Brenton Tarrant's come back?

'Dramatic footage has emerged from the Christchurch street covered with insulation and debris from a large explosion.

A number of people have been injured in an explosion on the Christchurch street of Marble Ct which occurred at about 10:15am.'

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Honestly probably just a gas explosion. I have those almost weekly in my country.

rolling for muslim retaliation

Muzzie blew himself up?

Rolling for muslim fuckup

off by one

Rolling for not an actual Muslim attack, but for it to be taken that way and spark a general insurrection that ends with NZ a based ethnostate waging white jihad across the Pacific rim.

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rolling for hoax explosion

OP is a stupid nigger

Thor's wrath against the traitors who imprisoned our hero.

Today is a happy day.


Something really strange is going on I believe, there are muslim neighbors pictured outside the explosion.

According to this site, they don't have gas connected to the property either.

The address: 9 Marble Court, Northwood

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Bumping my post with the muslim neighbors.

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Dubs confirm.
Strap in, lads

The explosion if from the back did their boiler blow up?Boilers are just big ass bombs made just so you can have hot water.It's really stupid tbh to have a bolier.

President Trump is a Jewish psyops priming American whites for the future White Genocide by spewing ignorant statements to further then brown and black people against Whites.

Na he just says some based shit then lies and goes give more shit to jews

Ahh nice, Google's license plate obfuscation failed this time.

DCE766 is the plate of the car parked outside the house in street view.

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This. Hes the golden lion in the protocolz

the neighbourhood looks full of muslims judging by the first footage on the spot

here are the cars parked in the exploded house

can you read the licenses and come up with the people who lived there?

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Exploding muslims?

Ya that looks really like a bolier explosion or some one had a meathlab or some shit

Aerial view
Secon pic is a screenshot of the footage I linked here

Here's a witness

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Fuck off yid.

That IP already botposted ITT. Try again!

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Danm thats A nasty explson

Helicopter footage

smoke comes out of the middle of the house.
I am no explosions expert, but considering this how much is the "gas leak" plausible? Maybe they had propane tanks?

you would put propane tanks in the garage so maybe this is not what it seems to be or they had the tanks all the way back in it

Daily reminder:
Many Western governments have a policy of calling muzzie bomb factories "gas explosions" to placate the populace.
There is another policy of "controlled spontaneity" - a psyop used post-terrorist incident to turn the populace's anger to solve the problem into emotional impotence. Vid related.

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It served its purpose to deprive citizens of the right to defend themselves. Mossad needs more agents in Asia.

T. Paranoid user, taking an ice cold shower

Shitskin nigger rigging at its best. Muds confirmed.


Rolling Ng for Muslims in the blast.

Somebody's fat ass mom tripped down the stairs and wrecking balled the house.

What could that be?

I bet the rabbi in charge of the place missed the explosion because of a mysterious urge to pray more at home.


Probably an freak accident. Who the fuck blows up a house for terrorism?

the Prophet intended to expel the Jews and Christians from only a part of the Arabian Peninsula, the region of Hijaz specifically, because Tayma’ is on the Arabian Peninsula but it is not a part of Hijaz.

The region is dedicated to the pilgrimage to Mecca and visitation of the mosque of the Prophet (s), so they are off-limits to non-Muslims who might instigate conflict or disrupt the pilgrimage by proselytizing and preaching an anti-Islam message.

If it was mud related, it could have been an accidental explosion while making bombs.

Fuck off shitskin

The SDS Weathermen did that once…

For the life of me I can't figure out why there are only 2 small burnt patches of a house that got blown to smithereens.

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You make pro-white anti-trump Anons look bad just stfu leftypol

The articles say the blast was at 10.20AM and that the fire was extinguished at 12.40AM.

That's over 2 hours to burn. I don't know if you fellers have seen a house fire. But 2 hours and that house would be charcoal.

Well was there an explosion? If so most of the damage will be from concussive force and the fires may have been confined to only a small part of the rubble.

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Gas explosions hardly ever burn anything, the explosion snuffs out most of the fires and the gas is only coming from one place (that would probably be shut off quite quickly once the company noticed). This isn't a secret, you can look up photos of gas explosions and they all look roughly like that, though some are a lot larger.

I doubt there would have been anyone in the house if it was a gas explosion, too big not to smell anything. If there was someone there, they either have no nose, gas bottles(if any are somehow enclosed and leaking), some sort of drug house/weapon making place. It certainly rings all the weird bells.

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make me

was intended for

it happens fairly frequently.
islamic bomb maker working at home for months blows himself up because he's making bombs at home.
news covers it up, no further investigation.
has happened in Europe and canada too.

accurate post.
the emotional impotence you described is called "learned helplessness", where a subject has been trained to believe that any action is pointless and that their situation is unchangable and unavoidable.
read about the experiments with dogs on electrified floors.
the media has been pushing this through fiction for decades and decades, the news has too increasingly so.
no reports on obvious and serious crimes, just people left knowing the truth but seeing that nothing is ever done about it.
this learned helplessness state is "necessary" for their plan, the idea being that when completely demoralised, people will just accept anything.
another possibility is that by restraining the people for long enough, it will result in the population begging for a totalitarian government, "just please anything, you can do anything, just make it stop".

But not you my friend.

This. No reason to attack ordinary house.

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^a blatent lie

Gee, if I didn't know any better…

is anyone actually fooled by this?

this brings my memories back to the elsagate threads…
however, I can clearly recall this happening in Spain at the time of the Barcelona truck of peace

So, is this the case for Christchurch too?
Is it possible to check the licence plates to know if muslims lived in that house?

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I forgot to add

So, if anything will happen in New Zealand in the near future, we will have the rightful suspicion that this Chirstchurch explosion was a lab preparating an attack in retaliation of Tarrant.

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Organized criminals use explosions to silence those that would speak against them.
the fact that this one house exploded and either didn't or hardly did effect the neighbors shows a level of pyrotechnic ability that would tell any responsible inspector this wasn't a mistake.

what do you mean?

what is your native language and I will do my best to translate.
I am proficient in French and Spanish, my German and Russian are a bit rusty.

I understand what you wrote, I wanted to know what you were implying exactly.

Brenton "protecting the jews by slaying muzzies" Tarrant

Go away, moshe.

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kys Zio-cuck

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Never mentioned Robinson, why did you?
Go derail your boyfriends ass, yid.

Why don't you fuck off back where you came from, moron.

This is your "logic" you complete retard.

Because Tarrant is basically a radical version of Tommy Robinson. They both loves jews and hate Muslims because of this fact alone.

Why don't you go talk about how based Tarrant is on cuckchan

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I don’t see where he said something about Robinson. Are you just making things up to serve your purpose here?

an implication would be something other than what I wrote. I made a statement of observation. Another statement would be

5 inorganic posts immediately pointing the finger at "muzzie retaliation hurr durr"

Let me explain it with a pictograph




All information between the two flows through the jew. so, who is the most likely culprit? the jew!

The level of sophistication it takes to lay ordinance in a way that it explodes only your target takes extreme knowledge of pyrotechnics and big amounts of money, training and well, blowing shit up, recording it with 1mm fps cameras, trying something else and doing over and over again until you get the effect you are looking for.

Hollywood would have you believe that if you just take a pile of play-dough and stick it to a door, the door will explode. No. Everything in front of the door will explode as there is only air resistance in that direction, the door will hardly be effected, perhaps some black soot, and the hallway will be fucked to hell, most likely the pile of S.L.O.T.H. officers relying on their det-man to handle the door will be a pile of ash.

I am saying, from observing the pictures, this was not an accident. No way in hell.


Tarrant said all semites must be forcefully removed from Europe and he identifies as a Fascist, which for 98% of the white population immediately calls to mind dead Jews. Can you cite and link the cases where Tommy Robinson has done these things?

I don't give a fuck about Robinson, but you are a lying fuck about Tarrant.

Also see

I never said that about Assad, you sneaky kike.

absolute bollocks. He never said this

Are you really this fucking stupid? I'm using same "logic" as you do about Tarrant, you idiot.

and now what you see is confirmation that I am spot on by way of in-fighting posts burying my posts in gibberish.

welcome to psyop 101

No, you're not. Assad isn't even comparable to Tarrant. They aren't even slightly in the same category.

Yes, he did. You didn't even read his manifesto.

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You said that Tarrant serves Jews because he killed muslims. Assad too kills muslims. Therefore by your "logic", he must serve Jews.

There is no way around this, dummy.

That's not the logic i'm using, you're the one jumping to conclusions. You're just using some extreme dichotomous reasoning, like a jew.

Stop squiggling around.
here you said:
And here you said:

You still didn't posted any fact to back that claim about Tarrant loving Jews, while you've been caught lying here

Tarrant never even talked about the JQ, I think he mentioned Jews once and didn't pinpoint the problems. You're taking shit out of context to make him look like the next Hitler or something. He's not some "baste and redpilled" glorious hero like you are trying to portray him.

My opinion is more nuanced than that, stop trying to lump me into this ridiculous form of logic. It's not working, Moshe.

Kek, and in 10 posts you didn't proved that a single bit. Go on, please do elaborate.

Stop deflecting you slimy cunt. You lied about him, I proved that. And again, post proof he "loves Jews". Because now you are saying that he didn't even talked about it, yet before you claimed he "loved the Jews". Make your choice already, you inconsistent shill loser.

Because he is shielding jews. He purposefully didn't talk about how jews play a major role in importing sandniggers into European countries.

I never made some broad statement about how "everyone who kills muzzies is a jew lover". In Tarrant's case, that is true. Stop trying to desperately append that to my comments, it's not working.

By calling for total expulsion of all kikes from Europe, thus literally ending their world-power. Ok, retard.
Your own words, you retard.

Also post proof he "loves the Jews". For the fifth time.

He never explicitly talked about expelling kikes for that reason. He mentioned them in a list of other non-whites. Show me some examples of when he actually goes into any sort of depth about the JQ protip: you can't

The proof is that he visited Israel and never mentioned the JQ. I'd even go as far to say that there was Mossad involvement. No, I can't quote an exact quote of him saying "I love jews" but it does look suspect. Now you're probably going to say "lol I won xDD". I don't care. Continue believing that Tarrant is some rebirth of Hitler or something, doesn't bother me.

Check this out
The only way this could have resulted is by cutting a hole in the roof and creating a vacuum that would create negative pressure to the center of the house. Thing don't explode inward, that is called an implosion, which is done by creating negative pressure.
those pile of boards, were this an explosion, would be outside the range of the explosion which, in this case, would be the house. They are not, therefore, not an explosion, an implosion.
Also, take note of the shilling in this thread. pretty safe to say that from now on anyone even mentioning BT is shilling. it seems to be their go-to.

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He did. He literally calls for their expulsion And not only that, he later in his manifesto mentions that only Jew he is okay with is one who a) do not live in Europe/white countries b) do not try to harm or subvert white countries.

Are you really this fucking retarded? Does it also means he loved Norks, Pakis, Germans, French, Hungarians, Serbs and every other nation he visited? What kind of total moron thinks this? I visited India once, does it mean I love Indians? Also you somehow missed the fact that only proof of his visit to Israel is a quote from an "unnamed Israeli immigration official". So congratulations on thinking that you are someone who can see through the Jew trickery, by unconditionally believing literal Israeli law enforcement officer, you complete idiot.
I'd even go as far to say that you have severe mental retardation.
Never even implied that. Even your strawmen are special needs tier of retarded.

thanks, that clarifies.

the kvetching ITT is really going off the charts anyway, I wonder why.

Now this is some reddit spacing