Why did the US government not support the UPA in their struggles against the Soviets during the Cold War...

Why did the US government not support the UPA in their struggles against the Soviets during the Cold War? I mean as late as the mid 50s these guys were still harassing the commies, killing their soldiers, blowing up trains and supply lines etc. It seems like a missed opportunity on the part of the American government to have at the very least given the Ruskies a pretty big headache. We gave billions to gooks to fight communism and even interfered militarily a few times and today we give sandnigger terrorist groups billions for seemingly no reason yet we didn't lift a finger to help our fellow Europeans fight the Soviets in the very breadbasket of their empire, smh.

Also while we're on the subject of the UPA, do you guys believe the stories about the atrocities they committed on Poles in WW2? I've heard some pretty wild shit.

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The US was still funding the USSR until the mid 70's. Let that sink in.
Not only was their system barely capable of functioning, they had to be propped up and funded by the US.

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I need receipts.


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It's well known to real historians that source their own material. A large amount of data concerning this is in the LOC library and can be searched through their archive online. After ww2, the former president hoover was assigned by the jews to collect all of the documentation of their conduct to foment ww1 and ww2, so hoover sent a bunch of us army active duty soldiers around europe with a broad document manifest. The docs were housed at the hoover institute which had an entire restricted wing dedicated to housing those documents, as they weighed in the hundreds of tons. A research fellow named antony sutton discovered the documents sometime in the sixties while assigned to the institute under tenure, and proceeded to study them in-depth for 30 years. He was eventually restricted from his work, but not before publishing entire volumes of work, describing in detail the relationship between jews in the US to jews in the USSR and Nazi germany, and vietnam and korea. He doesnt use the word jew, you have to read between the lines. He published an in-depth three volume set called "western technology and soviet economic development" which painfully inventories the receipts and records of US companies and individuals who funded the USSR.
To say that the USSR was "propped up" is a gross understatement. The USSR was essentially the jews stealing the nation from the people and then setting it up to experiment with noahide law under the label of communism. The country was 100% funded by jews in US and europe for its entire history post-nicholas. During war communism phase, the first major export of the soviet nation was consolidated grain sales to the united states. The grain was primarily from ukraine, for which, at least 11M people were starved to death, that grain went to US rations, ultimately for troops.

Is it me or are Ukrainians a lot whiter than Russians? They could pass as Germanic

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Check foreign aid and the UN. IMF loans, all that stuff. The US funds all of those organizations almost exclusively.

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Here is the relevant background and history on the Holodomor.
Bump for my Ukie brethren. Stepan Bandera for the win!
ia802805.us.archive.org/9/items/MythOfThe20thCenturyEpisode54HolodomorHarvestOfSorrow/Myth of the 20th Century - Episode 54 - Holodomor - Harvest of Sorrow.mp3

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Who the fuck cares? pooo-les are niggers and jews. In fact, the soviets were absolutely in the right to kill them. The sooner we can wipe out these subhuman scum and replace them with us German Aryans, the better.

The Holodomor was fucking insane. Way worse than the Holocaust

Rockwell wrote a chapter or two on how the US was propping up Communism while pretending to fight it, but I forget whether it was White Power or This Time the World, or both.

Baically Soviet spies infested US gov and jews ran smear campaigns against anyone who tried to root them out

Why the hate? Poland today is one the most based countries in Europe and most Poles are indistinguishable from Germans anyway.

Why did we still fight communism in other continents though?

It’s most likely a commie trying to “troll” the fash. Notice the language it uses, none of us type like that. Most likely they’re roleplaying what they think is “A evil Pole hating Nazi” for some autistic reason.

You already have your answer.
The Pollocks got the worst of it from everyone (especially the Germans), and supporting the UPA would just be more evidence the Soviets would have used against the ZOG.
It's kinda like why they try to keep it hush-hush that they support Jihadis today; because public knowledge of this hurts them in a big way.
You could ask this question about the Soviets as well: why didn't the support Québécois separatists in Canada, when they had the chance? Because to openly do see would invite the ZOG to do even more to split the USSR along ethnic lines. So instead, the Soviets (stupidly) tried to forge documents showing the "Americans" were behind the Nationalist in Quebec, and get the "Canadian" government to believe it. It didn't work at all, of course.



It was all a charade to keep the public from lynching the crypto-commies infesting our government. The politicians had intentionally stunted the military to keep them from doing any real damage to Communism. One line from that chapter Rockwell wrote that stuck with me: "While the military was using tear gas on schoolgirls protesting integration, our boys in Vietnam were only given a flashlight and a pistol before being sent down into tunnels after the Viet Cong"

Reminds me of Europe today.
-German cops can't stop the new year's Eve rapists, but they can sure come out with military force to attack anyone protesting it.
-British cops can't stop the Rotherham rape gangs but can arrest the fathers trying to prevent it or the nationalists trying to being attention to it.
-British intelligence agencies can't prevent Islamic terrorist attacks but can organize immediate "anti-hate" vigils and put on terrorist watchlists those who fought the terrorists.
-French cops can't stop niggers from rioting and burning thousands of cars, but they can use grenades on little girls wearing yellow vests.

Though for that matter, the same is still going on in Charlottesville, Berkeley, Portland, etc between antifa and their enemies. Fuck the police.

I think he was citing Major Jordan. He blew the story wide open but the media covered it up.

He tracked the Lend-Lease program giving the Soviets uranium, heavy water, etc. To build nuclear bombs, as well as industrial equipment, luxury goods, plates for counterfeiting currency, and literal tons of boxes of US patents and technical data. You can find his books and speeches fairly easily. Also, Revilo Oliver had first-hand knowledge of treasonous activity in intelligence circles that he lays out in "America's Decline".

Thanks for the tip. I'd heard of Sutton ages ago but never read him. Will have to change that.

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The UPA / OUN (Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists - Bandera, there was also OUN-M led by Andriy Melnyk which didn't support the massacres) slaughtered many Poles, they also killed Ukrainians who married or supported Poles, they also killed Czechs, Hungarians, Armenians and kikes living in the area, but most of the victims were Polish. Whole villages or churches full of people during the mass were burned. Ukrainians wanted they homogenous ethnostate and during interwar period some of Polish nationalists like Dmowski planned to polonise them, more radical members of ONR Falanga burned Greek-Catholics churches to achieve that, but the only result was Polish Greek-Catholics identifying themselves as Ukrainians. Poles were generally more wealthy, Lwów / Lviv was dominated by Poles and Ukrainians dominated the rural area around it.
Some Ukrainian civillians were killed by Poles in revenge, but still there were more Polish victims killed by UPA.
Before the war Poles had Border Protection Corps:


During the war Germans sometimes supported Ukrainians in their attrocities, but later they created Schutzmannschaft battalions to defend Poles in Volhynia. Many members of these batalions desertered to join Armia Krajowa, at some moment it is claimed that they actually colaborated with AK which struggled at defending Polish people in the area.



After the war there were also partisans in Poland who fought against communism, last of them has been caught in 1968. Soviet agents infiltrated some of these organisations during the war to make them fight against each other, i.e. one of them convinced AK members to kill leaders of Miecz i Pług (Sword and Plough) claiming that they were Nazi collaborators, which was probably false information. Some of partisans who fought with communism after the war belonged to WiN and NSZ / NZW. and others.


NSZ actually believed that American-Soviet war is going to start soon and they are going to retake the Polish Eastern Borderlands.

WiN allied with UPA to perform Hrubieszów Attack against Soviets and Polish government:


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