" to say that conceptual art approached McCluhan's thoughts. Much of it was directly inspired by it and embodied his predictions as I can well attest. I swear, when social media got going I was immediately struck with the same feelings as by the big video installations with loops of meaningless video and audio in art galleries of the 70's. Back then it made no sense but when the internet took off it was clear what they were all getting at back then.

I thought /pol was smarter than this. Art is how they move money. It is not meant to be good.

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appreciate the sauce