IRAN TAUNTS BRITAIN and Britain drafts a tough letter in response

A new propaganda video captures the moment Iranian Revolutionary Guard commandos drop from a helicopter to hijack a British tanker.

Footage shows troops wearing ski masks and carrying machine guns rappelling to the deck of the British-flagged tanker Stena Impero from their aircraft last night.

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So literally nothing

Hitler would have leveled Iran by now.

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Hitler would have nuked Britain by now.
Fuck off with your (((alt-right))) propaganda.

If Iran had hijacked a German tanker, Hitler would have curbstomped their collective brains out onto the nearest sidewalk.

You know very well what I meant, cunt.

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He would nuke Israel. We are going to nuke Israel, and remove every kike that exists in our Nations.

NUKE britain.
fuck off anti-Iran Zionist shill

So where's the video? I want to see this!

This is better target of course

>Iran starts capturing (((British))) oil tankers to (((escalate conflict)))
Could the sand niggers be any more obvious ZOGbots? Once a semite, always a faggot bitch nigger.

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Hitler liked Persia just fine you fuckstick

"7 days ago - Foreign minister Jeremy Hunt said he told his Iranian counterpart on Saturday that Britain would facilitate the release of the detained Grace 1 oil tanker if there were guarantees it would not go to Syria."

Well, that's a given. Oh, if I could go back to 1939 and show every WW2 soldier the world they bled for…



That’s a big ship

How many threads do we need for the same shit? I realize you love jews and want to make their lives EASIER by shitting up the catalog but damn.

The Bilderberg group decided that there would be no war with Iran because the price of oil would shoot up to 200 dollars a barrel which would blow up the financial derivatives market, bankrupt banks, and cause a repeat of the 2008 subprime crisis.
The bankers have barely got over that one, they don't want a repeat. They're in enough trouble already, what with Deutsche Bank laying off 18,000 workers.
A few days after the Bilderberg conference, America opened talks with Iran without preconditions.
Now after the capture of it's ship, Britain…
….sends a strongly worded letter to Iran.
Which is all they are going to do. Iran is in a very strong bargaining position. there's going to be a lot of angry words, and then everyone will sit down and have a nice chat.

i watched normie tv today while waiting for laborworks to give me a job with niggers, the MSM talked about that nigger jailed in sweden for 1 hour and gave the iran story maybe 1 minute of air time
honk honk

gimmiegimmie gimmie

This is the letter:
What the Dickens did you just blasted well say about my countrymen you Scallywag? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class at Eaton, and I've been involved in numerous secret Cricket matches and I have over 300 runs not out. I am trained in the Biscuit race and I'm the fastest ejaculator in the entire Foreign Office. You are nothing to me but just another Johnny foreigner. I will wipe the smirk from your upstart face with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, upon my honour as an Englishman. You think you can get away with saying that slanderous tommyrot to me through the Royal Mail? Think again, old bean. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across Her Majesty’s Empire and your return address is being traced right now so you better prepare for a sternly worded reply, my good man. The sternly worded letter of complaint that wipes out the misbegotten thing you call your reputation. You're social standing and personal honour will lay in tatters, ruffian. I can be anywhere, anytime, as long as the Trains are running and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with our cuisine. Not only am I extensively trained in Cricket, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Women’s Royal Auxiliary and I will use it to its full extent to wipe away the snot thats undoubtedly dribbling from your nose you insufferable lout. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" correspondence was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your impudent tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you impertinent knave. I would pour us both a nice cup of Tea but you would only drown in it. I have informed her Majesty the Queen of this outrage, rapscallion.

No he would have joined forces and crushed the kikes out of existence.

fuck off


The irony.

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Damn, that's sick. I love Iran now.

I can’t believe how tough that letter is. Jimmies rustled.

Did I miss a memo somewhere?

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Shut up mutt. Not every thread has to about your jew owned nigger country.

When somali do it

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Your self hating isn't accomplishing anything.

No they all have to be you shitskin cunts pretending to be white. All you fucks need to be glassed with the jews.

You don't know what you're talking about do you?

Pretty sure I do know, thank you.

Zig Forums was right again

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On a serious note you're not aware at all of how far Hitler would go to ensure the peace. The kind of man who refuses to bomb Britain for 6 months while they ramp up their bombing campaigns on the hope that they'll see reason and quit it, is not the same kind of man who would level an entire country for illegally seizing one of his ships.

It is odd to me that Iran decides to film first the mine episode and now this and then release both. That is not very strategically intelligent unless you want to taunt someone into attacking you. Odd but whatever, Englands problem.

Good. Fuck ZOG

It's over, Britain is FINISHED.

Iran knows UK wont do shit and USA is to busy shooting down their own drones and tweeting about niggers in sweden.

Iron Iran is cucking the west. Again.

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The West deserves it

That's a very risky move for Iran since Britbongistan is in both the EU and NATO. Thatcher 2.0 aka Theresa May is of course walking out the door so hopefully Iran prepares for whoever replaces that hag when (((they))) choose their next puppet. Hopefully this wasn't an M16/CIAnigger operation to get the Britbongs to invade Iran with the US.


>==W A A R R R==
W H E N ? ? ?

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oh, that's right! they said they got a stern letter, but there was no mention of finger-wagging. wow, britian has really lost its edge. i'm afraid its doomed indeed

The difference is that the first was a provocation and the second was retaliation, schlomelet.


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Requesting webm of team america world police where un writes kim jung an angry letter

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Choke on a baby dick, rabbi.


wtf I love bombs on iran instead of israel now!

Anything that harms or kill jews is heroic.


You're not a very clever person.

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He would have rather bombed England rather than Iran by now. Oh wait. He actually did.

Well riddle me this nigger. Thatcher, around 1990 was forced to step down due to dissent in Britbongistan after all of her actions (privatising factories, the fact that a good majority of her cabinet left and were even going foward with a vote to replace her which lead to Major replacing Thatcher for example). Now in a very similar scenario, dissent is awry in Britbongistan with many hating May over Brexit being halted by her whole "soft/hard/deal/no deal" Brexit nonsense that wasted time. The hag is even waiting to step down while the Tories find someone to replace her. So i say they are both comparable.

Yes, the ovens in Auswitz.

For you

This always means you don't have an argument.

Butthurt Muzzrats

Every Muslim country deserves to be nuked into oblivion

Why is everyone upset? If Britain didn't take the first oil tanker like pirates for Israel then none of this would have happened.

Every single jew in the planet deserves to be individually nuked by an atomic bomb.

Not really if they release the tanker pretty quick.

It increases the insurance premiums for bong tankers, so not a dumb move.

Increased insurance premiums mean free money for jews. Unless, there’s an actual war; whereupon jews make the big money. System is rigged.

Iran is taunting Britain, because the muslims are quite aware at how much the UK has devolved into a limp dicked pussy of a nation. I don't blame Iran for testing them. If this was the pre-WWI UK, Iran would already be invaded by redcoats.

checked and provably true

The internet sure is making it difficult to recreate another Lusitania moment.

It's astonishing how embarrassment after embarrassment, white "elites", like that guy who thinks Washington took over all the airports of the world, and that "royalty" who let one of his sons marry a monkey bitch, continue to worship their kosher commanders.

Burn in hell, rabbi.

Redcoats still superior to Iranian Commandos.

You should see it's route, straight line right up untill a 90 degree turn straight into Iranian waters. It's about as laughable as any false flag has ever been. I'm glad they seized it hopefully the captain gets interrogated on live TV and we find out why he did it and ((who)) ordered it

subhuman anglos captured Persian ship first, you stupid amerimutt.

Hitler would have been backing Iran up against the oppressive Western colonialists.

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This user called it. Brilliant user - pic related.

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It is a good thing they where not in the area. The UK navy would have likely surrendered their frigate to the Iranians like the US navy did.

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To bad for England the redcoats are all long dead. As dead as their empire.
Now niggers and trannys make up their armys commanded by woman.

This is an obvious false flag.

UK caught in crossfire of US-Iran brinkmanship, and whose fault is that?

London has scored an own-goal by plunging right in the middle of the US game of nerves against Iran. The international crisis over detained tankers comes amid an awkward leadership transition at home.

Next week, Britain will have a new prime minister after Theresa May makes room for either former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson or incumbent Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Whoever is elected next Tory leader and head of the government will get an international crisis in his lap. And it won’t be the Brexit mess that sealed the downfall of May’s premiership – there is a more acute problem with Iran.

In early July, the UK captured an oil tanker carrying Iranian crude through the Strait of Gibraltar, saying it was trying to violate EU sanctions by delivering its cargo to a Syrian port. This Friday, Tehran detained a British-flagged tanker off its coast in what is widely perceived as an act of retaliation. Iran accuses the UK of doing the US’ bidding as the administration of President Donald Trump ratchets up pressure on the Islamic Republic with deployment of military assets and threats of sanctions against buyers of its oil.

Both Johnson and Hunt said they would not support military action against Iran if Trump ordered one.

“The US is our closest ally, we talk to them the whole time, we consider any requests that they say carefully, but I cannot envisage any situation where they request or we agree to any moves to go to war,” Hunt assured MPs worried that the situation would escalate further.

Sure, the UK has a great record of resisting Washington’s requests to go to war in the Middle East. And it’s not like the architects of the 2003 Iraq invasion, like John Bolton, are back in power in Washington, leading the charge against Iran, right?

Excellent news: UK has detained the supertanker Grace I laden with Iranian oil bound for Syria in violation of EU sanctions. America & our allies will continue to prevent regimes in Tehran & Damascus from profiting off this illicit trade.
— John Bolton (@AmbJohnBolton) July 4, 2019

It may be tricky to declare your intentions for peace while pretending that all the culprits sit in Tehran, to the beat of war drums coming from Washington. What if newspapers learn that you have quietly asked your allies across the pond to please shut up… pardon, to “refrain from making inflammatory public statements”?

There is also the Labour opposition, ready to point out the UK’s embarrassing role in the stand-off with Iran.

“Our role is to speak up for conflict resolution, de-escalation,” said shadow Foreign Secretary Richard Burgon in an interview with Sky News. “What we don’t want to do is end up being just the messengers or sidekicks of Donald Trump and John Bolton.”

Washington’s hand in the seizure of the Iranian tanker was publicly confirmed by Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, who probably was not thrilled to see the Royal Marines in action in the territorial waters of Gibraltar, which Madrid refuses to see as British.

The US and Iran have been engaged in a brinkmanship confrontation since May, with the sabotage of oil tankers, takedowns of drones, and constant bickering over whose “malign actions” are a bigger threat to stability in the region. The Trump administration went on the war path against Iran last year after sending the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran down the drain, a key foreign policy achievement under Barack Obama. But it had a hard time convincing other signatories, including the UK, that it was a good idea.

Now London finds itself in the fray, despite all the Brexit chaos at home. The person on the British side who gave the order to raid the Iranian tanker may have given the hawks in Washington a nice present for Independence Day. Will it be good for Britain? It’s anyone’s guess.

Kek the next PM is completely FUCKED

So would Churchill or even Thatcher.

What reality are you living in? A reality where you have a fetish for men in uniform and it can be lived out?

Fly your ass over there, and try fucking a British Commando. Go ahead, I give you Royal permission.

Shit, go start with a Redcoat, because they are still around. They still operate Redcoats as guards for every Royal building over there.

first time i seen the shills be this obvious. its almost suspicious, like some reverse psychology crap.

Sorry I do not like trannys or blacks.Unlike you I much prefer females.
It there was such thing as a real commando still in England's army their woman commanders would order them to quickly surrender so not to offend.

I think that Iran is more white than Britain at this point so i side with Iran.

UK need some serious wars to kill off its remaining red coats then. Quick send them to war. Chop chop.

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Shut the fuck up kike.


The fact that the british government is ZOG, and initiated provocations.

Not as much as Israel and all her allies deserve such, jew.

Why? For existing? Iran isn't subverting our nations and genociding our people. This is your mind on jewish mind-poison.

Who rules the waves now bitch?