Based 16 Year Old Zoomers To Die For Israel As Nobody Else is Dumb Enough To Do It

Military eyes 16-year-olds as ranks and candidates dwindle

By Ben Wolfgang - The Washington Times - Updated: 12:06 p.m. on Friday, July 19, 2019

Hope all those hours in Fortkike saves them.

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Ha in 20 twenty years high on adrenachrome and kept alive on babies blood we have Harold Faltermeyer with his new hit
Six Six Six Sixteen.

Le cringe

While I don't consider obligatory training during teens the US military complex is so kiked I would consider this low-key treason since everyone knows the military send their soldiers to die on foreign wars and when they come back they end up dishonorably discharged for not wanting to die for jews

While I don't consider obligatory training during teen years wrong* Fucking hell

master jewstroke.

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Okay stand back, let me fix this whole problem…

If you enlist, Little Jimmy, you'll get special military privileges that let you purchase and drink alcohol before you're 21.



We already have people fighting in these Middle Eastern wars who weren't even born yet during 9/11.

forgot pic

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/judaism negated

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the goal was always your children goyim

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So let's look at it further.
Last time an age restriction came up with the military and fighting, they gave 18 year olds the right to vote. This could be used to push for all 16 year olds to be able to vote, an issue that dems have been pushing to increase their numbers.
Disproportionally that's niggers and spics, nonwhites. That sounds like they want to bring even more of them in (while the combat arms are disproportionally white males out there fighting and dying; nonwhites and women are POGs). Targeting that same group, younger, won't make them better citizens anyways, just less likely to have something on their record.
Just like women, nonwhites, fags, etc. Just like they've been doing to the rest of the US. His argument, while true, is not a hindrance since they ignored the same things while pushing niggers and women and etc in the military.
So just like a lot of nations with child soldiers and other issues.
That sounds good for us; that's less people getting stuck in the grinder, less manpower for ZOG for Israel, and with measures like lowering the recruitment age, signs that a draft could be coming if things heat up, something that would piss off a ton of people and help us out.

(Too long, continuing in this post)
Nigger-infested hellholes, one swarming with somalis

Daily reminder that the military is your enemy. All members of the military are your enemy. This is the number one shilled topic on this board, even more than jews. The constant maintenance of the illusion that the military is a solid institution, that there are "good people" still within it, that it is "ultimately beneficial". Military personnel must be targeted, along with their families, for death.

What is this garbage?

Waiting and hoping for incompetence is a terrible strategy and one that will yield no results. The military is an enemy and must be actively assaulted at all levels and at all times. Recruiters who set up at high schools and colleges must be killed. Recruiting offices set up in dingy strip malls and officeplexes must be bombed. Bars and clubs where military personnel gather must be targeted. Employees and production facilities of defense contractors must be assassinated and sabotaged.

You first.

Indeed. There's a bullet with your name on it, ZOGbot.

Next thing you know, 16 year olds will be voting.

inb4 draft of Christians.

Can't be any worse than boomers voting. Their Israel loving muh tax breaks nationalism is cancer. Voting itself is cancer tbh but lowering the voting age is one of the final things before a nation is fully exhausted and left into the dust.


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I don't think that will scare Iran or China.

There aren't enough beaners and trannies?

The real problem is the US has arrested half its population for smoking weed so now they aren't eligible to serve lol

¡Si se puede por judios!

I hate jews SO MUCH.

I said this was going to happen two years, you didn't listen then. Start fucking listening.


Niggers are not half the us population.

Oh well it makes perfect sense, right? At 16 years old you are too young to legally decide for yourself if you can have sex, too young to smoke, drink, drive, enter a bar or strip club, cannot be tried as a legal adult in court, the government does not consider you a legal adult, but you are plenty old enough to fight the jews wars. So I can't bang a fresh, ripe, pure, innocent beautifully-unsagging 16 year old girl and turn her into potential wife material, but she is old enough to kill mudslimes for the jews.

So what's the next thing in (((their))) masterful plan?

Yes, they are. Niggers doesn't mean Africans.

Watch the VIX. This stuff happens the same way every time. We are at the cusp of Jewish power in the US, and they are going to start moving their power out of the country as they start the next war. This is exactly how it played out in Germany, both times.

So does this mean Kikes head too China and India next?

They are freedom fighters though. They're fighting against the freedom of people to retain their cultures all over the world. Snakes speak with a forked tongue.

Theo a.k.a. mister vengeful makes a little sense out of the whole hell of a lot of madness that is clown world.

I like my paleness. Me too.

Remember dudes and dudettes it's okay to be White. Really. It is.

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top kek

And 15 and 16 year old girls too I take it. Too young to fuck but old enough to be mutilated by booby traps…Brilliant.

Thanks jews.

Their zoomer corpses will make fine decor in Iran.

Listen to this fucking nigger. A quarter of real oldfags are prior military. You are just a fucking poser faggot who will never do anything.

Not if you have felon on your record, the the jewish court could charge the defendant as an adult if he decided to.

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found anther one

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if you're old enough to be physically circumcised you're old enough to die for Israel

They need competent white soldiers. They’re barley any adult whites willing, so they have to make their kids go.

If they can’t even have an army that is sustainable, how will they last another 30 years? I hope the U.S. goes down the drain.

If you are 25+ without a job, then you should or be required to join the military. 18-25 kids still haven't had time to mature and find their way. If this news of accepting 16 year old is true, than this should be a wake up call for older people to join also.

Young people would rather to play as the fake soldiers in Call of Duty than to die and never respawn in the real wars.

have sex, incel

Fuck off boomer.

Why don't they recruit LGBT people to fight their wars for them?
After all they helped to promote and create that lifestyle choice.

most subhumans won't fight, they only choose jobs where they don't do anything.

most 99% of infantry and special forces are straight white males. there's some hispanics, but niggers predominantly don't do shit either.

There are a lot of people of different ethnicity in the US army as far as I know.

Where are you guys getting that 16 year olds can't fuck? It's 16 in jersey

Canada already has this since forever ago, but their military is so bad that it almost doesn't matter

OP is the biggest faggot known to man and is incapable of archiving properly.

"We need to get rid of the nuclear family (to have a permanent underclass of slaves loyal only to us)", the kikes.
Pretty soon they will want them at 10, then 5, then from the 'artificial womb' that faggot is always promoting.
This is just one more way to have children who are only loyal to the state and have never known a father or mother.

Technically 18 was way to young. Only a man with offspring and an established life already should ever be allowed to fight in a war. They are the only ones with enough common sense to decide if the war is worth dying for.

It would be a nice way to dispose of the nigger problem though. This statement:
Let me know who their 'target audience' really was at this point. They are targeting niggers and spics now. And it makes sense. They are 96% of the people of the planet. Why not use them, you will never 'run out of them' and they can be used up just like you were burning the candle at both ends.

All ZOG enforcers must die. No exceptions.

Seargent John Clem at 12 years old: Pathetic.

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draft the women. suddenly numbers double

They need to find a way to kill Gen Z because it will kill the jew.

Stop trying to incite others & go do it then, officer. Board of peace & NYPA.

Hurrah. I cannot be happier. More burnt sacrifice. They need to send them to the front.

The only way the military can attract people in modern age is by being a better employer than others. That generally means giving more money and more social security than other employers could. Why else would anyone go and work in an environment where relocation to some middle eastern desert is a possibility? Not only that the work may involve danger to yourself. I think it's wiser to just pass on the army rationally speaking.

Like all the freedoms America brought to Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia.
Slaughtering civilians so some big corporations can profit. But according to "American values" everything that brings money to big corps = good, anything that goes against those corporations = bad.

They don't need an army, they will have drones and tech to control the shitholes. Institutional indoctrination through school and multimedia enforced by social programs, decadence to keep the population timid towards the government. Western nations have figured out you rarely need peacekeepers to keep the population in check, just give them some 'benefits' and nice words.

Also any real opposition is infiltrated and has feds and intelligence agencies crawling among them everywhere. Like on 8 Zig Forums for example. They also really hate this site because you can use VPNs and TOR to post here unlike on 4cuck where they actively ban VPNs.

I left the Military because I started getting red pilled through various things. My biggest one was from reading War is a Racket by Smedley D. Butler. He gets brought up in boot camp, but for sure they NEVER mention that book. That and tech work in the civillian sector pays a lot better.
The entire Democrat party is working on killing the one thing the Military offers higher IQ people: the GI Bill. Both the left and the right aren't interested in dying for a country they're disillusioned by. Getting rid of that is the final nail in the voluntary military recruitment. I guess they could just take all that GI bill money and say you get that $80,000 straight to your bank account on completing your contract; or whatever that value is.

The Military not being able to meet it's recruitment levels required is a GREAT thing for the upcoming Civil War. I hope they continue to remain understaffed. Assuming they make no changes to actually incentivise enlistment. We're likely at least 5 years out from that however.