Fuck the United States military and fuck American troops

The United States military has openly stated they will kill Americans if they step one foot into area 51, they are taking a meme seriously. Meanwhile they refuse to shoot illegal aliens that cross into our borders to stick their hairy brown HIV penises into white children.

Why the fuck aren't you cucks emigrating to Russia or Belarus yet? I have never heard of Russia or Belarus threaten to kill their own over a meme like western nation's military has done numerous times in the past.

In my opinion, I think anyone who joins the United States military, French military (including the French foriegn legion), United kingdom military, basically any and all western nation military and those in NATO should be killed the most gruesome and morbid way possible, they kill their own and should be punished for it.

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And they are justified to do so. Grow up child.

Killing unarmed people for merely trespassing on a military base isn't legal.

yeah it is, but I feel like this is bait.

You need to learn to respect our government and military. Come back to talk after you have served.

Is it that shocking? Do you realize your race won’t exist in two centuries?
Of course you don’t care. You are just here to complain and make more useless memes.

I'm just one guy, what can one guy do?


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He didn't change anything, except get new Zealand to ban assault rifles and get the government to arrest and imprison kids who posess the video of his massacre.

Thank God for dead soldiers.

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Yeah we can’t do shit. We are individualz.

He didn’t do shit, so let’s go to Area 51 and
Let’s find some aliens, maybe they’ll help with immigration.

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He inspired a thousand similar attacks that will happen in the following years and kill many of your jewish children.

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I thought we aren't supposed to have standing armies unless in a war.

Who said that? That is BS.

The founding fathers of the United States.

Maybe America was doomed from the start.

Israel was doomed right from the beggining.

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Go to middle east if you would disrespect our founding fathers. You do not deserve to live in US. If you are a teenager, you will learn about our country when you grow up.

I always made the point to Jews that it doesn’t matter whether whites die out or not. If anything they’d be in more danger.
No white race = Hell on Earth

I think they deserve it.

That's not the point. Read the next sentence.

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Keep claiming he's a mossad agent though heh maybe you'll convince the schizos

Are you seriously surprised that the military doesn't want to allow open access to its most secret, important bases? Not a fan of the military either, but come on.

ffs. Must be a bunch of leftypol faggots in here.

Post left up.

lel topbate

Because Russia is a shitty country that doesn't care about its own people, more muslims, more poverty, anyone rich is either a jew or a chechen and russians themselves are mongoloid white niggers. Why not mention a good country instead, Boris?

I guess we just need to build all top secret military bases along the border.
Problem solved

Fuck off yid.

I betcha if 30 thousand faggots marched on the Kremlin, it would cause an issue. Kill yourself.

If you assault a military base you should expect to be shot at.


Now I know you're a retarded Russiaboo who has never been to Russia.

Come at me bro.

Climbing a fence and walking onto land is just trespassing not an 'assault'. It would be difficult to defend killing someone for trespassing unarmed anywhere.


Foreigners like you don't even deserve to speak English.

Nice rant retarded mongloid. The orders to do anything ultimately come from politicians, the military just follows them. If military leaders were given the task of defending the border with force, you can be assured the dirty nasty fucking beans would be turned into red pulp by the thousands.
Unfortunately, that is not the politically optic thing to do.

We all love Zion though amirite?1one!1!
Fuck off kike.

Because they aren't on the border, you retard. But they should be. It's time for Trump to finally do what he promised and militarize the border. Only the military can defend the border. Only the military can build the Wall. Only the military can ignore an Obama judge in Hawaii and deport illegal scum.

You need to learn to respect the truth and it's prophets. Come back after you've washed the cum out of your mouth.

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You just reaffirmed his point. How in your stupid nigger brain is that any argument? AHHAHAAHA

Stop lying. OP is bashing the soldiers, not the corrupt politicians.

Correction. Meant to reply to

Remember that all law enforcement wearing the color blue, while being associated with the symbol of a star are mossad trained communists, who are waiting for their orders to slaughter you, like the bolsheviks did, like the Chinese did. Never forget that.

All part of his plan

Soldiers are politicians whether they like it or not. Everything they do is political. They are a political organ that exists as an extension of the state, through sheer artificial funding. The fact that you have romanticized them is probably because you belong there, in a culture that fosters permanent adolescence.

Zogbot soldiers who deploy for Israel, bankers, and big oil are inherently anti-American.

Lotta zoomers itt

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Yes, but at least they are aware.

Thanks for the Putin Post Yuri! Now go collect your rubles!

Fucking state of Zig Forums.

That is a stupid thing to say and you are a stupid person for saying it.

Voting is political. Does that make you a politician, you complete retard?

You're an intellectual infant. Filtered.

Who the fuck are you quoting? You called soldiers "politicians", you retarded liar.

Run away, faggot.

Russians shilling russians.


Your either a really good troll or a bootlicking faggot

Tell me about Belarus.

D&C 101: The Thread

They are Russia's vassal state.

Tell me more Yuri!

Not much to add there, Piff. If Belarus tried going its own way, they would get the Ukraine treatment, not exactly a trusting alliance they got there since Russia has troops dislocated in Belarus.

t. assblasted Zoomer


Because they're just as Jewed, faggot. God I'm tired of Russian ass kissing.

Nobody believes your Brenton Bullshit here kikeroo.
get rekt!

everythings legal, when the military base in question doesnt legally exist, even giving your own workers on base cancer

The main problem is the citizenry has abdicated its responsibility to be ready for war at any given time, opting instead to trust a standing army that serves as massive, mercenary expeditionary force to fight for the benefit of Israel.

No, they aren't aware how stupid they are.

Are you the only nonputinbot left?

Well even if it's supposed to be a dumb meme, they've declared their intent to seize classified government property by force, with the implications of property damage, theft, bodily harm, criminal trespass, breaking and entering, and other crimes inherently necessary to carry out their stated intent, all premeditated. Saying "Hurr it's just trespass" is childish sovereign citizen "I'm not touching you" tier.

Then their governments are doing a better job at it than ours.

would they prefer 50 million of us with money renounce our citizenship and bail? its gonna fall apart anyway. you have been plundered down to wage slave labor. RIP UNCLE SHAM

All these mostly european military's built upon the hard work of european people for centuries. So literally THE ONLY trained warriors of european peoples, and you think we should detest them…
so not just detest but kill, first of all good luck. Second of all quit letting your feelings dictate your opinions, I know many military men, family and friends, and all just because they are brainwashed like most of our fellow citizens doesn't mean they arent proud european men. You honestly shouldn't even wish this on your enemies either, god loves us all equally, it is the one thing we are all actually equal on.

That's a very good point. I hope it does happen,same reason I would like to see a Miltia go to the border to shoot some illegals, to force the Feds to go down to the border to give escorts to illegals.

Imagine how cucked trump would look if US troops were to escorts groups that number tens of thousands into the country.

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Wouldn't say that, I love Israel so I have to love Russia by extension!

nothing is legal or illegal this shit isn't even real, its a ufo hologram

Nice bait but that's completely legal. If they could kill people who leak top secret government information they'll kill people who trespass on a top secret government facility.

I want to see it happen. Let's give all 30 million and their anchor babies citizenship while we're at it. Let's not drag things out.

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Were these people protesting?

They were students who didn't want to go to school.

Nice try at deflection glownigger. You fucks are willing to shoot zoomers wanting to peek at your "le epic space lazers", but NOT defend the border against actual invaders. That's the point. I'm thinking you're bluffing - you won't shoot spic gang members and human traffickers, let's see if you shoot a mass wave of zoomers instead.

The border and a top secret military base are two different things, I have no idea where this correlation is coming from other than bitterness that US military isn't gunning down Mexicans on the border. Which I wouldn't mind but to equate the two would be like equating river to an ocean because they both have water.

Do you think that this would be great optics for our cause?

This is actually a good thing, because it exposes how the ZOG thinks about its "citizens." A lot of people go around claiming the ZOG is petrified of the people. If that were so, why would they openly proclaim to the world they're going to kill them for going to a military base?
A fearful government would invite people in for a tour. A fearful government would go to the ZOG media, talk about the campaign, and invite reporters, and anyone seriously organizing for this thing (which is admittedly, probably no one), and give them a grand, guided tour of the whole place, and put video of it on TV for anyone to watch.
There is, of course, nothing worth hiding at Area 51. Anyone with a brain knows this. If aliens existed, and for some reason were being held at Area 51, they'd simply just move them somewhere else temporarily before doing the guided tour idea.
No, not only is the ZOG not afraid of their own people, they willingly express their dominance for the rest of the world to see. "Look, we're going to massacre a bunch of morons trying to find the truth, because they'll never believe anything we say. And nothing will happen to us!"
I personally hope they do kill a lot of people, because it will terrific propaganda against the ZOG, all the way up into "America" crumbles under the weight of a White Nationalist rebellion.

Funny how all the soldiers are non-white.

It's going to show that people are stupid are willing to storm a very infamous military base. They're not going to see it as "ZOG" oppression, they're going to see it as stupid twitter faggots marching on a base which, if exposed, could expose its military secrets to hostile foreign agents, like China or whatever.
I know because I actually talk to people about it and not reaffirm myself with mindbogglingly retarded expectations that somehow people will be awakening to the "Jew" if they walk into a place they warned ahead of time will shoot to kill.

You're talking to the "Return North America to 1775 Borders" user.

Weaponize themself and fight.
What do you think the NSDAP did?

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This is forced desegregation at gunpoint.

Pretty much, I'm sure their leaders are incompetent and inbred to be pushing this strategy, but it's also more likely that they're so evil that they don't give a single iota of a fuck about leaving their descendants to pick up the tab for their sins, literally Jewish boomers.

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How about the fact that the citizenry paid for that base and everything in it? Ignoring the fact that the US, let alone the rest of the West, has to be one of the if not THE most corrupted nations to have ever existed. Don't look at what we're doing goyim, even though we're robbing you blind to finance it, otherwise we'll murder you all

Yeah, it would actually, my cause being lulz. More government hypocrisy easily visible = more cognitive dissonance for normies.

Ya go fuck your self fuck trump hange niggers tople the miltary and kill the jewish overlords

HAHA fucking boomer

Daily reminder that this is the future that all ZOGbots fight for, either directly or indirectly. I bet you still think that WWII was (((The Good War))) and that "Thank G-d those brave 18 year old boys spilled their guts on the beaches of Normandy!!! If it wasn't for them, we would all be speaking German right now!!! Just imagine how awful that would be!!! Dog bless the Yoo Ess Ayyy and our (((((((((Greatest Ally)))))))))!!!111!!11!11!"

On the bright side, you've managed to become the living embodiment of vid related through your ignorant faggotry. Congrats.

ZOG-faggots like yourself will see it that way. You're the type of people we're going to round up and kill during the White Nation Liberation War.
No one cares what a Kike cock-sucker like you will see. No one cares what the people who worship that interracial pornographic film called "America" will think. We all know you will 'reflexively'' fellate that thing that called "America." People like you are worthless trash.
It also shows that ZOG-faggot like yourself are perfectly fine with murdering people who don't believe the Kike government of "America," and that the only solution is civil war.
Again, no one cares what ZOG-faggots like you think about the ZOG murdering people they claim to represent going to one of their military bases. The ZOG could start a mass white-baby extermination campaign, and you'd find some reason to support it.

Silly me, I forgot the pic. You're still a faggot tho:^)

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The fuck does that have to do with anything? The rule of law is a shallow pretense at this point and takes a back seat to bad optics. People would be mad if the government started shooting people so they won't do it.

If 1,000,000 showed up to area 51, they're not going to kill 1,000,000 Americans. If anything they're saying one thing:
And doing another
We'll be lucky to hit triple digits. I think there are at least 10 retards who will go though.