US now officially more cucked tham Swedon

I for one and am glad we finally have an egalitarian anti racist pro Zionist fat positive head of state in the white house! The world wide systemic oppression of Africans is finally coming to an end!!!!!

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the funniest part about it is the kike lover is tweeting about this while iran captures 2 british ships

Niggerjew capitalism circles the drain. Republicans clap like trained seals at their own degenerate downward spiral.

Trump's presidency is important in that it's disenfranchising right wing Americans by not delivering on it's promises. This will pull them away from republican conservatism to the far right which will serve as a vessel for their rage. Better than having a democrat government, which would make republicans pine for and idealize their party.

That's the only silver lining I can see. Republican presidents always fail to deliver what the voters want but never to such an extreme as Trump

I think you're severely underestimating how many dimwitted "right wingers" there are in America who are eminently satisfied with bizarre public spectacles like this. Pyrrhic victories and aping the agitprop victim complex shtick used so often against them is what they live for. Someone should do a drag queen story time with one of Art Laffer's books and watch the nodding muppets jump out of their shoes.

dude, put some substance in ur op, you dumb nigger

i dont browse reddit but i cant imagine a lot of magapedes are excited to hear about a no name nigger rapper taking center stage
but it wouldnt surprise me, honk honk


Literally does not matter at all. This place is worse than both 4um and reddit now, because there’s absolutely no pretense of content.


It’s just like the basketball nigger who got arrested for shoplifting in China, and Trump negotiated him getting off the hook because he’s such a crucial national asset. Later on, the nigger talked shit about Trump anyway.


Trump has stated that "They're not our boats."
But of course since the UK is our ally (for whatever reason) we're supporting the UK.


You're right. Still, societal conditions will continue to decline, and republicans will eventually be forced to notice the disconnect between the official narrative, the effects of Trump's broken promises, and the reality of their daily lives becoming shittier.

So what exactly did this nigger do that made Swedes arrest him? You can rape a kid there and only have to apologize.

he apparently beat up 2 pajeet looking twinks in "self defense"

dey wuz pirates n sheetz?

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Where are all you faggots who don't know shit about OP'ing coming from?

Oh. Got it. Makes sense. Rape a white girl and it's a slap on the wrist, but don't attack diversity even if you're diversity.

Someone climbed up on stage and charge at him so he punched them.

Those didnus literally dindu nuffin wrong. Swedes are so cucked it actually took American negro rappers to show them how to handle their impertinent migrant problem.

Just read that a Swedish cop got banned from twitter from answering directly to Trump on a tweet.

I mean if the prime minister of Sweden got me banned instead of answering a question it would defy the constitution of Sweden.

Maybe Europe and the EU are last free lands in this world, my ancestors fought hard for that right.

I saw the video sometime ago, from memory.

Everyone involved in this fight should never really have been there. The niggers shouldn't be in Sweden, because Swedes shouldn't be listening to American nigger music. Obviously, the muslim invaders should not have been granted asylum.

Shouldn't be surprising.
Trump did nothing about his own supporters being attacked at his rallies, the courts attempting thankfully failing at fucking guys from RAM, Proud Boys even if their cucked to hell being given the treatment as terrorists.
No, he listens to Kayne and his whore that's only famous because she taped herself fucking a monkey.

I've met a handful of these gents and they are ridiculously easy to apprise of the jaycue.

Oh I get it now. Not even their own people in their home countries tolerated them so they sought out asylum in a place that would allow them to terrorize, rape, and murder people with little to no consequence.
They were seeking asylum from the punitive cosequences of their own actions.

He even attacked his own supporters for chanting "send her back." He didn't even need to do so, he could easily have replied, "Well you have to wonder why people are talking like that. Clearly we have people who are very upset about the situation." Yet no, he did the same thing he always does, cucks to whoever is directly in front of him.

Idk about that. I have a friend who wrote off trump while I cheerleaded for him 2016 and now he won't stop sucking his dick about how he's helped the economy. He doesn't believe me when I tell him border crossings are at record levels now

He also thinks that fence is his border wall

Here's the video. Swedes are so cucked Muslims think they are invisible.


Trump already tried winning the black vote and failed. He's just flailing now.

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That video provides the backstory, but they cut out the fight. Here's the webm. As you can see, niggers literally didnu nuffin.

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Free my nigga A$AP Rocky.

Those guys don't look swedish at all.

It'll be hilarious when he gets less than 10% of the nigger vote in 2020. Keep selling out and ignoring the whites that put you in office Trumpstein.

I dont wanna say 4d chess, but check the youtube videos, a lot of normies getting redpilled on swedens actually state.
If wanted or not, Trumps tweet inadvertently got normies curious and redpilled them on what sweden looks like today.

He means the muslims (invaders) think they're tough because they're used to dealing with Swedish men. Who knows what made them think they could take on the big nigger.

Muslims making niggers seem reasonable. I bet the big dude was thinking:
What was up with the dude with the headphones? Was he stuck in rape mode or something and fixated on big-nig's breasts?

I'm looking forward to that. Dumb white republicans will get the dumb white Berniebro wake-up call from 2016.

I'll root for my American niggers over these foreign sand niggers, any day.

Nothing brings to union the division of people like a common enemy.

trumpstein's shills got the bat signal

Today the RAM guys get sentenced, the mass deportations still haven't happened, but stop everything we need to get this fucking worthless nigger out of a Swedish jail???

The feds are fucking sadistically laughing at White people. Anyone supporting Trump, who is also White, is a fucking tool.

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Anglin will definitely urge everyone to vote Trump 2020 because he's a jesuit shill just like trump, the fed reserve head, and the pope. archiving so i can say i told you so, just like i tried to tell you about trump in the first place.

You dumb fuck.


You sure will bitch.

Save your niggershines for someone else, faggot.



kek. We should be laughing at Swedes for relying on visiting Ameriniggers to take care of their mudshit problem.

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Asap Rocky beat up a Muslim migrant who attacked them first. Sweden is only holding him to cover up their violent migrant problem

This is your brain on trump.

1:02 AM in Tel Aviv, I guess the Shabbas is over, eh Moshe?

Daily reminder this is another putin shill thread. Vlad is not your friend. He is sending the shitskins

Super, super obvious. All niggerjew ALL the time for the trumpniggers. Niggers, niggers, niggers. Anything to keep the culture focused on drugs, crossbreeding with White women, consumption, and normalization of binge drinking, hookup culture, and compound interest. Filtered.

I didnt say anything about Trump. If you watched the video it's clear the niggers literally dindu nuffin this time. It's obvious Sweden is trying to keep covering up their violent migrant problem.

You can't even speak in our terms… you're just stringing together nonsense that no one is even mentioning.


Shut the fuck up, nigger lover.

You pretending to "fit in here" is horrible. You stick out like a sore thumb.

Trumpniggers STOP COMING HERE.

I Never said that. Again you're sticking out like a sore thumb here

Not American.
Not American.

It's exactly what you said. You're just trying to be cute about it. Niggers getting attacked in the street is not a violent migrant problem. That's a violent migrant solution. Anything that dissolves the worthless niggerjew culture you and your ilk are enthralled with is a POSITIVE addition, not a negative one. Fingers crossed the nigger gets knifed in jail by a raghead taking out the trash. Lord knows you aren't going to do it. Nigger loving faggot.

Assange's status as a non-American doesn't seem to stop Trump from trying to prosecute him under American law.

Cool. I just pointed out that the rapper did nothing wrong and it's Sweden covering for their violent migrant problem like they have been. I could care less about asap. And I didn't bring up Trump. I don't even live in America.

Siding with your semitic cousins, Hershel?

It's a weekend raid. More bullshit to come later.

He's a nigger. His existence is the problem.
Niggers getting attacked is a solution, not a problem. You just keep doubling down on it. The integral place of niggers in your ideal world. Filtered.

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I've noticed. He seems like a Zig Forums trying to fit in but failing as always

Another trumpnigger gets filtered for their worthless and empty accusations of semitism. It's soooo transparent.

Ah. It's the "filtered" character.
Just report.

(((Who))) brought the migrants and (((who))) promotes the nigger culture? Watching them clash and the public seeing it seems to anger you. Why?

Like clockwork. All about that compound interest. All about that consumerism. All about that parasitic nigger culture. Half-breed mutt mutants frothing at the mouth to impose their faggot rootlessness on everyone else. Trump supporters are the apex of American niggerization. Unrivaled in all of the world. Blanda upp so you can merge with Africa to fight the Chicoms – that's your future.

Don't be stupid. Helping one black guy, avoiding hate from his fans, is the right thing to do. I must be shills which try to make Trump look bad with such arguments.


Trump ended asylum for nearly everyone on the planet. Trump criticized Merkel and Europa instead support our crazy 'asylum' policy. Every 'Democrat' would do the opposite. Facts. Cope.

God Bless Trump

I am voting for him in 2020 despite whatever you Zig Forums shils say. MAGA is just around the corner.