Making contacts and building redpilled networks

Hey Zig Forums, me and a bunch of other kids at my high school have created a small group that shares pro-white and National Socialist philosophies, and we are expanding all the time. We are currently at about 7 people and we hope to be a model for local groups elsewhere that can drop red pills and discuss NS philosophies.

However we do have some rules about who can join. Females are allowed to join but there are restrictions. There was one girl who was white and pretty hot, who said she was pro-white and wanted to learn more about our beliefs. However, we found out that she was poor white trash, who is being raised by a single miother on welfare, and we so we refused to let her join. We made it clear that we despised her just as much as niggers and Jews and that under an NS government which defends the middle and upper classes against the barbaric proletariat people like her would be gassed. She didn't like hearing this so we all spat on her and she went away crying.

Does anyone have ideas on how to expand our network? And what rules would you put in place?

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Make sure that before doing anything you have good vetting to prevent glowniggers and feds from infiltrating.

a bit shitty that you would hold a persons uncontrollable surroundings against them. I can see if the girl was mid 20's and still niggered in her surroundings, but a high school kid doesn't pick where they live.

No kike, a National Socialist respects and love his White brothers and sisters no matter how poor or rich they are.

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You're a faggot for shitting on a girl who wanted to support the white race. You've just pushed her into the arms of jews, niggers, or worse.

Great job. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Either you're leaving out an important detail or you are filtering people out for the sins of their parents.

My parents OP are neoliberal idiots yet I am a Zig Forumsack and have been for a decade and a few more years.

Are you fucking serious? This has to be a troll thread. I live in a mansion, I guess that makes me middle class, but this is fucking wrong. You're literally dividing people over class like a communist would. All that matters is dividing people on the basis of:

1. Race.
2. Degeneracy.

Aka no degenerates allowed. No non-whites allowed.

Holohoax propaganda. Those who were executed were executed by bayonet, shovel, or bullet. Zkylon B is for delousing and is expensive and inefficient and not for killing.

Give me the contact of that girl. I need to talk to her to make sure you haven't turned against pro-white ideals. What if she's completely non-degenerate and 100% pro-white?

Holy shit you retards will bite on the most obvious and shitty bait threads.

Probably troll post but whatever. You shouldn't have treated that girl like that, she probably just wanted friends and those problems were beyond her control. Half of America is raised by some trashy single mother these days. Other than that just dont give your "group" a name or use any symbols or anything. Just keep it a group of like minded friends, dont make a social media page and start inviting people from school or anything like that, that's how you get shut down.

OP get everyone in your group protonmail accounts and also have one protonmail account that is shared between all the administrators of the group that handles recruitment.

Start making stickers and posters and have the protonmail address (and also a link to on there.

Use a combination of word of mouth and the emails to get more people in the group.

As for who to filter out:

Race traitors, sexual deviants who make known their deviancy and demand acceptance for it (usually homosexuals), and pacifists (these are a liability, they will probably rat on you if you're stockpiling weapons).

The only people you should have are those who are willing to fight and who want to advance the 14 words.

1/10 bait. I mean, why even baitpost if you're no going to put the effort in?
What a fucking faggot.


She wanted to join you as she was white and wanted your protection. She could have been your perfect waifu and made your faggot group evolutionary sustainable.

You are really fucking retarded what you did to this girl. if you grow up and grow some hair on your balls you will have realized what a mistake you have made.

Listen, let me repeat and emphasize


Alright, calm it down, bud. No need to go full-on sperg over obvious bait.


sounds like Hitler would not fit in your idea of an NS government. Hitler was poor and raised by a single mother on welfare.

there is a difference between being poor and being a prole.

Kill yourself glownigger.

OP is (1) and done - confirmed bait thread.

OP here again. I didnt realize this board was infested with leftists. Class is even more important to true Fascism than race, in fact I would rather accept a respectable middle class Black man in our group than that girl and I'm not ashamed of what we did to her.

Don't use the Swastika, it's idolatry and therefore a jewish trap. The only NS philosophy that can be used today are the 14 words, the rest is only viable if the JQ is answered, otherwise it's corrupted. Never use the "gas" term, if you don't want to be beaten up by your own people, and don't drive anyone away that stands against the so called jews. If you wanna grow…speak truth, and build for your communities to show them an alternative to jewish terrorism, jewish racism, jewish deception, and jewish lies.

So your ancestors were Jews ? You absolute fucking retarded nigger, one day your lying mouth will be shut, kike.

faggots like you are the true kikes. The white man makes up all classes excluding the elite. The white man is the humble factory worker, the owner of the local diner, the descendant of the original rulers of his land. Your denial of this fact is what proves your Jewish Blood. You are a disappointment to these men and women who have followed National Socialism before us, and to your fellow Zoomerfags; including myself. Your entire group is probably a cesspool of Larpers who think that they're bAsEd BeN sHaPiRo.

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Christianity pro reporting in.

Idolatry is not a thing, it's an attitude

An idol can be made of ANYTHING.

The Swastika is not an idol unless it causes you to lose sight of god by being a substitute in the place of God.

Even a false concept of god is idolatry.

faggot, when i get my shit in order you're gonna get flayed nig

seems like your doing your facism citizen definition as class based, while most of pol is more into race based.

You'll learn what the jew makes of that in time.

Nice bait.