Why was that thread deleted?

Note: I was about to post on that thread but it got deleted.

It doesn't matter what sort of Aryan you are… Americans, Hispanics, Mediterraneans, and Slavs are also part of our Aryan race! (((JEWS))) know that, and that is why (((they))) call our women "shiskas", they rape our little girls, because they are SMUG knowing that they can keep the GOYIM fighting each other!!

Jews are pimping our women in Ukraine, Jews are raping our little girls in Colombia, Jews are selling our selling our women in Brazil, Jews are "DESCUARTIZANDO" our daughters in the USA because organs pay for stuff like (((9/11))). Jews are doing a lot more!

Watch this video by Ryan Dawson, he nails it!

Sources and Map: ancreport.com/report/jeffrey-epstein-crime-map-july-18-2019/
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It was deleted probably because it reads like a blackpill

Thank you. Let's not forget what the kikes have done to the GOYIM, especially the Aryans in South America. I know someone from there who was stolen from the hospital as a baby… he was rescued but he got a disease in the process of being stolen.

just report off-topic eceleb spam

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>Zig Forums should (((hate))) the guy who is the most redpilled on 9/11
yeah… nah

We know all about Jew World Order and Noahide laws! We know everything. They want to be looked as gods.


Why do the mods let these kike spammer faggots run rampant?

Is it because they ARE the kike spammer faggots?


Also, Ryan Dawson is a race traitor SHITSKIN.

His "work" on 9/11 is also laughable. The US wanted to blame Israel for 9/11, this is why it used Directed Energy Weapons on the towers.

Read more: drjudywood.com/wp/ (Aryan Woman, not hispanic or slav)

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hahaha XD

INCEL! Real women are laughing at you. I bet you're INTIMIDATED of manning up and marrying a strong woman. You will never be white because you don't know about manning up!

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Pure cancer.

Smart Educated European Women are laughing at you OP.

Send your women to school instead of trying to fit in.

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Trying too hard, Avram.

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I wonder.


Save it before it gets taken down!

what's up with all the kikes on here lately?

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It's /b2/.

He's right though… You're just stuck in too many hug boxes and don't realize that class warfare is the legit problem. Identity movements prevent people from unity against the oligarchy. Hitler had black National Socialist membership.

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