Reminder: Iranians are Zig Forums's natural allies

Let's set aside for a moment the fact that Iranians are Aryans (where do you think the word Iranian comes from, user?), that their language is Indo-European, and that they understand the evil of the Jew better than any country on Earth, and let's remember that they somehow managed to take a semitic sand-god religion and turn it into a repository of Traditional ideals. (cf. Alone with the Alone; Henri Corbin) They are the literal flame keepers, and if you find yourself in any way wishing for their demise, you are just a materialist kike.

Pray for peace, user.

Barring that, pray for the destruction of ZOG.

I'm torn about Iranians. I could consider allies if they drop that Islam shit. The only good thing about Shia vs. Sunni is that the former is hated by ZOG which automatically means it has to be better than the latter.

I also understand Islam was a mental virus infecting their Persian culture and not something native to them.

Esoteric / Ismaili Islam is a fairly amazing (though syncretic) approach to Tradition. I lived in Saudi Arabia for years, so I know just how finely nauseating Islam can be. The Iranians have the capacity to do it right. It's also worth remembering that "The Golden Age of Islam" was almost PURELY an Iranian phenomenon; Arabs played little to no part.

It leads me to a question I have pondered for a very long time now. Christianity basically destroys the Roman empire. Islam basically destroys the Persian empire. Both of which had a common theme on how they began and both of which could have easily been an early version of a false flag to wither something from within. But who could have done such a thing?

Here's the thing sandnigger
we don't want any of you in Europe or the US
make that happen, call your drones back and watch how awesome the world gets.
without middle-east niggers in the west, west has no reason to be in the middle east.

fuck jews.

Syncretic Islam could be OK. Anything that dilutes that shit into something more passable is appreciated. And yeah, a lot of "Muslim" inventions and discoveries were actually Persian.

Yeah, it's a mistery!
I've also been thinking about it. It's worth adding that Europe's and Persia's glory was despite Christianity and Islam, not because of it as some retards claim.

There were barely any Mudslimes in the 90s and you still had that fucking Gulf war. Fuck off, burger. Rid yourself of the Yiddish menace first.

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Zig Forums stands behind no e-celebs. Zig Forums is a board of peace.

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Just a warning to any user who isn't behind 7 proxies.
During wartime the executive branch gets all sorts of authority.

Openly supporting Iran might get you in an internment facility

Declaring war on Iran is political suicide.

Maybe Iran is trying to provoke the UK or US into launching strikes so it has an excuse to launch ballistic missiles at Israel? I wonder if Iran has a few nukes capable of being launched on missiles?

doing my damned best at it and what can i say? We like fucking shit up.
We both have to realize the jew played us against each other. Neither of us want anything to do with the other and we have the jew in the middle instigating fights.

I will protest loudly any damage or fighting of the Iranian people. right is right, wrong is wrong. It also must be recognized that sandnigger opportunists who give zero fucks about the US or Europe also need to GTFO! Once this fucker kicks off, everyone is dying until only one is left standing and that won't be the jew.

take a look around, user
nobody likes israel. nobody.
if Iran launched nukes at pissrael today, the world would cheer in glee!

I'm not openly supporting Iran, I'm anti-israel. If they off me because of that, I will be in good company!


You won't "be" at all.

You think it's that simple?


Aryan is Sankrit.

The closest language to it today is actually Russian, or Greek.
Iranians speak Aramaic and Arabic.

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Iran fought Iraq for 8 years
US fought Iraq for 2 weeks

Unfortunately, it will be that simple. Avoid the conflict. Iranians are good humans and hurting good humans is disgusting. Get the jew under control. that should be your only goal. too many are blind to the jew.

No, but jews/us military are probably full of themselves on the matter


The entire ME is a blight upon Eurpoeans. The entire middle east needs to be bombed below sea level. Just like Jews you are an open wound in need oif urgent cleaning and care.

They didn't want to win that war too quickly, they needed martyrs for the new regime.
You mean 8 years. You know nothing.

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why would you think that?

Boomerposting isn't bait anymore, fella.

I know I don't want to see Iran jewed like the rest of the word. I know that the white people living in the US, the ones that make up the majority of the US Military are the sons of the same men that have been massacreing civilizations for the last several thousand years and it's never fun to pick a fight with them.

Tell that to the Vietnamese.

50k dead americans vs 700k dead ching chongs is a victory to me. i don't care what media has to say


It’s still an offshoot of Shem the crazy nigger and abraham the crazy nigger
No thanks
Glass them all
White world only

When Iran glasses Israel like they promise last time, they can be Zig Forums's allies.

Now they are just opportunists.

Go on Goy, challenge Christianity I dare you.

This is a battle between good and evil. Not about race. Being a JEW means you directly oppose the message of peace brought by Christ. We need to destroy Judaism not anything that isn't "white".

Yeah, the Iranians also consider Islam as inherently Persian as well. I wonder who the European equivalent of that would be…

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…those dubs saved you.

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No you aren't shitskin. You fucks are just as bad as the jew jews.

You will never be white nor welcome upon this earth.

Fuck them too
Jesus was a jew and the sacrament rituals are spirit cooking

Can you explain why you don't like Christianity?

I know this is a Jewish trick, but I can't figure out their angle for the life of me.

the us fought iraq for two weeks, then fought iranian proxies for, well ever since.

Lots of coincidences here.

He's right though, the middle east always caused trouble for us. From our early days to now, always messing with us, one way or another.

Iran is very mountainous unlike Iraq making it easier for guerrilla warfare to use hit and run attacks the zogbots.

Do you know the meaning of Caucasian, you dumb fucking Amerimutt?
Persia = White
Iran = Persia
I fucking hate you mongrel American bastards so much

Fuck you and your shill war mongering shit. Cripplechan is overrun by ineffective consensus psyops.

If they really want to kill us they can always use the patriot act lmao

The Iranian alliance is necessary, but it'll never be an easy one. We must unite as best as we can against the jews.

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Persians are whiter than you, Jose.

oil motherfucker. go fap and keep your ignorance to yourself

I watched that on shitchute yesterday, the thing that stood out the most is the thousands of mineral rich mountains. They are sat on a literal gold mine, diamond mine, lithium mine etc all floating on a lake of oil and gas and the people who want it, don't want to just pay them for it and leave them the fuck alone….oh no. They want to steal it. Having islam keep them in check is a nice way of doing it, until the new settlers arrive.

That depends. The Iraqi government under hussein fell in less than a year…

Support Iran. Always support those who also kill jews, at least until all jews are dead.

hurr durr shitskins
hurr durr islamicists sandniggers

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Auspices observed.

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Holy trips of truth.

Iranians were Aryan, like the rest of the old Middle East cultures as the Indo-Aryans swept west from India towards Europe, settling down and temporarily bringing culture to those places before savage shitskins ruined everything and forced the Aryans to move on. Modern Iranians are either complete invaders or the descendents of rape babies, and are not Aryan excluding rare pockets of secluded villages that managed to stay mostly intact. Iran hating on the kikes is great, let them nuke Pissrael. Just stay far away from us.

Truly our greatest anti-materialist ally

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/pol is faithful to logos
Iran is muslims = logos trashers, ultimate offenders just after jews
Ally with withes maybe

OP is a faggot. Iranians and every other non-white is not your friend, not ally.


the quality of posts has become so bad, it is no wonder our best are vilified.

furthermore you newfaggots aactually think you know something.

lurk moar cos we are jumping ship