BREAKING: Pro-Trump Beauty Queen Dethroned Over Past Tweets

A while back, she approached some Muslims Student Association stand and they offered her to wear a hijab if she'd like, and she bravely told them to fuck off and exposed them for trying to force the hijab on her.

She also posted something about black-on-black crime and how we need to fix it

Now she got humiliated and stripped of her title all for the same pro-Trump, right-wing, anti-Islam views we hold.

What the fuck are we going do, the libtards keep discriminating us over our views and NOTHING is being done. Getting real tired of this shit

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k, keep me posted

You do realize modern day Zig Forums would support Kathy's ouster?

Good for her.

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Here's a bump just to spite the other half of this board.

See, "people" like you are the problem here. You keep giving liberal anti-American agitators the ability to discriminate, destroy, humiliate and silence conservatives like Kathy by sitting on your fat lazy ass on the couch doing NOTHING but complain on the forum and watch TV. There is LITERALLY a WAR against us and all you can do is be a little bitch when REAL problems come up against conservatives and liberal censorship.

When you FINALLY have an opportunity delivered straight to your feet to rise up against liberal socialists and Muslims but you refuse to do so because you are afraid the same might happen to you. You don't have any dignity, you think you are in the correct but it only shows how gullible you are.

You are a nobody who will live like a nobody and die like a nobody. This is why liberal socialists have so much power, there is no willpower from the right-wing to fight against them. Being a Trump supporter is hard in Liberal America, and assholes like you contribute to that. Silence is consent, and you two fucking faggots are consenting to get fucked in the ass by liberals over your pro-Trump views.

One day, supporting our president is going to be ILLEGAL and all you retards can do is meme around. No job, no wife, no spouse, no education, you have NOTHING but a cynical view on politics and even then it's absolute garbage. Fine, throw Kathy under the liberal bus, but when the bus runs you over, I hope it drags you through the pavement and your thoughts are all about how you could have prevented this. Stupid assholes

this is a NatSoc board, female honorary aryans have one purpose

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She's not even white. Why is she winning an American beauty contest? Was she up against all niggers?

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>all for the same pro-Trump, right-wing, anti-Islam views we hold.
Go back to reddit faggot.

I can't even fucking respond to all the reddit tier faggotry in this post. Reported for being a faggot.

go home boomie

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Honestly who gives a shit. I am sure she laughed her ass off about this one as she already cashed in, already cashed in on the advertisers, likely already pulled a good man out of it. The left is so fucking retarded it isn't even funny. They literally look for reasons to complain all day and night… that is QUITE LITERALLY all they do. They have nothing else, they cannot debate, they cannot meme, they cannot fix anything, they cannot communicate like normal people and use moronic shit like intersectionaltransmorablahblah that nobody knows what the fuck is let alone cares about.

So yeah, guaranteed she laughed this one off behind the scenes as she already cashed in and it's just another left move that the only people who care about are the same idiots that nobody cares about.

Stop supporting Zionist Jewish puppets maybe?

Damn I'd burn her rice if you know what I mean.

What's the matter liberal, does it hurt you knowing that there are non-white, female, attractive people no longer in the Democratic Planation that support our president? Wow, talk about being pathetic, you're at the very bottom of the barrel. No matter how much you wanna be a bitch about it, Donald J. Trump is still your President, since 2016 and until 2024, so rip more of your hair out and don't worry because you have a Pussy Hat to cover your bald spots, loser

Nobody cares about this faggotry. Dismember her and feed her to the pigs.


Wow, another cowardly anti-Trump left-wing pro-Islam small dick faggot that labels all his opponents as Redditors, wow aren't you just an intellectual. This is why liberals will always make life hard for conservatives and right-wingers, guys like you consent through silence with getting fucked in the ass by liberals and do nothing about it. At least on Reddit they would have done something but conservatives were censored on there. I thought this place was supposed to be a sade Free Speech zone? Who died and made you boss here, you're a nobody in life, no skills, no education, no wife, no sex, no friends, no job, no property, no apartment, no car, NOTHING

You should, because

That's exactly the point. Idpol is even alienating mystery meat beauty queens. You really don't want everyday Americans to rage against political correctness? Why not?

You had me goin for a second there.

You're getting pretty angry.
Honk honk.

I hope to see the day when the right gets so powerful that it can declare leftist opinions to be offensive and use that as an excuse to punish leftists.

You don't even own a firearm, child. Go take a nap.

Fucking shitskins. In my day your grammar was considered with your fucking poise.

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Trump's too busy trying to save some nigger rapper in Sweden to care about his supporters. Actually, he has never gone to bat for any of his supporters except diamond and silk, but that was because they're black.

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Just what we need; yet another non-White "conservative" for the GOPers to rally around. First we have some butt-pirate Vietnamese getting beat up on camera, and now we get this horse-faced female Chinaman getting kicked out of a pageant.

And how the hell did she ever WIN a BEAUTY pageant? UGH! Were all ere opponents black or something?

at least you aren't as neurotic as the other shills

Fuck off back to Israel you kike

What follows is the beginning of a piece I have started and very relevant to the topic of discussion here:

Big Pharma as it relates to society

We all know that the pharmaceuitical companies have a major bias in the fact they have shareholders and the shareholders fail to profit if the drugs do anything to actually combat the diseases they are meant to treat.
Simply put there is no money in curing diseases, only suppressing the ailments.

This is the very essense of modern society. There simply is no reward in removing the problem. The symptoms must continue in order for stasis to exist within the organism. Eliminate the symptoms and everythng we expect in life goes along with it. Our entire society crumbles upon itself. Subliminally, we cling to the disease and combat the symptoms. Nobody actually wants to cure anything, to do so would mean an end to your life as you know it. An odd mix of pride and masochism must be reached in order to accomplish the difficult task of ridding society of the actual root disease that infects it. It would be akin to asking someone who is happy with their life to commit suicide, but what's worse, is when that person refuses the request, they are scorned and admonished for being a contributor to the problem. For this reason, most have no desire to go after the actual disease, they simply take the path of least resistance that earns them the least amount of friction in return.