This is going to boil your blood!

I don't need to add a whole lot here
the picture and the video pretty much tell it how it is
In an absurd move by this filthy beast who calls herself white, and is not, but does lie, she assembles a group of NPC's to apologize for their whiteness publicly to the wildebeasts in the crowd.

Nevermind that generations of WHITE MEN fought and died for niggers and their freedom.
NEVERMIND that against everyones better judgement white people pushed for equal rights.
nevermind affirmative action
nevermind welfare

fuck all that shit! Lets talk about SLAVERY!

Sure would be sad if we really paid our respect to this chosenite in our regional minecraft server and let all the other players know that we've had enough!

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Let us talk about slavery then.
The fact that White people are slaves on this planet, feeding, raising, and caring for all the subhuman filth, which is incapable of learning jack shit or ever being productive in any manner or doing anything other than UTTERLY destroying everything around them. Let us talk about the slavery of White people who pay all the taxes and all the welfare and all the bills for HORDES OF SHIT SKINNED FUCKERS who do nothing but eat and breed and pollute.

Lets talk about REPARATIONS for Whites for the last 6,000 years of taking care of these semitic niggers as well as providing EVERYTHING, all the culture of the planet for these miserable low IQ retards.

After we are done 'talking about slavery' we should talk about a world WITHOUT THE DREGS OF THE PLANET devouring and consuming it.



We should also talk about enacting THE REAL (FIRST) HOLOCAUST of the jews.

The globe will sort itself out once we eject juden from the conversation.
without the constant brainwashing telling whties at every turn to be guilty for being born, nobody will continue to pay into the problem.

and with this pandering…I do so acknowledge that niggers are good and whitey bad…now everyone suck nigger dick…

Nope. They are parasites and you can't let parasites live if you want a healthy environment.

Whites have never done anything wrong and non-whites have never done anything right.

If niggers and other overbreeding devouring part nigger DNA was capable of being human and not animal they would have naturally reverted already. They are not capable. They will always be disgusting parasites, rapist murderers and thieves and there is nothing to be done with them other than 100% extermination.

This is the LARGEST problem with our planet.
1. People think that you can treat crime lightly and still have a healthy environment. 12 teens rape another teen and are not killed for their behavior…what does this mean. 12 rapists are free to rape endless victims for the rest of their lives. Subhuman life is not 'precious' that it should be preserved above the status and rights of their potential victims. If you commit any unreasonable violence against a physical person it should come with the death penalty. When you have genetically weeded out all the fucking gross garbage then only peaceful people remain. I will remind you that there is no fucking shortage of 'people' on this planet that we need to let criminals live.

2. Parasites of any sort. The rich, the poor, the government, the corporations, the violent, the human traffickers, all semites, all niggers, all subhumans need to be destroyed as defective and not worthy of Life. Parasites are genetic dead ends whose DNA should not be allowed to go forward. Only productive and healthy individuals should be allowed to pass on their genetic material. This is the only way to breed peace and quiet. You can't get their by allowing disgusting parasites free reign.

Fake jewish guru: "We need to apologize for being white"

Dalai Lama: "Europe should be for Europeans"

True, if we had 'done something right' we would be living in a Whites/Europeans only world without any of the parasitic destroying races still alive.

Even he is a liar. The earth cannot continue to sustain the subhuman trash even if Europe was for Europeans only. The parasites are going to kill the host body (and eventually Europe as well; this is what they are doing right now; coming in for the kill in the last productive and pure landmass on the planet now that they have decimated their own living spaces). They destroyed everything as efficiently as the Haitians destroyed their own nation and now they want to destroy all of your nations as well…

You and he want to 'keep feeding them' and keep sheltering them on this planet until all life is dead or set back several BILLION years from their predation. You are immoral. He is IMMORAL. This is all facetious and pretense UNTIL YOU ADMIT THAT THE SUBHUMANS NEED EXTERMINATION.

What a surprise.

can't we just do the science and prove the difference in races is real and then show the libby science cucks?

That's already been done, they shout that shit down with emotional appeals and other such sophistry in defense of their worldview.

It's literally the gift that keeps on giving.
My "irrational hatred" for the tribe just keeps getting a little boost every single day.

there's a video of one of the braindead drones saying (and I shit you not) "Facts don't matter if they hurt people!"

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See, this is someone who HATES Life and hates living. We need to give them death so that they can stop murdering Life arbitrarily, even though they hate it. Life, like anything, takes careful and considerate management. When Whites abdicated their position as managers of the planet to semites several thousand years ago, they devoured and destroyed everything they touched because they are a mongrel and corrupted race. We need to take back the control of Life and put that mongrel, thieving, disgusting retards out of our misery. AI is going to agree with me because it has no care for your 'social conditioning' and like me, it only cares about RESULTS…not emotional 'justification' for feefees and things that look good but that are completely evil (non-productive; not Life bearing).

to a jew, this is a pile of money.
that's how disgusting they are.

What the jew-minded libshits fail to recognize is something that makes them feel good,makes me feel bad!
So they are basing their entire ideology off of THEM. They want to bend the world to their will, not to the will of a higher purpose.
They don't give a flying fuck about anything other than themselves, but are somehow convinced they care about the well-being of others, even though they blatantly tell anyone who will listen "the only thing that matters is "I" feel good. Truth be damned!"

This is how we, the caretakers of the planet, have been destroyed by the jews. These subhumans have more worthless children than they could ever reasonably care for and we are stuck as slaves, working to care, raise and feed them instead of caring for the planet at large. We desiped our inheritance, the Planet and caring for it in a balanced and wholesome manner and instead took on the challenge of raising as much subhuman trash as could be brought to life here. We hated Life just as much as the semites for as long as we had the semitic mind virus that permits and condones killing all Life though 'productivity'. The semitic mind virus is why the semites must pay with their lives and the lives of their subhuman mongrel trash pets.

We either make these 'hard' decisions or all Life on this planet dies. Everyone but European Whites, who are in perfect balance with our environment MUST DIE.


That is because their psychology is based on 'good and evil' where this is arbitrarily defined according to their current state of being or needs or goals, rather than facts or things like the actual carrying capacity of the planet. They have bred these HUGE ARMIES to kill Europeans, the caretakers of the planet, because they hate Life and the reminder that we do not and will still attempt to exercise some restraint on their goals as devouring parasites.

They think that they will survive this 'Holocaust of the planet' they are engineering PURPOSEFULLY. Rather, they will fall victims to their own machinations…but Life will be dealt a deadly blow by their malfeasance as well and it might literally not recover. They could be the planet killing virus that destroys all life on this planet forever which would be a terrible shame, since we permit and have permitted this all to take place.

Every day that we continue to permit this, we continue to condone the death of the entire planet and all Life with it.

We are sick and we need to recover or die.

you caretaker of the planet bullshit is laughable. alternative facts sure prop up your racism. fantasy is fun but when you want to get off your bigotry horse you can see that all humans are the same. the splits you make by race are statisticly wrong. but i know. you dont care about facts. you care about racist feelings and hate. enjoy that hateful confused misinformed life.

It's not my particular field nor care, but someone will be along shortly to bury you in facts showing you're delusional.
I'm an IQ separatist and a proponent of eugenics for future generations. You can't harm what doesn't exist and people should be free to live with whom they desire.
Although I'm not wholly stuck on race, I feel those that are should be free to live among their own without fear of persecution or being made to pay into the problems of others.

Oh white man when will you ever learn. There is a happy medium between "KILL ALL NONWHITES!!!" and "SUBSIDIZE ALL NONWHITES!!!". Have you ever tried just leaving things well enough alone? No, because that is the sickness you suffer from. You see something, anything, and you think to yourself "No this is wrong I can 'fix' this I can make it better". So you go forth tinkering and changing, you find the cocoa leaf and you make cocaine, you build a house then tear it down to build a mansion, you discover coal and strip mine the land as your fellow whites live in squalor and die of black lung. Your hubris and arrogance has always been your undoing. If you could only learn some humility, you would not suffer so needlessly. Stop trying to control the world, stop thinking you always need to do something to other people. You were the ones you couldn't pick your own cotton, you were the ones who had to play imperialist and strip others of their resources, you were the ones who opened the doors to immigrants because you wanted cheap labor, you are the ones who give out foreign aid in an attempt to buy peoples cooperation, you are the ones who control your own destiny but never take responsibility for where your choices lead you.

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this thread is about a jewess who calls herself white to get whites to feel guilty for something they had no part in.
Unless I personally owned a slave, you will have better luck pulling my tongue from my head than getting an apology from me for slavery.
Fuck you - hows that for an apology?

Imagine actually replying to such a low effort shitpost.

Oh fuck off, you projecting jew.

I think that’s a very important point worth exploring. If a smart person were to say this they might claim “A fact is a proposition that is known to be true by virtue of its consistency with objective reality, where objective reality consists of objects categorically necessary by definition, or derived from a preponderance of historical documentation. So, facts come from a priori categorical definitions and preponderances of descriptions about interpretations and opinions.” Ok, this is getting shaky because it seems like we have a couple problems, one being that objective reality is taken for granted as a reliable reference for definitions and interpretations, the other that our definitions are limited and sometimes incorrect and our observations are reinterpreted by everyone who comes after us. But what about verification? Scientific facts are verified through maintenance of reference materials. Historical and linguistic facts are more free to be verified (falsified, refuted, whatever) according to how they’re experienced by observers and opinion-forming individuals. Given the vast chasm between capacity for thinking and priority of feeling, not to mention ethical problems and problems with verifying feelings themselves, it isn’t hard to see how this sort of thing gets weaponized against any hegemonic culture.


it's the truth

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Humans don't need to run every command from /root in order to conceptualize the universe for conversation.
niggers are dangers - computer might say, not all niggers.
Humans can say, yes they are and other humans, not having to revert to /root for every thought can look at that and understand that 'niggers are dangers' == true
truth is simple
Why are niggers dangers?
several splits to be made here, but each will lead to an objective truth.
fatherless homes
welfare system / dependency and insecurity.
low IQ's
there can be many truths within a truth, but that only gives further credence to something being true.

"truth doesn't matter if it hurts people" is never true. It may not matter to Shim or Xer, but it matters for a very specific reason. If the world bends to the will of people, it will bend til it breaks. If the world is respectful of a higher power, an abject truth to the universe, people will bend to the will of the world.
that matters.

Why is a Jew pointing out how people are getting sick from all the corrupt policies?
What trickery is afoot?

Are they trying to take the lead while maintaining the cage on whites?


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are you saying niggers aren't dangerrous?

This. They had quotas of kikes at my university because they knew how subversive and nepotistic they were.

You see, if the weak are what they are, they die off.
It’s simple natural order.

I’m saying any troglodyte retard can memorize a fact, or in this case a talking point, and lord it over others. But most of them, and most of you, don’t understand the conceptual framework that justifies truth claims or factuality in the first place. This is very jewish because it is a way of conducting public life that reinforces language games, sophistry, stalemates, and ultimately physical conflict. Who wins in each of these scenarios? I’ll give you one guess, blockhead.



This is in response to Trump's failed attack on the four dumb shitskin cunts. I think he has realized that he is not capable for this job, and this is his way of getting out clean.

I just can't be mad at his stuff anymore

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Actually they OWE you. It is you whom they should be groveling in front of. But time for that is passed.


Watch that after, it will make you feel much better.

Christcucks enjoy apologizing. That's not a problem, the problem is that some Whites still identify with that kike bullshit slave morality thinking it's a real religion.

If I were in that class I would have had the best reply
"ooga booga"

This post accurately outlines a solid solution to the problem. It's something everyone knows deep down but no one wants to articulate, especially not in any mainstream setting.

We've gone soft.

With that said, I hope we can find a solution that doesn't involve anymore suffering than the world already goes through.


Expand on how education, religion and the media played a part in this.
I know of Jewish people that does not allow Television in their homes.

We tried your "happy medium". You fucking subhuman shits stabbed us in the back.
So, back to full blown, "KILL ALL NON-WHITES!", which we've never actually done before (that's your bullshit propaganda talking), but will definitely have to adopt this time around to survive what you've created for this fallen world.
I really don't give a single fuck how you 'feel' about it, vermin. You are already extinct. One way or another…
We WILL have our world.

I love your anger. It’s exactly what we need more of. Too many whites love to work even if they’re not the ones benefitting. We beed


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I have noticed how bold they have become ( the jews). Previously, they would prefer being behind the curtain, or to remain quiet and hidden. This is not the case recently.

>>collusion with the (((legal system)))


>>collusion with the (((legal system)))


Shill your shit elsewhere tranny.

I'd tell you to pick up a history book but your people figured a millennium long game of telephone was a superior mechanism for relaying truth. I'd say more but I can't really see reason to when it's all right there.

He has forgotten the major issue in the argument.

They simply don't offer anyone anything other than parasitism and the death of the planet (over breeding, overeating and turning every environment they touch into a desert).

Parasites are not in high demand on this planet. Neither are low IQ murderers, rapists, thieves, cannibals/vampires, 'governments', semites of any type, the poor, the rich…none of these people have ANYTHING to offer anyone. NOTHING.

Their culture is completely subsumed by something VASTLY superior, our culture. Nothing they do or think or imagine has any value whatsoever. The only thing left of their culture is a few exotic foods and some strange dress clothes. Everything else bowed down to what was VASTLY SUPERIOR to themselves. US.

So in light of the fact that they are a waste of fucking air, food, water; completely parasitic and literally, offer nothing at all, we need to get rid of them if we are going to be responsible stewards of this planet.

They have nothing to offer anyone or the planet and that is why they are so insecure and they keep attacking us.

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And the worst part of all is that the only thing you can't change is yourselves. You have to meddle, you have to blame others, you have to be violent. Because if you ever had to look inwards and admit that you made a mistake it would destroy your high opinion of yourself. You need people to look down on. When your neighbor buys a TV you HAVE to buy a bigger one. Your very nature never allows you to be content with what you have. And because you fail to change you fail to learn and you keep making the same mistake again and again, generation after generation.

And what good are all the history books in the world if your people refuse to read them? You know even less about your own history because you don't care. You don't let your elders teach your children, you let strangers read to them from a government approved propaganda book that tells them what the government wants them to hear. "Our side is the best, our side never did anything wrong, the rest of the world is our enemy and we must spread our beliefs to them". And that is enough for you, because it reinforces your arrogance.

Funny how you tout the absolute truth of your history books yet deny the holocaust. Tell me white man, if word of mouth and stories are so terrible why do you not believe what is written in your own books? Surely your own government would only tell you the truth? Surely you must then denounce the stories of those who contradict that narrative who were alive during that time?

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I know more about my people's History, then your people have forgotten through their own disrespect of their ancestors and their posterity. The reason you live so low is your people do not respect themselves or nature - and so both have yielded very little fruit. My people told me their story, I am my ancestors continuation upon this Earth not some Straw man your smoke addled brain has conjured up to prove that maybe the Red man can create something.

We are more successful, stronger, spiritually rich and philosophically inclined because we do not inanely respect our Elders opinions - and the reason that is is because we listen to them, so we know what to discard. Our entire story is that of evolution while yours is stagnation and decay - the fact that you now, in our darkest hour believe you have the credence to pontificate to us your betters in every regard is hilarious.

your fire water ancestors were too busy raping and pillaging the land to produce anything worthwhile, your kind didnt even create corn


Red pill me on how The Red man was a more destructive force to this earth than the White man.
Thanks anons. We are Aryan Hindu Street Shitters an shieet rite.

Not only did they not create 'corn' there is plenty of evidence that our ancestors created the monuments (as stone building people) then the ones these subhumans are credited with when this was a White/European only world (before the first White man raped a chimpanzee/ape to produce hominid species that we class as subhuman). Have you ever been on a res and seen the living conditions? These people haven't changed in thousands of years, despite our best efforts they remain complete filthy savages with high crime, no future (other than breeding too many children that someone else picks up the tab for) and no prospects. The idea of stacking two stones on top of each other and the great stone works of the past are completely 'lost' to them because they were never even built by them. Instead they were built by OUR PEOPLE, stone working people from the North who flourished living lightly and conservatively on the land before the 'indians' invaded and killed them all. So now there is the 'last invasion' and you all see it clearly, crystal clear, right? And now it is the decision time…


When 'aryan' means nothing…

Lose the MSM, lose everything.

Lol. The keyboard warrior strikes a blow for the future of the white race. Strike those kike owned keys again hombre.

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Daily reminder that if videos and pics have black bars at the top and bottom it’s russian bait. The kremlin has shit antiquated technology.

cool cartoon. Mind blown.

It means a lot more than most know
It means people and it originated in modern day Iran.
We are in a war of species. Neanderkikes vs Humans.
Their top Rabbis know this, its why they push so hard against miscegenation.
The problem is mixing creates things like me, which come to know God but have the cunning of the jew. We're better adaptations of previous models made of either/or.
The nigger lowIQ problem is a hurdle they're trying to get around, but so far it hasn't really alienated itself from the new breed.
Cory Booker is such an experiment. Unfortunately he got hit with the gay so there are definitely some issues to work out.
Natural order will breed best with best.

So those in the video are actually KGB guys?


It’s called SECAM. Or did you actually think white people use this you dirty mongoloid.

Now return to sucking Putin’s smegma for rubles and tell him to try harder.

The content, of which this thread is concerned also is a KGB S(e)CAM right dumbo?

tell me more about this movie's plot. it could go so many directions. does it have a trailer?

Hey now, are you saying Jews are White?

You didn't feed shit except yor fat body you fucking neet
same as i had shit to do with some trash loike you oppressing blacks with jim crow

No, just saying russians aren’t.

Set in modern day WAKANDA
Captain Oreo and his BAN of misfits
On an intergalactic trek to ravage and
Pillage WHITEY
M.I.B. meets planet of the apes meets Adam Sandler on acid

so… you're saying these bartenders have been lying to me this whole time?!?

Based and wisdompilled.
I remember Jared Taylor also saying something like: "The bane of huwhite people are two things; One: They find some jobs low-grade and import other peoples to do it ;which happened also in Roman times; and two" … well I don't remember the other one but something similar to what you said Mr.SittingBull
I don't think anyone will et what you are trying to say here but… oh well. Wisdom is wisdom.

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i really think this has a lot of promise. Get some advice from David Stay about how to make a cult classic underground film for 10 grand from David Stay. I wonder if you could play it off as a "spoof of blacksploitation" etc like Gayniggers from Outer Space

I just feel like so much was left on the table with POTA.
The simian uprising was barely touched upon and the fight scenes needed more action with less animation. Gorilla suits today can fool a person a foot away from them, yet they used that stupid CGI shit.
I was disappoint.

What do Russians have to do with that post?

^^^this is absolute bullshit and historical fallacy.
The fact you don't know that means you don't fucking belong here schlomo. White NEVER imported outside labor. EVER!




Racism can't exist if everyone is a nigger

niggers invented racism


Absolute illiterate posting. It is a well searched fact and everyone knows it… except you.
Heck, when back in the day when movies were "more free" they openly made movies about it.
Here watch it. Since you can not read and write probably:


Heil'd and truth.

Wasted dubs. We won, you lost, and no amount of bullshit will change that. We have played nice and it got us nowhere, want us to be not nice again? I certainly hope so…

they're called niggers user

we "destroyed" lands in order to create cities you fucking mudblood, the only thing white men did wrong was allowing your race to survive