The Importance of Esoteric Colorado

What New York was to the 1800's, California to the 1900's, Colorado will be to the 2000's.
Colorado has undergone substantial growth in the past 20 years.
From 2000 to 2010, Colorado’s population grew by 17% and employment 8%. Over the same time period, real personal income grew by 15%, driven both by labor earnings and investment and retirement income.
It's population has also seen explosive growth especially since 1990.
The 2010 Census numbers represented a rise of 16.9% from the 2000 census survey, when 4,301,262 residents were shown to be living in Colorado. Updated estimates arrive on a yearly basis, and in 2015, it was reported that the numbers in Colorado had increased to 5,456,574.

Its Demographics have also despite what you might think, remain uncucked
White: 84.18%
Other race: 4.15%
Black or African American: 4.07%
Two or more races: 3.47%
Asian: 3.03%
Native American: 0.95%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.16%

The Economoic Forces in Colorado are Diversified and Important
The state's economy is diversified and is notable for its concentration of scientific research and high-technology industries. Other industries include food processing, transportation equipment, machinery, chemical products, minerals such as gold and molybdenum, and tourism. Denver is an important financial center.
Colorado's GDP Growth has also been rising and was combining all economic factors, Colorado is now the 8th Wealthy State in the Country, yet draws on all works of life, from high tech to coal mining & farming. No major economic factor, be it industrial, mineral, goods or services, is a small factor or overbearing factor in Colorado, but equal and balanced contributors to the wealth and culture.

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Stategic Location of the Midwest
Colorado has long been one a strategic position to the United States, and most people are familiar with both it's Air Force Academy (West Point Tier) and things like Cheyenne Mountain.
What they may not be familiar with, is Colorado is a major source of power, now, and the future. Barring it's numerous natural resources and famous Hoover Dam, I am referring to a more esoteric point.

The Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, one of the largest in the U.S., which produced over 70,000 plutonium triggers for nuclear bombs between 1951 and 1989. It now remains guarded and memorialized by the Red Horse Sculpture, symbolizing the power and might of which Colorado can provide to the whole of America.

From a NS, Fascist, Monarchist, Anarcho Lib or Anarcho Fascist postion, it likewise holds great Midwest strategic position as well. It borders many other similar states, not the least of which is Kansas, one of the most American Slices of Apple Pie States that still exists, which comparable demographics:
White: 84.91%
Black or African American: 5.80%
Two or more races: 3.39%
Asian: 2.78%
Other race: 2.25%
Native American: 0.81%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.07%

The Esoteric
Bluecipher or the Blue Mustang of DIA, was carved / created Luis Jiménez and his sons. Luis Jiménez was also killed by his creation when part of it fell on him and severed his leg and artillery mid sculpture. Its eyes burn red in the dark and it menaces all passerby standing in at 9000 lbs and 32 ft tall.

What people don't know is it was based on a myth of Colorado where a Blue Mustang would lead the heard at lightning speed, its eyes burned like red diodes in the night and it moved so quickly it could fly. It likewise was the leader, guide, a proverbial Moses, if you will, to the other horses, being able to sense streams and pastures by other worldly powers and lead the heard to salvation, and subsequently people as well. It is the very representation of the ability to conquer nature and deny any limit on the wealth of Colorado by will alone.

Many hours could likewise be spent disecting the flag of Colorado; note both the Fasces, all seeing eye, the Pickaxes, Mountains and rising sun. Colorados motto, Nil Sine Numine means "Nothing without providence". A very telling motto indeed.

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Potential Bastion of Like Minds
Colorado has traditionally been a Red state, however around the 2000's the state began to recieve influx of Californian immigrants. They are routinely hated by all natives and called "transplants", radios routinely and un-ironically make both direct statements and jokes telling them to go back to their weed smoking disaster of a state. Californians are very sensitive about this, and have likewise tried to damage control their unwanted imigration to places like Texas (as if that would ever be a problem) and Chicago (minimal but also unwanted). The state present day, is considered a swing state or purple state, with fierce animosity for control therein.

It is my opinion that Colorado is of great strategic importance, culturally, financially, esotericly. All roads point to a State-Nation which cannot be dominated or destroyed, one which will always find providence and grace provided the strong awake to realize it. It's white, it borders other strong, beautiful white states, It offers political power if it can be wrestled away in time ( and very realistically it can) from the dregs which would prove invaluable in the future, be it for another Trump Scenario or an entirely new party, or even a literal stronghold if things really go bad.

Surrounded by mountains, touched by the divine. Colorado is a place, mark my words, where the future will be decided.

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Weed as Taxation on our Enemies
While it is true that Colorado too has likewise legalized Marijuana, it's main boone has been two-fold:
1) The Taxation of our Political Enemies
2) Unique Medical Research into THC which no other state can accomplish.

The first point I will address first; weeds primary legalization to no ones surprise was recreational purposes. What this has translated into in actuality is giving opiate to the dregs of society, i.e., Liberals & Commies. They consume the lion share no doubt, and they pay for it through the nose in taxes.

n 2017, the state of Colorado collected more than $247 million from the marijuana industry, including state sales taxes on recreational and medical, special sales taxes on recreational, excise taxes on recreational and application and licenses fees. Tax collections since 2014 have increased significantly, though at a slower pace over the past year (Chart 6). Between 2014 and 2015, total collections increased 93 percent. By contrast, collections increased about 28 percent between 2016 and 2017. To put the magnitude of marijuana tax collections in perspective, they equate to about 2.3 percent of Colorado’s 2017 general fund revenue (Chart 7). Although this calculation is useful for perspective, most marijuana revenue does not go into the state general fund.

247 million dollars is nothing to sniff about, and it's made all the better by the fact it affects anyone of Right of Center with nil-to-nothing.

The second point is the unique Medical research which is taking place around THC. The actual practicality, wether a miracle application or any scientific research is made with, is at this stage actually irrelevant, the point is the fact that Colorado is uniquely poised to do, means ONLY Colorado can capitalize on this research, which has boosted tech influx and flow to Colorado.

Weed therefore, to Colorado, is a means to an end, in which we profit off our enemies, and gain more minds in tech and science by default because of this posturing with which will also benefit Colorado regardless of if marijuana continued or was banned tomorrow.

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If you believe this you don't actually live here. We have at least 1/2 million illegals who aren't being counted.

Here are the actual stats from the US census.

Account for the more than 10% of the population that are illegal and it's almost 50% white.

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Thing is there is a finite limit to farming.

Bullshit. Canada is light years ahead, as well as (((Israel))). The only weed thing in CO is a potential federal prison sentence.

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Denver also has one of the largest jewish populations in the country.

>Tax money funneled to (((medical research)))
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