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This is wrong. This disgusts me. It should disgust you too. They're adding the recently born to Panopticon. Kill all normies! Fuck the ZOG! Educate the masses! Go into stores to steal and destroy their stock of this! Petition your elected leaders!




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A commercial with a white couple in it? Holy shit they're really shilling this crap hard, whatever the hell they're doing with that data you sure as fuck shouldn't trust them with it

They apparently sent this video as a press release to News Wires. I first saw it tonight on the news from the local CW Affiliate (Sinclare), not as a regular commercial. I found the video on the internet instantly after searching, and it was hosted by the YouTube account WFLA-TV 8 CBS Tampa Florida (Nextstar). So yes, they're shilling it hard.

not like anyone on Zig Forums will have kids anyway

Right in the crotch to sterilize him from birth

At least we can, Discord tranny

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More kids than you'll have you fucking tranny like.In the fucking ovens you go.

version 4 of this device will have some kind of LIDAR 3D imaging built into the sensor. it will upload the live stream of the interior of your baby's diaper to (((The Cloud))). you and everyone's baby's genitals and anus will watched at all times by AI and pedos and diaperkins who get jobs working as QA for Huggies Cloud. IoT pampers will be popular among diaperkin and copraphagists, who will live stream the interior of their diapers to the Internet. in these new Days of Lot, an entirely new genre of degenerate porn filth will be invented thanks to Huggies.


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More kids than you'll have you fucking tranny KIKE.In the fucking ovens you go.

All of this corporate data mining is encouraging me to build an earthship in the middle of nowhere just so I can live and train in peace.

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except all the posters that do, right? kill yourself, nigger.

Looks to be about 3cm away, now I know why its a White Couple who is shown doing this to their baby.

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i don'[t know what hapening here but i think op is saying that left handed people disgust him and are wrong.


Being this retarded I bet you don't have a gf faggot

Faraday Cages need to be grounded.

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how does it feel knowing your own race is becoming a minority in the nations your ancestors built and no one gives a fuck and your side already lost a long time ago
your dumb white kids will just be fleshlights for niggerdick anyway. Enjoy retard


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faraday bags

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Wowo. That's not how we treat people here on Zig Forums, bucko. We treat people with respect.

Not only does this piss me off for the obvious reasons. It pisses me off because it’s a dumb fucking product. Seriously? Why? Just watch your damn kids. This is at all useful and anyone who has taken care of a baby for any amount of time would know this.

Are you some kind of bigot? The parents need themselves to be stupefied by Netflix series, Instagram Feeds and Vidya games in order for them to fit in with society today. Babies just get in the way of this. Mommy also needs to be with herself, away from all the stresses of daily life. You can see from the commercial that she practices yoga in peace and quiet, without any technological stresses nearby, which gives her all the space to check her baby on her phone during her upward facing dog. The Mongrel Doctor also needs to be able to check in on all the data the baby has produced, so that the baby can sleep as much as needed, which is better for *everyone*. You must be some kind of anti-zionist, anti-feminist, anti-semitic barbarian to think that watching over and protecting your children is the primary task of any parent.

I hate clown world

All future generations are completely fucked. There is nothing that can be done to save the children anymore. It's over.

Reluctantly checked.
Go away, Carlos.

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let technological selection take its course

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One day every Trumpcuck will be hanged