Another Pedo (George Nader) bites the dust

"Businessman who testified in Mueller probe indicted on child pornography charges"


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Gross. It looks semitic and disgusting I hope it’s raped to death in prison. Also as a second point - women should not be allowed to hold public office or traditionally men’s roles. Slits shouldn’t be judges or lawyers or ceos or cops or anything except a wife , mother, and homemaker

"Nader has been charged with multiple crimes involving the sexual exploitation of minors, and convicted of several of them. A 1985 charge of receiving from the Netherlands films and magazines depicting pre- and post-pubescent boys engaged in sexual acts, was dismissed due to an invalid search warrant.[19] A federal court in Virginia in 1991 gave him a six-month sentence on a felony charge of transporting from Germany, pornographic videotapes of boys about 13 or 14 years old.[19] Prosecutors agreed to put the case under seal "due to the extremely sensitive nature of Mr. Nader’s work in the Middle East."[19]

In 2003, he was convicted in Prague, Czech Republic for sexually abusing ten boys, for which he served one year in prison.[1][19] A spokesperson of the court told press that the crimes occurred between 1999 and 2002. In one case, at his room in Hilton Prague Hotel, he requested oral sex from a 14-year-old boy and after he refused, Nader masturbated in front of him, paying him 2,000 koruna.[1]

On June 3, 2019, Nader was arrested by federal agents for possession of child pornography as well as bestiality[20] and, for a second time, transportation of child pornography. These charges stemmed from his January 2018 questioning by FBI agents working on behalf of special counsel Robert Mueller, at which time child pornography was incidentally found on one of his three cell phones as agents inspected it pursuant to a warrant.[21][22] He was ordered to be held in jail pending trial in Virginia.[23]"

Goalpost —–→ Goalpost
Pizzagate is fake
Pizzagate is real but child ritual sacrifice is fake
child ritual sacrifice is…

why do I get the feeling the swamp isn't really being drained here? seems like only a few of the cabal are going down, but nothing major. seems like a distraction.

You don't get a feeling of anything because you are a soulless jew
You will burn for what you have done
I would leave now

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This is where you read between the lines, ladies and gentleman. This has absolutely nothing to do with justice against pedophilia and it's victims. It's all about exploiting their very own CP distribution racket in combination with the crooked laws they made up to play their political blackmail games. This way they can commit any crime they want, and shut the public cattle up with some more child abuse fearmongering. The idea that these guys can smuggle drugs and weapons worth billions across borders wouldn't make any normie come out of bed, but tell them about muh child abuse and they bring the digital pitchforks.

Kill yourself kike.

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Why was this kid-fucker involved with Trump in the first place then?

Glad you clarified that problem, user. Cuntocracy is indexical of radical Civilizational decay. I can't believe they are allowed on TV, Radio, Movies, Internet or in Academe, Professions, Politics, Banking, Military, Clerical religious roles or to publish books. That said, the kikes must go first.

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Interesting how this child rapery and pizza sucking shit raises its head ,, just as 2020 approaches.
I can only surmise that this riles people only but momentarily, so the drip feeding frenzy is necessary.
Otherwise, i presume that the Rothschilds et al will all be taken down this year perhaps?


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Was it not Jebus who took down one Jew in order for another Jew to take his position?
Is this what Kushner is attempting perhaps?

guess who's cropped out of the photo?

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Let's see, let me guess…is it Leslie Wexner?

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Maybe. One of the Podesta's and some guy with his back to the photographer, from the shots I saw.

Madalin Macaan's BFF?

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Oh, I hadn't thought about those filthy reevers. I thought maybe it is one of the Sanhedrin from the Mega Group.

That's the wrong George Nader. The pedo is George Aref Nader

You can even just look at the clearer pictures on the instagram and see that it's a different guy, who appears to be some kind of spic.

Only Trumpniggers could fuck that up, when he even has his middle initial in his username.

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So who is going down here - Trump, Clinton or, the Pope?

definitely different people, I fucked up

Why the fuck is he a doppelganger for Cenk Yueger. Holy shit.

Because jews interbreed?

Trump was the real swamp creature

I think you’re right. Remove the kikes and the woman problem will be fixed soon enough

I'm sure you've never done business with an undesirable, ever.

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How many "undesirables" before it's a pattern?

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Get the fuck out.

Gee how is it that Mueller is able to find all these pedophiles to testify against Trump? Really strains the noodle.

Quit being fluorescent

Another Trump associate is a pedophile
Imagine my shock

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Trump. Fucks. Children.