War with Iran on 5th August 2019??

On Thursday the USS Boxer shot down an Iranian drone in an act of self-defense.
Iran responded today by seizing a British ship.
US has troops stationed in Saudi Arabia already.
Next Congressional recess is on the 5th of August - is this when Trump launches an attack to secure the 2020 election?

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Doing it a year before the election would probably hurt him. Next summer would make more sense.

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Glass them

Fuck off nigger, you have more than enough threads for your fucking speculation.

US won't accept war unless ones of its cities is nuked by Israel and blamed on Iran. Best live in the country, because nothing will stop the war.

personally id love to our new progressive military in action. would clean up the gene pool for sure.

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no, going to war doesn't make you a popular president unless the MSM helps make you a popular president. Too many steps feed into the kvetch-blunderbuss strategy they have for him. Iran has been under sanctions for a good deal of time now, a large chuck of their people hate living in a theological nightmare. I would assess the recess as prime opportunity to start unsealing documents and court orders.


not really, special forces do all the fighting these days, all the niggers and other genetic detritus just fill up the bunks back at base

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Trump thinks he can pull a Bush Jr. in the current year? lmao

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Special forces needs to re-evaluate their position in this military.

If he doesn't, then his overlords won't give him the 2nd term.

They can't give him something he has to receive by being a demagogue.

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Iran said JewSA's army of stronk jamals and pedros shot their own drone down.


Keep telling yourself that grandpa. Amnesty after amnesty for Israel's greatness has taken a toll.

I somewhat hope that the whole world will collapse before this summer

*end of this summer

Now we see why Trump elevated the Somali congress woman Omar as the object of hate for his base. A very considerable amount of attention has been given to this stupid feud. A possible reason for it, he needs to build up anti-muslim sentiment so people don't feel too bad about their sons fighting in yet another foreign war.

They won't because they are largely quasi-subhumans. Tend to have the physical qualities that seem desirable on the surface, but dedicating their entire lives to the defense of corn syrup, niggerskin, and fluoridated democracy shows they don't have it upstairs.

This, teach them a lesson

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Remember all the
threads last month? Surely this time it'll happen…

already a thread


Desensitization doesn't happen overnight.

I know nowadays we have limited attention and memory, but are you forgetting the attempted Gulf of Tonkin replay they tried last month?

An underwater mine shouldn't leave a hole above the water line.

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You took a 'Tanks in 30 minutes' meme seriously?

The US says it shot down a drone. the Iranians have the video of their drone returning to base after identifying the USS Boxer
So, American or Mossad drone, and likely a false flag
No, that's because the UK, in an act of bold piracy on the high seas, seized a Iranian ship.
Defending US "interest". Die you fucking goy for oil and Israel. I'd like to pass
Personally, I think you're an Israeli shill.

The Pentagon itself says that 90% of fuckers never see any action. All these niggers and spics do, is dig ditches, clean shitters and grease tank threads. Your video link is from a fucking 90's vhs tape shithead.

Attack Iran in fucking August? Nigger do you know how hot it is?