Saudi prince approves of China jailing muslims

And this is why faggots complaining about killing muslims in western countries are retarded, if you support their retarded killers, they will happily support you in jailing these goddamn muslim "refugees".

The muslim leaders in the ME legit do not give a shit how you treat muslims in countries that are not there.

This is proof that muh Tarrant is a zionist psyop is totally bunk because killing muslims =/= starting a war with a muslim leader.

And you know what's the best way to deal with a muslim? Send it to Iran or Saudi Arabia.

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I've heard that the Saudi Royal family is a crypto jewish family.
If that is true, then this news story from China makes perfect sense.

Actually, not just Saudi.

Syria and Pakistan also approves of China jailing muslims.

The only ones crying are ironically american and western europe.


So China can put muslims to camp, label them as terrorists and de-radicalize them and they still would be supported by muslim countries as long as there is China's economic support.

glow-NED-gger repellant just in case.

National Endownment of Democracy is formarly called Central Intelligence Agency.

Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, declared in 1991: "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA."

Trojan Horse: The National Endowment for Democracy – William Blum

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is headed by Carl Gershman. In 1968, he worked in the research department of B'nai B'rith, and in 1972 he served on the Governing Council of the American Jewish Committee.

This pisses me off. The chinks are supposed to be pussies yet they're the most alpha nation on earth right now stomping the shit out of sandniggers and niggers. Saint Tarrant was right. What the fuck happened to us?

Even if they weren't they might as well be. Greedy and gaudy as a kike.

Not mention a bunch of other mudshit nations. They wouldn't dare anger their future overlords.

This. Kikes have grip on China since Mao so killing and supressing Muslim population is what they need to do to keep their communist shithole empire


The Pan-Muslim-Alliance shit is a PSYOP. The (many) Saudis I knew fucking HATED pretty much every other Muslim nation on the planet, especially Syrians, and the pockets of Riyadh that had Syrian/Palestinian immigrants were seen as no-go, crime-infested ghettos. (True.) The Saudis I knew were all incredibly sympathetic to Trump's Muslim travel ban, as they knew the problems that stateless Muslims brought along with them.

I think this phenomenon is generalizable; Egyptians hate Saudis, Jordanians hate the Lebanese, etc.

Chinks will rule the world. Shame about them being bugmen.

There is more then 100 ethnic groups in China


The means of production are a hell of a thing, aren't they?

And the overwhelming majority of them are han

Can't read?

Leddit spacing is a psyop.

No, gibs and money are a hell of a thing.

If you give these to muslim leaders, you would be friend to muslim worldwide regardless om how you treat them.

Lol except the leaders of the muslim world sing praises to China.

95+%, right? Envious, desu.

Both are allied to the chinks and the Pakis don't want a bunch of radicals they don't control (Islamists there are Western pets part of the "Green firewall" strategy) spilling out of the Tarim Basin either.



you retarded kike.
You can't phase Saint Tarrant in our House, nigger. Keep trying though. It's adorable. You're still going to die.

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Useful idiots won't believe the truth even if they see it. In this case boomer qtard zerohedge schizos refuse to believe any white man would do something about their perilous situation

Ask me how I know you also made this >>13517771 other slide thread.


He is running to China for help, since he was fooled into killing that fucker in Turkey - he thought that he was covered.


I'm sure they'll say a prayer for Rabbi Tarrant at temple.

Bump for butthurt kikes.

Daily reminder that Assad supports Tarrant in killing jihadis in his country.


Because the leaders of the muslim world are also cryptos.
#1 financial self help book in China is based on the talmud.
Baroness Rothschild has written articles encouraging Jews to extract their money from Europe and invest in China.
They setup China as the manufacturing plant of the world, charged no import duty and put millions of white Europeans out of jobs as the retail sector collapsed due to their meddling.
You sir are an ignorant cunt, or you were until you read this. No I'm not providing sources, do your own research.

yeah, but do they say its, like, some kind of contra-orthodox sect, or something?


So Assad was a crypto all along?
Which has jackshit to do with China being able to jail muslims while being praised by muslim.

Nope, saudi FUNDS the wahhabists in the first place.

It turns out these muslims are just useful idiots to their leaders.

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okay okay i hear your disagreement, but where's the jewtube vid where some schizo lays out the whole alleged conspiracy?

Look harder, you'll see the two pixels that are cartridges, reminder that you can barely see blood splatter even though he's two feet from it.

I've never seen anyone else, shill this.

Yeah, muslims walk around you fucking dunce, he's live streaming this, he's going to get caught regardless, might as well add to the body count.

You can clearly see it fall, he later talks about it, when driving away.
Don't the exact words he said, but it was along the lines of " fucking mag fell when i went in" when he rambling.

Your nigger brain doesn't understand accelerationism. don't feel bad.

Low tier bait.
Try harder.

Kikes want to take away Tarrant.
They take away everything.

>No white would ever stand up and fight back >THEY'RE ALL APART OF (((OUR))) PLAN! >YOU WERE FOOLED!

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Basically jews, but different name. The people, and I use the term people here very losely, at the top don't give a shit about the rest of us. Whether you're rich, poor, muslim,christian it doesn't matter to them.
commie meme
Off yourself.

For one, the Chinese Muslims aren't refugees, they're Turkic peoples that lived in the area before Chinese conquest in a few hundred years ago.
Two, it's because China and Saudi Arabia are trying to make business deals as China wants the Sauds in their One Belt One Road initiative while also the Sauds benefiting from more nations buying their oil.
Three, they do give a shit considering in Turkey they used footage of the attack as anti-West propaganda and Ahmed Bhamji of the Chair of some Mosque in New Zealand, called it a "Mossad psyop."
Pakistan honored a migrant who died in the attack with a national award.

Was it the guy who made Tarrant fall down? Sauce me up,

It's very possible, he used to be a regular visitor to bongland, and his wife whilst quite attractive is almost certainly (((british))) so if he aint crypto, he has a handler. Plus the assad memes seemed pretty forced to me.
What bit of (((muslim))) don't you understand.?They have bred with and infiltrated every other race and religion on the planet, is your argument that muslims are too intelligent to fall for the same tricks everybody else has?

Why should this matter?

Do you know why the King of Saudi Arabia spends all that money getting hard-line folks out of Saudi Arabia? Because the al Sauds and the real Islamists have an understanding: go stir shit somewhere else, make some converts (who will then come to Saudi Arabia to spend $10,000+ on hajj), and we will pay for it. If any of the Wahhabis tried any of the shit in the Kingdom that they did in London, they'd have their heads cut off within an hour. Win-win. King gets rid of assholes and gets more Hajj bucks, and the Islamists get a free trip to wherever-the-fuck and a stay on their death sentence.

Oh nooooo! Not Washington headquatered moderate jihadist terrorists group #34!!!


Thats a kosher MAGA nigger myth based of a single selfglorifying Jewish blog post about a random no name book soled almost only in Taiwan that has never actually appeared in any Chinese bestseller list ever and has nearly zero reviews on any bookstore.

Learn English, Moshe.

A country with over 600000 minorities making up 1% of the population and 0% intermarriage rates isn't one inch more mixed than a country with 1 minority making up 49% of the population and 100% intermarriage rates

It matters because muslim leaders do not give a shit about how you treat muslims on your country as long as you give them dosh.

They will even praise you for doing it.

But they are Saudi-led?

Their headquarters are unironically located in Washington D.C. and Ankara

These desert people respect a leader who projects strength and confidence. Rather than our weak efeminate politicians in the west.
They have also been fighting other muslims for 1400 years so they know exactly what is required to subdue other muslims. They know full well you wont get anywhere with kindness and understanding.

Their HQ is in Saudi, it's where the imam are studying.

The real funny thing is that the Saudi princes are totally okay with jailing the useful idiots they train.

Yet people still act like "oppression of muslims" means jack fucking shit.

Tarrant did great


Look i hate mudslimes but i pity the uighurs, first they arent really muslims as they are like the shiites and persians e.g. it was forced on them by some leaders at different times but before that the were mainly buddhists and eastern catholics (nestorian) Those are their original religions but now most are culturally islamic (aka plastic mudslimes)

The uighurs used to have a khan and some other leader and they took sides with the nationalists during the civil war and ww2
that could also be one of the reasons but here is another

(hui muslims the other group of muslims in china) were historically absolute animals compared to the uighur as they were hired to kill westerners during the boxer rebellion (western accounts describe them as animals) but the communist goverment allows them to do what they like under the communist system and they are untouched.

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Whats with kikes and MIGA niggers and this overused template everywhere? Some kike literally just tried to use this in the other thread shilling to bomb Iran.

Pick one