What did the Khmer Rouge actually do wrong...

What did the Khmer Rouge actually do wrong? They were nationalists who supported a long-term sustainable Kampuchea and recognised that most human refuse comes from and is produced by the cities. The Khmer Rouge were also more than willing to rounounce Marxism in exchange for support against the Vietnamese after they invaded, Kampuchean socialism clearly had a national character from the start, and Democratic Kampuchea was only invaded after trying to get territories inhabited by ethnic Khmers (Kampuchea Krom) back from Vietnam.

Pol Pot just wanted to secure the existence of his people and the future for Khmer Children with beautiful trad women clad in black pajamas in Kampuchean rice paddies.

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They were filthy commies.

Be retarded chinkcucks, there's a reason based Vietnam BTFO'd them

the khmer rogue fucked the environment up, stupid zoomer

They weren't even Marxists, their socialism was a national socialism.

Apart from luciferian faggotry, porn, drugs and the destruction of national identity, is there even anything wrong with half of this?

Everything people do fucks the environment up dummy, it's just that a Kampuchea with less people is sustainable in the sense that it's in line with the land's carrying capacity. Europe was incredibly deforested before the beginning of the industrial revolution because people chopped the forests down for building material and firewood, those that continued to exist were heavily man-managed and animals like wolves and bears were completely wiped out in densely-populated parts of Europe by the end of the Middle Ages at the latest. What did Kampuchea do that was even that bad?

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For the jews, who long to exterminate 90% of the human race and keep the rest as subhuman slaves or helots the Khymer Rouge are a paradigm they'd love to spread world wide. The idea of destroying our most educated people and erasing the greatest accomplishments of our civilization is the epitome of kikenvermin thinking. We will toil in the hot sun while the jews sit in the shade feasting like effendis.

Fuck you OP.

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Just call it Cambodia like everyone else you gay fucking nigger.


Marxism-Leninism in third-world countries is always Nationalism. Even the US government knew this. To quote Secretary of State Dean Acheson:
>>Moreover, US not impressed by nationalist character red flag with yellow stars. Question whether Ho as much nationalist as Commie is irrelevant. All Stalinists in colonial areas are nationalists.
"Americans" hate Nationalism, because Nationalism is explicitly a denial of the phony "American" identity.


Dirty dumb communist scum.

Holy shit the kikes are fucking slamming us tonight.

Why is Stalinism bad again? Beats faggot neocons that try to post about Trump here. Stalin hated the Jews too.

stalin was a jew and all forms of communism are jewish and bad


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I know this is bait, but I'll take it. The Khmer Rouge was an insurrection of rural cambodianiggers against the light-skinned, educated city-dwellers. It was purely envy and revenge against people who had flush toilets (which Khmer Rouge drank out of).

Yeah they were so trad they destroyed Cambodia's traditional culture and religion.
"The Khmer Rouge pushed their own beliefs to extremes, and in doing so turned them into lies. They wanted us to work–then they worked us so hard that we produced less and less, because we were weak. They wanted to purify the country of everything that was not Khmer. Buddha was an outsider, from India, so they destroyed the Buddhist temples. The cities were too tainted with Western imperialist ways, so they made us leave. They wanted to eliminate anything that was not Cambodian. But they were hypocrites. Except for their dark skins, everything about the Khmer Rouge was alien, from China. They borrowed their ideology from Mao Tse-tung, like the concept of the great leap forward. Sending the intellectuals to the countryside to learn from the peasants was an idea of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Their AK-47s and their olive green caps and their trucks were Chinese. Even the music they played from the loudspeakers was Chinese, with Khmer words." – 'Surviving the Killing Fields' by Haing S. Ngor

"They took the bag off the pregnant lady next to me, but it was too late. She had died of suffocation. A guard ripped her blouse apart and pulled down her sarong. Then he picked up his rifle, which had a bayonet attached. He pushed her legs apart and jammed the bayonet into her vaginas and tried to rip upward but the pubic bone stopped the blade so he pulled the bayonet out and slashed her belly from her sternum down below her navel. He took the fetus out, tied a string around its neck and threw it in a pile with the fetuses from the other pregnant women. Then he reached into her intestines, cut out her liver, and finally sliced her breasts off with a sawing motion of his blade.
"Good food," he remarked to the other guards. Then he bent down between her legs to where the wound was still quivering and he said, "Ha! Look at this! Her cunt's laughing." The other young guards came and looked and stood around, grinning."
Trad and based.

Maoism is the least Jewish form of communism, but it's still communism, therefore still retarded. Khmer Rouge were pretty much a pure death-cult, and by the end they stopped even pretending their mass murder was for ideological reasons–when they started losing the war they would call public meetings and then use their mortars on the people who actually showed up. In that sense the Khmer Rouge was the purest form of communism that's ever existed–destruction for destructions sake, and when there was nothing left to destroy, it destroyed itself.

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< Unironically believe ZOG propaganda.

It isn't. In fact, anyone calling themselves a Nationalist should read his Marxism and the National Question thoroughly.
Put simply: the 'Right' wing of the ZOG purposefully has always confused Race and Nation. This is because for an "American" to understand what a Nation even is would immediately invalidate the phony "American" identity. Here's a clue: English-speaking Europeans in "Canada" and "America" belong to the same Nation. Anyone telling you otherwise a liar; more to the point, they are a religious nutjob liar that sucks Kike-cock and worships niggers.

I take issue with saying we are Americans. We aren't. The people that were here before us are Americans.

This thread was brought to you by bolsheviks like Striker. He killed everyone tained by capitalism which would have been white genocide if they were white. Hes not a nationalist, hes a communist and communism is a Jewish globalist slave system. Communism in one country is just a disagreement about how to make the globe one communist country, the other commies said we shouldnt have a country, just everyone rise up at once. Its still a Jewish slave system, its still white genocide, youre still an antifascist, you will still die before Jews.

Saged and reported. Back to lefty/pol/.

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Because its a Jewish slave system and Judaism rebranded.
Because communism is wrong, were not all equal, and its also white genocide. Its everything wrong in society today. It doesnt work. People who arent rewarded for trying - dont try - even white people. Its cancer on humanity, its what we as National Socialists exist to destroy. You. Youre what we want dead.

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Poltards you have to counter the D&C capitalist shills. They are spamming their idiocy all over pol and gab.


Get the fuck out of here you retarded communist autist. Muh neo-liberal. Reminder these communists are just liars, they dont care about white genocide, their priorities are free shit and healthcare - in a 50% shitskin country.

Mods, this is trolling, get rid of him now.

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Youre not even lefty/pol/, cuckchan is for you obviously.

Reminder Richard Spencer self identifies as a bolshevik.
Reminder Richard Spencer openly stands in opposition of Ethnonationalism by name
Reminder Richard Spencer said on Gariepy "Fascism has been relegated to the dustbin of history"
Reminder this makes Richard Spencer a communist anti-fascist managed by a Jew (Gottfried) and a fed (Regnery)
Reminder the bolshevik gang are a psyop and its traitors before enemies. If you skipped over the truth and the perfection of National Socialism for a Jewish made slavery system, you dont deserve to breathe. I would unironically gladly end your life knowing you are of no use to us.

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You're talking about neoliberal capitalists. Why would you be against free healthcare, btw?

Go watch Yuri Bezmenov 5x and then jump in front of a bus. Its communism that demoralized society, thats a fact, not "muh liberalism" which is what fucking Duginists say. Now tell me about the American Empire and how it must be smashed for the Russian based middle eastern/Asian empire, also know as the ethnostate.

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You're no use to yourselves. D&C is a disastrous choice. You are helping neoliberals.

Stop posting cringe, you are asskissing for a group of kikes and amoral WASP satanist paedophiles who hate you and want to poison you and your family. Maybe in Germany collaboration with the industrialists was warranted because of the impending Jewish war to destroy an independent Germany, but in 2019 there is literally no need for white nations to have private property beyond homes, small farms and family businesses. The material economy is being sucked up by the bullshit funny money financial economy before our eyes in a way people from Hitler's time could not have imagined. Capitalism is completely fucking Jewish cancer more than ever before and the situation could not be fixed simply by doing what the NSDAP did, private property has to go. Industry needs to go to the people who work there and the people who plan what gets done there.

Why aren't you talking about the elite who brought this upon us? Your D&C directly aids and brings comfort to the capitalist.

Pic related is you. Youre the shill. This is a National Socialist board, according to Hitler quoted by Goebbels, the point of National Socialism is to SMASH BOLSHEVISM (you), to unite whites against bolshevism on a national level. Youre anti-Zig Forums, if we had mods wed just remove you but kikes took over, so youre allowed to ragebait post cancer and shill and push communism on a board of people who exist to kill all communists. Id would love to see you dragged behind a truck by your entrails, you fucking shills dont even know how to spell the board name and youre telling me, someone whos been around since before Zig Forums existed on 4, that Im D&CIng communists. Fuck you, really, I couldnt make you suffer enough, Id love to see your whole family suffer. You side with the blacks of Zimbabwe, YOU deserve to have YOUR eyelids cut off while your 3 year old daughter is gangraped and crucified to the kitchen table. Die. Slowly.

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Lefty/pol/, this is why you have to die. You gladly defend Jews and Dugin says they can stay. COMMUNISM IS NOT A SOLUTION TO JEWRY - IT IS JEWRY

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Codreanu wanted to abolish private property and give the means of production to the workers, what do you think about that?

Fuck you mods, this is the most obvious lefty/pol/ ragebait troll thread Ive seen and these retarded 16 year olds are exactly why quality posters are leaving. Were not here to argue why communism is a Jewish slave system, were here to discuss a scenario where all those people are brutally slaughtered and whites still exist afterwards. Get rid of them or we will get rid of this board the same way we did cuckchan.

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Are you talking about (((Capitalism)))?

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How much of that fat is visceral fat? The organs look like they're in a very crowded setting.

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Are you talking about (((Capitalism))), which you are directly benefiting with your shill d&c? There's no point being against communism. You are witnessing neoliberalism.

Filtered the idiot. Report him too. He doesn't answer any question, only spams gore.

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Jews are behind white genocide, anyone who blames others than Jews, like capitalism itself which is Jewish - is promoting white genocide the same way people who cal antifa fascists are not our friends. Dont talk to them, they argue in bad faith like any communist, they dont care if they are wrong like any communist and marxist. Its just more antifa, treat them like antifa, do you argue with antifa about why whites deserve to survive? No. They have to die.

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This shill has it real bad.

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Lefty/pol/ are so pathetic.

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At this point Im more pissed off at the retarded fraud mods, enjoy clearing the reports you fucking faggots Im not saging anymore.

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I tell Communists not to D&C, since it has to be two way.

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Excellent post except for this. It's pure judaism, it's Jacobinism carried to the furthest extreme of sadism. No time for trials, even absurd kangaroo courts, no time for tumbrils or guillotines. Just mass frenzy, incriminating everyone in the crimes of the sadistic inner cadres, doing the dirty work for their jew organizers.

If I have to fear my family suffering for opposing white genocide you can be damn sure that yours isnt off limits, communists. Go ahead, mingle among white nationalists… see what happens.

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what do you think nazism is?

See, its just a shill who hates whites.

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