War with Iran: a few questions

As everybody knows, lots of shit has went down in the waters just south of Iran.

This would obviously piss lots of people off, because again, a fifth of the world's oil is taken through the straights. How exactly does this benefit Iran to make so many enemies and possibly create a coalition of world powers against them, on top of the already overwhelming military might of the U.S.?


Even if a coalition did not form against Iran, the U.S. would still hold a significant advantage over the Iranians in both numbers, and technology. Would this be enough to secure a decisive victory? Remember that recently the U.S. has had peace talks with the taliban, and they were significantly weaker than the Iranians at the start of the conflict. Given Iran's similar terrain, combined with the famous Islamic fanaticism, could they wage a protracted guerrilla war against the U.S.? The initial stages of the conflict would be devastating for both sides with 100,000's of thousands lost in the first month. It would be likely that most of these would be on the Iranian side, however, it isn't unreasonable to suggest that 50,000-100,000 american's could die, especially if Russia sent aid.

Lastly, how likely does pol think this to be a possibility in the upcoming year or two? With the way that the mainstream media has presented it, it sounds like we could be at war tomorrow!

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^America's military might for comparison

Just America vs Iran, in theory we could just bomb them into submission, but Israel won't allow that. They want whitey to die so foot soldiers have to go in under prepared.

America vs Iran and Russia… Nuclear lolocaust with no survivors.

It’s in retaliation for the Zog stopping one of their oil tankers. Why should Iran take shit if they don’t have to? Iran wins in a war as far as objectives go regardless. 5 dollars+ a gallon for gas in the USA. 20 dollars for a gallon in Europe. Our economies will take a much bigger hit than theirs. Not to mention the USA is barley out of depression. It would help the American people though. As I’m sure an economic collaspe would cause a civil war.

True. Overwhelming air power would render at least half of Iran's mechanized forces destroyed. But the other half that would be hiding in the mountains would be a pain in the ass for America. Helicopters would be less effective, meaning most air support would have to come from fixed wing aircraft. However, even A10's would have trouble clearing out a mountain range, with all of its nooks and crannies to hide in. I picture a lot of Americans getting cut off from supply and encircled.

I'm not so sure. We produce a lot of petrol products domestically nowadays.

user, the only thing missing is mass casualties.

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Really the USA would suffer an eventual defeat in Iran and be forced to flee.
Much like Vietnam.

Iran is not like Iraq.
Its military is professional and extremely motivated.
It's population actively hates the USA.
It has the domestic capability to produce and use fairly sophisticated weapons technology. What it can't make it can get from other nations.
They have been preparing for a US invasion ever since they obtained independence from the USA.
But most importantly it can shut down one of the most important pieces of maritime real estate in the world.

we don't just produce a lot; we're totally independent of foreign oil with no need whatsoever for product from the middle east

Israel wants their bitch to take out Iran. Are you confused about who's in control here?

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That’s implying that our government would run things correctly. They’re beyond incompetent. And to expect them to keep oil prices low when they can’t even make the average worker get a livable wage is not only a long shot. It’s impossible. Even shit like this will drive up oil a little. Not to mention Iran has the ability and will strike every USA base in the Middle East and fortunately Isreal. Our economy will callaspe into full out depression at the least to full callaspe where the dollar drops to nothing. Iran isn’t Iraq. And I wouldn’t really care as id like instability so I could get my self some commie heads.

Last I heard The United States was the number one producer of oil, so no, we don't need middle eastern oil. Let's just call a spade a spade and say the only reason we have any involvement in the middle east is to weaken Israel's enemies.

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*sorry that's incorrect. We still have to deal with the payback for unconditionally supporting the little criminal state of kikes for decades.

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No. While we might be able to win with a draft, a Texas judge recently decided that women and men need to be drafted in equal numbers to maintain the 14th amendment. How feasible are wars when half your force is women?

Not quite.
Were the global oil supply to suffer a major shock such as the strait being shut down or traffic through it heavily reduced then oil prices will skyrocket internationally.

Oil producers in the USA won't sit there and go "nah not gonna raise prices", they will ramp up their prices and begin selling abroad if domestic buyers won't pay.

Do politicians have enough motive to prevent them from selling abroad? On the one hand, it would help Americans avoid sky high gas prices. On the other hand, senators with oil and gas stocks would get filthy rich. Tough call.

This. It’s boomer tier logic to think war with Iran will not affect us.

Anyone who thinks Iran can't push crude prices beyond $80 bbl needs to review this:

Really I don't think the US government could stop the oil companies.
They're not legally required to sell and could just sit on their product until the gov caves.
Fuel lasts a year or two without any preserving agents.

But even then they could just flout the demands by shutting down US based refineries and exporting crude from the USA.

True. Female units would get demolished against even the most basically trained Iranian Army unit.

Yes and $10/gal gasoline is the price America will pay to help subsidize the rest of the world. Good Goyim.

Ten dollarydoos a gallon will be a distant memory pretty quickly.
Think more along the lines of outright not being able to buy any because there isn't any.

The smartest thing Iran could possibly do is bomb the shit out of israel now.
It would split half the United States against the other half.
It would get every other country in the world chanting to back Iran.
It would give them the power position bringing North Korea into the war quick.
Russia and China would see it as an opportunity to ditch the dollar and move to BRICs.

They're going to either get attacked by US or get the first punch in and possibly win.

unbelievable, you post something coherent and political, we could have interesting discussions about tactics/weapons being used by both sides in case of a war,

and then the tinfoil squad still manages to bring the jooz to the conversation about 10 comments into the thread.

this, right here,this is the shit why people think pol is asstarded nowadays.

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Would a American war with Iran make normies uncomfortable if they have too put in a draft cuz ZOG military is so shit nowadays that it could lead too a possible race war in the US? I noticed when Kikes were bombing Syria the last few years on social media normies were starting too notice jewish tricks and were very susceptible too our propaganda and noticing (((who))) benefits from it. The only people that are for war are Kikes, Boomers, Evangelicals, leftist, corporations, and politicians which could show their hand too the normies as too what's the problem in America

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I don't think there will be any war with Iran. It is just theather. The main target of US is to weakens Europe (Germany and especially France) by shutting down markets in Middle East. The same way the did with Irak etc..
Also, Bibi would like to make us think Iran got nukes but they are far away from it.

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the problem tho is NATO is united at all especially turkey that it's still playing whether it stays with the America or joins Russia ever since King Roach basically made himself sultan not too mention that Merkel is trying too get close ties with China. Plus the social chaos that would assume from a world war would be monumental since the west is going through a huge disturbance in both political climate and ethnic/racial tensions from immigration and such

Who gives a shit really? We shouldn't go to war with Iran until it nukes Israel. After it nukes Israel, then we can nuke Iran.

1st the most powerful jews get obliterated, then we obliterate the mudshits. As a bonus, the entire mud hole of the Middle East gets covered in fallout.


isn't united* mb l8 night posting

Iran isnt expanding nor does it do anything against the west aside from typical kike propaganda.
If Iranians dont expand I dont care about them, also Iran is probably the friendliest population in the middle-east.
National Socialism isnt about genociding other races and people.

It's hard to like Iran because they are opportunists and cowards.

They will talk big all days in order to gather anti-zionism support but they will never strike Israel because striking Israel means their dosh stops.

Today, when we say doughboy, we mean the soldier is doughy.

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Obviously those few women deployed in the theater will be stock clerks and motor pool.

Military histeria.
People become beggars, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps feels good, people want a change for the better and the destruction of these fucking religious fanatics, but the gov want to live and send rioters to death in war.

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niggerkike, this is you

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Have you not read the Purple user yet OP?


Here's a bit of forgotten knowledge.

Fundamentalist Iran was founded as a client state of the Palestine Liberation Organization which was at the time backed by the USSR and the UN, which meant the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. This joint Islamist/Communist alliance is Antifa today. They have the same funding sources and same policy goals.

"If I say it, it must be true"
t. the mind of a jew

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I'm not gonna waste more time thinking about this. You and I, we've been through the scenarios, determined to the best of our abilities the most probable course of events should America go to war for Israel again. The Jews and their minions are blowing abunch of smoke up our country's ass.

As for me, I'm done with that. I'm done with the words, scare-tactics, and obvious lies that wouldn't drive an imbecile, yet are supposed to drive us to war. There is no reason to go war, except Jews. Here's what will happen, if we go to war for Israel again. I'm doing you the curtesy of spelling it out for you. If x happens, then it will follow that y happens, and then z. XYZ, is that simple enough for you?

If we go to war for Israel, * pulls out target lists, polishes them, and goes to town. And * won't be alone. Acknowledge that: do you get me? If America goes to war for our most important parasitic 'ally', it will be the LAST WAR America can ever be capable of fighting. If we go to war for Israel even one more time, it will automatically be a two-front war. Some American people will make sure that (((your)) action will finally break our country. And this is your last warning, right here, so you'd better make damn sure you understand exactly what's at stake here.

As for me, I won't be paying close attention to this bullshit anymore. I larp as a spokesperson, or otherwise inform everyone of what's coming up next. You know what will happen, and what * are capable of. * knows it too. Not another goddamn war for Israel, or else you're gonna have hold your head on a swivel 24/7/365 for the rest of your short, cursed party on Earth.

You can be reached anywhere on the planet.

So, why don't you relax, have a Long Island Ice-tea instead? Hmm? No one is threatening you for shit you aren't doing. This can all blow over, completely forgotten in a matter of months, or (((you)) can bring the walls down around us all.

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No, we aren't.

Nobody died yet on either side, if military actions starts how many will die?

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when he breaks him open shekels will pour out


I'll stop saying the jews are behind everything when the jews stop being behind everything.

not how it works, global market, Exxon won't be handing you oil for free, they will sell it at the global market value

USA army is mostly niggers, dikes, and trannies. The retards just shot down their own $123M drone. Trump knows how to do nothing but sit on toilet and tweet.


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I believe the Trump administration has formally lifted the oil export ban. It's always funny when people don't understand it isn't "our" oil.

Claiming it's about oil is how they tricked people into Afganistan and Iran support. Don't fall for it again

Absolutely, America's an enemy. If there's a way to rack up debt that doesn't help America then we're doing it.
Think about it.

Notice the US is pressuring all the other countries to recognize Hezbollah and the Iranian whatever guard as terrorists.
This is significant.
Just like Israel trying to get every country to adopt their new definition of antisemitism.
Doesn't sound like a big deal until you find out you can't criticize Jews Israel or Zionism.


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Oh and just a reminder, Iran has the second largest population of Jews in the ME.
They're completely safe, the problem is they can't takeover the govt like they do everywhere else,


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I am appaled by this injustice.
It's the jews right to rule every nation, culture, and people.

For everything a base requires there's a shitload of Jews marking it up and passing it to another Jew. The Pentacon is Jew espionage central. We're paying all these traitor Jews to create "think tanks" and any kind of technological breakthrough in the defense budget or Universities gets stolen by Israel.

That's why they are the "start up nation."

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Now then, I want you to be good Goy and go fight with the Mexicans, oh and rep Omar for all they've stolen from you.

Or do you Goy need Trump to throw you another one liner?

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Fuck off shitskin.

Nigger, we don't even have to set foot in the sand to level your entire country.

Best thing about the US being so fucking "dependent" upon other people's oil? We still have all our own.


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that isnt really true and it doesnt really matter. We had enough bombs to level Vietnam and we used a lot, it didn't make the NVA surrender.

Lel Is their uniform seriously a fucking baseball cap?

They're going to either get attacked by US or get the first punch in and possibly win.
Pretty much, this is why Hitler invaded Russia when everyone says it was retarded. He knew that he could either bottle up their offensive on Russian territory and be repulsed inch by inch, or he could fight a desperate war to the death against the Red Army on German territory and all the collateral that would cause. Iran needs to make a similar decision and soon. Is the war going to be fought in Iran or is it going to be fought in Israel? Because if the Iranians don't choose the Israelis will for them.

That would also violate the equal protection clause.

Exactly. Notice how there are many thousands of stories of all male men armies claiming victory, but no all female or half female armies winning.

They’ll reserve fuel for the military and put the private citizens on rations. You’ll have to explain why you need fuel for your farm to some sheboon bureaucrat who thinks food comes from 7 Eleven.

Why the fuck is he swinging a lefty club right handed?

We weren't trying to win that policing action you twat.

Not after the US moved the goalposts is wasn't. Just like when the US lost in Korea, they changed their objective last minute so it didn't seem like they were losing. But they lost. Both.

fuck iran. nuke em.

There will never be a war with iran. This is all part of the manged decline and humiliation of america for the last 50 years.


Biological pathogens specific to hebrews delivered from the future.

The incompetent overly zealous U.S. military predicts maybe 10,000 deaths with Iran to give you an idea how retarded they are. You don't even need Russia other than their S-300's. Iran is smart and has invested heavily in air defense the same way Syria has which is far inferior by comparisons which has largely kept the U.S. and Israel out of the conflict via air support forcing it to be a grueling ground campaign.

All any nation needs to do is have a quality air defense and the U.S. military which heavily relies on such will crumble. Our ground forces are fighting old WW2 style conflicts thinking the enemy will surrender and the conflict will end, but we are fighting racial, religious, and ideological wars and surrender is impossible. Through attrition by failing to recognize these facts the U.S. will lose every war it fights from here on out until we cease to be relevant in world affairs from internal conflict. Iraq wasn't lost through fighting. It was lost from political incompetence and demoralization of the ground troops. If the ground troops don't have or understand the mission they will cease to care about anything that puts their life at risk. If only the average American understood how low morale was in 2007 they'd understand that we achieved a ceasefire. We paid off all the sheiks, mullahs, and what have you monthly hundreds of thousands each. Do you know how many were in Iraq? Do you know who made up the local security for not just them but the regions we were policing? You guessed it. The same people we were shooting at.

If only you could imagine the rage. Everyone died or was maimed for nothing and when you hand the money over to them you realize that no matter how ignorant you are to the bigger picture.

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There will be no war with Iran. As we speak, Trump is playing 4D chess right now killing six gorillion kikes by filling the news and distracting everyone from Iran by pandering to niggerapper bullshit. Israel will be nuked and it will be glorious.

It gets a bit tougher in the case of Iran.
Their cyberwar capabilities are pretty advanced and they've shown in the past they can hijack US military comms and drones.

Iran stands no chance against the US militarily. Zero. They have an average IQ of 85, literally nigger-tier. Just because you hate zog you shouldn't turn off your brains.

As for what Iran hopes to gain, they want to show that they can impact the world economy by screwing with shipping through the Strait. They're being crushed by sanctions and are desperate to find a way out. Messing with oil tankers is a way for them to add power to their negotiations.

Do tell more.

I like how the fact that the UK stole their tanker first, forcing this retaliation, has been completely memory-holed. It's like watching a bully on the playground cry because the kid he hit, hit him back.


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You may recall that a while back they hijacked a US drone, landed it and then spent a few years reverse engineering it and making their own.

I remember that, did they ever go into detail?

Jesus man.
This whole situation reminds me of world war 2 all I can say at this point is hopefully they don't repeat those same mistakes I want nwo israhell and zionism to be btfo.

Actually pol is retarded nowadays because of all the maga retards and leftypol fags. Don't forget the glow-in-the-dark mods that allow spam about e-thots and drama between famous people. I feel like I'm reading a tabloid half of the time. I miss old natsoc pol…

Get out.

I really didn't make this thread to talk about this. Let's just talk about the topic please.

Of course but you have to factor in that (((they))) don't want the US to use oil from states like Texas or Alaska. Ever since the fucking (((Yon Kippur War))) which lead to the oil crisis in the 70s. (((They))) have been forcing the US to use oil from the ME ever since.

1. Merca becomes oil export/producer for first time in decades.
2. Barely enough to cover its own domestic consumption.
3. Immediately go off and start war that will anal gape oil prices because avoiding civil war might work if external shit starts up.
4. Gas/Oil prices skyrocket.
5. Jewish sheckle chasing corps giving two shits about merica issues, chase the sheckle like good yids, war only gonna last a few weeks.
6. Merica seens $10 a gallon gas when 1/3 of shipped oil in the world is shut off and rest of war begins bidding price war for their needs.
7. Merica sends op tier deep water navy into shallow water knifefight range of small boats and land based missile range in order to get that over traveled strip of water open quick cause fuck $10 gas and shit.
8. Couple destroyers are sunk, carrier gets damaged and shit, no biggie cause half the naval power in the world.
9. World realizes this isn't some quick shit and US is getting shit pushed in, gass/oil prices tripple overnight as everyone tries to hoard for years long disruption and nobody but idiots believe merica is shutting down this war before oil reserves world wide are dry.
10. Domestic merica economy collapsed at $5 gallon last time, this time you blow past that like it was nothing and hit easy $20-30 a gallon and domestic economy and supply system shuts down.

Within a couple weeks the US hits massive levels of chaos across the continent and it provides cover and casus belli for civil war turning hot as racial and political stressors bleed into open violence as everyone blames the other for all problems happening.

.gov leadership be like wtf dudes, we still got plenty of ships and will eventually shit all over iran, give us some time!

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Understand they were infiltrated when the Shah was overthrown. 1976 The people giving the orders in their military almost certainly are loyal to the jewish world order. It's a fake threat just like NK.

r u retarded? when has the US scored a "decisive victory," honestly

the fact that we're still in Iraq and Afghanistan this many years later – peace talks or no – tells you that you're fucked with Iran. Unless there's some force ready to pull a coup, then engaging Iran is a very, very bad idea

This is a crypto Q post and the moderation will leave it up no matter how often it is reported.

Iran is fucked. They are as screwed as any nation is modern times can be. They are totally surrounded by US allies and client states. They have very little capability to defend their access to blue waters up against far and away the most powerful naval power.

They either buckle to the pressure and kneel before Zog or they get their shit pushed in.

I don't think anyone around them apart from Gulf Niggers and Georgia are actually reliable.

Some of you have a pretty naive view of how war really works. Having bigger armies, high technology, and air superiority doesn't mean you win. Didn't work in Iraq or Afghanistan, hell any war after WW2, and it wont win against Iran.

Obviously on their home turf they'd take much higher casualties and the Gulf states supporting the U.S. are weak as shit. Look at Saudi Arabias retard attempt to conquer and displace the Yemenis. Israel sure as fuck wont do anything and Europe would use it as a way to further break off from the U.S.

U.S. and Jewish power isn't as total as people would like to believe. Most nations are just buying their time until the U.S. destroys itself and all of our allies would gladly further any venture that speeds that up. ALL OF THEM.


you think Iran brought it down? Obama probably had it delivered.