Berkely eliminates all Gender in public codes
The absolute state of California

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he hasn't done literally anything in 2 1/2 years you stupid leddit faggot

I remember during the 2nd Bush admin when all they were bickering about was constitutionally defining marriage as between a man and woman. Now, it's a horror show. It seems that was just a baby step toward where we are now. Bruce Jenner saying "I'm the new normal" was the next step. Caligula would be delighted.

Back in 2016 you people insisted that Trump would solve America's problems.
Now that he is president and has done jack shit, you insist that we can't criticize him because "he's only the president"

Everyone needs to rise above the ignorance of believing in these mainstream shills. Will they ever? No. Every generation is born yesterday. Another new set of masses to fall for the same tricks over and over.

Berkeley is named after a MALE Irish priest… the name is colonialistic and disrespectful to the traditional native Americans who used to live in those lands. THEY SHOULD CHANGE THEIR NAME NOW!!


Any White male Protestants on that city council?
Didn't think so.
Now you know WHY.

You can see one in OP's picture.

Do not think he is protestant or any kind of religion for that matter

Man, that shit rolls right off the tongue, I can absolutely see that being often used by drunk college kids.

My one friend who jumped on the bandwagon late when i cheerleaded for zognald in 2016 won't shut the fuck up about how trump has been great for the economy and praises the fence/doesn't believe me when i mention illegal crossings are at record levels

What does he have to do with Berkely?

I don't think you'll ever see any real Protestants in California.

Dont do that. You don't need to do that here. The lowest IQ here is higher than the average IQ of Reddit.

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You missed a field.


The text field.


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Originally I just posted a meme. Someone was triggered.
Normally I wouldn't even bother bringing up Trump for such a "small" think like this. However, I am more offended by these needling little actions against sanity than they deserve. Something must be done. California must be punished for this vile act. Maybe the Fire WMD guy is right. They all deserve to burn.

Is there a manual for this communism cuckoldry?

power becomes effort when women are included, shouldn't women be insulted by this?

Effort is obviously for the help and not us

his face has the "if only you knew how bad things really are" look on it too
but like said i wouldnt be surprised if hes a faggot atheist

what the fuck are you talking about retard