Poland and Hungary will have to answer to Timmerman

I warned you that the EU was having an election, you guys could care less.

While you were making your Tarrant memes the Jews got their operatives into key positions.

Here's his recent comments on Poland and Hungary.

Timmerman openly admits we must genocide ourselves so we can't make the mistakes of the past ie Holyhoax.
Great: So two more Christian white people gushing with guilt about the holocaust are in charge, wtf.

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How is nu/pol/ going to blame this on PotUS this time?

user it's not exactly groundbreaking news that more kikes are trying to jew the EU and fuck over countries that actually might rise against ZOG. If you feel it is significant enough to warrant a thread you need to do a more informative OP.

first post, troll post. nu/pol/ sucks trumpstein's dick

In Feb check out how Jews Swindled $437,000 from the Hungarian govt and had the nerve to claim antisemitism when a govt publication made light of it.

If you know anything about Jews then you know they simply sent this money to other Jews and they'll probably get the Hungarians to cover the loss.

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Oh stfu, you didn't know til I told you.

Most are 'Caucasian' Haplogroup G.
Most are Arabs.
Because Noah and Shem never fucking existed.

Now fuck off with your dystopian shithole of a state larping as a kingdom.

The only solution to the EU is to hunt down and murder everyone involver.

Thanks for the heads up OP

Why do I see dozens of death threats on here every day then?

Agent provocateurs, in the unlikely event some of them are real let me explain something. Seej and the turner diaries and all those are fantasy written long before smart phones and total information awareness.

We have to win elections and to do that we need a free and open internet so we can challenge their narrativ. We need to actually organize and send letter and emails to our elected reps, basically copy the Jews.

If an elected rep crosses them they have a thousand emails in their in box. We should do that.

Watch the first 3 minutes to hear about the shoot to cripple program for kids.

This. Kill all non-whites, starting with jews. and kill all who support them or work for them. If that means killing the majority of the population, it is not a problem. They must be killed.

>supporting the one fucking guy from this piece of shit board that actually did anything is bad and it's your fault the (((eu))) election didn't go the right way
Talk to the fucking euroniggers who were supposed to be on top of this.

If you don't believe in Shem aren't you an anti-Shemite?

King David and Solomon didn't exist either.

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Timmermans can suck my uncut polish dick…


Archive link since OP is still being a faggot: archive.is/KTJLw

It's COULDN'T care less you fucking mongoloid


lol timmermans wanted to be commission president and fucking lost, because eastern bloc countries voted for von der Leyen instead, one incompetent idiot. And don't think there weren't any strings attached.
V4 countries are throwing their weight around and there is little the lib fags can do about it.

>implying that there was anything we could have done to stop them short of subscribing to Pewdiepie in Brussels

all they'll do is send another angry letter

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This literally isnt possible in poland it would take 24/7 365 military intervention to stop the poles from driving out the migrants these jews forget slavs dont have white guilt complexes

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>Timmerman seeks to punish (((poooland))) and (((hunnnic-gary)))
So the fuck what? Who cares if they become Africanized?

That's because they're not white

Who want to be white when it just means anglo poles are aryan identifying as white just means youre a deracinated european

The jews care very much seeing as you're one of them this is very disingenuous

Such edginess such wit.

Fuck off, nigger
Youll never be white

slavshits and mongoloid huns stole all their culture from superior Germans.
You're also all Jews.


Pssst hey hey you.

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: )

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nobody cares, all yids/semites/whathave you go to oven.

we wont get refugees™ but we'll still get flooded migrants like poos

the worlds economy is based on infinite growth while no one of us are having kids, we are bound to be flooded with shitskins sooner or later so that those in power can flaunt "muh fastest growing economy in Europe" bullshit to keep fellating investors, lucky we had white Ukrainians come here for work to stave off the inevetable for a little while but that wont last for forever


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farage really seems alright

Ah, the Jews favourite philosopher! Polish of course.

Settle down user, that's what I'm saying. If you have good info post an informative OP for us, dont just say "you guys are fags for not knowing this specific Jewish plot." Were on the same side mein negger, I'm not criticizing you just saying you need to do a better OP if you've got important info that warrants it's own thread

If you think we can ever win power in this system tailored to keep us from it, you're fooling yourself. All our institutions are rotted beyond saving anyways, so why try when we can just rebuild them?

This has been tried time and time again and every time it has failed to accomplish anything other than wasting the time and effort of men who might actually do something. I'd rather de-kike my nation than try to out-jew the jew, even if violence is the only path they leave open.

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Damn, I love having Croatian blood!
Magyars are bros.

how about poland and hungary form a new union together and after doing so they quickly persuade (conquer) slovakia , czechia, austria and finally aid to the rescue of the remaining eurocuntries, cleansing them in a swift coup de main with righteous fire of purity…

Look into V4, that's what many of those countries are trying to achieve.

Good watch, check out this Jewess outraged over Hungary standing their ground on immigration.

Yes, the philospher obsessed with fighting "degeneracy" that got syphilis from a hooker. His concept of "degeneracy was actually retarded. He basically thought those not obsessed with an romanticized idea of "greatness" were degenrate, yet he left no children of his own and went mad towards the end of his life. A real role model for sure. He had some okay ideas but overall he was a dingus.

Do Polaks get off on being annoying? I've always wondered.

Except if you simply look further than just a quote you would realized that it is not based in reality, Nietzsche wasn't a pole like at all. Unless we are talking about the like 5-10ish% of slav genes that were assimilated into east Germany 1000 years ago. Can't any of you retards look things up?

I wouldn't say he was obsessed. Seems like a legitimate consideration given how pettiness is more common than ever.

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stfu retart

You wouldn't understand, it's a Slavic thing.

can confirm there is this slav I know when ever he had a flashlight he would shine it in my eye for hours, can some slav explain how this is entertaining. I have to restrain my anger so much when around slavs

Ever heard of shit-tests? He's basically calling you a pussy for not standing up to yourself.

I would believe that, but I have beat the crap outta him before, but it seems like it changes nothing, so tolerating it is like the only option that won't waste my time, and one thing to note is that he like barley fights back when I take swings at him, care to explain this further?

I think he's just a retard. Maybe there's something more specific but I'd guess not. Do you know what country/town he's from?

Spot on mascot for world Jewry haha.

All I know is he Pole with one German great great grandparent, nothing more specific than that.

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Don't waste time arguing with those who are lost.
Time is better spent finding ways to bring them to the Path.

In the town I'm from in the US, there were a lot of Polish immigrants. Something was always funny to them. They would always be giggling like girls in the corner kudva'ing.

Not to fedpost, because that's apparently a bannable offense now on fed-compliant doublecuckpol, but a well placed bomb during a well attended meeting in that hall we've all seen but never seen, ought to do some good.
Just make sure not to larp and plaster your views, opinions, affiliations and so on to such an event. You want things to be mysterious, to induce as much fear in your adversary as you can. Naming yourself does no good, doing the deed is all that matters.

He's trolling you to get a reaction because it's funny. He knows your anger is justified, so he's not fighting back; instead, he's just going to annoy you to get a reaction and let you get your licks in in return as long as you don't really hurt him, because again, he knows he's being annoying and he knows he deserves the beating.

Option 1: Ignore him, and he'll eventually get bored and go bother someone else. He'll come back to try again, though.

Option 2: Do it back. He'll think it's hilarious unless he's a faggot(in which case you should do it more), and you'll have fun either way.

t. pole who annoys people for fun and plays retarded pranks every chance he gets

Pic related: Polish MiG-29 pilot trolls the speed cameras on the motorway between Berlin and Poznan

Pic related #2: Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire


As the Sultan; son of Muhammad; brother of the sun and moon; grandson and viceroy of God; ruler of the kingdoms of Macedonia, Babylon, Jerusalem, Upper and Lower Egypt; emperor of emperors; sovereign of sovereigns; extraordinary knight, never defeated; steadfast guardian of the tomb of Jesus Christ; trustee chosen by God Himself; the hope and comfort of Muslims; confounder and great defender of Christians - I command you, the Zaporogian Cossacks, to submit to me voluntarily and without any resistance, and to desist from troubling me with your attacks.

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Keep the nigs out or you'll be sorry

welcome, newfried. you have a lot to learn

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oh nooooooooooooooooooooooo, is he going to send us more angry letters!? he must be very angry to take so much time off from prepping his wife's bull. we have truly overstepped this time ;-;

fucking lol

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my point wasnt to show that nietzsche was polish, it was to show what his feelings were about germany vs poland which if you werent an autistic retard youd understand; what do you think he meant when he said this?

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thx user. now i feel like a illiterate for not knowing the Visegrád-Group. no just kidding thanks that was a really interesting read.

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eastern europeans invented the pogrom, it is written in their dna, public policy be damned


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