Do I have Jewish ancestors?

I used the Gedmatch test and I got these results.

What I don't understand is that:

1. The 23andme test did not ABSOLUTELY detect any Jewish origin.
2. The iGENEA test did not ABSOLUTELY detect any Jewish origin.

Then why does this fucking Gedmatch give me these results (they are my father's based on 23andme data; iGENEA's is mine, on the other hand)?

Please tell me I'm not a fucking Jew. Help me to understand these results.

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Cause gedmatch is not very good.
It's calculators are outdated bullshit nowdays mostly
You also don't seem to understand how similar are Ashkenazi jews to Italians.
Most Ashkenazi jews are more close to Italians than to any middle eastern population.
I think it is possible that South Italians themselves are partly jewish, or they are similar for other causes.
Generally speaking there exists a cline
Levant_Bronze_Age -> Samaritan (jews from middle east) -> Cypriots -> Sephardi jews -> Ashkenazi jews -> South Italians -> Spanish -> Basques -> Iberia_IA.
Now, we know that ancient Myceanians had probably less Levant_Bronze_Age ancestry than modern Greeks/South Italians, which could mean that as Levantine ancestry is mostly North African + Mediterranean, then it could be that Greeks/Spanish and South Italians got North African ancestry instead of levantine ancestry. However oracle just tries to fit your
ADMIXTURE ancestry percentages (if I am correct then Gedmatch calculators are based on ADMIXTURE) to modern populations and is therefore less accurate.

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Literally DNA disproves it.
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biblical jews are even more semitic than the current ones, they are similar to modern Palestinians
Khazars were Turkic people and Turkic people are mostly east asians, genetically.

the cline is indeed visible but much of it is quite complex, especially when you include Iberians, as part of this cline is also deeply related to the amount of WHG ancestry neolithic farmers absorbed all the way into the stone age, from 0-5% in Greece up to ~25% in Iberia, so the type of folk that were in these areas back in the stone age matters
the only ones with important detectable north African ancestry in any case seem to be non Basque Iberians, only west Sicily has a little bit too

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If I am correct, are you the one who made hirisplex script in the Yamnaya thread?
Now this will be a bit off-topic question.
I've been using Hirisplex script while I changed two aspects
I've got results for most ancient populations, while I also used it for some modern populations for testing
Now the question is that could pigmentation snps (especially skin pigmentation genes) be too related to modern European DNA and less related to ancient European DNA. Modern Europeans are basically the only population with light skin and I doubt that this skin pigmentation will differ so much inside modern Northern European populations or in Southern European populations and could just correlate with Northern European ancestry. One method what I have noticed they have used for detecting SNPs and associating them with phenotype from studies is putting a lot of samples together and seeing what SNPs these individuals with these certain traits share, therefore SNPs for eye color and hair color could be more accurate though while I think as modern Europeans have most of their WHG ancestry through Steppe or European Neolithic farmers then we can't know for sure if WHGs had some of their own SNPs associated with light hair color (like Neanderthals had from what I have read).
Now, I will have to admit that I am still amateur in genetics field so I am not sure how exactly do they confirm these predictions.

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I mean yes, that's the trouble, all of these association studies by their own nature link phenotype to genotype by looking at phenotype in moderns alone and then finding which genotype seems to have the highest correlation with the observed phenotype differences
but since you can only observe phenotype in moderns, and at best the only phenotype you can observe in ancients is their bones and skull shape if you are lucky, there isn't much more that can be done really, especially since many traits like height or hair color are heavily polygenic and their expression is complicated
so yeah, WHGs may have indeed possessed their own unknown light skin mutations or others, and we only got a fraction of them from some of them, which thanks to the boom they had after the neolithic revolution are now recognizeable

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I have been especially thinking are the descriptions of ancient people accurate.
Now we actually have plenty of ancient Scythian and Germanic DNA.

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I mean I guess the more recent and within modern variation the populations are, the more accurate these predictions are going to be, though again they should be taken with a grain of salt and only as indicative
doesn't help either that much of the sequencing done for ancients is diploid since it's targeted for pop genetics


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you don't understand how GEDmatch works, that doesn't mean that you have that ancestry


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Well, I'm reassured, I did my investigation on these sites long into the day and I'm not Jewish.

I already knew finally that I am not Jewish, - since iGENEA, which specializes in the detection of Jewish origin, revealed that I was 99% European and had no Jewish origin.