There is a persistent belief in alchemaic and hermetic tradition in the existence of two suns: a hidden one of pure "philosophical gold," consisting of the essential Fire conjoined with aether, and the apparent one of profane "material gold." The "dark, consuming fire" of the material sun leads it to be called the "Dark" or "Black Sun."According to the Book of the Holy Trinity, after Adam's fall, tainted by Original Sin, man is made "from the black sun's fire."

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Other urls found in this thread:


Bump for interest.

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This pdf makes some fairly grand claims in it, how long may I ask has it been since you created/saved it? It directly contradicts a couple things I read in the previous thread like,
However, since it was debunking a lot of the theory behind the black sun (which I heartily enjoyed, it can be tedious to fact check every little thing you find on the net) this was somewhat understandable.
For any interested anons I found this a good read, and does a fair service better job of a Wikipedia entry then (((they))) provide us.

I figured I might as well further elucidate the "reasons" I've seen that relate to it having exactly 12 spokes.

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You are pretty close user. Hermeticist user weighing in here - you can interpret the Black Sun as the Schwartze Sonne coupled with the number 12.

The Schwartze sonne itself is the basis of the Swastika, also, which itself symbolizes permanent victory, as opposed to its reversed form, the Manji, which symbolizes the eastern esoteric path and the breaking down of all things. You could see the Schwartze Sonne as postive/masculine and the Manji as negative/feminine. The number 12 symbolizes the presence of angels and divine inspiration, the impetus to take action. It's kind of like the Spiral power from Gurren Lagann (if you're a weeb and you know what that is), basically the ever-present symbol of the overcoming force which cannot disappear, the thing we all wish would happen, which is someone taking action in accordance with truth. It is the thing Jews fear most.

Here's a music video I like that uses the Schwartze Sonne and Pa kua -(Eastern symbol of the eightfold path) as counterparts to each other. Try watching the video with that symbology in your mind.

As some other anons have said the Black Sun is also like the underlying truth, the underlying universal law of the universe symbolized by the spiral of galaxies. It is something that cannot be erased, it will always exist because it is inherent in the very fabric of existence. It is the symbol of Natural Law as well.

Some of the other threads about deepfakes scare me a lot, because Jews are rubbing their hands and are going to use those to try to seal it away. Though it will never stop existing, it can be made more difficult to discover, especially when the Jews start revising history more dramatically erasing people and events with deepfakes. A lot of this has already happened, revising the Inquisition for instance, but it'll get worse as deepfakes make it much harder to find the truth and stumble upon the black sun

Gamble always makes me tear up a bit. It's a song about the struggle between trying to live a good life and follow the pursuits symbolized on the pa-kua, ie a good career, having kids, making money, winning approval from others etc, and the ever-present desire to just drop everything and go towards something real. The singer describes feeling as if she's looking on like a tamed cat, until that one moment. she encounters a person who she thinks can change everything, and she has to ask herself if she's willing to risk everything, saying she knows what the easy answer to all of it is, but…

It's a song I really like. I hope you like it, too.

itt: faggots

itt: caring about things is fucking gay, i have a salary and my life is GREAT, i need to shit on others to feel like i made the right choice

he is still right that you are a faggot because none of what you said revealed what the sonnenrad is
OP the black sun is the eclipse. when the moon passes in front of the sun perfectly you can see the plasma crown of the sun, known as the corona, and the moon turns blacker than youve ever seen anything in the sky turn black before
because we discovered DNA and evolution it can lead to the idea that you are not special and that you are one of many cosmic farts in an infinite universe. george lincoln rockwell of the american nazi party unfortunately went this route
so you have to find the things that are not just improbable ,but ABSURD
here is a list of things that are not only improbable to happen in a random universe but ABSURD

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gg faggot let me praise you

Almost everything you've said is spot on. I would like to highlight that eclipses are likely where the solar crown of Helios originated from, which were synonymous with royalty.

I don't think they just hate the moon, because of the attributions of night man's original fear and main cause of death, that an eclipse represents a catharsis, when the rule of evil is so stark and abject that it becomes impossible to ignore what is right and wrong, thus the crown shows itself. I would say if anything, they hate the sun the most, but it depends what roles you want to cast people as, you get what I'm saying.


Black hole sons have come to wash away the pain


Sonnenrad just means sun wheel. It's a gold circle with a blue lightning bolts. That's what Himmler originally commissioned for Wewelsburg Castle, it just wasn't completed that way.

Nobody knows where the term black sun came from, it's probably just made up BS. The term is obviously nonsensical. Maybe stop worry about things that don't make sense.

Nice try, yid. We're taking our Heritage, History, Culture, and Religion back. You can't stop it.
And oh, it matters, or you wouldn't be here being a fucking kike.
You're going to die.

Okay nigger so you're going to reclaim our culture by adhering to a goofy religion called Esoteric Hitlerism concocted by some spic after WW2?

Newsflash: Hitler had the chance to kill all the Jews he had in the camps and he didn't do it. Why worship a man who lost a war against the kikes?

BTW Wewelsburg's Sonnenrad is dark green, not black, so again, "black sun" is a term of unknown origin.

just because he stumbled on the correct knowledge and *lost* doesnt mean we have to bury his name. in fact by burying his name we also bury the knowledge he stumbled upon, or at least we make it so this knowledge can only be associated with hitler, and not eternal knowledge that comes before hitler and every other man too

I remember there's a part of the Eddas that mentions the "suns rays going black" or something along those lines. However, I believe the recovery of our knowledge of the black sun comes from Sufism.

I remember reading that women played an important religious role in Europe way back in the past.

You might be more effective in expressing your ideas if you present them in a way that doesn't make everyone instinctively dislike you. It's also rather rude to call a blonde-haired, blue-eyed White man a "spic" just because of the country he was born in. What few Aryans who live in those countries will have no interest in National Socialism if they're constantly having their identity challenged like that.

ITT: butthurt goon

Masons always hate competition.

You have a lot of homework to do before coming in here and embarrassing yourself with such condescending and absolute statements when it's obvious you have no fucking clue what you're talking about..
Unknown to you, nigger. How awkward for you.

Like you planned it, eh moshe?

I read on (((wikipedia))) that it's called "black sun" because of the illumination of the room in the Wewelsburg Castl, that hitting the tiles on the floor makes it look black.

Thanks for video and further information user, I also am very concerned what deepfakes will do to "established" history and the ability to psyop any1 individual or society with it.
Listened to song but had to take your word on story since its in foreign language, that art work was impressive for sure and I especially liked the ending, after it starts fading to black, then seems like its mirroring the beginning starting over again…round and round this circle we go!

I agree with you on much of the symbology your suggested, in fact much of what got me on this esoteric kick was studying the masculine origin of christianity (sun cult) with the feminine origin of islam (moon cult), with Judaism being a cult of the stars, saturnalism.
So you believe in the tradition that says the sun is our "1st sun" and the moon our "2nd" and when they eclipse that creates our "3rd"? Just making sure I have your assertion correctly before further debate.

another pop culture reference to it is here, in death cab…

correct it is green in the castle, posted in the other thread linked in OP tries to clarify that by saying that green in alchemical tradition is the ultimate sort of balance, so it was no mistake, and also that a gas fire was to be put in the center but never finished.

good catch user, not sure why they dissected this part from the original article, in the pdf linked in second post it says this is only loosely associated with the black sun, but when looking at the pendants, you gotta assume they are fucking close!

I had never heard this before, could you elaborate on the Sufism connection?

Click the vid from post linked in OP, that will help further the understanding of that castles symbol specifically!

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Abrahamic nonsense.

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Why do people admire pyyrhus?
He lost.
And I can name a couple of great man that lost.
Because hitler was soft thinking kikes will develop there own identity the same can be said about tje times europeans when they had multitude of chances to kill off the kikes.
Sometimes great men and good guys can lose you have to accept it hitler fought an entire world which costed an empire 4 trillion dollars and millions of men into the meat grinder just to put a nation smaller than texas down that is a big feat.
Men like pierce and rockwell and dudley pelly and yung or jung also failed does that mean we have to spit on there faces?
Of course not learning the mistakes from great men is also vital.
That is like spitting on gadaffi for failing libya

Its been adapted as a "main symbol" of group I heavily identify with, the 14. I see it posted on this board multiple times a day, so I see no problem in identifying and understanding why this symbol, which aside from the swastika, is basically "symbolic" of the Aryan people. Just because Hitler and crew added their own touch to it, doesn't mean we can't do the same! Hence my desire to fully understand "our" knowledge on it before finishing my design on a "new" one for use…especially because the material I'm contemplating will turn a dollar of steel medallion into a 2,000 shekel one.

here here, I agree completely, I get tired of people acting like Hitler could have just ordered the death of jews in the camps. Whether his soldiers would of performed the order is debatable (he was building a moral empire afterall) but also as bad as Germany got it after ww2 just imagine what International Judaism could have done to our people if he capped them before the send off? We might have been completely genocided and never had this chance to reclaim our birthright. Qadafi strikes hard on me too, his green book is an excellent read and you can tell her cared deeply about his people. Libya got what its people allowed tho, from debate threads on it I saw average Libyan complain that he wasn't "doing enough" aka "more gibs" not realizing with his policies they already had a better life and treatment then 99.9% of the world, even including the west! Schadenfreude in a nutshell but now just pity, because we are eerily facing the same fate.

White stag bump for Black sun thread.

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Can someone archive and link the (archived) old thread? My mind was scattered lately with mundane things so I couldn't reply before it reached the post limit.

no im saying back in the day when the moon passed in front of the sun since it doesnt look like the moon, it looks like a black sun, even at the beginning of the eclipse, they didnt realize it was the moon and said it was a 3rd thing, the black sun


One of the things I miss of 90's American culture, I know it was pozzed in ways, but the hero's children are given today are significantly worse.
Thanks for another good drop from this channel, I've been listening to it these last few days since you posted the 16th century German march song in that other thread.

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Bumping for answer, has been some good responses itt but so far no one can answer why the black sun the adl uses is 9 spoked rather then 12 like the vast majority I've found.
Pic attached is a t-shirt design with 9 spokes from a satanic website. No description on the why however.

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Looks familiar tbh.

1st pic pulled for this post on last related thread.

Good find user, looks very similar to me as well, I have read a bit of Jeffersonian literature but never saw this mentioned about him before, will do some digging on it and hopefully find something to post itt.

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Every galaxy has a black hole in the centre, a black sun, that all the stars in the galaxy orbit. There is a huge galaxy in the centre of the universe and the massive black hole at the centre of that galaxy is the Black Sun. All the other galaxies in the universe orbit this galaxy.

Interesting theory, I have contemplated that myself as well, any cite you can give for further study?

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No evidence

Sure, the Magic Mountain can be generated as a cone through parabolic equations, the numeric matrix in three dimensional form were the top of the Mountain corresponds to the central numeric generative principles, the shrine of the humble D4, and that generating fate and destiny through probability, it's that internal factor i was advocating, discharging thunderbolts from the top of the Mountain as it were as the controlling factor within the greater system.

When we are considering periods of years and ratios between planetary orbits then that all comes down to parabolic orbital calculations, if you wanted to say i'll be back in geometric language you could just place one rectangle on top of another and calculate the parabolic relationships, that actually carried through into the numeric factors involved in returning from the dead as recorded in the Osiris myth.

So day 17 eve of the Wag festival and day 18 Wag festival represented death and the barrier to overcome and 18 the resurrection, this is the same in the Christian Easter narrative, were the Last supper is on the 15th following the Passover, the 16th trial and execution and the 17th the day in the tomb, the Priory of Zion used to draw attention to the tomb stones of those that had died 17th January, obviously having read Plutarch.

So we can note these principles and the exile of Lamastu to a mountain in the Sinai wilderness, the Suteans and the rival mountain generating evil and why the Sumerians looked to its destruction, it was always about building magic mountains and ruling from them.

Here's an archive of previous thread.

Attached: Ulysses,_1922.djvu.jpg (360x360 383.41 KB, 2.66K)

Would you go further on this? Makes sense from the aspect of it symbolizing wisdom, its being the sense or order in the universe, and the wheel of time aspect.

Deserved highlight.

Just definition I pulled off website to get thread going, understanding that the multiple explanations would come out in the thread. I like the order aspect of your image, and it only has 8 spokes (if im counting correctly), do you know why?

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the long version:

my tl;dr version: The Hermetic Principles and the Stoic notion of an ever-present and ubiquitous truth is a concept that is not often happened upon, but heavily suppressed on Zig Forums. There are even "debunk" infographics made by kikes to discredit discussion of it. Natural Law encompasses things like cause and effect, the need for like to reproduce with like to remain healthy, and is basically the fundamental basis for common sense that subversive Jewish doctrine wants to throw out the window.

Here are David Lane's 88 Precepts, which detail that societies must be grounded upon absolute truths or they are doomed to fail.

It’s widely accepted that at enormous scales, the matter and energy distribution in the universe is strikingly uniform. This conflicts with your super-orbital model.

I've honestly never heard the concept of a
☆✬✭✮✯★⍣🅑🅛🅐🅒🅚 🅢🅤🅝⍣★✯✮✭✬☆

I haven't looked into what it is or what people theorize but from the OP it sounds to me like it's a concept of a second Sun? That's certainly something that could be theorized.. there's not an awful lot we know about antimatter just now but considering we can produce antihydrogen so therefore we know it exists and the Sun is 75% Hydrogen…sooo this is all just speculation based on entirely unsubstantiated guesswork but id say there's at least a 75% chance of there being TWO suns.. in a way.

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The orbit of the Moon is distinctly elliptical with an average eccentricity of 0.055.

The same fate that affects every single large moon orbiting a planet.

The moon cycle is 29.5 days

The human menstrual cycle varies from 21 to 35 days.

So you just have one cool coincidence that the moon is just as big as the sun from our perspective. Cool.

Good reference user, this seminar specifically and his work generally helped spark my research into natural law, symbology, and etymology years ago and I agree and highly recommend this seminar for any who wish to get a crash course in natural law.
His old seminar on the wizard of oz was also like a crash course in alchemy for me, considering because of my boomer parents I had to watch that movie dozens of times in my life.
Thanks for this part too, I got halfway through reading it and thought it sounded familiar, looked in my pdf file and found his book
which I had gotten partway through then got busy and forgot (books do tend to metaphorically pile up). Thanks for the reminder I've put it back at the top again.

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Attached: European Black Sun and Swastika.jpg (862x548, 68.67K)

So I've done some digging today and kept coming up with dead ends. Best I could find was the ostensible reason for the x x no esoteric one "if there was one".
Couldn't even find the man who designed it, just this shitty little quip on a msm article. If I remember correctly (feel free to correct ) operation paperclip dumped many of the nazi scientists that were dragooned into American service in California. So it wouldn't surprise me that they are responsible for wanting to split a state from 2 older ones, to have some semblance of real government out on the west coast. Just a wild guess tho, and since it only "looked" correlated with the Black Sun, I'm gonna drop research on this angle for now.

So I searched that image and found the website I think you found it on, why not post it user? Lots of good info on it there, some of which I hadn't ever read before.
Article seems to believe this most likely explanation for seeing it across many varied cultures.
Decent explanation of the alchemical view of it.
More evidence for the black hole believer anons.
Didn't know this and another area of research.
Closest it got with answering my original OP question, not sure why they wouldn't just go the full monty and spell out why (maybe they just don't know I suppose)
This is where your pic is from.
Didn't know this either!
Sieg Heil
My fascination with this symbol just grows and grows.

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Seems to have a white pillar centered on it, looks familiar but can't name it off the top of my head.

The Black Sun: The Alchemy and Art of Darkness (Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical Psychology) 1st Edition

In case anyone is interested, haven't gotten far in the book but if one likes studying Jung, its a decent read. It directly contradicts some of what I've read elsewhere that the Schwarze Sonne and the Sonnenrad are completely different symbols, with one being entirely alchemical in nature.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1488x1470 135.86 KB, 48.08K)

Saturn is the black sun. The Sun is all powerful but one definition of Saturn is the boundary of what the sun touches. If you know astrology you can meditate on the fact that the home sign and sign of exaltation of these planets are polar opposite each other, meaning the sun and Saturn have polar opposite personalities. Aryans are ruled by the Sun and Jews by Saturn, but Aryans must still master the Saturn energy in their own life's. Meditate on the black sun symbol and you will find it is a Saturn energy

The Swastika is a solar symbol, since the will or masculine energy builds things up but the reverse symbol represents the Moon and the downward but pleasurable path of decay, or feminine energy.

Here’s the archive of the Evola Mystery of the Grail thread you speak of. Something which must always go in the OP of sequel breads. Also, linking posts to old threads which will be pruned is poor form and new faggotry.
Here is the link to the video I embedded in the original thread you refer to.

The 9 spoked sunwheel is likely symbolic of Wotanaz’s 9 days on the Yagdrasil tree imo. 9, along with 3 and multiples there of, are the most recurrent and powerful numbers in all ancient myths, not just Indo-European ones. It is likely tied to Tesla’s enigmatic quote about the power of 3,6,9. Keep an eye out for 18, 24, 36, 72, 108, and 432.

The lyric is actually rain, or rather reign of the yids.


Thanks for this, I’ll lay off the shit tunes for a while and give the rest of your post some better reflection tomorrow when I’m rested. I definitely sense what your talking about regarding cumulative damage by bad freqs too often. I found two books, but haven’t had much time to get into them yet tbh. Just reading this thread rev’ed up my adamantine vimana a bit.

Here’s a good article about the associated IE celestial weapons.

I’m glad you’re back, has shoah’d things from time to time. The superiority of has been beaten into me by more savvy oldfags. I’m too tiered to analyze your post atm, I’ll come back to it tomorrow.

I do. Same reason Synagogues, Cathar and Templar temples, and mma fights are in octagons. To harness the primordial forces of the Egyptian Ogdoad or the eight trigrams of the IChing for metaphysical purposes. The Chinese IChing was likely adopted from Indo-Europeans, there is a Vedic god who’s name escapes me(Kala-something) that personifies the 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams.

Phi ratio at the largest scale we can observe every 19 years lad.

8/8 post

Yes, but it has nothing to do with subatomic particles made up by kikes to force math equations to work. Embed related was RCA’s top solar radio researcher who, like Tesla, has had all his work stolen and made into a pauper.


The xx is a fertility rune. Inguz.

Reposting the Vajra mantra for newfags too lazy to read the archive.

The Germanic brooches relate to numerous cycles, they take Ursa Major as the first principle of the cyclic, thus it can relate to the 4 quarters of the year or the 12 months or 12 hours of darkness, the cyclic pattern of the pentagonal Earth/Venus relationship, the number 7 in lunar/weekly periodics or the Mercurial 9.

Also the Vienna Landig group adopted the Black Sun symbol in terms of the hidden light, the Sun within the underworld in terms of an unseen secretive organization, the Sig-Sig's had adopted it in terms of internal security.

The Black Sun then is simply that which you cannot see, an internalized force, the light in the darkness, correlating to the Sun at Celestial North.

There was a tradition that in the absence of the Sun then Saturn ruled, but that is the opposite principle, the absence of light and the Triumph of the Joo.

Also, to add to this, 8 notes to an OCTave, 88 keys on a traditional piano. It is venerated by the Pythagoreans for being the first cubed number(2^3). 8 inches is a standard size for masonry units dating back to at least Hammurabi.

9 cuz the o9a (order of 9 angles) the 9fold path?

New faggot status confirmed, wasn't orginally gonna create thread and wait, but my impatience got the better of me, I apologize and I'll archive in the future.
This makes a lot of sense and…
I have seen this theme reoccuring myself in my studies. Have seen that Tesla quote and it was actually a video on him and vortex mathematics that cemented my love of 9 (which has been my favorite number since childhool), In fact the design I'm working on incorporates that very theme into it (9 spokes being our base 10 decimal system, allowing us to view the world through the logic of god).
Seems like this then is just an adaption of the symbol for these specific instances. Thanks for the history info user, makes me feel a lot more comfortable knowing there doesn't seem to be any "wrong" way to make this symbol work for the individual and their belief structure. Especially the part about MMA, I've never gotten really into it, but I might give it a watch knowing now instead of assuming that a ritual is being played out in the center of the "ring".
This mean what I think? That it literally is at the apex of what human eyes can fathom, and it happens once every generation?
Thanks for the vid, I enjoyed it as sadly, like many other things in life, I've never questioned the sun being a big mass of hydrogen. In fact this is one of the reasons I argue that flat earth is a good psyop for the "truther". Becuase it makes you challange a common concept, and actually make you think through why you know its wrong…at least imo wrong, willingly to see new info any time someone throws it at me, adjust belief to reality as they say!
The idea that the sun is hollow, radical to say the least, and I like how he says "they all know it" because while some call that a dog whistle, your average user, knows Jews controlling our politics is something "they all know" that doesn't get said ever either. Too bad the only way to test it from my means, from what I gathered in the vid, would be to go into outter space because then the sun would be dark. Got any more drops on this?
Dropping knowledge all over, Its hard to believe that I spent over an hour scraping for that, and couldnt find. Google and related engines are becoming more broke then useful with all the PC being shoved into them. Makes me miss Tay.

I had heard of this group but only in passing, thanks for name drop, gonna do more research on them tonight.
The cult of Saturnalia if I'm correct? Once again I love that this symbol can have a variety of different meanings (and what I assumed going in) based on the number of spokes.
If I may ask, what would your ideal number of spokes be? (and the rationale behind it)

Have heard of these guys but haven't done the research on them before, was not inclined to just from seeing the general hostility the regular user has towards them on this board. I did find a website on the order of the black sun tho.
All in all tho, I couldn't tell if it was just a couple friends, a intense LARP, or what exactly, are these guys similar to o9a by chance?
Pic attached is their symbol.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (677x600, 2.5K)

Hitler lost for the Jews.

I’m not sure what you are basing this on, but at least in relation to PIE thought, the moon is masculine and the sun in feminine. Protogermanic Sowilo became Sunna, eventually Sol. A goddess. Whereas Mani was the Norse equivalent (not sure of the older forms), but was male.
The earth was also thought to be Nethus, a goddess. The rest of the sky gods seem to be male, with Thor reprensting storms, Odin the winds, and Tiw the sky. Earth associated dieties were generally feminine, such as various river goddesses and the Matrons being associated with natural formations.

Any user think maybe the UN symbol is some form of bastardized black sun?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1200x799, 72.01K)

The octagon and the dodecagon are for two different purposes and have different meanings imo. They are both vortexes of energy, the former being specifically eight complimentary types. The base 8 vortex is definitely more prominent, perhaps it is the initiatory level while the twelve sided wheel is higher and more esoteric. Pythagoreans were killed in a water sacrifice to Apollo for even saying dodecahedron in public. Also, consider Zig Forums for the initiatory fire that it is. I found the name of the Vedic anthropomorphic IChing/Ogdoad, Bhairava.

The Buddhist conception is of course called Vajrabharava.

The guy in the video is named Eric Dollard, there is a ton of his work on YouTube. I also recommend Theoria Apophasis for realignment of your perception about light, gravity and (((quantum mechanics))). He’s also an Evola fan who is well versed(ancient Greek translator) in Pythagoreanism, Platonism and proto-buddhism(before the commie atheism). The downside to him is you have to sift through a ton of photography equipment reviews to find the gold.

Attached: 13270CE6-8F8B-4FE4-AE7B-54F11782D94D.jpeg (3046x3046, 1.2M)

The simple quartering into the cross or swastika has proven the most potent historically and 12 the most intriguing, you could go mad and try 36 though as that would correlate to the Egyptian Decans.

Black sun is the emanating point from which the entire existence is projected, it is the void between Brahman and Atman. The event horizon of the black hole. The invisible boundary between the collapsed and non-collapsed quantum state. It's everywhere and nowhere. Who controls this boundary, controls the universe.

While there is a lot of symbolism behind the eclipse (masculine and feminine united with excessive masculine (that filtered divinity) shining through), it's not the black sun, since both moon and sun are easily visible, mundane, physical objects. Eclipse, even if rare, is not that uncommon and special.

Kikes always corrupt Aryan symbols to make them lose their potency or achieve the opposite effect, just like they added one bottom length to the cross, to turn the ancient Aryan symbol of ascendancy (long predating Jesuitism) into the implicit cube of Saturn (symbol of slavery to their god). It is a neutral entity that's currently "occupied" by the devil and Christian cross represents worship of matter and slavery to it's mechanistic laws in a sense. There is also a (more likely) possibility of people printing out those being afraid that someone will sue them if they use whatever kikes deem as "hate symbols" , so they make some alterations. Big part of their role over the countless centuries was to obscure, corrupt/desecrate or attempt to erase our symbols, but you cannot do that to something that is implicit in everything that exists, no matter how corrupted and obscured it gets. This connects the astrology, natural world (with it's science), religious symbols etc. The divine code. The same one which generated the Aryan race as it's highest manifestation on earth (at least in recent history, after even higher races resembling us have departed). This is what ironically, makes them the "God's chosen" , not chosen for being the most disgusting and vile spawn to serve the devil, but (evolutionary) chosen by divine natural laws and metaphysical principles to be the master race. It's important to learn this distinction.

I noticed that on the emblem on the knights of the round table pic, the purple one, has 17 crosses on it, probably just a coincidence, but it could represent the siege perilous? Also an interesting choice of color. Could the black sun represent the magic mountain as seen from a certain angle (top)? I didn't do the calculations, but I keep seeing similarity with patterns that you have posted. Also, the spokes could represent the mathematical lightning. This is a question for user

There also seems to be a star on top, and an orb/circle. How do we go to zero from here? This is where things get difficult Could it perhaps involve the utilization of sine and co-sine waves, the two intertwined snakes?
The eternal recurrence. I come into being age after age ….

Is that excerpt from the James Joyce book?

The Magic Mountain as it relates to the zodiacal light/ecliptic plane could be seen related to the Sun or Venus in those examples.

In numeric terms the D4 has a spot value of 10, set square sides 1+4=5 and 2+3=5, the Hebrew thus somewhat arbitrarily related this to the generation of 10 commandments from the top of their Mount Sinai, all somewhat negative and the first four insisting you worship only the Lord of the Sabbath, which is to say Saturn.

The zodiacal light appears at sunrise/sahar and sunset/shalom with Venus often in conjunction as Morning or Evening star, we might take the mountain of dawn to relate to Jupiter and the establishment of order and empiricism, that of sunset and Saturn to its deconstruction or disintergration also relating that duality to the four quarters of the day or our four sided dice, a NE-SW divide or mid-night to mid-day in terms of the positive, you could also see that as two contrasting serpents or forces, a Left hand and a Right hand path, Vedic tradition as we saw related the D4 to the cardinal directions.

Their concept of zero or void score related to the central axis of the D4, I haven't considered Sine or co-Sine waves so i couldn't say either way, given the complexity though of the greater generated numeric matrix the internal establishment and breakdown of order is like a game of Pac Man, a labyrinth, which is hard to figure unless you have the schematics.

Consider also the hand of Sabazios, 3+2.

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How is mumbojumbo voodoo garbage and jewelry making at all relevant to politics? Fucking homos.

Attached: 1462882271928.png (318x269, 113.49K)

I'm inclined to agree, your post an anecdote reminded me of my studies on platonic solids, and made me go down memory lane a little in study. Interesting that the Bhairavas have 3 additonal elements comparatively to western tradition.
I got his previous video bookmarked for additional search.
Will check this out for sure, I haven't read a lot on Platonism, but the study I've done has been quite interesting.

For shits and giggles I've done this, its not horrible honestly, but comparatively, its not as aesthetic either. Even once you get past 12 it starts to get cluttered imo but I doubt my hand drawings are doing it much justice.

Agreed, good post bruder, It doesn't annoy me when the vast majority are ignorant of these powerful symbols, but when you try to point them out to them, they laugh at you and say "your seeing things". Its important to understand what a symbol is, where it comes from, and how it represents that "principle" in your life.
While I do believe symbols are mutilated on purpose, there is only so much they can do on that front, since it will just change the symbol not screw the original meaning. Seems to me the #1 way we are fucked with, is either zero knowledge on the symbol (not so bad, then your heart and brain will interpret it rather then conditioning), or straight garbage knowledge on the symbol (conditioning to think the opposite, like when an npc sees a swastika).

Thanks for all the response ITT, excluding faggots like
I have decided on how my own personal Sonnenrad design is to symbolically function. Might sleep on it tonight before moving off the drawing board to a nice steel mock-up. I might take pics and see what anons think of it after, but I might not as well, this is more to be a personal symbol then a shared symbol, so not sure yet at this time.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1001x1001, 869.99K)

It's not. This shit belongs in /x/, or even /hypno/ because all this bullshit is just a bunch of faggots engaging in excessively elaborate attempts at self hypnosis.
Report and hide.

Perhaps the black sun represents Saturn. The Days of the week do run from SunDay to SaturnDay and Saturn does give off it's own light. It's also the farthest object from the Sun so there is a kind of hermetic polarity there.

Anyone know what's up with disgruntledleaf? The op's quote from his works. Good discussion, interesting thread otherwise.


Spot on, mundane life mirrors this as well atm. Thanks again for all your clairity and advice. I’m having trouble intuiting where I should focus first, do you have any ideas? I probably just need to go dark until Mercury comes out of retrograde and it will come to me.

So the pineal gland is tied directly to the thumb nadi/meridian. The ring and pinkey fingers having either Mercury or a snek are interdasting. Here are the Araman interpretations which also have Mercury/Wotanaz as the Ring and Pinkey respectively.

The 7 step ziggurat and Tower of Babel are allegorical of the seven chakras imo.

Attached: F574DD64-C593-4447-83D3-B47DBEBC88C4.jpeg (427x604 122.22 KB, 80.82K)

Its 12 because there are twelve lunar cycles each year. (Its the reason we have 12 months and not 10).
The hakenkreuze comes from the big dipper spinning along Polaria. The twelve spokes are a representation of this movement in the 12 lunar cycles a year had.
People in the past saw stars, we cant see the stars because technology literally blinds us.

There was the tradition of the seven auras, these were generally seen as bound within nature, Gilgamish took them from the forest guardian Humbaba.

Nungal was the Goddess of the lowest underground level of the E-Kur at Nippur, a sort of purgatory.

This purgatory was an actual place.

Generally Nungal was a harsh but fair Mistress and made sure everyone behaved themselves

Nobody expects the Sumerian inquisition.

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Lads, thanks for the fascinating read. I wanna ask, especially d71516, who seems like a very knowledgable gentleman, do you have some entry level books about topics like these? I'm completely new into this.

Attached: alemmani_jewelry.jpg (1200x1014, 168.52K)

Entry level you can just find on general websites that have sourced the images but beyond that it depends were your interests lie and the depths of them, there are experts on Germanic metallurgy and iconography but it's never going to be popularized in publication unless we advance the cause, so a question of specialist research.

Academia will document such finds as in the above link but fail to point out that is Odin, but that is were we should come in.

Attached: kkk.jpg (625x818 147.39 KB, 122.42K)

The artifacts in the second pic look like vimanas from the Rig Veda.


This correlates to the Root chakra which is earth and concerned with base survival, i.e. food from a field.

The second chakra is of the water element and related to sexual regeneration, the waters of the womb and semen.

I can’t say for certain about the reed beds. However, the 4th he gave to the lions, Leo is the zodiac sign of the heart, the fourth chakra.

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I forgot to add that in the book of Revelations, “opening the seven seals” and freeing the four horsemen is also analogous to clearing the seven chakras. This “releases” the Kalki(Death on a pale horse) to end the internal Kali Yuga.

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Attached: wn11.jpg (464x503, 56.36K)

Good point tbh

How do you rhyme hate for "jewish magic" with taking blavatsky as a source? Theosophy is arguably one of the creepiest "spiritual doctrines" there is, and it's in bed with the United Nations and so forth. Blavatsky and Besant are basically the authors of the UN's humanitarian and spiritualistic goals, which they supposedly have along with other goals (improving finance, facilitating diplomacy, etc etc). I learned to love Hermetic Qabalah as it's more of a way of thinking than a predefined set of symbols, and i learned to avoid theosophy at every possible turn, because as is mentioned it is the very source of new age ideology which at times is satanicly deceiving in nature and dangerous. Take for example their obsession with this disincarnate spirit called 'St. Germain', he is the patron saint of Theosophy and little more is known about it than that it channels its ideology through people. How are the theosophists so sure they're not being played by something else? Also i'm glad finally some stormfags admit they don't know what this symbol means, and i'd be curious to find out what you guys come up with. One thing i would add to your guys' research is that iirc Blavatsky did not influence the golden dawn so much. I practice from the GD system, it seems to be an amalgam of european, eastern, abrahamic and pagan traditions all mended into a single system (which is why it gets so much criticism as thats a near impossible objective). What they came up with is far more real, neutral and applicable than Blavatsky and Besant's ravings about what colors the energy rays coming from the logos would have if we could see them, for example.

Attached: 931440_1.jpg (630x630, 81.47K)

Yes it looks very much like Buddhist stupas and Cosmological mountains, the tripura of three world levels, making the case for earlier Germanic influence.

The pins are also often associating Ursa Major with the plough, the sonnenrad brooches could also take this into account, the plough and the seasons.

It is Skjöldr that married the Goddess Gefion associated with the plough who represented the constellation Virgo/Furrow

Attached: 4.jpg (1232x647 123.02 KB, 124.3K)

In most traditions the Sun is male the the Moon female. These two celestial beings we see every day and has the most influence on our lives.

Second order celestials are Venus and Mars, we see them occasionally like once in 2 years or so. Third and last is Saturn and Jupiter that we see rarely due to their distance from us.
You can also imagine these 6 objects to be the 6 spheres of the pillars of Mercy and Severity in kabbalic magic that influence the individual in the centre

Attached: Fortune mystical kabala cover 2.3.jpg (2156x2160 184.99 KB, 5.41M)

Not in Nordic or Proto Indo-European which are eldest and therefore superior. The sun should be female as it is what gives and cultivates life.

I see Venus, Saturn and Jupiter every day you retarded faggot. In the fall we’ll be able to see Mars every night. Go the fuck outside moar.

The ‘Black Sun’ or ‘Sonnenrad’ as you plebs call it is actually a Kolovrat and dates back thousands of years. Anyone claiming it is a recent creation, has no historical significance or that himmler just randomly decided to install one in his castle is either misinformed or malicious.

There actually are two suns, but the other one is like an inverse mirror image of ours that exists on the other side of the void. This is what "inner earth" theories hint at, it's not a physical location within this earth, but an anti-earth that exists on the negative projection axis. You can never reach it by physical travel (for a variety of reasons, ), but you can reach it by phase-shifting, for which you would need to find a place where geomagnetic and similar forces are particularly strong, such as poles and certain other locations, that were well known to our ancestors. This is where the "divine races" such as Tuatha Dé Danann came from, not physically, but by projection and rarely, matter imprinting (mostly by affecting the already existing races with certain type of "otherworldly" radiation, altering their genes, not artificially (by design), but by synchronizing them with theirs. This is how the white race came to be, and it is that other world where some of the most elite NS officers went after the war. There were also gateways as mentioned in Sumerian myths, but they could possibly be used for physical travel within this universe as well. Either way, this involves science several orders of magnitude more advanced than ours (and probably transcending that of the kike "god" as well), but it should not be inaccessible to us mentally due to our racial consciousness, well, at least for some of us … This is why they are aiming for total corruption, because even if they kill us physically, we might re-appear in the strangest of places, always confusing and frustrating their strictly 3-dimensional, mechanistic, entropic "god" While our aim is synchronicity, theirs is the de-sync, which first enslaves Aryans, then destroys them once they become too detached from their emanating point and their spiritual race.

To understand this, you need to understand that the universe is actually an incomprehensibly huge, and incomprehensibly complex wave which emanates from a single point. This is the breath of Brahman. (See my post about imaginary numbers and swastika rotation (phase shifting) in the previous thread) Mathematically speaking, the 3D axis would need to have a negative counterpart, allowing us to rationally theorize the existence of such an anti-universe, where time goes in reverse. Of course, this could never be empirically proven due to it's opposite, and mutually cancelling nature. It's effects however, sometimes could be.

Black sun however, is not that anti-sun, but the void itself. It is the boundary, the black hole, the quantum domain, dimensionless existence, the realm of zero from which everything emanates. The unmoved mover. It is everywhere and nowhere. Atman. The "place" where everything breaks down, death, but also without death. This is the "impenetrable darkness" that needs to be traversed in various myths and mysticism, the most perilous. But those who do become twice-born, Aryans, and are able to freely phase to that "other world" where our true race lives. Those without death. Os-Ir-Is.

Not without some serious, godlike conscious effort (that could potentially destroy the whole universe), or automatically at the moment of heat death.
It wasn't, it was known to various highly advanced civilizations long lost to this world, and the knowledge sort of survived in symbols, not only as succession/heritage, but also due to simple, easily observable natural principles mimicking the higher order, and then certain (then secret) teachings showing the inner and more subtle aspects of it. Also, a lot of knowledge is accessible to our minds without us "seeing it" , or empirically experiencing it if you wish, you just need to do the same thing as Odin did, with one of your "eyes" in this world, and another elsewhere.

t. Enlil

Attached: Literal Hitler.jpg (353x357, 48.64K)

Fuck off nigger

Took me a few days, and a few readings, but thanks for this post user. Only one part thats bugging me from your explanation, not sure if this was just a miss-type or what.
Doesn't this seem like a contradiction?
vid related, this is how I first felt when the entire fantasy of our clown world first was broken down when I finally freed myself of white guilt and became racially proud again after a lifetime of demoralization.

Black holes are total dark reasoning made-up bullshit.

I'd grant that there is other worlds or secret locations that can be accessed through poles and things like that such as the nations of Gog and Magog, but if you think you can get some sort of eternal life by another means other than the son of God, you are going to burn in hell with the kikes who think they are going to kill him again on the day of the Lord.

It sounds like you have been turned into a reprobate because you hated God too much and are now incapable of believing on Christ anymore. But just incase you arent a reprobate, im going to provide a chance for you to get eternal life right now.

Hear the gospel presentation I've embedded, believe it and call upon the name of the Lord and ask him to save you from your sins and give you eternal life right now.

That’s what key here, really spot on, but those traditions and understanding of ancestoral knowledge. Aka what my direct lineage knew.
The dude you are responding to starts spouting off about kabalistic knowledge, which is defined as:
No thanks

Go back worshiping El, judeophile.

Spoon some more explanation out user, I'd like to hear your reasoning on this, and I don't necessarily disagree since much of our "science" seems as belief nowadays rather then proof.

How do you respond to because it is eerie how it corresponds to a female menstrual cycle. I may be mistaken but I thought kabbalistic thought on this was that the sun and moon have no "gender" but venus is motherly figure, mars the son, and jupitor the father.

Attached: Harry_polly_crosby_1922.jpg (601x968 18 KB, 84.3K)

Alright, you know what? Hermetic user here, I'm sick of this shit.

Jews enforce the duality of good and evil, left and right as a false dichotomy to keep people confused. I used to play along with these threads about what the Sonnenrad means but the persistence at which this concept of a Black Sun has been pushed has made it evident to me that this isn't honest inquiry, but Jewish revisionist bullshit.

The Sonnenrad is based on the Schwartze Sonne, and it symbolizes universal order, the movement of the cosmos, an ever-present underlying truth that cannot be killed, ie Natural Law and its coming. It was from this and the Manji that the Swastika was derived.

Suggesting that the Black Sun is evil or that the Black Sun is a coming consuming fire is complete bullshit. The evil thing is the Jew. Have some fucking perspective. All this reframing things as duality only serves to distract from the SINGULARITY of the OBJECTIVE TRUTH, and reframes the Jew away from being the evil thing.

The only thing being consumed in fire is you, Schlomo.

Attached: reinhard3.jpg (225x350, 43.9K)

Nah, it’s just the EM of the moon playing on the iron in the blood. Or think of it this way, only a male lunar God(Mani in Norse) could turn women in to nagging twats for five days. In the Hindu tradition this segregated to Manu, the perfect male archetype of a king. The male lunar god is also where King MENelaus of the Iliad gets his name. It’s also the root of menstruation. Another way to think about them, the Sun is always there keeping the hearth fire for us, while the moon goes off “raiding” for three days a month.

user I… Venus the planet is male as the Morning Star(Apollo) and female as the evening star(Aphrodite/Venus); this is paramount in Esoteric Hitlerism. The sun and moon most certainly have complimentary gender aspects, but they have been reversed by kikes and larping Wiccan/new age trash. The Indo-European civilizations who revered the sun as male and moon as female all peaked and ended in decadent degeneracy. Don’t gender bend the gods of our oldest ancestors just because the Greco-Romans had the prettiest statues.

He means that black holes are just mathematical constructs to make (((reletivity))) work when astronomical observations show it doesn’t.