What's the best redpilled privacy, non-jewed browser Zig Forums?

Help me out here anons! Two hundred characters lalalalalfuckmedeadright

Browsers gents?!?! Which one is the best for people that want some modicum of privacy and less jewing ads and infinite trackers etc, apart from TOR ofc. All suggestions noted.

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Your eyes outdoors, without internet. It's not the browser. It's the ISP and servers that track you.

I have a VPN, and I use TOR for da deep webz. But I want a better browser than Firejew for every day use.

I remember reading how Anons also manually change/spoof their IPs, how is this done? I'm an oldfag who is technologically a bit slow/retarded.

Dissenter from GAB.
First get an older version of Firefox ~ V48.0.2 get an older version of agent spoofer addon noscript and Ghostry, then install dissenter Browser and import addons.
Maybe Browser agent spoofing is What You Meant?

I can't be done with ipv6. Even if you can somehow mask your IP, the ISP and servers still have your general location, and the ISP has your MAC Address. Any competent tech can run a basic backtrace and find you. Proxies, VPN, mock locations, none of that works.

There is only a single way to access the internet without being traced, and it requires work and knowledge. The knowledge is not free, but if you work at it, you can figure it out.

There is no safe browser. Always assume you're being watched. The only sure way to have internet anonymity is to steal some niggers WIFI. Then nothing is linked to you.

You can be linked by physical proximity if you have a mobile phone that is on at any time while you use that WIFI.

Maybe I'm naiive but I thought GAB was owned by Jews? No?


Can you spoof your MAC address?

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check macchanger

Not really

Sprint is the NSA now?

What about the Macchanger suggestion, doesn't work?

Also, what about running a Virtual machine, can you change Mac address or IP using that?

For dankweb: Run a sandbox, open a virtual machine on linux. Linux doesn't get fucked with and you can choose whatever spoof tech you want in the settings of most VMs. As for the browser inside the sandbox, probably TORbrowser as gay as it is it lets you access .onion and other shit easily and enough people use it to hide fairly well with a VPN.

For normal shit: Again, run a sandbox. This time just use whatever privacy browser feels the least shit to use: waterfox, palemoon or chromium are good options. Brave browser still doesn't have an in-browser menu for VPNs for some stupid fucking reason.

I have heard of a sandbox, but how do I set one up, within Linux and the VM?

You can mac spoof with a VM but changing your "BASE" IP is literally impossible, the closest you could get is using dynamic IP and changing it repeatedly but that makes little difference.

The only real option is you could set up relays to a local free wifi spot if you wanna do that and just chain on wireless to your local park/mcdonalds/whatever.

You set up the sandbox, then run the VM through the sandbox, not the other way around.

Read my post above.

Your MAC address is bound to the firmware of your network chip. You can't change it. All spoofing does is tell the other OS that your MAC address is something else for the interaction, when they pull the server logs to check the gateways you used, the descrepancy becomes apparent. You can rewrite your MAC address in the firmware, but the moment they check, you're still glowing with that descrepancy.

Also I heard Chromium was aids and waterfox was also compromised.

Ok but the dynamic IPs are always within a certain range right, so that makes them less useful I guess.

Thanks bro.

Install that.
Install that.
Download that.

Install ubuntu via virtualbox, then run the virtual box inside a sandbox.

Still being tracked by your ISP,.

Yeah but it takes a lot of effort to get passed all of the encryption. True privacy doesn't really exist unless you get a hidden network card and connect to a wifi network with it, then hide or destroy the card.

So, this might sound dumb, but what if you get a prepaid mobile phone with data, using a prepaid visa with no id or ebay etc.

Then you use a dedicated computer with VPN, VM and sandbox and TOR, whenever you want to do anything dodgy (in world of warcraft or minecraft).

Awesome thanks user! Much appreciated.

That's a decent system but you'll need a wifi network card to anchor to the mobile unless you want to phone-post for all eternity. Make sure the network card is hidden or destroy it every few months and swap phones.

Also, they still have the GPS tracking info on the phone.

Another idea, that is probably stupid. What if you set up your own network/server provider with a multitude of random/changing IPs and use that. So no records will be a problem? Is this absurd?

I like the switching network card idea bro.

What if you have an older phone and turn off GPS?

They still triangulate server side.

I mean a non-smart phone that still has the capability of being a wifi router/hotspot. E.G A samsung galaxy S3 or something.

You could like, hide it in a neighbour's yard and connect to it via wifi, or set up relays and place it a few KM away.

Oh you mean the phone network server.

Ungoogled Chromium

Baidu Browser.


Setting up relays would be pretty sweet actually.

yeah, that one's alright.

fuck off gook.

There's really no best, because it depends on your specific needs. If you want to not stand out one bit from the herd, then Tor-browser with default settings is probably the way to go. Me, I value security a lot more than that kind of privacy, but I still want some privacy (I don't want to just hand everything to google analytics and other web beacons), so I browse with Lynx on the clearnet. Lynx only downloads the document you point it to and possibly cookies (if you allow those, but they can be disabled entirely), and nothing more. So web beacons based on javascript, CSS, frames, or even images, and whatever else that the document I requested might reference, none of those get loaded by the browser.
And of course the entire attack surfaces from those missing "features" is non-existent, which also means the Lynx codebase is quite a bit smaller than mainstream browsers, which makes it easier to fully audit. And it was once included in OpenBSD itself (not just as a 3rd party port), so it received some decent levels of security auditing.

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Breddy gud setup.

Also my fucking image thumbnails aren't showing up, probably need to wipe the sandbox.

Not mine.

That sounds pretty cool. I need to get onto Linux and away from Microshit.

Linux is good for the web but if you game you pretty much need a microsoft boot.

In the same vein, I'm guessing all big name laptops are backdoored out the asshole right? Including Dell?

Pretty much anything with a CPU is backdoored right from the factory.

Incl Rasberry Pi 4?

There was a thread on the tech board ages ago about the new systems having israeli rootkits installed.

What the fuck?

Dunno, I'd have to look into it but I just assume I have some fucking kike tentacle up my arsehole by default.