Trump can't even brand right anymore

The biggest draw with Trump has always been that he can at least advertise that he's going to do what his base wants. How does this Jewish shill expect to win again if he can't even figure out how to put a white couple on his ad page? To think I was even about to buy the overpriced straws just to piss people off but then I see shit right on the front page. How can we put an end to all the niggers in advertising forced in our faces?

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If you're not outwardly anti-zionist you're expressly anti-white

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KYS, faget.

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imagine being so bluepilled by believing in elections and thinking an actual white nationalist could get in power

Patrick Little very nearly did until he was shouted down by blackpill retards like you

wtf you talking about nigger? I'm not even in USA

I voted for Little. He got 3% in a Senate race against a candidate who lost her party's endorsement.

What a psycho Jew lover
Imagine if he spoke like that about chinks, poos, or naggers?? It's be suspect as fuck but no muh juice es precious

Man, watching you liberals have a meltdown is my morning coffee.

I can't wait until you anti-American cocksuckers put on your Pussy Hats and jump off buildings to protest Drumpf

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Oh god what a monkey.

Ya'll stupid mothafuckas don't understand Trump is a necessary steppin' stone

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The guy on the left looks white.

Don't D&C our brothers. Americans, Hispanics, Mediterraneans, and Slavs are white too!


Trump never was and never will be an ethno-nationalist. He is a civic nationalist. This was known even before he was elected. He is just a stepping stone. Anyone that believed otherwise is either a troll or an idiot.

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Beautiful video… I'm so happy we have Patriots like him on our side for the race war! He's an honorary Aryan, millions like him are.

ain't gonna happen and we don't need it to happen.
We just need white ppl to grow some balls and not supplicate to accusations of racism and bigotry, make better choices in life, tell jews to stfu when they start kvetching in the media. It's not that hard. We set the example and they'll follow.

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HAHAHAAHA you like trump and the "unitedstates" this country is nothing but a giant fucking puppet that the isreals are playing with go fucking choke on a fucking sharp chip

By odin this degeracy!

Trump seems to have forgotten the most important part of his branding, to be sure.

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Stop with the pasta bot

Almost all wars have been about race. Extermination of jews and deportation of niggers by force is the only way to secure a white country again, which means it will turn into a race war, because they will not go peacefully and we will never be able to segregate them on the same continent for very long. Its been tried.

Peope have already tryed this retard by being based in public and ignoring the jews yelling at them they get their lives ruined.
If you don't beleve in violent revolution then you are part of the altright conservacuck leemings

I swear I've seen this exact post before. New pasta, bot, or just a run of the mill Trumpcuck? The universe wonders.

Well this is the same guy who called Jeb low energy. Yet here he is nowadays the same what Jeb was going to be: a cuckservative continuing to let in tons of spics.

Awwww the roach still thinks Zig Forums is going to help Trump win an election again. While still using the same talking points from 2016.

Now Little, there is an actual candidate that will do something. No matter how many times these maganiggers called him a fed. I'd rather vote Little than vote Trump.

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Trump abandoned the Whites who barely got him elected in favor of winning over the spics and niggers who just might be able to get him reelected. He was never going to build a wall, he was never going to eliminate the debt, and he was never going to make America White again; he was just another kiked politician pretending to be a populist.

This is nothing new.
Welcome to Zig Forums redditrefugee. Lurk two years before posting again.

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Just wait for the second term, you'll cheer more than you did back in 2017

it's funny how they always flip it on to the 'base' isn't it ?

even Q user now wants you to 'reconcile' a black female general

Trump and these larpers just couldn't help themselves, when push came to shove, they've just started calling everyone racist and anti-semetic, but really the whole reason there was the 'base' is because people are tired of this stuff being _forced_, people aren't necessarily 'racist' they're just tired of being constantly treated this way, this kind of assumed villian status projected onto them. First you have to get out of the way and prove you aren't 'racist' and THEN well… what ? You're still supposed to go away and die in a corner somewhere because you're literal nazis.

It's amazing how much of a fraud Trump is and how awful he's really been, this latest 'go back' thing is such an obvious media circle jerk it's sad. What a fucking fraud, for real. He calls the mainstream media the enemy of the people then goes on with this shit, just a fucking disgrace.


Here's a challenge maganigger, tell me how many times Trump has mentioned Whites at all in his speeches.

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Couldn't even find a moderately okay looking niggress? Had to get bottom of the barrel, chimp lips?

Its so meaningless just put it on anything.

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The irony is that both him and his base act tough but when brought to the topic of spics and niggers they cave right away to them and put maga hats on them. To avoid being labeled 'racist'. Total cucks.


Traitor! I would deport you if I was president.

My wife is Hispanic and she's whiter than you!

It is only because US politics has gone so far down the commie shithole he ended up Republican. That picture probably reminds him of when he burnt coal before Melania with Kara Young.

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Imagine being this much of a faggot
Pic related, you disgust the negress.

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Demographics is changing, retard.

Trump fence.