Right-WIng EU instead of just leaving it and replacing it with nothing?

We need to purge Boomer Nationalists like Farage, who don't talk about race and just go on about polish economic migrants and muh EU. Greece isn't fucked up because of the EU, but because they practice the most retarded form of socialism. Which is to just grant the population goodies to bribe them, so they continue working for you. The Euro actually introduced a sort of Gold Standard for them, which made them unable to just inflate their currency to trick their retarded population into believing they actually got what they were promised, but got the actual value eroded.

Leaving the EU won't do anything. Talking about reducing immigration and having a system like Canada (The German AfD loves the canadian immgration point based system for some reason) won't do anything.
All of that is just BULLSHIT. We are being replaced. It's already baked into the cake, so to speak. Demographic Replacement is a certainty, UNLESS we do something.

We need to strip ourselves from the last vestiges of misguided libertarianism, that is afraid of using POWER.
And of the Boomer Conservatives we follow, that just have a sad Nostalgia for better days.

We need a radical new concept to GO FORWARD in time, but on our terms. Terms that explicately talk about race and not just allude to it.
Terms that balance our natural european desire for freedom with joining forces for truly grand projects we can all work on together. We need a political class that wants to shape the world and not just be adjust the tax rate a few percent down here and basically act like glorified Bureaucrats.

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This is not possible, OP.
EU's framework has been specifically devised in a way that it cannot be changed even if "right wing" becomes predominant.
I would link you an interview of people explaining this but it's in italian.
I don't even know if this kind of debate exist outside of Italy to be honest.

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I can agree with an intelligent right wing in Europe. Just like any other wing. Instead of wanting to lose the E.U. and finding out it was exactly what was needed and felt.

Also, you don't know shit about Greece or Euro.

In the end only power is important. When the right people have the power, they can change it.
If you think paragraphs or certain laws can somehow prevent this, then I just need to remind you that Leftists managed to circumvent that, so why shouldn't we?

Like in Gemrnay, technically only German citizenship can be given to people with German blood. But Leftists just interpreted it that way, that it's just one of the ways to give citizenship and never abolished it, but just build on top of it.

Only Boomer think the EU can't be changed, because they would never actually do what it takes to change that. Jus as they would never replace the education system with a right-wing one. Just as they would never work together with cultural artists to produce right-wing art and just talk about muh STEM. Just as they would never deport immigrants, but just talk about changing the system.

Do not listen to Boomers, who tell you that something can never be done.

nice argument, if you have nothing to say, then say nothing

This may be slightly more likely to happen, but only time will tell.

You talk like someone who's never examined in depth the EU's rabbithole.
If you did, you would have known that what you're talking about it's literally impossible to achieve within the Union's framework.
To do the things you are talking about European people should burn to the ground first pic related and create a whole new system from from scratch.
I don't know how many times I have to repeat this, but here's the thing:
you cannot and never will win to a game specifically rigged against you.

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The (((EU))) controls immigration through articles 77-8-79 the the treaty of functioning of the eu.

Brexit is the first step towards liberation of brown forces

What do you think a framework does? It only makes the "getting into power" aspect harder.
But if every single EU country + all the MEPs were right-wing nationalist, we could change what the EU is almost instantly. It would literally change over night, because we would interpret the legal framework of it differently too.

A framework can never be strong enough to actually overcome the people in power itself.

Great. Then we just keep the fact that the EU has some authority over immigration, but change it to be race-based immigration and enforce it EU-wide.
And the other countries can still keep their own immigration policies, but stuff like welcoming non-whites would just not be possible.

I will now stop replying to you, because you clearly don't have a clue.

Kill yourself moshe, you don't get to decide.

Could you summarize said debate for us? I am curious. Are their people in Italy who have discussed infiltrating the EU bureaucracy in order to stop the full-steam-ahead immigrationist trend?

Stop thinking in terms of a system that is designed to kill you. Politics are there to fool you, education is there to make you dumber, health care is pushing drugs to you, law enforcement are crime protectors, money means debt, food is made to make you sick, human rights facilitates slavery, human trafficking etc. , history is build on lies, justice is injustice, freedom is slavery, entertainment is indoctrination.

It's all jews. All of it. Go all out against the so called jews and the lies and terrorism they unleashed onto the human species for over 5k years. They stole the entire human identity, they took the purpose of our existence away from us, they are plundering and destroying this ecosystem and all it's resources without a conscious thought, they are a top to bottom organized terrorist organization and they've killed billions. they are teaching each other how to exterminate humanity by indirect means.

They are responsible for all big wars in history, the war crimes they've committed are unfathomable, the magnitude of their treason against all life on earth can't be comprehended by mere human beings, the lie about the moon, they lie about the the design of earth, they lie about deities and religions, they lie about all scientific achievements, the lie about history, they lie about race, they lie about blood, they lie about population numbers…lies, lies, lies. They hold all wealth, all science, all natural resources, all technical achievements, all knowledge etc. hostage. And they created nothing but horrors on this earth.

They are mass murdering humanity, made our entire history into a web of lies and need to be stopped at all costs…all of them. All our others problems come from them, all the division was created by them, the abrahamic religions enslaved the majority of mankind and were designed to oppose each other, atheism was not a choice but a weapon used against us to enslave all the non believers under materialism, world wide poverty is not a byproduct of natural circumstances, it's slavery by design to mass breed poverty ridden demographics for migration warfare, while also exploiting them for slave labor, drug and organ smuggling, human trafficking, tax fraud, money laundering, arms dealing and to fleece the wealthy out of endless donations.

Fight for your fucking lives.

If you think jews are this all powerful, then we are fucked.


I cannot turn on the audio at the moment to listen to the interview and summarize it for you, I'll see in a few hours eventually.
No, there are people who have analyzed the treaties and regulations the Union is based upon and realized that it's literally impossible to change the core goal of the Union itself: this means that there is no way to change it and the only viable path is to destroy it.

Tell me how the EU succeded when the founding fathers of the US couldn't.

Why do you believe that somehow even if you got the right people into power, nothing can change, because the rules laid out by the EU magically change their Agenda?

If the Left can subvert, then we can subvert things as well. If the EU is somehow able to guard itself against human interference, then maybe the Left is right, given that their system are more stable and the Right, even though it's based on natural law can't.

This has nothing to do with being powerful. It's pathological, parasitical behavior. They are on a self destructive path, they cannot stop by themselves, and they are on it for millennia. They have absolutely zero chance against humanity if humans would stop believing lies and being ignorant about everything. Stop being afraid of their lies, because they will never stop killing us. You cannot ignore or avoid a parasite that is eating you from the inside, you must fight it.

Is this a pasta?
I agree with every word.
Also checked.

It's not based on natural law at all. There is no such thing as murder in nature. "thou shall not kill" is a jewish lie to protect their own necks. Natural law judges a kill only by the consequences for the environment. All human laws are lies to control us. We are not judged by these fake laws, only the laws of nature are judging us. Prison is not judgement, it's human on human sadism. It's nothing but control through power and fear. The purpose of human existence is "creation in accordance with the laws of nature for the benefit of all", because only that will ensure us to build the best possible breeding grounds for our offspring. That's what we've been judged for, and that's why humanity is going down the drain while a jewish parasite is tearing us apart from inside. If you see a wrong, nature demands you to struggle to make it a right. It's all our jobs to try to uphold the natural balance between positive and negative outcomes, till the day we die.

Not a pasta, just my mind. But I do tend to repeat myself…

We'd need a complete reform of the EU.
What's the point on keeping it, just burn it and unite the west with something else, that's not KIKED.

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Sometimes just ending something is a lot easier than reforming it- imagine Latvia in 1988 saying “hey we should really focus on reforming the USSR to be better for Latvia”.

But obviously, striving toward pro-white and anti-immigrant governments in Europe should be the current goal and if that spills over into EU influence that’s powerful enough to make the body beneficial, fine.

Well, the USSR was fucking stupid, because it only reformed politically not economically. Russia is basicalyl the opposite evolution of China.

China instead of giving political freedom liberated itself economically. The USSR just gave opportunity for dissidents to voice their opinions, but the economy still sucked.

I am just tired of the boomer parties that promise immigration reform instead of radically saying: "NO". Not any immigration. None at all. If you can't say the race word, then just be against all immigration period.

stephen paddock for president

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What does this even mean?
Are there pro-EU shills on this board?

First of all, all of this is silly because we lack political power. Without political power, changing the EU or creating a new one is impossible.
Second of all, you're right that we need an EU. Without some kind of thing uniting White Nations, we'll eventually end up slaughtering each other and the jew will regain control of the earth.

It's always cringe when a burger talks about European issues and opines about what "we" must do.
Just stick to your side of the pond.

I am German, user.

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Paid shill

Fuck off with your village-nationalism and small-minded libertarianism.

We will never achieve anything, if folks like you just bash us for wanting to enforce a no porn ban.

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Proven paid shill. Nations exist. You can’t comprehend this, so you want to destroy them. Fuck off, you brainwashed faggot.

Nobody cares about your (((conservative))) bullshit you worthless kike. This is a national socialist board.

lol, you’ll be banned for saying that it’s a natsoc board.

I don't want to destroy them. I just want a geopolitical bloc that influences others, instead of being influenced by others.

Conservatives HATE what I say, you idiot.

Yes, a European who leaves Europe stops being a European, just like a Nigerian who comes to England stops being Nigerian, and a Somalian who comes to Sweden stops being a Somalian. As we all know, it’s not blood that matters, it’s Magic Soil. The key thing we need to be working toward now is making sure white people in different parts of the world are as divided from eachother as possible.

It's kinda pathetic how all it needed was a bit of goverment oppression for all German-Americans to lose their identity. After that, the rest also lost their identity, because they got rid of ethnic neighbourhoods and just encouraged them to move to soulless Suburbania and become "white people".

You are not simply just European, but German, French, Swedish, whatever else you are.

I hope you can in time restore your ethnic identity.

First I wanted to facepalm. But then I thought, that makes it less gay. We Germans have the obligation to take charge. Wenn es irgendwer kann, dann sind es wir.

This guy knows whats up.
I've seen the same argument made on Twitter by Spencer et al ("If you leave the EU you'll be powerless and become a US/Chinese/Russian slave.") when in reality shit like TFEU Article 63 literally PREVENTS any member country from instituting capital controls between EU countries and all third countries.
As a result funny money from Arab/Chinese/other sources has been pouring in for years and bought up infrastructure and real estate en masse, squeezing out native buyers.

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user, we will just interpret them differently or change them. Doesn't matter what. We won't let that stop us.
If we have the will and the power, than nothing can stop us. Nothing. And certainly not a stupid Article 63.

We will just write a new Article that says the opposite or says "Yup, what this article says is true, but not in X emergency situation."
We can get very creative with this.

how old are you OP?

Jo. Die Geschichte von Europa war es immer, dass der höchste Baum von einer Koalition der Kleineren abgehackt wurde.
Jetzt können wir Europa vereinigen ohne das irgendjemand zur Axt greifen muss.


That's right you moron. Eastern Europe will always be shitholes. They are solely defendant on EU handouts, without which they will perish.

I said nothing about absolute power.
Are you this naive about what geopolitics means?

Hello Russianon.

The UK needs its Commonwealth cash, otherwise they lose it all.

no thanks, mossad/JIDF

Then what the fuck is the point of the organization?
Or are you actually so fucking retarded that you think you can have an supernational entity which projects external power without internal power?

How will Poland survive without nigger owned toilets in Bongland for you to clean? you absolute dipshit.
As for muh Orban the white knight - look up his Israel ties you cunt.

Obviously it has internal power as well. I am not a minarchist that is opposed to everything the goverment does beyond the basic.

… wut?

Waffen SS 2.0.

Paid shill, yeah.

The EU needs to be broken apart. Every Country for itself. This will be the true test of character, strength and pride in your race - muh right wing EU - when it is a militant
leftist organization, which picks up from where the bolsheviks left off, in order to further facilitate their (((agenda)).

So you want nations to surrender their sovereignty to a super-national entity?
The whole fucking point of nationalism is for nations to reassert their sovereignty, you're just suggesting an other JewSA

Any simpleton can work out that this monstrosity called the EU for the cause of a group of people - and they are not white you absolute dumbo.

You are very naive if you think that Germany wouldn't extend her influence on other countries in a free for all scenarios.

As I just said. Latvia will never be a truly independent country. Ideologies don't make geopolitics diseappear. They might give different goals and change the playfield. But the game will still be played.

Thread is spam. Report thread.



Murdoch Murdoch was right again. Yikes user. Stop being so … you.

I don't want Germany to be cut down again, because of an alliance of jealous countries. I like the way the EU is united peacefully. This has never been done before.


Reported. You will never fit in here.

KILL yourself kike and your kike cartoons
Your jewish cartoons won't change the boards culture.
you can fuck off to cuckchan with your alt-cuck wojak show

K-kike s-s-shill! You m-must be a j-j.jew!!!

Please user, take your heart medication. Please, you don't want to get another heart attack, do you?

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global report

I don’t think those specific identities will come back, because White Americans are not Germans and English at this point any more than the English are jutes, normans, britons, saxons, etc.

It’s not ideal to just have whiteness and not a more cohesive ethnic history, but ultimately genes do matter much more. Sweden has millennia of deep cohesive ethnic history and identity, and look where that got them. Meanwhile the Afrikaaners, a recent and shallow amalgamation of Dutch, English, and other Europeans, were far less cucked than the exponentially older historic European ethnicities that threatened and sanctioned them into oblivion.

checked absolute checked

fuck off user the EU is a cancer


Orban is doing an excellent job, if you think middle eastern foreign policy is more important for Hungary than demographics you’re a fucking retard.


Orban isn't doing an excellent job. Has he deported all non-white immigrants? No? Then he is still no ideal. There is simply not a simple white european country that has it figured out.

I am willing to give him a bit of lee way, because geopolitically he would be bullied by larger players for ever doing something like that. So I think one of the big 3 european countries: Germany, France, UK has to change, so maybe Orban can do something like that.

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You seem to so jewish that you think we do not know about the TV jew.
jews try to force people thinking that TV shows truth.
This is the NO. 1 manipulative tactic of the jew and how he holds his power
Putting his own thoughts into goyim's heads
Most fucking retards are deluded to shit because they watch movies and TV shows.

user, I get literally physically sick, when I think about redhead erasure of hollywood or the creepy "white heroes retiring and giving over power to non-whites" message in many modern pop culture movies.

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we are doing a great job already, I think that polarization as the trend is going is a GREAT thing. We need to loudly and clearly make enemies of anyone who does not follow our philosophies and outlooks. Spiritually and perhaps even more.

Declaring some groups and people your enemies make life a bit easier, it eases burdens. It makes you contrast to their failure. It gives a clear alternative. And it of course also sets the stage for a civil war. But war will come one way or another anyhow. The next step of polarization is self improvement to such heights that besides your political statements, you also start to live in your own ideology. People need to see that we do not tolerate homos, feminists, jew lovers and all sorts of other degenerates. But they also need to see our great side, our healthy body weight, our sporty nature, our good diets, our greater than "normal" desire to bond with family, friends, racial volk. Our impeccable work record, creative, towards monetary goals or not.

We need to nourish more of these white heroes that do not bend the knee to modernity. They need to encourage more. They need to be able to offer solutions. They need to shame people. They also need to bully them. Like it or not, that is the unofficial direction that we are taking now, while we deviate here and there on some other projects like IOTBW

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Orban is doing an excellent job, better than any other leader in the western world by far. He has stopped virtually all non-white immigration, engaged in programs to boost Hungarian birth rates, and he has openly calls Hungary an illiberal state, saying that liberalism has failed and he has made more effort than any other to set the philosophical groundwork for a post-liberal structure that will enable us to survive.

*more than any other head of state

You don’t know who “we” are. They’re not fucking ideologically disparate. Republicans aren’t right wing. YOU are brain damaged.

I want more. I want race-based immigration AND Emigration policies.

As we all know. Even if we stop immigration, it won't save us.

The biggest problem with Orban is that he talks about accepting Turkey into the EU- however, this is so totally at odds with all of his other policies, actions, and statements that it seems plausible that it’s just a line to boost relations with Turkey who is important for stopping the middle-eastern migrant influx and is harmless enough since the prospect of an EU Turkey is extremely distant.

there are almost no examples of our manifestations in real life. Either everyone is hiding, or is a shitty neet who just larps. /sig/ actually does stuff. I actually do /sig/ stuff. If more of us did that, one can easily surpass the normies. You surpass the normies, you get their envy. You get their envy, you have influence. More of us get this influence, well then, we will actually have some power then.

Well, it would save Hungary; their demographics are good enough that they don’t need emigration. Though ultimately, it’s true that they would be too small to stand against the rest of Europe by themselves.

This Turkey into the EU thing is basically just playing a diplomatic pretend game. Everyone knows that Turkey cannot be part of the EU. But we pretend for Erdogan's sake, so he can appease the naive more genetically european, liberal-minded White Turks. (White Turks is a term that isn't what you think it means)

And this is why I hate it when people talk about a "based Poland" or "based Hungary".

These countries can survive with stock-standard conservatism, just because they were part of the Warsaw Pact and never had much immigration, because of their shitty economy and political isolation.

Fuck off you Polish inbred. Go clean the German's toilets.

Suck my German Schwanz, Untermensch.

You cannot have an independent country and have an EU type system, it cannot exist. The EU is like the states vs federal power during beginnings of United states, in the future EU states won't have much federal power as it did before. Eurofags please learn about American history because you following the same path.

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ahahahaha either you are an obvious shill or you are seriously mentally imbalanced user

the best option we have is to unite the people against the (((scourge))) and do so as a "we're all in this together" statement, anyone that asks for specifics we respond "do your own research" and drive them down the redpill rabbit hole without the braindead zombie shitlibs having a legitimate avenue for "deplatforming" and silencing the dissent.

We need to preserve our people, and for that, we must inspire pride in all people - because if we fervently and truly believe that we will weather the storm, then we fucking usher in the storm and ensure that the lines are clearly drawn, that the kikes are actively working to subvert and destroy, citing FACT because we have FACT on our side, any argument of reparations point out that the vast majority of slave traders were jewish, we have the full weight of truth on our side and creating a united front out of the people of the WORLD against the menace we face is the surest path to victory, it isn't mindless violence, Divide and Conquer is the tactic of the ENEMY, we must UNITE AND INSPIRE and in the end without the kike menace subverting and pushing racemixing and degenerate sexual revolution garbage, it will take time but the damage will mend itself

but first, we need to remove the EU, any and all such policies must fall




We have to kill the Jews and drink from their skulls!

(same guy, IP might be changing)

Maybe Hungary could survive with stock-standard conservatism (though that’s questionable as it’s includes large-scale immigration for at least 50 years) but that’s not what Orban is accepting- he goes beyond any European leader, including Putin, in talking about liberal democracy itself being the problem.

>(((right wing EU)))

This is their next move. Fortunatly JWO will be burned to ground when Kalki comes

IF Brexit happens on a HARD exit front, then, there is a glimmer of hope. However, i do not see this happening, since a General Election will be held once the blade takes office.
Labour will win in this situation, and, since (((they))) have already pummeled it with muh antisemitism, they will seek a second ref. as opposed to leave given that Corbyn was and until recently very anti EU.
Poland and Hungary will succumb in due incoming pressure as stated by their new management.
Again, the only hope for independent countries to remain as such, is for Brexit to happen on a Hard front.
Basically, Eastern Europe is fucked and the only way back is for them to leave the EU - time, however, is running out fast.


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All right goys, for a start you can try and search for Paolo Becchi's publications and interviews regarding EU, how it works and what its goal is.
I have no idea if any of his material in english language can be found, still have to search for that.
As for an interview on the EU matter strictly in italian, i find this one pretty detailed and easily understandable.
About 29 minutes in:

The thing is Merkel herself said that Multiculturalism failed more than a decade ago.

These politicans know how to play us. They want our support, but give us just words in return. We even have a word for the stereotype of that type of political. The leader of the CSU (the unior coalition party to Merkel's party).
It's a meme that Seehofer can just bark, but not bite.

He never follows his words up with anything.

How about you just stop trying to force the rest of Europe to accept Globohomo for a while.

Poland and Hungary were both promised Brexit, hence their posturing - they thought that they had the support of her Maj and Drumpfh.
They will cuck severely once Brexit fails to transpire, and they have already seen that Drumpfh is already advocating for millions of Panjeets to enter the USA, legally.
They are extremely weak pawns in this game. The only way that Poland, or any other Eastern European state can convince me that they want independence is for them to leave the EU. Why is orban pretending to challenge the EU with opiate for the masses, and not push hard to leave?

I didn’t say anything about multiculturalism. Orban says LIBERALISM itself has failed. Merkel would never say that Germany needs to be an illiberal state or defend and preserve historically Christian Europe as Orban does.

He built a border wall that ended 99% of illegal migration, altered the constitution to remove power from activist judges, ended all funding for gender studies programs, plastered posters of Soros all over the country while enacting policies that forced his Central European University to leave Hungary and flee to the west, and enacted major tax policies to encourage Hungarian birth rates.

For now user.
Let us seen how he performs under severe imminent pressure.


You may not understand this, but we don't need a new chain. We need no chain.
Sometimes I wonder if many of you even understand how you are being used as pawns, in that you are fighting for slices of a prison, rather than getting out of it, since you have never known the world outside the prison.
And pan-europeanism is just globalism's forced miscegenation on a smaller scale
It is as bad and no better.
Federation in defense and offense, oath and treaty to never aggress on eachother and otherwise leave the european peoples to rule their own and have their sovereignty. That is all we need.

That was directed at Seehofer, not Orban.

I mean Orban to me is just a conservative politican, who has the internal support to do some of the things he says and his ideology is based on.

But I mean all of that is still a band-aid. Germany for example and many other countries also give tax incentives to married couples.

The reason why our fertlity is so low is, because of feminist marriage laws, our poor economic situation and lack of opportunity for young men and wasting ressources and incentivizing women to have a career and get educated.

In the end the solution to the problem has to come from North-Western Europe like it always does.

That was goal of nationalism. By Mazzini - mason and creator of nationalism

Pray for a Hard Brexit, otherwise it is end game once they have added Ukraine to the EU block.