Starting a National Socialist Christian Cult 2.5

This is a follow up thread I've made due to "Starting a National Socialist Christian Cult 2" being flooded with needless religious debate. I would like for this thread to be full of reasonable and practical discussion, regarding the successful formation of healthy, white communities, along with governing these communities properly. And of course, to discuss building strong and well trained militia forces to protect our people. Here is a response to a post that was left on my other thread-

Besides the money I currently have saved up and stashed away, we currently have revenue coming in from business operations and from the salaries of my followers who are working outside of the town. For now, I'll be providing free housing, food, and other essentials to my followers through tax money and eminent domain. I imagine after we enact our policies, there will be a bit of an exodus, with few original members of the town population left. This will open up more job opportunities, though there may be a bit of a shortage even after this. Luckily there are more job opportunities in this county and the counties surrounding this one, as I've said before this is only the beginning. Taking this town is only the beginning, first we take this town and then it spreads from there. You just have to start somewhere.

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Congratulations Shlomo, you got the first post this time.

Come on now, if you don't see how you're inviting 50%+ of the posts to be religious debate, I seriously have to question your intellect.
It's always the problem with this kind of shit, as soon as you insert religion into it you instantly polarize it along those lines & gain automatic NS Christian support at the expense of the exclusion of everyone not on board the Jesus train.
Yeah, yeah, it's a convenient tool for ensuring a base uniform code of morality but it's ultimately more trouble than it's worth & is so tied up with (((them))) it's never not going to be compromised in some fashion.

I say "cult" due to the religious aspect of this organization. I started off as a minister, my original message was always that of a Christian one, and that's how this all began. My community is religiously loyal to the cause of National Socialism, they are aware of how vital it is that we defeat ZOG even at the risk of ourselves. They know that the future wont be worth living in if we are to fail. They also believe that even if they are to fail, they will be rewarded in heaven for fighting, they believe that God has their full support, that he is watching us and protecting us constantly. They don't believe in a God who rewards passiveness and weakness, who rewards in-action and punishes those who do what needs to be done with an eternity in hell. You don't have to believe in the religious aspects of it to be part of this community, or to ally with us. A main thread can be made about whether or not National Socialism is compatible with Christianity, in fact I'll make it myself if I have to, whatever ensures that most of the discussion in this thread is practical and meaningful.

I'm not even Christian but you should realize that there is literally nothing wrong with someone forming a Christian religious group with the intentions of helping our people. I stand with OP if he is legitimate. Christians who stand up for us are my friends. Atheists, however, are scum and need wiped out. I will s stand with a white Christian brother before I do an atheist. This D&C needs to stop.

The anti-Christianity gets to a point where it is as neurotic as the Jews themselves

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Right now, until I'm officially in power, I'm too paranoid to reveal proof because that would reveal who I am, and it's too early for that. I do a lot to cover my tracks and keep myself off of the ZOG radar, and even these efforts may not be enough. After election day, I'll go public with my identity and prove myself to you all, some of you would definitely be very helpful to our community if you came out here. We'll also be working with similar groups in Maryland, including militias.

You seem to have a balanced head about this. And I've often said I'd have no problem essentially wordlessly LARPing as Christian for a better society.
But THIS kind of shit is what trying to tie the two together instantly invites.

election day being 2020?
no thanks you're the most boring and pathetic larper that has ever tried to scam /pol

Atheists who are red pilled instead of being nihilistic, liberal degenerates aren't scum, I agree with you here. I'm not going to get sucked into this, the needless debating is starting already. Whether you're a Christian, a Pagan or an atheist, our race needs to unite in order for us to save ourselves, and to take back what belongs to us.


A better solution is not possible

Christianity, as far as it is National Socialist and/or Aryan, it should criticize religion for their mistakes.

There are no "le evil jews". It would have come out during this American administration or long before that. Or take the momentum of this administration if anyone says not.


I'm certainly not looking to divide my race, and most of my top followers don't fully believe in the religious aspect of this organization. As long as they stay loyal to the cause and don't work against our community, they will continue to be accepted.

I haven't been specific with the election day for obvious reasons, but it will be long before September 2019 begins.

Trips 10/10. How goes things, man? Still think that it might be beneficial to try to start focusing on email nowadays. Email chains aren't going to be disrupted.

As well, have you considered buying any older missile silos or military facilities? You might be able to buy at least most of if not all of the Sentinel site up in North Dakota.

Full agreement, and that was my point. I'm not even an atheist, not even going to get into what I actually am & invite a bunch of derailing (You)s.
But him talking about D & C in virtually the same breath that was spouting D & C truly tickled me.

However you might have to accept that the debate itself is not ever really going to go away & will always take up a seemingly unnecessary amount of space better dedicated to more productive discussion.


And so even druids can join. Longer story short. Everything can be made to work if the conscience is in the right mind.

Atheists have no moral compass and have irrational beliefs, this is warranted exclusion.


Bullshit. An internal, self made moral compass is entirely possible. Just because there isn't a template for it that can be expressed in one term informing you exactly what it entails doesn't mean it's absent.
Now THAT'S a fucking thread derail statement right there I'm going to just skip past out of courtesy for OP.

Culting this is more needed as anything else.

But how to begin about it?

I just want to put it on tracks.

So to also respect this thread. To mirror this idea to the OP. It has enough reason that everyone could stay where they are and the nett effects are greater.

IMO cults are 110% about leadership, and said leaders' personalities. Weak & ineloquent ones go nowhere, strong & eloquent leaders can convince their followers to cut their own fucking balls off while keeping theirs.
The actual messages themselves take a back seat to the leader's magnetism.

Hm I'd rather not


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Kek, that wasn't to imply that's what OP had in mind, only an example of the importance of personality when talking about a cult.

satan no


Things are serious
>llowers to cut th

This is why

Perhaps needlessly to say (Me)

le æmen

Entirely subjective and built on a foundation of sand. Atheists cannot argue against child-rape, murder or anything because they do not believe in objective morality. Atheism is part of the cancer killing the West

This is what shilling looks like.

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It will just be your opinion at the end of the day otherwise. What’s to say I can’t go rape kids because my subjective belief is that I can? All laws and governments are illegitimate before God. The scriptures may have been written by a human hand, but they are divinely-inspired

What a stupid argument.

Not an argument.

I already have enough Kool-Aid thank you very much

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And here we get into thread derail territory again.
They're only divinely inspired if you believe they are. EVERY fucking religious text ever written was technically "divinely inspired" because their authors claimed to receive a vision from their God.

I've had just about every consideration you can possibly imagine, brother. I have it all figured out. Everything is continuing to go smoothly, my community is healthy, educated, armed, and trained. They're prepared for whatever may come. But yes, I've looked into what you mention, a missile silo would be useful simply as a hiding place alone.

I'm sure this debate will never go away, but it can take a back seat to the more important matters we have at hand at the moment. We'll have plenty of time for debating after our victory.

I've made it clear that I don't want this thread to be filled with divisive religious debate, if anyone is still trying to push a religious debate on this thread then that person is probably an intentional subversive who is best being ignored completely.

This is very true. Be it religion or politics, personality cults bring people together and get things done. If it weren't for my charisma, I wouldn't have been able to bring this community together. You can accomplish quite a bit with a good looking face and some smooth words, charisma can make the unreasonable sound reasonable, I thank God for giving me the strength to avoid letting power corrupt my soul.

Correct. That was an observation that your argument was stupid.

And many of them did. I hope you find God, user, because you are truly lacking a compass in life. In respect of OP’s wishes I’m not going to respond though.

How many of the old Paladin Press books have you read?

Many things are killing the West, lets talk about how we can save the West. I used to be an atheist, and I always saw the immorality of rape and child abuse. I also used to waste time angering people and driving them apart by wasting my time trying debating against their beliefs. Religion is a secondary issue when it comes to defeating ZOG and saving our people, beliefs are beliefs but blood is blood.

I don't know about this reply. I decided to say something.

It's not (Me)

If there is a Creator His will the foremost issue on this planet, period. What happens here on Earth is only transient; it’s souls in need of saving.

does your cult denounce circumcision?

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Not when the country is full of christisn zionists.



New I. D. in America, How to Shoot Your M16/AR-15 in Training and Combat, DEA Stash and Hideout Handbook, Electronic Fund Transfer Systems Fraud, How to Open Locks Without Keys or Picks, CIA Explosives for Sabotage Manual, IRS Investigator's Handbook: Big Brother's Guide to Getting at Your Money, How to Destroy Bridges, EOD Improvised Explosives Manual, and finally their most well-known book, Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors.

We can't allow religious differences to divide us, I'd rather spend an eternity in hell than go to heaven knowing that my race was slaughtered and raped into extinction, and that we allowed the subhumans to destroy us and conquer the earth. We need to unite with our non-Christian brothers to defeat world jewry, for us to reject our own brothers because of religious differences and thus allowing the world to fall to Satan and his subhumans would truly be an unforgivable sin.

Hey op, youre full of shit and I'll prove it. Wanna talk for a bit socratic qna style?

What happens when a fellow White person brings a fellow non-White Christian into the fold? How do you remain Christian in front of all the afraid Whites while also remaining National Socialist?

One must come before the other. As you say "National Socialist Christian Cult" putting National Socialism before Christianity. Are you prepared to give up Christianity, Jesus and St. Paul for National Socialism? Because if not then you'd go the other way and give up National Socialism to save your Christianity. Its an honest question that is so easy to walk around until things get much worse.

The KKK was not a National Socialist organization.

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Maybe there should be a fourth Klan revival?

the existence of brown and black people and the state of their civilizations is proof that god is racist and rightly so.

A sad, but true red pill. The KKK served an actual purpose only in the 1860's. It turned into some degenerate fraternity with no real clear mission, or should I say was a product of modern day patriotic version of U.S. history. Making alliances with the jews? The downfall of Anglo America in a nutshell with the 1920's iteration. Siding on the wrong side of the Mexican conflict was another retarded act. So much potential and they squandered it.

Other news this bitch is a perfect example of the good nature of females being turned upside down by dogma and moralism. The simple answer is god made the RACE(S). Mixing doesn't preserve either race now does it? No, it creates some mongrel offshoot that has no identity with either and struggles with its natural genetic instincts from both on a constant basis. Anyone whose lived with one knows this first hand. Mixing and creating a unified world of singularity is pure evil incarnate and destructive against natures laws and balance. It's why the jews push it because they are a spiritually destructive race.

The only ones with souls are our racial brothers and sisters. We have to secure the existence of our people first and foremost, by any means necessary. Virtually no action, no matter how savage and gruesome it may be, is immoral if it was done to save our race.

I am a victim of circumcision myself, not a single follower of mine is ignorant of the horrific truth of circumcision. I could have been castrated, as so many innocent white men were for no reason at all. Not many things make me feel lightheaded, I'm very desensitized, but thinking about circumcision tends to make me feel dizzy. So to answer your question, we are all very much against it.

I only say "cult" to give you a basic understanding of my community and how it is organized and ran. Many of my followers don't fully believe in the religious dogma, including most of my top men, but they stay loyal to me and the community because they see the greatness of what we're doing here. This is about saving our people, it's about saving the entire world.

Might want to read Improvised Recoilless Launchers, Ragnar Benson's Modern Arms Caching, and the CIA's Nicaragua manual. Good to see someone else appreciates their works - sad they went out of business. I'd recommend starting a company to make out of print books regarding such topics and the like.

I'm always in the mood for a good discussion, brother.

Race traitors aren't allowed in our community. It was the jews who twisted Christianity around to make it subversive and toxic to our people, Jesus Christ was an Aryan man and a warrior who preached a message of staying loyal to your tribe, and destroying evil wherever it may be. A man must be willing to kill his own brother, his own father, his own son even, if they are too immoral and destructive. Tolerating sinners makes you just as bad as the sinners themselves.

It is our holy duty to eliminate subhumans, God gave us free will instead of making us mindless slaves. We must repay him by serving him, we must make sure that we are following the laws of God. To allow subhumans to continue existing goes against God's ultimate plan for us.

Sounds like a good idea, brother. It's a shame they went out of business, but also an inevitability. The entire Western world has fallen under the tyranny of the jew, we can't allow them to silence our voices any longer. Knowledge truly is power, and the books of Paladin Press are filled with powerful and dangerous knowledge.

Supposedly Delta Press still is around and has a lot of their books. Might be worth looking into.

Good luck with your cult OP, assuming this isn't a larp. Could you give any advice to aspiring cult leaders? I like to think I'm charismatic enough to make one, but I don't know where to start.

A couple questions I'd like answered are:
There's a difference between one of your followers, who likely believes what they believe because of your strong personality or social pressure, and somebody who believes in National Socialism based off of their own research and deductions. Is your inner circle the former or the latter?
Once you become well known, isn't it hard to find new recruits, because they'll be avoiding you?

Any advice that doesn't fit into those questions is also welcome

In any case, to me personally, I don't see myself going through books*. And at least it is true that it can't be just my plan and doing.

Someone here said
>socratic qna style

* I don't mean I'm book allergic. But all in all
socratic qna style'
Does sound interesting. '

I now own this board


Format went wrong somehow

In any case, to me personally, I don't see myself going through books *. And at least it is true that it can't be just my plan and doing.

Someone here said
>socratic qna style

* I don't mean I'm book allergic. But all in all
>socratic qna style
Does sound interesting.

I now own this board


Reminder that there are some white nationalists posting in this thread right now who, in 2019, still honestly believe:

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Just call it Positive Christianity, dumb dumb. We'll know what it means (German plan to purge the semetic mind virus from Christians) and the lemmings will like the word "Positive".

You constantly avoid addressing criticism and the central issue: jew worship is antithetical to national socialism. For you to even imply that religious debate has no place in your threads is a complete giveaway of your dishonest intentions. Like polvol2 before you, you desire so much for Zig Forums to say silent on the problem of jew worship that you are deliberately framing even discussing it as something to be frowned upon.

The height of dishonesty a christian will sink to. You wish for no one to question your jew worship. You just wish everyone will parrot your oxymoronic slogan:

This is it. The deceptive slogan. Just like polvol2, you conflate definitions and craft a slogan to make it sound valid. In reality it is a textbook oxymoron. Since you conflated national socialism with christianity, your message is really about christianity defeating ZOG.

Imagine that. A religion based around worshiping jews -zionism- defeating a Zionist Occupation Government. Goodness isn't that rich?

Esoteric defeatism. Your jew worship makes you embrace the semitic promise of the afterlife-gibs. Also christian virtue signaling- the origin of virtue signaling.
Inserting tangential christian circular logic.

Just please, invalidate your LARP more. This says so much. You're so desperate to make this sound acceptable that you are lowering your own standards for entry. How cucked are you?
This is textbook polvol2-jewworship tactics. There's been endless amounts of threads about this. Pretending it hasn't taken place is another damning sign of dishonesty. The answer is always the same; National Socialism is incompatible with christianity.

The bottom line is that christianity is thoroughly incompatible with national socialism because christians are loyal first to jew-worship rather than their own race. Rabbi yeshua promises heaven and you said it yourself, the reward is in the afterlife. No loyalty to your race and no love for the volk - all the signs of the jew-worshiper.

> I say "cult" due to the religious aspect of this organization. I started off as a minister, my original message was always that of a Christian one, and that's how this all began.
I rearranged the quotes to highlight this and really show how by your own admission you don't belong here.

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"…by your own admission you don't belong here." He finished typing. He smiled. "This'll show them, this is the post that will show those filthy JEWISH Christians the folly of their ways!" He said to himself. The idea that somebody would commit themselves to something so abhorrent disgusted him. The fact that they worshiped a RABBI, then turned around and called themselves National Socialists, truly disgusting. It didn't matter what the other people said, what kind of "proof" they brought up, what verses from the holy books, from theologians, religious history or Christian philosophers, he knew not to listen. Likewise, didn't need evidence, or citations when talking to filthy ZIONISTS. Inevitably, they would try to argue they weren't Zionists, that their views were different from the other sects. But he didn't care, evidence shouldn't be considered when fighting Christians.
He pressed enter on his keyboard. A 40 line wall of text appeared, with a choice "brainlet" Wojack with his brain nailed to a cross, a memetically powerful image he had spent an hour crafting for this occasion. A combination of greentext and regular text shredded his opponents original statement to pieces.
It seemed all was well, that his statement was so strong not even the brand of jews that called themselves "Christians" could come up with words to attack him with. For a short moment, it seemed his rhetorical victory was total. Then, the replies came in.
"You didn't use any citations in your post. Most of it's lies anyways, there were Jews in the pre-christian Roman empire, not to mention that most Christians hated Jews short of outright killing them before the 19th century"
"It's a modern fabrication that the jews are the same as the Hebrew people, the jews are from Khazaria, and the Hebrews died out by assimilating into Europe once the converted. I'm an atheist BTW"
"Dude, we're just trying to have a discussion, we have a containment thread specifically so that these types of posts don't derail threads, please take it somewhere else"
"Why did Jesus call the jews the synagogue of Satan?"
"Okay retard"
He smashed his Cheeto stained keyboard. He should've known this would happen, the shills over at Zig Forums never take any holidays. He scrolled to the top of the page and began his reply. He started with a double reply, to the one asking for citations and to the one that said he was an atheist.
"Look at these JIDF shills, swarming to my post when I post the truth. There's been endless amounts of threads about this, I don't need to post evidence. Pretending it hasn't taken place is another damning sign of dishonesty." He thought back to all the threads that he had posted in debunking Christians. Most posters in those threads left, annoyed that the thread got derailed. The rest argued until the thread died as it hit bump limit with neither side wanting to concede, but in his mind, he had won.
His next reply would be to the shill asking him not to derail the thread.
"Clearly this ZIONIST is just afraid to argue. I don't care if the point of the thread is to discuss an issue that only sort of has to do with religion. I'll derail every thread, shut down every discussion, until the TRUTH about Christianity is known and SHILLS like you leave this board."
Next, he began replying to the "Synagogue of Satan" poster.
"That was a cover so that the Jews could secretly control the Catholic Church." The reply included a source to a blog that agreed with him, and also demonstrated how medieval and pre-enlightenment Europe treated Jews like royalty.
Finally, he replied to the user calling him a retard.
"Clearly my opponents don't have any argument at all and are restoring to insults win. What kind of self respecting man would have to resort to baseless insults to defend his viewpoint?" With this reply he sent several pictures of interracial couples at a Christian wedding ceremony, which, in his mind, were enough to prove that all Christians therefore endorsed racemixing.

Naturally, his detractors replied, and he replied, and so on and so for, and soon enough the thread was filled with religious argument, the original point of the thread completely ignored. With any discussion completely shut down, the thread, an interesting post that could've potentially forwarded his and his opponents political goals, hit bump limit, and died. The user who had started the religious argument smiled. It served OP right for referencing and acknowledging religion. He pressed the "x" on his browser's tab, and moved on to the next thread, determined to derail it. But it was all worth it. In his mind, he had destroyed his opponents, to the point where they must of had no choice but to accept his argument. In reality, his opponents thought just the same. To himself, he was a soldier, fighting vile lies and ignorance on the internet with the power of his words. To others, he was a retard who stopped others from taking real world action because they called themselves Christians.
Inevitably, when he sees this posts, he will accuse it of relying on insults and strawmen. But his kind proven that logic will not work on them. Perhaps this will make him understand the point. Probably not

Based and redpilled. Back to topic - OP, with regards to your current military equipment, is there any level of standardization, or do you just have a hodgepodge of different arms of any and all types?

Kill yourself you jew cunt.

Anything I a wagecuck can do too help?

Are we still debating this?
Holy shit.

Reminder that op couldn't handle criticism in the below thread (which is still active and below bump limit) so he made this thread. Surprised that the jannies will allow this spam.

The asshurt is palpable.

Just a hodgepodge basically, fortunately it's very easy to find guns in this country and so we've found guns of all types. We certainly have plenty of arms and ammunition. I know what the next step is, but I wont get into that on here.

Most of my followers work normal jobs and earn wages, and it all goes into the community. This has allowed us to build up a sizable fund. We are definitely in need of more engineers, technicians and doctors/surgeons.

It's a proxy issue for me, I can't access threads once they reach a number of posts. However, my main reason for making this new thread was to have a thread without all the divisive religious debate.


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Unfortunately friend you're an exception and not the rule, this board has been fucked up to a point of no return. This board was so much better before Zognald, it's sad.

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pics or it never happened

Standardization is going to be an issue for you in any sort of sustained conflict. I'd recommend focusing on the AK and AR platform, given there are a myriad of parts kits, lowers, and uppers that can be swapped in and out as needed.

hey guys, piggybacking here for a minute. been going to this church, and an hour before each service I have bible studies with a group of other men. They're all a bunch of boomers and one is a millennial who told me last week that he was willing to read the quran in which I replied with a muhammad autist pasta I have saved on my harddrive which I pretty much memorized, to which he replied with "C'mon, man! People bend words to everything to fit their narrative! They do the same with the bible! People tried using the bible to defend slavery." To which I told him I said the civil rights movement was a mistake for the sole reason it gave women "power" so that the satanic elite could control people by eliminating reproduction(i.e. God's design) and at the same time lowering wages and increasing taxes received. And then they all unanimously adjourned the meeting.

I need to find a new church, but I'm worried they're going to be cucked, too.

Humongous if veritative.

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I don't have a problem with criticism, but it would be a waste of potential for this thread to also be full of needless religious debate.

You never know who is real and who isn't, I understand all the paranoia and distrust completely. But things are going to change, people are waking up to the truth. As people wake up to more and more truths, they will eventually see who is responsible for all the lies.

Soon, brother. I'll be posting a video after election day.

It depends on which country you live in, and which part of said country you live in. If you have the charisma and energy for it, I recommend you start looking for followers and start your own church. Infiltrate other churches, make friends, and slowly but surely guide those friends to the truth.

America deep south

Thank you for the advice brother, we actually have some veterans in our community who have been a major help regarding weapons and training. After election day, we'll be able to secure our town and make it safe from ZOG authorities, at least for a little while. Then those of you who wish to get involved will be safe to come out here and work with us, if any of you wish to. We need more engineers, technicians, and doctors/surgeons mainly.

what about stone masons/welders?

Be patient and keep looking, you need to find racially aware and jew aware white people and gather them together, organization is key. Those of us who are aware need to organize for this righteous goal, I know that there are a number of small cities/towns in the Deep South where the same tactic I'm using here in Maryland could easily be repeated.

Read Odinia you nigger. It will be down soon and have to be put back up because it's legitimate unlike your faggot ass.

I'm glad I personally broke this topic open during the Kamfy Era. The goyim know now and cannot simply un-know.

We have a bit of everybody profession-wise, but we could definitely use some more stone masons and welders. Everyone plays a part, brother, we'll be accepting more members in our community after election day arrives.

Checked. Very true, brother. The best thing they could do for themselves regarding my community is to have their media completely ignore us. But could they manage to actually do that? I highly doubt it. They always have to kvetch and shine the light on their enemies, only for people to hear their message and agree. The jew may be his own worst enemy.

Since this thread looks like it'll be more D&C spam, I'm going to drop my email here now instead of later. If this isn't a LARP send me a message after the election. Good luck cultanon!
[email protected]

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Checked. I'll have your email saved, brother. It's time for practical discussion about changing things in the real world, our people are being raped and murdered on a daily basis. Even with everything that I've worked for, I still feel guilty, I feel like I'm not doing enough, our people are still suffering, we are still enslaved. It's time to break these chains for good.

This really separates the sheeps from the goats, op, which is why it receives so much hate.


There's still a lot to do and discuss. I do however think that business is a possible option, all things considered. Remember, goods need to be sold outside of the enclave and commerce needs to occur in order for you to maintain a positive cash flow.

Good morning white brothers. Since it's Sunday, how about we meditate on a nice white bible chapter. Heil Hitler.

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Im also going to leave my email for after the election [email protected]

If this does turn out to be a LARP fuck you for giving me hope, but in the off-chance this is real good luck.

what's the criteria to join? I mean will you have shitskins? what about asians?

From what I saw of the last two threads they only allow 100% pure European blood

that would exclude 99% of americans and allow entry for russians, good luck with that

Trust the plan. Which the larper stated in

Pointless. It's just going to fill up with shitposting.

The law of polarity proves the existence of god.

You can't have the relative without the absolute, the subjective without the objective, the finite without the infinite, etc.

It's also related to the law of unity. There is a unifying principle from which subordinate types or principles come from. Heat; hot, cold. Direction; up, down. etc.

Atheism is idiocy, agnosticism is extreme ignorance, the only real question to me is whether god is a personal or impersonal god. The answer is probably both; an impersonal god who manifests himself personally in various types.

Here's also some axioms that prove god:
All is all in all.
There is none outside of the all; the All is One.
The one; the many; the All.
The whole is greater than its parts. The part is not the whole.
The universe (or cosmos) is an ordered whole.

There are several ethics that don't reference or don't depend on god.

Objectivism (see Ayn Rand).
Universally Preferable Behaviour (see Stefan Molyneux).
Hedonism (there's a variety of different hedonisms, check out the ancient greek philosophers on this)
Stoicism (based on supreme egotism, check out Seneca, Marcus, etc.)

Ethics ultimately comes out of God but there are moral systems or ethics built out of a framework not dependent upon god but rather some assumption like honor, pleasure, utility, etc.