The Missing Libk: Initiation

What I believe to to be the most egregious act commited by the system we foind ourselves under, is the denial of it's oyung men to the sacred process of initiaton. By it, a boy becomes a man in the light of his culture and his people. By it, men a man pledges his life to the goals of his culture, and will die if need be in the protection of that sacred flame. If we are to win. If we are to retain our cultures, we need a much much better way of relaying between father and some the principles that make society functions. We have far to many uncompetitve fat fucks in this society that all the fit, prideful, health mean must cater to. These degenerates would rather sit around eating cheetos then do anything meaningful. And thus, the idea of a divine hierarchy is lost, for the men who would take pride in being in such a ranking system must neuter themselves to the fatsos, and far far far worse, the females, who think they are men and no longer want their own system, and thus lower the standards and pussify to an extremem degree.

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Bump. This is one of the most important topics that you don't see a dressed nearly as much as it should be.

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Secularists, etc. have made everything that was once sacred ephemeral. Marriage is practically just a contract now. Deprive young people of a rite of passage into the social order and they will look for a rite of passage out of it. The effect of current policies has been to subsidize out of wedlock births, to remake marriage as a contract of cohabitation, and to drive religion, the true guardian of rites of passage, from the public sphere. Those policies have been embarked on with the best of intentions, but with a remarkable indifference to what we know of human nature.

This is a little stupid. If men are unhealthy they need treatment. Pinhead,fit males who think they're good, are not. OP you need to drop the stereotypical, conservacuck bullshit.

gets the noggin joggin, lemme attempt sequences
inequality (assumption of scarcity;fair discriminating challenges;masculine)
competitive play (games_virtual rules) > competition with stakes (duels/bets/oaths_interpersonal rules) > hierarchy, scaling from family to nation (virtues/laws_universal rules) > survival fitness
equality (assumption of post scarcity;indiscriminate care-taking;feminine)
co-operation play (roleplay) > co-operation with stakes (reputation/inclusion) > unity (shared beliefs and values, and sharing of) > reproductive fitness

The majority of single lonely older men are not qualified to determine what makes a man a man, which is why we see so many fags and bisexual boys running around.

Stereotyping males as uninterested in marriage isn't good. He should be talking more about capitalist hyperrgamy amongst women

Being interested in marriage is a sin goy, you should be a rootless cosmopolitan with endless Shikasas.

The competitive systems we have in place are all about aqcuiring personal resources and money. Thus, the idea that all men should come together in a tribe and share their different skills for the greater good is lost. This is a low trust society.

Hitler will rise agian btw

And what's more they simply don't care. They have lost what is meangful to life. They care more about leeching off their descendants than adding to the stockpile. Once again bommers are the worst fucking thing to ever happen.


now there's a view of society we don't see much of
if everyone's a member, no one is

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The loss of standards in a nutshell. AKA UNIVERSAL EGALITRIANISM AKA MARXISM. There is no winner and no loser. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you pay your taxes. Of course, if different business entities and institutions had a standard to upkeep they wouldn't be inclusive enough and would lose profit.

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This is interesting. If equality leads to great reproduction how come the most equality obsessed cultures are not reproducing? I don't think feminism helps reproduction or surival whatsoever.

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too tired to not think i'm making shit up at this point, but the equality sequence starts off with 'assumption of post scarcity'
post scarcity (everything free and has no cost to anyone/to lack is evil and to not give to the lacking is evil) being a lie, if not the feminine nature of consuming what the masculine produces and ideally redistributing it among children (rather than to 'children'/'persecuted oppressed underprivileged underperforming minorities'/starving african kids, etc.)

now, post scarcity behavior (distribution) can't exist without scarcity behavior (production), and when you throw the equality spanner in the inequality/discrimination/masculine/productive machine, you don't get dependable men who can support a family let alone a nation, which leaves women seeking less than ideal means of reproducing (leaving a career legacy and spreading beliefs and values, instead of leaving genetic offspring)
i'm making shit up now aren't i
tl;dr- i stuck 'survival fitness' at the end of the masculine sequence thinking that's the evolutionary big picture of man's world, and 'reproductive fitness' at the end of the feminine sequence thinking women manage to reproduce regardless of the world falling apart, but ranting on there the answer might be that feminism ruins men then seems to substitute 'offspring' with non-biological abstractions
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My boomer father has been addicted to narcotics for my whole life. He finally helped my brother lose his virginity… at age 32… with an old ugly whore… who gave him an std. My mother broke 3 ribs and fractured her hip last week when she fell off of a ladder. Even so, she doesn't want me or my brother to move in with her because she's a strong empowered womyn who dont need no man.

I am trying to help my brother climb out of this hole that we were born into, but I don't know how. Sometimes when i hear gunshots in the woods I secretly hope that a stray bullet finds its way to my skull and gives me the jfk treatment. But then i realize that im being selfish and that that won't help my brother.

Stay strong fam. Wwg1wga.

Just create your own ward or mannerbund with your trusted friends. Rituals of initiation will naturally come about in your activities.

Oh is it time for the shabbat ramp-up already?

What's that schizo?

That's a fucked up situation my man. As someone who's been in a fucked up situation before, I'll just say that, when you find yourself in the trenches, it doesn't matter how you got there. It just matters that you fight your way out. Things larger than you have transpired to get you into this situation, but your here now. There's no reversing things. The only thing you can do now is fight. So fight brother, and perhaps at the end, the light will return. It's worth a shot. We all die in the end so you have nothing to lose, except perhaps your own free will. Don't let the world take this will away from you.

This. OP thinks they are somehow lowering their standards, but just try getting a girl to start a family in a house without any utilities.

Also note how OP didn't give out guidelines for what makes activities "meaningful".

When did I say anything about meaning? Life itself is meaningful, thus having children is the end all be all here. And then of course raising those children to defend their kind and ensure the survival of their progeny by ANY means necessary, and then giving them those means. This is where initiation comes in. The passing of the sacred flame. You think meaning exists in some far off realm? Nothing makes activities meaningful. If you some external bullshit to give your life meaning your gonna fail.

And of course the culture of today encourages girls to be hypergamous, but if that stops you from having kids you're an idiot. You must first decide that having kids, no matter the cost, is the most important thing you can possibly do. Everything else is secondary. By having kids you at least give yourself a chance, even if your whore of a wife decides to sabotage that.


Talk of meaning is irrelevant. It always leads to some airy bullshit that misses the whole point. You think our ancestors were thinking about meaning when they were fighting for survival in the wilderness? Talk of meaning only comes about in a society that has lost it's way from meaning in the first place. Meaning is not some mysterious force. It's the most common sense, basic things like survival. Talk of meaning is irrelevant when SHTF.

In other words, meaning is the most obvious thing in the world. When a pack of wolves are chasing you, the meaning of the situation is os obvious you don't even have to think about it.

You need a robust, objective, and thoroughly consistent definition of meaningful if you want men to do more "meaningful" things. If you don't have a solid definition, then it get's the pilpul treatment into nonexistence. It's the same with there being thousands of definitions of white people, but not one that everyone can agree on.

"So obvious you don't even have to think about it" didn't work for defining white people, and it won't work for defining meaningful acts. I look forwards to your robust, objective, and thoroughly consistent framework on meaningful actions.

Meaningful in the way I meant it just means productive for the progeny, nation, etc. I didn't realize I threw the word in there because I wasn't using it in some spiritual context.

You say I'm guilty of pilpul when that is the exact damn thing you are doing. Just have kids and teach them to be men. It's not fucking hard.

As far as initiation goes, it's just giving our boys trials that test theirskills and conviction in a group setting, thereby annointing them into the hierarchy of the nation/tribe.

I wouldn't be asking you about the details if you provided them. "Just do the right thing which is so obvious that you don't need to think about it" won't do it in clown world where most men don't even have a male role model. You'll need a multi-hundred step plan with plenty of contingencies if you want "the right thing" to happen.

That's a start list about 5 nations' premodern trials you'd like to see brought back to the West.

Marriage used to be a contract, subject to the rule of law and for the purpose of furthering society. Now it is no longer a contract, no longer binding, no penalties for breaking it, and this is because faggots like you made it about "romance" instead of about producing children for the continuation of our race.

I wouldn't be here asking yoou knuckleheads if I knew exactly what to do. I have an estimation. I don't have specific examples, but sports seems to be in the same vein as ancient rites. The problem with sports though is that it detached the greater purpose of nation from it for the most part. We still have teams that represent nation but it's quite shallow. We need a way to hand down to our children culture at the same time they become a "man" in the light of that culture. I used the picture of the Hitler youth because this seems to be the last example of such inititiation before the jews ruined everything.

If you don't have any cultures in mind, then change avenues. How will you reward parents who put their kids into these programs? Right now, virtue signaling points on social media are enough to get many parents to convince their kids to go tranny.

Right now, I'm not really worried about the normies. We need to create our own culture and soon. Thereby we atleast have something going for ourselves, then we can worry about the rest of us.

One should usually come seeking his specific proposals to be adopted, not seeking others to tell him the details of the plan he himself doesn't understand.

Get your thoughts together, make plan, take some time off the chans, and remake this thread when you have the small details worked out.

It's not something we can do right now, but In a technological society I think boys should have to demonstrate that they can survive a year in the wilderness without outside assistance. Show that they can still do what they have to when the good times stop.

I wouldn't go that far. The trial you brought up would be good actually, but there is still some use for the people who are too weak to survive in the woods but can still serve a purpose. Instead, we should have a hierarchy where those who could pass the trial would be higher rank, thus giving them a reason to want to pass the trial but making use of those who couldn't maybe depending on how long you could last the rnak would change? And I think we should have a so-called "side" rank of intellectual and spiritual men who are not the most physcially capable, and may not be status oriented, but are talented in other fields.


The Jews were smart in that they created the idea of "slvation through sin". In a ntushell it's the idea that sinful men can still be saved by serving the Jewish cause even if they live a sinful lifestyle. That is why you see so many atheist Jews still serving the religion.

Nutshell* my god I can't type for shite.

A place could be found for them, but the purpose of initiation is lost if the uninitiated are allowed to hold authority over the initiated.

That's why those who complete the intitiation would get a higher rank. The "side" hierarchy would only be for intellectuals and the leaders of it would be subservient to the leaders in the main hierarchy. The men in that hierarchy would only lead over those below them in said hierarchy since they would understand how it would have to be run. All their ideas and actions would first have to be filtered through the main leaders.

Where will you establish your caste empire?

Though I don't think they should be exclusive to eachother, so that way strong men could still serve an intellectual role if they had the talent for it.

I'll need a family and some land. My ideal amount of children is 10-15, but anything over 4 would be satisfactory. I want to live a lifestyle that's half in modernity and half in nature. I'm not going to give up internet or anyhting but I want to be able to live off the land while still enjoying the better aspects of modernity. I'll translate these ideas into a format suitable for a family whilst taljubg amongst others about how we can create such a system.


Eventually a community would be formed with certain principles acting as pillars of the community. The community would need to be semi-self reliant, meaning it would be capable of self-sufficiency but would not hesitate to use the greater society to it's advantage. Kind of like the Jews do. That way, if society collapsed the community would survive, but if society didn't collapse we would still be okay inside of it. Over time we could develop ways to influence the larger culture and draw more people to our cause.

Where on the earth will your and other families do this?

The united states still has plenty of land capable of sustaining a community like this. At least I believe so. I pretty much just synthesized that on the spot since I've only just started thinking about all this practically. I'll have to research it more. Though everything is secondary to having children, so if I couldn't do this I'll make do with what I have and try my best to raise them the best I can in degenerate-land.

How will you send your children to fend for themselves in the wilderness if a helicopter is likely to spot them, rescue them, and send them to child services forever?

The Saharan Desert, Amazon Jungle, or the most northern 10% of Canada might work out for your caste empire, but not the states.

It's not illegal to live off the land. I wouldn't lit in a hut in a forest somewhere. I would have a nice house on a decent plot of land with a garden and shit.


In the short term, I expect many of us will soon need to demonstrate our survival skills anyway.

Then OP's demands for creating harsh conditions to assay survival skills and assign castes are moot.

My thoughts are longer term; hard times will naturally create strong men, but artificial measures will be needed to prevent good times from creating weak men.

This isn't the best place to push that idea. 8ch Zig Forums is already an echochamber brimming with men unable to cope with anything outside their comfort zone.


Shitposting White Nationalist retards on the internet will save Whites.

René Guénon:
Perspectives on Initiation
Initiation and Spiritual Realisation
The Esoterism of Dante
and of course
The Reign of Quantity and The Signs of The Times
If you need a very quick rundown on caste society and Aryan initiation in history read the middle section of Revolt Against The Modern World. I'm biased toward Evola, but start with Guénon or you'll regret it.

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