Iran - UK

"UK government urgently seeking information after Stena Impero veered into Iranian waters"

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Nuke uk us pissrael Iran china russia mexico and canada saudi turkey
Get it done and over with pee pee poo poo pisssssssssss and shit

lol aryans captured the jewk's ship
20+ people were on board

Possibly more ships being seized. They should have filed their paperwork with Iran!

And yet nother zero effort slide to shit up the catalog.

Oh boy, this is gonna be the big one. Remember to shoot up a synagogue when they try to draft you to fight for ZOG. Might as well do something meaningful with your rapidly depleting lifespan instead of dying in some nameless Persian ditch. In conclusion,


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It's the UK. They're gonna send a sternly worded letter and then call for a vote in the UN. Yawn. Nothing to see here.

How about we you get nuked aswell.

I don't care about the details, nukes when?

At least two seized - Stena Impero and Mesdar. Reports of more coming in, Respido and 1 or more unnamed as yet.

OP Here, second ship captured by the Iranians.

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Under Bretton Woods what response should the the u.s. have? China is going to have issues with oil supply if this escalates further prices will go crazy for them. China doesn't really have a Navy to escort the tankers, India might capitalize

Obvious provocation is obvious.

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Some 2 weeks ago, UK seized an Iranian oil tanker. UK recently said it was considering releasing their ship, now this.

UK recently announced it would detain the ship for at least another 30 days

will be proud, get the party started already tired of waiting for conflict.

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Remember to defect when you get to Iran

This cannot be true ( newfag and 2 year lurker here )
"Epstein captured onboard ship"

3rd Ship?

Weeeew lads

Do it. Do it iran!

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Why Turkey? Aren't they just a bunch of backwards Arabs?

I've seen soo many happenings that wasn't really happenings, is it really it ?

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3rd Ship?>>13515725
Allegedly seized Mesdar tanker now moving away from Iran. The situation in the Strait of Hormuz is very murky at best.



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Sorry to hijack your thread but the questions thread and other stickies won't load in my virtual browser.

Ever seen Munzee stickers? I'm thinking of making pro-white 8/pol/ versions of them.

I have figured out a way to scare the anti-whites and get out message plastered everywhere dirt cheap.

mat36pz6dsdt3mnj.onion/neo/uploads/190719/MATRIX_194758_RDC_8PolStickers.jpg These are about thumb-size, very tiny, and I can get a batch of 500 of them for just $1.25. Here are two examples I've printed out.

When you print them, automatically Hagaki 100x148mm (aka Japanese Postcard) will be selected by Libre Office, and this is actually bigger than the paper really is but that's why there's empty space at the bottom of the table. I haven't bothered to do exact calculations for the size distortion but my test printings show that it's all close enough and though it's not exactly centered for each sticker, none of them go off the edges of the stickers. It's good enough. Just look at the attached picture.

This lets me put fuckloads of these things absolutely everywhere. Imagine people finding these for years to come…

Also since it's just done with black ink, there's no issues with the rain washing out the message, and because they are so tiny you can easily hide them in any pocket and take them out without being noticed.

Place them on the bottoms of tables, on chairs, on benches, on doors, on signs, on keypads, on door handles, on posts, on fences, everywhere you go. You may want to take a whole sheet with you or take a cutting board and cut the sheet into smaller sections and then stuff the sections into your pockets.

These ones feature a link to Zig Forums and a swastika. I could make other variations that have other tiny symbols such as the white pride Celtic cross flag, a small pepe (if he's colored instead of grayscale though, he'd need waterproofing), various runes, maybe even a barcode just like the Munzee stickers.

I see these everywhere in my city:

We could make our own Zig Forums version of these and scatter them everywhere. We might even cause Munzee players to accidentally scan them and find Zig Forums.

Note to glowniggers: I'm posting through a combination Tor + proxy chain with proxies in non five-eye countries since the Zig Forums Onion is down right now. The images also have no exif data. Good luck.

Again, not the place, but i don't think you should link Zig Forums, that's going to attract normies and leftist faggots.

Meanwhile on Trump's twitter.

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I'm tired of Tor posting always being down is there any way to make this less of an issue? Do we have to donate shekels to Zig Forums administration or contact someone?

Trump is the bitch of the kikes, that dirty fucking rapper nigger should have been hanged by now, instead Trump is acting like a living joke.

I wonder why they seized an HK-flagged ship…

Normalniggers will get redpilled or will just leave and never come back after being shocked.

Antifa already knows about this site, guaranteed.

The only people who after seeing the stickers come and stay will be the free thinker types. We'll end up getting more Zig Forumsacks.

Mesdar turned back towards the shipping lane. Possible intercept?

Poseidon: POSEIDON

Aww cry harder

It's destination is now listed as Ras Tanura, a saudi port.

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Sweden finally locks up a nigger. US President on the line to get the nigger released. The United States would be ready to exterminate White Europe if it had any evidence of non-White mistreatment in Europe.

President niggerjew. It's amazing the amount of effort that goes into painting this guy as "pro-White" when he is quite literally the most extreme, distilled example of postwar turboyid culture the planet has ever seen. Nig-capitalism at its apex.


Just a warning to any user who isn't behind 7 proxies.
During wartime the executive branch gets all sorts of authority.

Openly supporting Iran might get you in an internment facility

The squad has our backs , so no camping.


If you let yourself get put in a camp and don't go on an fucking warpath free of all holdups you are a cuck worse than any boomer. Cowards really should gtfo, you aint surviving the shit between us and the yids no matter how much you bend over and grovel.

Don't even care

Is it happening finally?

I hope Iran kills Rothschild. It would do more good for the world than killing every single niggermerican.

Brexit distraction incoming.

Prince Charles failed at getting Iran to sink that ship. I wonder if China has a protocol for executing royalty.

That actual story I read was that he was muh dicking some mudslim thots and their brothers found out and tried to beat him up.

How is this possible? Did they really spend all that debt on hastily constructed skyscrapers?

Despite the jewish pushed stereotype, gooks are a pretty dumb race. Even with a billion or so, it's hard to find enough quality engineers to build high tech ships. The best they can do is try and steal designs from white nations, and try to weld them all together. They only recently managed to produce an aircraft carrier.

But, user…
They went to the Moon.
If you believe the worldwide propaganda.
If not, then why do you think that China even gives a real fuck. The Masons and Jews took over the entire world after WWII. Its all been smoke and mirrors to hide the preparations for the world government.
The final blackpill is that it has already happened behind the scenes. There is no stopping it because it's already a done deal. They are just playing out the final act. The villian is reveling in dawning recognition in the hero that he has been beaten. And now the villian is telling the audience how his plan worked.
It's already over. The best we can hope for is an act of God.
All of the world's governements are co

ntrolled. The treaties in space and Antarctica could not happen if this was not the case.
When was the last time you heard about Russia or China threatening to pull out of those treaties because of bad behavior by the West?
The elephant is sitting right there…

Iran has a death wish.

Except for one ship, they don’t seem to be seizing ships. They’re basically operating a weigh station in their territorial waters.

Nice job Iran. In other news Iran is concerned the US shot down their own drone by mistake.

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Emergency meetings…
Larping faggots

It looks like the USA is too inept and dangerous to be allowed on the seas. The world should unite on this.

just wiping out occam's razor here, what if the US shot down a drone that they assumed was Iranian? ala. an ISRAELI DRONE or a (((private citizens drone)))

It was probably an Iranian drone. Iran is just spinning some bullshit to make the US look bad. It's funny though. People already don't trust the federal government and the Iranians know to push that angle. Just makes the US look incompetent especially if they don't produce proof.

If it all boils down to it, I side with Iran over the kikes and ZOG.

I'm their best photoshop jamals are working 8 hour shifts to make some dark, grainy "proof".

It could be someone was messing with the navigation equipment onboard the ship. That's happened before.
I believe the Iranians have the technology to do that, sourced from the Russians. More likely, though, is that it's (((some other group))) that wants to see the West fight their wars for them. Israel definitely has the technology handy to cause delays in the reception of GPS signals, and through them, the Saudis probably do, too.

So this is most likely an attempt to get America to get to go to war with Iran. And I'm not alone in thinking this. Most people in the West will see it this way. If not for the parasitic control of Israel, we'd have NO reason to be there at all.

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Tankers and cargo ships are always piloted by the cheapest dumbest pajeets money can buy. Most of the time they just leave the ship on autopilot in open water. No one is standing at the helm watching a compass anymore.
Russia and isreal both have the tech to manipulate GPS. They could guide them where ever they want.
Also by (((pure coincidence))) Galileo has crashed and everyone is forced to use JewSA's GPS or Russia's GLONASS system.

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The USA shot down their own fucking drone. Their military is completely run by stronk independent wyman,niggers, and trannies now.

I don't think you understand what LARPing means.

Not Arabs. Greek/Mongol mutts. They look down on Arabs.

GCHQ glowniggers that maintain >>>Zig Forums honeypot have slowed posting again. They only slow posting if there's a happening they get reassigned to.
Post your war face for zog

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You signed up to the military to serve ZOG you dumb goyim!
This message is Endorsed by Top US Generals

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The reason you are goyim is because you don't know any better
Enjoy getting your leave notices to go do Zog's bidding!

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Go fight for us, ZOG, your 'ally' that knowingly bombs you on your warship dumb goy!

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Don't forget who you are fighting for

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Remember Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism goy!

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Contrary to your belief, I doubt Iran is as cucked and suicidal as bongs who are banned from flying their own flag in their own country.

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Show us your ZOG war face

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wew lad you forgot to renew your thinking loicense

That's not real.

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Subhuman anglis thought they could mess with Aryans.
Subhuman anglos btfo.


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There has been a gas attack on the London Underground system.
The attackers were an Iranian cell.

lol, nah

pick one nigger
Same shit different day. It's all so tiresome.

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And they’re “white”

Also for them to get on the metro transit system they need botnet electronic cards - which all have a history of use, they can be tracked to their home location because every journey they have taken is known.
Yet the police ask for help?
Novichok false flag 2 electric tube boogaloo

Further note: when the Parsons Green tube bomber set off his device in the carriage there was NO RELEASE OF AN ATTACKER PHOTO or request for 'help' by police.

..they simply caught the guy, then released some evidence he was guilty prior to any trial had taken place.

Why defect when you can stay in the ranks and quietly sabotage the war effort?

It is the very existence of those treaties which helped me realize much of what we see is politcal theater.

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Any new stuff ?

[924ffa] OP

U w0t?
Also good. I hope Iran gets more. I hope the US goes to war with Iran. I hope israel gets the draft age lowered. This will cause boomers to wake up when little grandson Timmy dies for israel at age 16.

You can put Brazil again in that list. Every single channel in the mainstream media has attacked Bolsonaro with all of their skills and abilities since the last election.

Also a kike has left the central bank and another one was fired from the BNDS (kind of control system of economic development).

It seems that the zio boy doesn't "fit" in the plan anymore or something hasn't properly worked despite he licking Israel's ball all the time.

So a Mall? Cool.

Yep, this. Antarctica is the key I think.

Mind explaining? I don't follow the line here.

lurk moar
There's probably a thread in >>>/x/ fed.