Pew: 91% Democrats see violence next in war of words

After a week that saw President Trump and his foes toss toxic words at each other, there is now a warning that the next phase could be “violence.”
'''Nearly 8 of 10 Americans told the Pew Research Center that supporters for both sides could “act” on the politically charged rhetoric with violence. It was higher for Democrats, 91%, than Republicans, 61%.
And they want politicians to cool it.'''

“Americans broadly agree that elected officials should avoid using heated language because it could encourage violence. Nearly three-quarters of Americans (73%) say this, while just a quarter believe that elected officials 'Should be able to use heated language to express themselves without worrying about whether some people may act on what they say,'” warned the center.
“While majorities in both parties say officials should avoid heated language, this view is more widely held among Democrats (83%) than Republicans (61%),” it added.
Trump is cited by a majority for stirring up the situation, but, like anything “Washington” today, there is partisan division.
Said Pew, “Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents overwhelmingly (84%) say Trump has changed political discourse for the worse. About half of Republicans and Republican leaners (49%) say he has changed it for the better, while 23% say he has changed it for the worse and 27% say he hasn’t changed it much either way.”

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Not relevant when 90% think immigration is an American value.

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God lord, son, you nailed it there.
- Democrat's political opinions aren't worth spit when they think that America is an open-borders idea, and not a Nation. -
Violence is coming because Democrats.

So, they are finally realizing this is for real. They are finally realizing that their words have consequences. Too bad they cannot stop what is coming, they only think that by cucking our speech and words that things will return to the way the world 'should be'. I.e. white men are their slaves and our families playthings or dead.

Back into the cuck shed is what they want. Boomers can no longer hold back our voices and drag our views into 'safe' spaces with controlled opposition. user's own the fucking net, and the net is society now. We determine what is now coming. To hell with them for creating hell in our nations, cooling down words will not save our nations from their actions and filth, and only their words will be allowed to speak as it is only their words considered acceptable. Let actions determine our future, not the words of sheep and cattle.

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Comical that the democrats number goes down because they keep adding foreigners as new voters.

Maybe I will get a chance to make my ancestors proud.

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Only because its shoved down their throats their entire lives. By the time they wake up and realize the doomed world they created, it will be too late.

Civil war started when 4 top brass Generals took high office, fren.
Welcome aboard.

Shows that democrat voters, regardless of what their party infrastructure and establishment think, are much more on top of things than the average republican – regardless of whether their agenda would be better for me personally. Republican voters are sycophantic nigger lovers who think you need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps after a murder tour on behalf of israel and the best way to do that is to shut the fuck up, teach your half-nigger faggot grandkids about the Laffer curve, and enjoy your GMO grain-based diet.

The one thing about the American Civil War is that kikes controlled both sides to fuck the US up so that it would be in shambles. I'm really questioning if another civil war will be either ZOG vs RWDS or will it be kike vs kike again?

who gives a fuck? we just need enough lawlessness to clean house. it doesnt matter if shit breaks out, it matters who you go after when it does. get it??

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I can't wait until the violence truly begins in earnest.

This. A real disingenuous (You) bait mindset you got going on there, OP.

There won't be another civil war.
This current state of shit is a perfect one for long term societal control. Far easier to control 100% as two 50% halves you aim at one another. Then neither are really focusing on you.

Checked and heiled. I'm just hoping things will be better after the dust settles.

Tim Pool predicted this

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48% of public school children are white. It's pretty sad the Democrats see what's coming at a higher rate than republicans.


Republicans are the most anti-White force in world history.

No, that's jews.

Checked and Heiled

Same difference.

Then say 'jews' next time, you disingenuous rat.


Cry more, Randy.

Put a bullet into your brain, rabbi.

Only thing that will save HUMANITY. Violence and then more.
Question is- how do we avoid the same situation again in 100 years? Even if we kill off all the subhumans, the pathologically altruistic Whites will want to subsidize tards or give monkeys the vote.

This is literally the final battle. Either jews get subjugated or we do.

Progress in the field of genetic engineering will start to overtake racial concerns in about century

In your dystopia, jew.

The republicans were proto bolsheviks with the support of karl marx.

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This is why I'm voting Trump, a Trump win would set the left off.

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Illegal opinion, shut it down!

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Are you… fucking retarded? You must be.

Yeah, riiiiigghhhttttt. In ww1 blacks were stuck in reserves. And if they saw combat at all they were expendable. Hell, a nigger wouldve been lucky to get within 5 feet of our flag let alone carry it into battle. The flags were raised by white men, white soldiers. Take a look at any moment of your choice in history where a flag was planted. Iwo Jima, etc. WHITE CHADS. fuck you and your nigger loving propaganda.


Checked and heiled

shalom kike

HAY whats that for?The jews control the voting retard it does not matter who wins if its some one that is based then he gets shot it's alwas a jew that in the leader of a colapsing country

You moron. The only reason they allowed whites to be the only ones to plant flags was to appease bitchy whites ass yourself from sperging out about representation. Blacks who die for America truly die in vain. Their blood is spilt for ungrateful, fat, lazy, entitled pussies that won't even recognize their bravery and dedication. Congratulations, you're a coward and a joke of a human being.

You're right, it doesn't matter with respect to fixing this shithole country. It does matter respective to maximizing leftist triggering. lrn2logic faggot

Karl Marx was right though. Socialism is the only foreseeable path towards National. Get Socialism, it will be followed by National. Period.


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You're waiting right now.

does anyone have the link where the pentagon basically came out and said that civil is war is on the horizon because there isn't any dialog between the right and the left?

Hail Dixie!

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guys, let's make fake quotes making Trump saying racist or "fascist" things for democrats and fake articles about how Democrats plan to overthrow and how president calls for help and heat up the conflict a bit

I don't even care

I'm pretty sure Americans has been in a violent race war with niggers, yids and wetbacks since the early 1960s.

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Space. Only by making colonies across the stars can we ever have any assurance of that.

Unfortunately if civil war was to come tomorrow no matter who won it wouldn't change too many things in our favor. We'd still have jewish capitalism and democracy in charge because there hasn't been enough time for a fascist vanguard to take root in America. The only saving grace of a civil war right now is balkanizing the U.S and freeing up Europe from retaliation with their rising fascist movements.

Just turn the civil war into a race war

That's the thing. Who is going to be dividing themselves on racial lines? The American right is so cucked they would take every baste black guy they could get that's willing to fight for them. Also our military is full of niggers now. The pot has to boil for a while longer.

Majority of whites confirmed for cucks that need to be exterminated.

They care more about blacks than about the nation.

I don't know how these people don't realize they've been fooled.

It's a perfect Soviet Union.

Imagine going to civil war because of African offspring.


We. If civil war starts, we just go and kill all niggers and wait for the low impulse animals to strike back.

This only works when they can ignore common black behavior. It doesn't when they have to work closely together. The most racially mixed areas are also by far the most racist, while lily-white states like Vermont are the most anti-racist.

Niggers are the worst soldiers and always have been, yet they've been pandered to since 1863. Even the most renowned black unit, The Tuskegee Airmen, were a political stunt through and through. They were accepted into training with IQ scores far lower than the white standard, and during battle were the only unit with a K/D ratio below 1, i.e the only people that managed to consistently lose to late Germany's untrained drafted underequipped air force. Kennedy later tried to shove a nigger into the Apollo program, again to pander, and Chuck Yaeger refused and threatened to quit. America's top pilot knew that he would get people killed. The result was a successful moon landing that niggers protested because they weren't in it. Go to any elite unit and they're almost all white, despite the massive push in the military to promote blacks far beyond their abilities.

You know what black soldiers are really talented at though? Raping Okinawan girls.

It amazes me how badly Antifa-Democrats want a Civil War.. They've never ever seen violence, let a lone gore.

They expect a Civil War to be like Avengers Civil War, or Star Wars. They expect to see "graphic violence" like the ones they show you in GTA 5, or BF5 in reality they will see their fucking grandmothers, children, sisters, brothers, brutally killed. War is not pretty it brings out the worst, and I highly doubt their soylent filled stomachs would be able to handle it.

My prediction.

"Grass roots". Call them what they are – subversive, zionist traitors.


can you expand more on the natsoc vs grass roots right?
Would it be a literal natsoc skinhead legion vs dan crenshaw tier normie republicans?

Why is only USA thinking the right things? What happened to Canada and New Zealand? What about Aussiemutts?

liberals are always the closest to violence
they owe this trait to their overdeveloped and defective amygdala
liberals will be the ones who provoke violence as they always have, they are natural terrorists


USA has largest jew population in the world. The all-around agitation and subversion has been going the longest and strongest there. Also keep in mind jews were allowed there out of sympathy. What they've done is unforgivable.

Revolutions are white, too. Why is everyone pretending it's wrong?Only as far back as 2012 it was openly embraced by many on the right.

not gonna be baited by glowniggers today
the circumstances under which white men go out to slay require an effective and determined leadership, it's no surprise that the jews attempted to co-opt white awakening with alt-right subversive agents, to prevent a genuine white leadership from establishing itself

Yeah, we've heard the same excuses for the entire postwar period. You're not new or insightful.

Most of those people "on the right" in 2012 were incensed that Obama wasn't nice to israel or that he was "cozying up" to our "enemies" in Iran. The spaz out over bowing to the Saudi King was especially hilarious coming from republican circles.

Whites ruin it themselves with their anti-white assumptions. For example, condemning communists is anti-White and pro-White elite.

Pretty much they are Zionists.

No it would be literal "Right Wing Death Squad" type vs the Zionist Legion.

Fake stats.

This reminds me when Manson said that jew had a picture of Hitler in his cell, without his hate he wouldn't be able to live.
Without Trump these fuckers have no reason to live at all.

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A civil war wasn't a good idea the first time.

We got freedom for niggers from the first one. Who knows what hell a second one could unleash on the world.

The second one will give freedom for the white men.

Do you know what’s the similarity between a civil war and a revolution? Civility. A revolution doesn’t necessarily need a battlefield but an industry. A civil war doesn’t need soldiers but players. There’s an insurance industry for both. Which is the war itself. If the monies goes back to the people of a nation how must the insurance industry uphold itself and its employees?

A certain group of jews were behind the Civil war. Take a guess who.

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Not "the Boomers", user; it's "the Jews". It's never any other group. Not the masons the illuminati not the cabal not reptilians not the elite… the word is "jews". These other groups (at least the non fictional ones) have all been masks for, or infiltrated by, the jews. The sooner you take the Hitler pill the better. Otherwise you're fighting the wrong enemy.

That picture warms the cockles of my heart, user. An upstanding white man issuing some wooden shampoo to a dirty old nigger. The lack of treating them this way for 50 years has resulted in their behaviour today.

Not enough time…
Not enough time??
user, it's been over 80 years. How much longer will it take to form a pro-White insurgency in America?

That ship has sailed. Whites are a minority now and non cucked Whites even more so.

I wish these limp-wristed faggos actually would. It would be the shortest civil war in the history of the US!

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Yes, I'd imagine you'd lose very, very quickly.

That's why the majority of combat troops who actually pew pew are right wingers, right? Same people who understand tactics, weapon systems, communication, and movement. Not to mention 1/4th to 1/3rd being good ole boys from the South.

I think more highly of dog shit on my boot than you people.

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The same combat troops who getting their stupid asses marched off to die for no reason while the country is invaded? I honestly don't even know what you're getting at here. When you sign up for the US military, you are a militant defender of niggerjew homo terror. Wigger imperialism rules the day. The entire oppressive force eradicating White people domestically and violently imposing evangelical-judaic brainwashing on them and turning every moment of every day into a one-way financial transaction is not possible without the explicit support of this military you're shilling for.

You strike me as very, very, very confused.

If the current political unrest results in widespread high-intensity conflict in the US, it will be an absolute bloodbath that will likely drag the whole world down with it. >90% of Americans do not have any urge to resort to violence in pursuit of their political goals, but the 10% who do will attempt to force them into war through acts of terrorism and sabotage. There are no clear dividing lines between political sides so every town, every city will be contested and every neighbor will be suspect. Mass acts of terror and false flags will spur the country to war, next will come attacks on communications, power, water, transportation, oil, and other key infrastructure. Our ability to maintain modern life as we know it will be gone in the blink of an eye and any attempts by whatever remains of organized government forces to repair what has been lost will be drowned in quagmires of blood. Having lost everything they once knew, men will be become as beasts in the face of boiling summers, cold winters, and mass starvation. Minorities who once lived among us with some semblance of peace will return to their natural state with frightening quickness, prowling the darkened streets at night. Many will flee to the wilderness in search of respite but will find it to be not as welcoming as it once was as fauna are hunted to extinction by hungry men - men who are more than willing to turn their rifle on you as well. Across the seas the other nations of the world will find that the once king of the jungle has retired forever, and in his wake left an economic collapse that will threaten to embroil their countries and free reign for the other powers of the world to make moves as they see fit.

The world will burn and be quenched in a sea of blood and the ones responsible for driving us to this will take to their private jets at the first hint of danger and flee to their purpose built safe havens hidden across the globe, free from the ravages their hands have writ. No, I do not think I'd like a civil war in America.

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the civil war will be the left white, the jews, the nigs and the browns against the right wing whites. And a few roof top koreans mixed up here and there.

Imagine still shilling for trump for the lols

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The world at large would struggle, but would muddle through. There is no shortage of energy resources outside of America and the means of production to produce literally everything the world uses is outside of America. Investments would go bad for some rich people and every day diets will adjust downward, but command economies with large pools of resources will adjust and come out fine.

and the mexicans will probably be on their own, some mixed up with the left white, but otherwise also against the nigs. It will be quite a spectacle of violence. Same here in europe. Civil war breaks out and you may have like a billion different factions of specific angry muslims who hate eachother. Maybe they will be smart enough to become a bloc, but probably not.

The left projects. Just like they threw out and harassed non-bigoted people while encouraging slavish bigoted toxicity on the right because they thought bigotry favored them (this forum is proof they’re still doing it), they project violence against those who would defend the peace and truth that emancipates society from the warrior’s broken weakness.

Just the other day I had a supposed progressive pop off and start ranting about how unempathetic, unfeeling, pointless, and unacceptable it was for me to speak in their proximity, and their evidence was that I spoke in too “high-faluting” and “pretentious” a manner. They raged about my supposed arrogance and then how I was “attacking” them because I didn’t submit to their fucked up thought policing.

I’m a leftist. I’m trying to shut this shit down so we can end the era of mandatory subservient bigotry and get back to speaking our thoughts freely without having fascist regressives abusing us for not sinking to their level.

What the fuck are you blathering about, faggot?

Hello, 2015 department?

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Reminder that every politician with a brain is desperately trying to get Israel to collude with them to win the 2020 election. Also, reminder that whoever Israel colludes with to win the election will win.

Get yourself a gat crank and mow'em down like in the old days.


Why yes mr. FBI, I actually am ready to commit crime and bomb that Federal Building. I'm just waiting on your word.

I'm not advocating for you to blow your load early and get shitcanned by the feds or ATF if you stand your ground. Just have it on hand for when (((they))) burst first.